Long-tail keywords work as fueling your organic search traffic.Dallas SEO company believes that you should not ignore it in SEO.
Moreover, the precise analysis of drivers and restraints in a post-COVID-19 market offers a coherent understanding of future growth cues.Market Research Future (MRFR) projects the global Telecom API Platform Market 2020 to advance to a size of USD 368.25 Billion by 2027.The exceptional financial status of consumers and the high technical expertise that induces the growth of technologies such as 5G benefit the Telecom API Platform Market in North America.Segmentation:Segmentation by Type: Presence Detection Data, Location Determination Data, Service Configuration Management (SCM), Subscriber Data Management (SDM)Segmentation by Service: SMS, MMS, and RCS API, Payment API, Location APISegmentation by Identity Management: WebRTC, OthersSegmentation by User Type: Enterprise Developer, Internal Telecom Developer, Partner Developer, Long Tail DeveloperRegional Analysis:Telecom API Platform Market is expected to grow with the positive growth rate during the forecast period.Also, North America is also one of the technologically advanced region which gives a competitive advantage to the region over other countries.Asia pacific region has emerged as one of the fastest growing market.The market is majorly driven by the advancement in Asian countries- China, India, Japan and South Korea.The Asian market is also witnessing rapid proliferation of internet users in the last few years as the more people from the region own a smartphone and are using internet on the smartphoneBrowse Full Report Details @ https://www.marketresearchfuture.com/reports/telecom-api-market-2349Table of Contents:1 Executive Summary2 Scope Of The Report2.1 Market Definition2.2 Scope Of The Study2.2.1 Research Objectives2.2.2 Assumptions & Limitations2.3 Markets Structure3 Market Research Methodology3.1 Research Process3.2 Secondary Research3.3 Primary Research3.4 Forecast ModelContinued….
 Keywords are the words that users will use in search engines to find what they are looking for.We will break it down for you anyway!Mid-tail keywords are usually three-to-four-word phrases that are slightly more specific than short-tail.An example going off our previous could be, “Wireless computer mouse,” as there is more specification through stating wireless as opposed to wired.As you can tell long-tail keywords are longer search terms usually over four words.Our example for this is, “Wireless windows gaming computer mouse.” This is very specific and classed as long-tail, if you’re using these keywords then people will find it relatively easier to find you, and commonly, people searching this specifically know what they are wanting so likely to become a customer.Whereas the other two have a lower intent because they aren’t necessarily out looking for making a conversion.Beginning Keyword ResearchKeyword research is a must if you are looking to optimize your website’s ranking and boost traffic to it.
Are you looking to come up with effective techniques to get more traffic for your website? Then you should certainly focus on optimizing your website with very long-tail keywords. You can also take help by hiring professionals like eCommerce SEO Agency that will help you to get a higher rank on SERP for your company. To know more, visit https://ecommercewebservicesprovider.blogspot.com/2021/04/reasons-to-focus-on-long-tail-keywords-for-boosting-traffic.html
Anyway Long-tail catchphrases are not generally utilized by numerous bloggers like other short watchwords because of the delay brought about by obliviousness.In this article let us comprehend the significance of digital marketing company noida and how to utilize them.Why Long-tail watchwords?Outsmart your rivalsLong-tail watchwords are more explicit about your item or administration.Consider you are running an eatery serving just with Italian foods.Rather than utilizing the catchphrases like "café" and "Italian" which is surfed by millions in which a considerable lot of them won't be your significant clients, you can utilize watchwords like "Italian cheddar Pizza", "Italian moment noodles" which will be more explicit to your crowd.Hit your intended interest groupConsider a similar café model above.Individuals who need to explicitly eat "Italian cheddar Pizza", "Italian moment noodles" will look with these sorts of catchphrases.Subsequently there are bigger odds of hitting your ideal objective crowd.Compose what individuals searchIndividuals all the more frequently search to learn something or to profit an item and administration.
You may be surprised at these questions.There are so many factors that you need to consider when you want to buy a cat.This type of cat needs special attention and care since it is very active.It is an indoor cat and should be properly contained when it stays with you.It should not be allowed to go outside its own cage because it might hurt itself or get into trouble.This type of cat has a long tail that gives it a cute appearance.If you are going to buy a cat, there are certain things that you need to consider first before bringing them home.This will also ensure that they get sufficient sleep each day.
The photo sharing app has been around for years and is still winning the love of users in the market with millions of thousands of new account being created every year.To increase the quality of traffic you get, the following pointers may be of great help.Post nothing short of qualityQuality is all that matters on social media platforms.Quality caption, quality picture and themes and not forgetting quality engagements can be very instrumental to the well doing of your Instagram account.Choose ideal pose sin your pictures to attract the attention of your followers and not forgetting to have good quality captions to use in the posts.By maintaining quality in your Instagram account, you can easily develop a solid reputation that can win you even more followers today.Use hash tags in your postsIt is not illegal to post without hash tags however you may look like a layman on Instagram should you do it.Ensure that you find ideal hash tags to use in your posts not forgetting to combine them with the relevant long tail keywords to make you long lasting in terms of your visibility online.Do you know your audience?Instagram marketing is mainly your advertising your business brand to those that follow your Instagram account among other user son the app.
Due to Google’s advancements in Natural Language Processing, the long tail of search has exploded. However, I will argue that NLP has also imploded the long tail, and understanding how and why may save our collective sanity.
Nowadays, businesses can use the internet for promoting their products and services.If you have a startup business, you would have to know more about small business management strategies to reach more customers.Here are the main things you can do to appear on the top of search results:Optimize KeywordsUsing SEO techniques, you could get your business site on top of the results.When generating keywords for your product or service, make sure to be more specific so that you could reach the target audience for your business.Aside from this, you would have less competition because a lot of businesses tend to use broad terms.Use long-tail keywords to increase organic traffic to your site.For example, a user searching for "running shoes for women" would be interested in keywords that have the exact same words as the query, instead of a generic keyword "shoes."The incorporation of high-quality blog posts relevant to your business would be helpful to increase traffic on your site.Publish blog articles that deal with information or solutions readers might be interested in.
Long-tail keywords are low-volume searches that can have a high conversion rate.Because they're super specific phases that fulfill a search need.Check out how to research the long-tail keywords you need in your Google Ads.
In this blog post, we will explain what long-tail keywords are, how to research the best ones for your business or niche and why you need to use them for your Google Ads campaigns.
There are plenty of agencies out there that offer “SEO services,” but how many do you know that cater to eCommerce sites specifically?An eCommerce SEO agency will be able to help you navigate through unique problems that online stores face, such as ranking for ultra-competitive keywords and improving organic sales for lagging products.While ordinary search engine optimization will help, you need a more sophisticated solution if you really want to rank higher on Google and start generating more traffic.The Difference With eCommerce SEO There are many facets of eCommerce SEO services that differentiate them from other kinds of SEO.Here are just a few important examples that you will want to take note of:●eCommerce SEO takes buyer search intent into account ●Often have to dig deeper for long-tail keywords in order to make inroads in competitive markets and saturated niches ●Have to prove value to Google in terms of the shopping experience ●Take category and product pages into account, not just blogs ●Need a backlinking strategy that takes products and competition into account ●The eCommerce SEO agency you select must have an in-depth knowledge of a variety of eCommerce platforms, not just common platforms like WordPress.You need a far more robust strategy and an eCommerce mindset from the outset, otherwise you likely won’t be able to produce results.Another way eCommerce SEO differs, and why choosing the right agency is crucial, is that you need a team that knows what they are doing when it comes to keywords.The proper research here can determine the fate of the entire campaign.There are plenty of keywords that, while potentially viable, aren’t all that valuable or logical from an eCommerce standpoint.Then you have related keywords that might work on a product page but will need to be carefully adapted for blog content, otherwise it will appear unnatural and to Google, this looks spammy.A knowledgeable SEO team will already have experience dealing with these issues.
For example, Facebook has started attracting more older demographics, whereas Instagram has mainly attracted females.Many new trends are going to change of overall scenario of content marketing this year.Content Optimization for Niche, Long Tail KeywordsThe content marketers were focused on long-form content for a long time.Instead of focusing on long-form or detailed and lengthy content, content marketers have put their entire focus on using niche, long-tail keywords.Developing a community gives established and new brands an opportunity to learn, collaborate and come together.Plus, it offers community downloads, webinars, networking opportunities, discounted events, tools, books, and many more.Community marketing is all about engaging with the audience while reaching a broader base and developing loyalty and trust.Repurpose Your Content Across ChannelsWhen you repurpose your content, it augments your organic search, gets your brand in front of a different and broad audience, and saves you a lot of time.
The global API as a Service Market presents comprehensive information that makes it a valuable source of insightful data for business strategists during 2021-2026.Given the technological innovations in the market, the industry is likely to emerge as a complimentary platform for investors in the emerging market.A thorough competitive analysis covering insightful data on industry leaders is intended to help potential market entrants and competing existing players to reach their decisions in the right direction.Growth between segments over the period 2021-2026 provides accurate calculations and forecasts of revenue by type and application in terms of volume and value.This analysis can help you expand your business by targeting eligible niches.Product Segment Analysis:Identity Management API, Maps API, Payment API, Voice API, SMS, MMS & RCS API, OthersApplication Segment Analysis:Internal Telecom Developers, Long Tail Developers, Enterprise Developers, Partner Developers, OthersThe market research report also discusses the numerous development strategies and plans that the API as a Service industry follows to expand to a global level.Details related to the dynamic change in the segment are provided in the research report.:https://introspectivemarketresearch.com/discount/14629This study conducts a SWOT analysis to evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of key players in the API as a Service market.
This update made it possible for search engines to understand the intent of the searchers’ quarries and match them with relevant results.It is one of the easiest and quickest ways for any individual to find the needed information.More and more websites are getting rid of traditional 3-word keywords and are making use of long tail keywords (4 words or more) which contains common questions (who, what, when, where, why) which a user might ask.Quick loading Speeds:People are more busy than ever.This requirement has been noted by Google when they officially announced that a site’s speed will be a positive ranking factor for websites.iPad and Smartphone Friendly:Most searchers nowadays are done on the go on a mobile device, not on a desktop.The use of smartphones and tablets have dramatically increased.This update will increase the search engine ranking of mobile-friendly websites and reduce the search engine ranking of websites that are not mobile friendly.FAQ Page:Unlike traditional 3 word keywords, you will not be able to cover all variations of ‘questions’ that can be asked by a user.
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Birds of a Feather networking groups Who doesn’t love making new friends and engaging in lively discussion? After all, a big part of the conference experience is meeting new connections and reconnecting with older ones. Birds of a Feather at MozCon are purposeful yet unstructured peer discussion groups organized around topics that matter to today’s digital marketers. Grab yourself a snack or beverage and come network with some new friends! Topics vary each day at the conference and offer something for everyone. Tickets start at $129 for Moz customers Going virtual means affordability! You can snag your ticket for as low as $129 if you’re a Moz customer, and tickets include access to the virtual video bundle after MozCon wraps up. Save my spot at MozCon Virtual! Initial agenda Time to pull back the curtain and reveal the exciting acts we've got planned. Let’s bring out our MozCon Virtual stars! Amanda Milligan Marketing Director | FractlA Live Guide to Finding & Filling the Gaps in Your Link Strategy Is your link portfolio strong enough to withstand everything Google and your competitors throw at you? If you’re hyper-focused on acquisition and you ignore strategy, you can end up with a pile of weak backlinks that aren't relevant — and won't move the needle. Competitive analysis is your key to finding and filling the gaps in your link building strategy. I'll walk you through the process start-to-finish. Areej AbuAli SEO ConsultantTaking Charge of Your Indexability: How to Optimize and Prioritize Your Technical Work Take charge over the indexability of your website! With a focus on aggregators and classifieds, Areej will share advice on how to best reduce index bloat for large websites. Diving into parameter handling, sitemap logic, robots directives, and more, we'll also assess how to analyze the most impactful changes, how to get sign-off from senior stakeholders, and how to prioritize work with product teams. Brie E Anderson Owner, Founder | BEAST AnalyticsThe Value of Perspective: A Use-Case for External Audits Remember that phone call from your client? The one where they wanted to talk to you about a "free audit" another agency did for them? Let's talk about it. In this session, we'll uncover the value of audits and how they can (and should) be conducted with integrity. It's time to take back the value of perspective! Britney Muller Serial Entrepreneur + Data Science Student | Data Sci 101The Cold Hard Truth about CTR Reporting on website performance is an integral part of SEO, but not all metrics are created equal. If you think your CTR metrics are telling the full story, think again. Start building more insightful reporting methods with data science. In this session, Britney will show you how to quash your reporting woes and make easy work of identifying exactly why your website’s performance changed. Casie Gillette Senior Director, Digital Marketing | KoMarketingCounterintuitive Content: How New Trends Have Disrupted Years of Bad Advice Along with the always-shifting landscape, one of the biggest things we as marketers struggle with is the sheer volume of information. For years we were told we had to produce as much content as possible. Then we were told to focus on quality but we still had to have a consistent schedule. What about YouTube or voice search or TikTok? The fact of the matter is, there's no one way to do content marketing. In this session, we’ll look at content from an entirely different perspective and talk about how you can start creating content on your own terms. Cyrus Shepard SEO Consultant | MozMastering 3 Click + Engagement Signals for Higher Rankings/Traffic Successful websites are all different, yet nearly all Google-ranked websites succeed in the exact same fundamental ways. In our quest to optimize for Core Web Vitals, mobile-first indexing, and JavaScript rendering, have we lost sight of the content and user experiences that dominate the very top of Google search results? In this presentation, Cyrus explores the three Google click and engagement signals that top-ranking web pages master: clicks, long clicks, and last clicks. Using examples and experiment results, he demonstrates how any website — and SEOs of all skill levels — can leverage these signals for improved Google traffic. Dana DiTomaso President & Partner | Kick PointBuild for Search: Modern Web Dev That Puts SEO First With the debut of Core Web Vitals, modern SEO is more relevant to website development than ever before. Sure, we’ve always been thinking about title tags and making sure our pages convert — but the actual underpinnings of a website might have been left to your web development team and maybe that one technical SEO. They're likely very skilled people, but the chances of them thinking about how development decisions impact SEO are typically slim to none. Let's modernize the relationship between the web development process and SEO. Flavilla Fongang Founder & Creative Brand Strategist | 3 Colours RuleThe Science of Purchasing Behavior: How to Use it Effectively to Attract & Convert More Prospects Into Customers Some brands have achieved the dream: a large audience who believes in them, buying from them time and time again without questioning the value or authenticity of the products and services. And they've done it by developing an emotional connection with that audience. These days, it's more about building a community around your brand, rather than simply having clients. We'll explore the power of brand psychology that's been used by huge, successful brands such as Apple or Starbucks to earn customers that are loyal long-term. Jackie Chu SEO Lead, Intelligence | UberInternationalization Errors: How to Go Global Without Losing All Of Your Traffic Internationalization is one of the leading causes of technical SEO debt for multinational companies. We’ll talk through common internationalization mistakes and how to avoid them so you can win visibility and grow anywhere. Joy Hawkins Owner | Sterling Sky IncTo Post or Not to Post: What We Learned From Analyzing Over 1,000 Google Posts What value do Google Posts have, and how should the average SMB prioritize them? Dive into the data from two studies conducted by Sterling Sky to answer these questions. The first study analyzes over 1,000 Google Posts to see what types perform better based on clicks and conversions, and measures the impact of various features such as stock photos, emojis, titles, and more. The second looks at whether posting on Google has any influence on where your business ranks in the local pack. Findings from both will have you reevaluating your clients' Google posting strategy! Joyce Collarde SEO Supervisor | ObilityMaximize Your Conversions: Harnessing full-funnel optimization for B2B success The long sales cycles presented in B2B pose a unique set of challenges for converting visitors into coveted users. Success requires a strategic approach that goes beyond the landing page to include your entire site. In this session, we'll look at three tried-and-true methods for increasing your conversion rate and winning more business. Kameron Jenkins Content Lead | ShopifyThe Content Refresh: How to Do More With Less No matter where you work, there's something we all seem to have a shortage of... time. Combine that with ambitious traffic KPIs and you'll quickly realize that a 100% new content strategy isn't sustainable. Enter the content refresh. Learn how to identify and execute the best refresh opportunities so you can rank faster and increase your existing content ROI. Lily Ray Senior Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research | Path InteractiveFrom the Medic Update to Now: How the E-A-T Ecosystem Has Transformed Organic Search Learn why E-A-T (expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness) has taken a front seat in SEO discussions in recent years, the numerous places where Google focuses on E-A-T, and how the growing emphasis on surfacing authoritative content has drastically changed the organic search landscape across search, News, Discover, YouTube, and more. Luke Carthy eCommerce ConsultantThe Ultimate How-To for Faceted Navigation SEO in E-commerce One of the biggest FAQs in e-commerce: "How do you handle faceted navigation when it comes to SEO?" We’ll ask the tough questions and answer them head-on! Join Luke as he walks through case studies, real-world examples, and how to leverage faceted navigation to really capitalize on high-converting long-tail keywords. If you're in e-commerce, you won’t want to miss this! Miracle Inameti-Archibong Head of SEO | Erudite AgencyLet the API Do the Work: Harnessing Natural Language for More Productive SEO Keyword research is a vital process in getting insights into your consumer behaviour. However, it is often a very manual and labor-intensive process. How can we speed up the process so we can get to working on our implementations and getting results? Miracle walks through practical ways marketers can use APIs to do the heavy lifting and save time. Noah Learner Product Director | Two OctobersGame-Changing Ways to Use the Google Search Console API Let’s face it, you aren’t getting what you want from your keyword data. Unlock your newest SEO secret weapon with this deep dive into the power of the Google Search Console API. This game-changing tool will help you crush the competition, sell SEO to your team, and win prospects with deep SEO insights you had no idea were available. Dr. Pete Meyers Marketing Scientist | MozRule Your Rivals: From Data to Action Most competitive analysis ends in an avalanche of potential keywords to target, leaving you buried in indecision. Real case studies will show you how to forge your data into an actionable plan that drives strategic, targeted content. Escape from under the keyword pile and conquer your content rivals. Rob Ousbey VP Strategy | MozBeyond the Basics: 5 SEO Tricks for Uncovering Advanced Insights from Your SEO Data Modern SEOs have no shortage of data, but you could learn even MORE about your site, content, links, and competitors by working smarter, not harder. Rob will show you how to breathe new life into your standard SEO data, and walk away with more advanced insights that are sure to impress your team (and your boss!) Ross Simmonds Founder, CEO | Foundation MarketingWhy Marketers Should Think More Like Investors To Drive Content Results Every single piece of content your brand creates is an asset. So why do we view them as an expense? In this session, Ross will talk about the parallels between content marketing/SEO and the world of investing. From the techniques that take blog posts and landing pages to the moon, to the fundamentals of content investing to create a competitive advantage, learn how an investment mindset can drive results. Shannon McGuirk Client Services and Delivery Director | AiraDoing the Perfectly (Im)Possible: Debunking Digital PR & Link Building Myths in 2021 “You better be pitching that campaign into the press before 9am and definitely not on a Friday or Monday!” “Link relevancy is important if you’re a link builder, but if you're a digital PR, it doesn't really matter.” “You're asking the impossible to get links to category and product pages.” Tired of hearing bold claims and questions like these? We are too. Shannon is going to challenge many of the digital PR and link building myths you're seeing debated on Twitter. From the old classic myths that stand the test of time and are always asked, through to new beliefs that are hot topics, she's going to use data, insights and case studies to show you how to cover come some of these beliefs and improve your link building and digital PR efforts in 2021. Tom Capper Senior Search Scientist | MozThe Fast & The Spurious: Core Web Vitals & SEO Core Web Vitals are all the rage, but do they live up to the hype? Tom explores the real SEO impact of Google’s shiny new metrics, which ones you actually need to worry about, and how to prioritize fixes. Wil Reynolds Founder & Vice President of Innovation | Seer InteractiveThe 3 Most Important Search Marketing Tools…Your Heart, Your Brain, & Your [Small] Ego Search is a game of rankings. Only one can win the #1 spot and small tweaks can mean the difference between ranking #1 and #5. If you’re using the same tools as everyone else, what competitive advantage are you bringing to the table? Wil shows you how to transform your data into winning insights with 3 tools everyone has at their fingertips: your heart, your head, and a willingness to question everything you thought was true about SEO. We hope to see your smiling faces online in July! 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This update made it possible for search engines to understand the intent of the searchers’ quarries and match them with relevant results.It is one of the easiest and quickest ways for any individual to find the needed information.More and more websites are getting rid of traditional 3-word keywords and are making use of long tail keywords (4 words or more) which contains common questions (who, what, when, where, why) which a user might ask.Quick loading SpeedsPeople are more busy than ever.This requirement has been noted by Google when they officially announced that a site’s speed will be a positive ranking factor for websites.iPad and Smartphone FriendlyMost searchers nowadays are done on the go on a mobile device, not on a desktop.The use of smartphones and tablets have dramatically increased.This update will increase the search engine ranking of mobile-friendly websites and reduce the search engine ranking of websites that are not mobile friendly.FAQ PageUnlike traditional 3 word keywords, you will not be able to cover all variations of ‘questions’ that can be asked by a user.
The McLaren 765 LT is a hardcore version of the 720S, but Texas-based tuning firm and auto builder Hennessey has more sinister plans. Hennessey Performance Engineering (HPE) is offering the HPE1000 upgrade to McLaren’s 765 Long Tail supercar. “The new 765 LT is underrated from the factory. We tested it on our in-house dyno, and it delivered about 765 JP … Continue reading
A lot of people think that writing a long blog will get them followers and massive traffic to their website.To help you and make your long-form content useful, we have these must-haves of SEO.These will help your content get more visibility, rank better, and drive more traffic to your website.Use of Long-tail KeywordsLong-term keywords are more specific and longer keyword phrases that visitors often use when using voice search or closer to the point of purchase.When you use long-tail keywords in your long-form content, it gets you targeted traffic and makes it easy for your website to appear at the top of the search results.Extensive Keyword ResearchExtensive keyword research is essential to get the best and most suitable keyword for your content.But, SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner are the best if you consider them for keyword research.Choose the Perfect h1 TagYour blog title or h1 is the first thing that people see for the first time, and then they decide to read your blog further or not.Always use subheadings to break your article into small chunks so your readers can easily comprehend and enjoy it.Use Schema MarkupSchema markup is a code that helps search engines to analyze your content.
Posted by Dr-PeteOn February 19, MozCast measured a dramatic drop (40% day-over-day) in SERPs with Featured Snippets, with no immediate signs of recovery. Here's a two-week view (February 10-23): Here's a 60-day view, highlighting this historic low-point in our 10K-keyword data set: I could take the graph back further, but let's cut to the chase — this is the lowest prevalence rate of Featured Snippets in our data set since we started collecting reliable data in the summer of 2015. Are we losing our minds? After the year we've all had, it's always good to check our sanity. In this case, other data sets showed a drop on the same date, but the severity of the drop varied dramatically. So, I checked our STAT data across desktop queries (en-US only) — over two million daily SERPs — and saw the following: STAT recorded an 11% day-over-day drop. Interestingly, there's been a 16% total drop since February 10, if we include a second, smaller drop on February 13. While MozCast is desktop-only, STAT has access to mobile data. Here's the desktop/mobile comparison: While mobile SERPs in STAT showed higher overall prevalence, the pattern was very similar, with a 9% day-over-day-drop on February 19 and a total drop of about 12% since February 10. Note that, while there is considerable overlap, the desktop and mobile data sets may contain different search phrases. While the desktop data set is currently about 2.2M daily SERPs, mobile is closer to 1.7M. Note that the MozCast 10K keywords are skewed (deliberately) toward shorter, more competitive phrases, whereas STAT includes many more "long-tail" phrases. This explains the overall higher prevalence in STAT, as longer phrases tend to include questions and other natural-language queries that are more likely to drive Featured Snippets. Why the big difference? What's driving the 40% drop in MozCast and, presumably, more competitive terms? First things first: we've hand-verified a number of these losses, and there is no evidence of measurement error. One helpful aspect of the 10K MozCast keywords is that they're evenly divided across 20 historical Google Ads categories. While some changes impact industry categories similarly, the Featured Snippet loss showed a dramatic range of impact: Competitive healthcare terms lost more than two-thirds of their Featured Snippets. It turns out that many of these terms had other prominent features, such as Medical Knowledge Panels. Here are some high-volume terms that lost Featured Snippets in the Health category: diabeteslupusautismfibromyalgiaacne While Finance had a much lower initial prevalence of Featured Snippets, Finance SERPs also saw massive losses on February 19. Some high-volume examples include: pensionrisk managementmutual fundsroth irainvestment Like the Health category, these terms have a Knowledge Panel in the right-hand column on desktop, with some basic information (primarily from Wikipedia/Wikidata). Again, these are competitive "head" terms, where Google was displaying multiple SERP features prior to February 19. Both Health and Finance search phrases align closely with so-called YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) content areas, which, in Google's own words "... could potentially impact a person’s future happiness, health, financial stability, or safety." These are areas where Google is clearly concerned about the quality of the answers they provide. What about passage indexing? Could this be tied to the "passage indexing" update that rolled out around February 10? While there's a lot we still don't know about the impact of that update, and while that update impacted rankings and very likely impacted organic snippets of all types, there's no reason to believe that update would impact whether or not a Featured Snippet is displayed for any given query. While the timelines overlap slightly, these events are most likely separate. Is the snippet sky falling? While the 40% drop in Featured Snippets in MozCast appears to be real, the impact was primarily on shorter, more competitive terms and specific industry categories. For those in YMYL categories, it certainly makes sense to evaluate the impact on your rankings and search traffic. Generally speaking, this is a common pattern with SERP features — Google ramps them up over time, then reaches a threshold where quality starts to suffer, and then lowers the volume. As Google becomes more confident in the quality of their Featured Snippet algorithms, they may turn that volume back up. I certainly don't expect Featured Snippets to disappear any time soon, and they're still very prevalent in longer, natural-language queries. Consider, too, that some of these Featured Snippets may just have been redundant. Prior to February 19, someone searching for "mutual fund" might have seen this Featured Snippet: Google is assuming a "What is/are ...?" question here, but "mutual fund" is a highly ambiguous search that could have multiple intents. At the same time, Google was already showing a Knowledge Graph entity in the right-hand column (on desktop), presumably from trusted sources: Why display both, especially if Google has concerns about quality in a category where they're very sensitive to quality issues? At the same time, while it may sting a bit to lose these Featured Snippets, consider whether they were really delivering. While this term may be great for vanity, how often are people at the very beginning of a search journey — who may not even know what a mutual fund is — going to convert into a customer? In many cases, they may be jumping straight to the Knowledge Panel and not even taking the Featured Snippet into account. For Moz Pro customers, remember that you can easily track Featured Snippets from the "SERP Features" page (under "Rankings" in the left-hand nav) and filter for keywords with Featured Snippets. You'll get a report something like this — look for the scissors icon to see where Featured Snippets are appearing and whether you (blue) or a competitor (red) are capturing them: Whatever the impact, one thing remains true — Google giveth and Google taketh away. Unlike losing a ranking or losing a Featured Snippet to a competitor, there's very little you can do to reverse this kind of sweeping change. For sites in heavily-impacted verticals, we can only monitor the situation and try to assess our new reality.Sign up for The Moz Top 10, a semimonthly mailer updating you on the top ten hottest pieces of SEO news, tips, and rad links uncovered by the Moz team. Think of it as your exclusive digest of stuff you don't have time to hunt down but want to read!