The pressure on brands to take a stand on headline-grabbing issues won’t disappear in 2021. Self-described “professional troublemaker” Luvvie Ajayi Jones offers useful advice for navigating the challenges. Continue reading → The post Should Your Brand Take a Stand? Luvvie Ajayi Jones Offers Useful Advice appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.
Doing the hard work of content marketing doesn’t require being grandiose or controversial. But it does require “being more.” Only then can you have positive impact on your audience, your brand, your team, and even yourself. Continue reading → The post The Future of Content Marketing? (Spoiler: It Doesn’t Require Doing More) appeared first on Content Marketing Institute.
The all-virtual Content Marketing World 2020 is upon us. As the largest content marketing conference in the world, CMWorld brings together a stellar array of talented professionals who are loaded with curiosity for future trends, marketing knowledge, and aspirations for new successes in the post-pandemic world. For the past 12 years leading marketers from all over the world have gathered in Cleveland, Ohio for one of the world's strongest content marketing events, and for this unusual year Content Marketing World is entirely virtual. Readers of our blog know we have a long history with the conference starting at the beginning, with 10 years of speaking and attending along with seven years of partnering with the Content Marketing Institute to develop speaker and influencer content marketing campaigns. A TopRank Marketing tradition that has been imitated in recent years but never truly duplicated is our annual list of content marketing experts ranked according to their social influence, a helpful compilation derived from the hundreds of excellent #CMWorld 2020 speakers. List Methodology: For this list we utilize the Traackr influencer marketing platform to filter the content marketing experts who are speaking at the current year's Content Marketing World conference using a large number of criteria including the relevance of the individuals to the topic, the degree to which their networks engage, the size of their networks, and other factors. Online data is pulled from blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn and other platforms. The focus topic in question is most definitely "content marketing," and everyone included on this list is: A speaker at #CMWorld 2020 Ranked in the top-50 for "content marketing" according to relevance, resonance, reach and audience metrics People always thank me for including them in these lists and there's no thanks to be given other than to the people who worked hard sharing useful knowledge about content marketing to their social channels, in blogs, videos, podcasts, and online in general. Many thanks go to all the people who are actively sharing knowledge about content marketing by engaging and helping others with helpful opinions, insights and expertise on the social web. This list is only a starting point to help expand your content marketing universe. In this year's list there are familiar faces and quite a few new entries. We plan to learn new lessons from these 50 content marketing influencers and hope you’ll do the same throughout the rest of the year and into 2021 and beyond. 50 Content Marketing Influencers Speaking at CMWorld 2020 Julia McCoy @JuliaEMcCoy CEO, Express Writers Presenting: How to Build an Online Audience Through Powerful, Consistent Search Optimized Content Creation Christopher Penn @cspenn Co-Founder & Chief Data Scientist, Trust Insights Presenting: Practical Applications of AI in Content Marketing Lee Odden @leeodden CEO, TopRank Marketing Presenting: Influencer Marketing Unleashed: Top Tactics for Success from Global B2B Brands Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael Content Marketing Agency CEO & CMO Influencer, Marketing Insider Group Presenting: Content Optimization & Distribution Strategies - Mapping Content to the Buyer Journey (and ROI) Pam Didner @PamDidner Author, Founder & VP of Marketing, Effective Sales Enablement Presenting: 3 Trends You Can't Ignore As a Content Marketer Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Pam Dinner Christoph Trappe @CTrappe Chief Content & Marketing Officer, The Authentic Storytelling Project Presenting: How to Make Sure Your Company Ranks in Voice Search Ann Handley @MarketingProfs Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Ann Handley Presenting: Precedented: 5 Principles of the Last Chaotic 10 Months That Are the Very Key to Content Marketing Success in the Next 10 Years Viveka Von Rosen @LinkedInExpert Co-Founder & Chief Visibility Officer, Vengreso Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Viveka von Rosen Presenting: Why Your B2B Sales Force Should Be Your Greatest Content Distribution Channel Bernie Borges @bernieborges Chief Customer Officer, Vengreso Presenting: How to Develop an Account Based Podcasting Content Plan that Drives Revenue Robert Rose @Robert_Rose Chief Strategy Advisor, Content Marketing Institute Presenting: Architecting Desire: A New Strategy for Content Marketing for the Next Ten Years Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Robert Rose Presenting: Content Marketing 101 – Let’s Begin Presenting: Content Marketing Strategy For Agencies – How To Create, As Well as Deliver, Content Marketing Strategy To Clients Presenting: Welcome to Content Marketing World 2020 Dennis Shiao @dshiao Marketing Consultant, Attention Retention Presenting: The Magic of Meetups: How to Use Meetups to Build Community, Drive Brand Engagement and Inform a Content Marketing Strategy Erika Heald @SFerika Marketing Consultant, Erika Heald Consulting Presenting: Content Marketing for Marketing Agencies: Make Your Services Sing Melanie Deziel @mdeziel Chief Content Officer, StoryFuel Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Melanie Deziel Presenting: More Brain, Less Storm: The Power Of The Creative Process Andrea Fryrear @AndreaFryrear Agile Marketing Coach & Trainer, Co-Founder, AgileSherpas Presenting: Persistently Agile: Why the Key to High Performance Marketing Lies with People Not Projects Jay Baer @jaybaer Founder, Convince & Convert Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Jay Baer Presenting: Courageous Content: 6 Ways to Get Noticed Amidst the Noise Jay Acunzo @jayacunzo Founder, Marketing Showrunners Presenting: Start Here: How to Make Things that Make a Difference by Changing How You Begin Andy Crestodina @crestodina Co-Founder & CMO, Orbit Media Studios Presenting: Google Analytics for Content Marketers: How to Optimize Content for Traffic and Conversions Presenting: SEO Workshop A. Lee Judge @ALeeJudge Co-Founder & CMO, Content Monsta Presenting: Ask Me Anything With A. Lee Judge Presenting: Be Content Jonathan Crossfield @Kimota Content Writer & Storyteller, Freelance Presenting: Show Your Work: How to Become a Fact-Checking Pedant (and Why You Should) Presenting: The Content Marketing Diamond Model for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Kathy Klotz-Guest @kathyklotzguest Founder, Keeping It Human Presenting: Fearless Content Teams: Creating a Safe Place for Unsafe Ideas Joe Pulizzi @JoePulizzi Founder, Content Marketing Institute Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Joe Pulizzi Presenting: Keynote - Where Do We Go from Here? Disney, Diversification & The New Marketing Business Model Brian Fanzo @iSocialFanz Virtual Keynote Speaker, iSocialFanz Presenting: What Podcasting & TikTok Can Teach Us About Creating Empathetic Content! Amy Balliett @AmyBalliett Founder & CEO, Killer Visual Strategies Presenting: Marketing to Gen V: Engaging the Visual Generation Rich Schwerin @Greencognito Senior Content Strategist, Autodesk Presenting: The Magic of Meetups: How to Use Meetups to Build Community, Drive Brand Engagement and Inform a Content Marketing Strategy Amanda Todorovich @amandatodo Senior Director of Digital Marketing & Health Content, Cleveland Clinic Presenting: #CMWorld Cleveland Clinic Health Summit Presenting: The Test of Time: Long-Term Success at the Cleveland Clinic Zari Venhaus @zvenhaus Director of Corporate Marketing Communications, Eaton Presenting: Developing Global Content for Local Audiences Amber Naslund @AmberCadabra Principal Consultant, Content Solutions, LinkedIn Presenting: Digital Doubt: Fighting Imposter Syndrome in a Hyperconnected, Content-Saturated World Luvvie Ajayi Jones @iLuvvit New York Times Bestselling Author & CEO, AweLuv Inc. Presenting: Keynote Nancy Harhut @nharhut Co-Founder & Chief Creative Officer, HBT Marketing Presenting: 10 Human Behavior Hacks that Make Your Email Crazy Effective Andrew Davis @DrewDavisHere Keynote Speaker & Best-Selling Author, Monumental Shift Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Andrew Davis Presenting: Limit Less: How Successful Brands Increase Their Revenue, Generate More Leads, and Spread Their Message in a Crowded Marketplace Cathy McKnight @cathymcknight VP of Strategy & Consulting, The Content Advisory Presenting: Learn How to Move from Mayhem to Momentum by Building a Content Strategy Presenting: Technology Forum: From Figuring Out Your Audience to Gaining Market Share - A Tech Company's Guide to Effective Content Marketing Tamsen Webster @tamadear Founder & Chief Message Strategist, Find The Red Thread Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Tamsen Webster Presenting: Pressure Test Your Message Val Swisher @valswisher Founder & CEO, Content Rules, Inc. Presenting: The Personalization Paradox Giselle Abramovich @GAbramovich Executive Editor of Enterprise Thought Leadershhip, Adobe Presenting: Trade Secrets: How the World's Most Successful Content Marketers Deliver Results Tim Riesterer @TRiesterer Chief Strategy Officer, Corporate Visions Presenting: Account Expansion: The Conversations, Content & Collaboration that Grow Customers Sydni Craig Hart @SydniCraigHart CEO, Smart Simple Marketing Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Sydni Craig-Hart Presenting: Compelling Multicultural Marketing: What You're Missing, What's Working Now and How to Get Results Ardath Albee @ardath421 Interim VP of Marketing, Modus Presenting: Account Expansion: The Conversations, Content & Collaboration that Grow Customers Presenting: Take a Sales Enablement Approach to RevOps Presenting: Use Serial Storytelling to Drive Demand for Complex Solutions Liz Willits @lizwillits Founder, Liz Willits Presenting: Email Automation Crash Course: How to Create Emails People Want to Read Zontee Hou @ZonteeHou Head of Strategy, Convince & Convert Presenting: Financial Services Forum Maureen Jann @NeoLuxeMo Chief Marketing Strategist, NeoLuxe Marketing Presenting: Content Marketing for Marketing Agencies: Make Your Services Sing Presenting: The Content Marketing Diamond Model for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs Doug Kessler @dougkessler Creative Director & Co-Founder, Velocity Partners Ltd Presenting: Let's Steal from The World's Most Awesome Content Jared Johnson @jaredpiano Founder & Content Producer, Shift.Health Network Presenting: #CMWorld Cleveland Clinic Health Summit Ashley Zeckman @azeckman Senior Director, Inprela Communications Presenting: Staying Power: How Authentic Storytelling can Transform Your Marketing from One-Hit Wonder to Lasting-Legend Ahava Leibtag @ahaval President, Aha Media Group Presenting: Writing with No Respect: Find Out What it Means to Me Christine Michel Carter @cmichelcarter Strategy Consultant, Minority Woman Marketing LLC Presenting: Ask Me Anything With Christine Carter Presenting: Creating Authentic Content for a $1.5 Trillion Audience Carmen Hill @carmenhill Principal Content Strategist & Writer, Chill Content Presenting: Combining Story + Structure to Create a Sustainable Content Marketing Strategy Laura Ramos @lauraramos VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester Research Presenting: Drive Your Content Transformation From The Bottom Up Shafqat Islam @shafqatislam Co-Founder & CEO, NewsCred Presenting: Ask Me Anything with Shafqat Islam & Alex Cheeseman Presenting: Beyond Breaking the Rules: Why Connections in Marketing Matter More Than Ever Jennifer Jordan Robustelli @jenastelli VP & Head of Content, USA, Babbel Presenting: Flood The Zone! A New System For Creating Compelling Social Video Jacquie Chakirelis @JacquieChak Director of Digital Strategy, Quest Digital Presenting: Even the best statistical analysis, no matter how deep and well-researched, can only take you so far in finding the people who you'll consider the most helpful and influential in your daily professional marketing lives, which is why we'd love it if you'd please share the name of content marketers that influence you most in the comments section below. To further your own content marketing expertise, here's a bonus list of some of our best recent posts about content marketing: How to Win at B2B Influence With The Magic of Content Co-Creation Your Guide to Effective Storytelling in B2B Content Marketing 5 Steps for a More Powerful B2B Content Marketing Strategy 7 B2B Content Marketing Tactics For Long Term Success How to Optimize Original B2B Research Content For Credibility and Impact A Day in the Life of a Content Marketer During the Pandemic: Challenges and Tips If you'd like to learn more about creating a successful B2B influencer marketing campaign, you're in luck! Our CEO Lee Odden will be presenting at Content Marketing World on the topic. Here are the details: Tuesday, October 13th – 4:00pm – 4:30pm Eastern Workshop with Lee Odden & Ursula Ringham, Global Head of Influencer Marketing at SAP Influencer Marketing Unleashed: Top Tactics for Success from Global B2B Brands We hope to see you virtually at the Content Marketing World conference, and be sure to follow us on Twitter at @toprank for real time updates during the conference. The post 50 Top B2B Content Marketing Influencers To Follow in 2021 #CMWorld appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
Bozoma Saint John, Netflix's newly named chief marketing officer, has climbed the corporate-marketing ranks over 20 years using her celebrity connections and ability to tie brands like Pepsi and Apple to cultural trends. She's also known as unapologetically outspoken and a role model for women of color — who are notoriously underrepresented in the C-suites of corporations.  Netflix has long been synonymous with streaming video, but it needs to convince people to keep subscribing as new options from HBO and Disney emerge. Some say a chief marketing officer with huge personal stardom can risk overshadowing the very brands they're hired to promote. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Shortly after noon on a recent Saturday, Bozoma Saint John appeared on thousands of women's computer screens. It was the inaugural livestream of her event The Badass Workshop. Viewers paid $25 to learn Saint John's personal and work philosophies. Ciara's "Level Up" began playing, and in danced Saint John, blue stars glittering off her black jumpsuit. "I've seen all the descriptions of what it looks like to be a global CMO, and it's not supposed to look like this," Saint John said through fuchsia lipstick, half her hair pulled into a braided topknot.  Even when the livestream suddenly crashed, the expert marketer spun it positively: "WE BROKE THE INNANET!" Saint John proclaimed on Instagram. Saint John, who was named chief marketing officer of Netflix in June, has always taken an unconventional path. While the role has become increasingly the domain of data geeks, she's a glamourous executive who goes with her gut and is known for her work tying brands like Pepsi and Apple to cultural trends. Before joining Netflix, Saint John served as a marketing executive for Apple, Uber, and Endeavor. Netflix is one of the most popular streaming-video players. But it needs to convince people to keep subscribing as new options launch from competitors like HBO and Disney. Her hiring also comes at a moment when Silicon Valley, along the rest of corporate America, desperately needs more executives of color. Saint John, with her cultural magic touch, could be just what Netflix needs — but as her persona grows, some question if she risks overshadowing the companies she serves. Business Insider spoke with 18 of Saint John's colleagues, friends, and competitors for this story. Netflix declined to make Saint John available for an interview. Saint John stood out from others since childhood Until age 12, Saint John lived in Ghana. After the country's government fell to a military coup in the 1980s, Saint John's family relocated to Colorado Springs, Colorado. Now 43, the 5-foot-11 executive says she always stood out among mostly white faces in classrooms and boardrooms. Over time, Saint John has built a robust list of connections from the worlds of media, politics, entertainment, and tech, including Anna Wintour, the Obamas, and Facebook's Carolyn Everson. A recurring theme of Saint John is the idea of "bringing your whole self to work," which she frequently evokes in conversations and interviews. In 2014, Saint John captivated a crowd when she was named to the American Advertising Federation's Hall of Achievement. She gave a moving speech and talked about the loss of her husband, Peter, who died from cancer one year prior. "She won over not just the room but the whole industry," said Ross Martin, the president of the marketing services company Known, who received the same honor that year. Those high-profile ties and that honest nature are captured in Saint John's Instagram account, where she broadcasts a jet-setting life as "badassboz" as well as her role as the mother of a 10-year-old. She has also made rounds in the glossy lifestyle-magazine circuit — with interviewers calling her the "Queen of Silicon Valley" and "a better brand than Uber." Her acquaintances, like Tiffany R. Warren, the senior vice president and chief diversity officer at the ad giant Omnicom, speak of Saint John's open-book approach to life, informed by her African heritage and religious faith. "What you see is what you get," Warren said. "That's how I think of Boz." Other stories tell of her praying with the investor Anjula Acharia before a high-stakes presentation and subbing in for Arianna Huffington at the Cannes Lions festival at the last minute when Huffington was recovering from hip-replacement surgery. She uses her position as one of the few visible Black women in her field. She teamed up with Luvvie Ajayi Jones, Glennon Doyle, and Stacey Bendet to launch #ShareTheMicNow, an Instagram campaign to magnify people of color, and served as the Ghana ambassador for the education nonprofit Pencils of Promise. She built a career on emotional and cultural connections At a time when chief marketing officers increasingly live and die by the numbers, Saint John's stock-in-trade is connecting with consumers on an emotional level, and, in her own words, trusting her gut. This approach can open her to criticism that she doesn't care about return on investment as much as a chief marketing officer should. "There are some marketers that lead with logic and data, and there are other marketers that lead with instinct and culture. She sits far out on the instinct and culture side," her friend Jonathan Mildenhall, who is a cofounder of the consulting firm TwentyFirstCenturyBrand, said. At Pepsi, Saint John spearheaded projects like a series of livestreamed Twitter concerts with Katy Perry and others that marked a new union of social media, advertising, and pop music, the former Pepsi executive Shiv Singh said. She helped land Beyoncé for the 2013 Pepsi Super Bowl Halftime Show in New Orleans and assembled the trio of Kerry Washington, Mary J. Blige, and Taraji P. Henson for a buzzy Apple Music Emmy night ad in 2015. "She has such a strong understanding of culture that she gets how to embed a brand in it without it seeming inauthentic," said Joe Anthony, the founder of the agency Hero Collective, who met Saint John while working with Pepsi. At Apple's 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference, Saint John introduced a revamped Apple Music by leading the typically staid crowd through a raucous rendition of "Rapper's Delight." That and other public appearances paved the way for other Apple executives to develop public profiles, said Justina Omokhua, the senior vice president of brand marketing at Endeavor who also worked under Saint John at Apple. Putting out fires in Silicon Valley At Uber and Endeavor, Saint John also put her emotionally and celebrity-driven approach to work to fix crises. She joined Uber in 2017 as its chief brand officer. The company's reputation was being dragged by a series of punishing revelations about its corporate culture and treatment of drivers. After an eight-hour meeting with former CEO Travis Kalanick and board member Arianna Huffington, Saint John was hired. She and Huffington had first met six months earlier at a private dinner at the CES trade show. "I didn't know who she was, but she was such a force of nature that I was just taken by her," Huffington told Business Insider. "She recalled the story of how she once took her Uber driver to an Iggy Pop concert, and that's when I realized that she could really help humanize the brand." Saint John helped shift Uber's marketing focus from being a mere utility to something more essential in people's lives. Under her direction, the company worked with celebrities like LeBron James and ESPN's Cari Champion to promote that message, and she helped craft a 2018 spot that featured a heartfelt apology from Uber's new CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, about the company's toxic culture. Ari Emanuel, a Hollywood dealmaker and Endeavor's CEO,  wooed Saint John away from Uber in 2018. There, she rubbed elbows with celebrities like Wintour and Tom Ford at the Endeavor-owned New York Fashion Week, spoke with would-be investors for an ultimately unsuccessful initial public offering, and helped the ad agency 160over90 win new work from clients like McDonald's and Lowe's. She also helped Papa John's take responsibility for founder John Schnatter's racist missteps by using angry customer tweets to apologize. 'She's the CMO of herself' As her career has grown, so has Saint John's personal brand. In recent years, she's flirted with the idea of a Starz docuseries, started an iHeartMedia podcast with Katie Couric, and launched The Badass Workshop. Acharia, who is Priyanka Chopra's manager in addition to being an investor, saw all these activities as a natural progression for Saint John, whom she called a "born star." To Saint John, her sense of social responsibility is interconnected with the work she does as a marketer. But where some see stardom, others see a potential problem. Multiple people interviewed for this article said Saint John's outsize personality risked outshining the very brands that she's been hired to promote. "She puts on other coats, jackets, and uniforms sometimes, but she's only worked for one company the entire time, which is the Bozoma company," one marketing executive said. "She's the very definition of the CMO of herself."  This tension can be more intense for executives of color, who already face systemic bias. To Mildenhall, the bigger Saint John's profile gets, the greater tensions could become with the brands that employ her.  "Everybody should figure out what their authentic brand is, but that personal brand can never be bigger than the brand that you're in service of, or bigger than the company that you're working at," Mildenhall said. Netflix wants to have a bigger role in pop culture Netflix added 10.1 million paid streaming subscribers during the second quarter of 2020, even as the coronavirus pandemic decimated many other legacy and digital-media companies. It had a global marketing budget of $2.65 billion in 2019. But new competitors are challenging its service, including upstarts like Quibi and more successful launches like Disney Plus and HBO Max. Forrester principal analyst Jim Nail said co-CEOs Reed Hastings and Ted Sarandos have recently begun emphasizing Netflix's ability to influence pop culture through a steady stream of original hits like "Bird Box," which helps it retain subscribers and sign up new ones who don't want to miss out on the latest cultural phenomenon. Netflix has also sought to deepen its relationship with the Black community through investments in Black-owned businesses and colleges, as well as collaborations with influencers like former first lady Michelle Obama and the filmmaker Ava DuVernay.  Nail said Netflix's goal of influencing culture lined up with Saint John's record of helping companies stand out by co-opting trends beyond their industries. "It's almost a repositioning. They're certainly enhancing and enriching their positioning with the idea of being a key part of culture," he said. There may be no one better-suited to help it than Saint John, who built a career by ignoring the rules and finding a place in culture for everything from high-end headphones to canned sugar water. And for that, Saint John isn't apologizing. "You know how many times I've been told I'm too much? A lot. All the time," she said during her inaugural Badass Workshop. "But it's the reason I'm successful. It's the same things that they'll celebrate you for that they'll criticize about you too."SEE ALSO: We mapped out Netflix's 56 most powerful executives including its new co-CEO and CMO in an exclusive interactive chart Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: We tested a machine that brews beer at the push of a button
We brought together some of the brightest minds in media at Adweek’s Women in Media and Sports event last week.In between enlightening discussions ranging from what the MeToo movement has meant to the creative community to the importance of speaking truth to power, we gathered some advice on how to best get ahead in your career.Here, we hear from Refinery 29 CCO Amy Emmerich, Michelob Ultra vp of marketing Azania Andrews, best-selling author Luvvie Ajayi, Peloton svp and global marketing chief Carolyn Tisch Blodgett and and editor in chief Rachel Hislop.
The organization put itself into a deeper hole, even before the conference started by claiming that, for next year’s show in Las Vegas, adding female voices to the lineup remained “a challenge.”The Drum was inspired to find out what female talent — and taking it further, female talent of color — should be on stage not only at CES but other industry events.She’s spoken at Harvard Business School, and has led key projects for FPBR for brands such as Johnson & Johnson, Quaker, Campbell’s, and American Express.She oversees how the brand leverages organic relationships with artists and celebrities to help brands tell their stories to our large and extremely diverse audience — all 100 million of them.12) Jerri DeVard, executive vice-president and chief customer officer, Office DepotDeVard brings more than 30 years of extensive marketing and leadership experience at large global brands.
Derek Walker of Brown and Browner Advertising stepped up to ask why the agencies had so few people of color represented in their senior ranks.Would you tell a white woman to wait just a few more years and then it will be her turn?Fewer men are in leadership positions than ever.But most of those openings, especially at the highest levels, have been filled by white women.Ten brave people stood onstage as Luvvie Ajayi asked questions that had them take either one step forward or one step back.It’s worth noting that, out of 10 participants, three were brown.
The 3% Conference has made its theme this year ‘Beyond Gender’ in hopes of addressing and sparking discussion around other forms of diversity like race, LGBT, and disability in addition to gender.To kick things off, the conference’s organizers enlisted the help of award-winning writer and emcee of the event Luvvie Ajayi to conduct an exercise of sorts on stage to illustrate the myriad of ways that privilege can manifest itself.The experiment, which included 4A’s chief executive Marla Kaplowitz, J. Walter Thompson head of planning Torsten Gross and owner of Brown and Browner Derek Walker, asked participants to take steps forward or backwards depending on their responses to different prompts.For example, those who consider English to be their first language were told to take a step forward.Participants were asked to take a step back if they’ve “ever been made fun of or bullied for something you could not change or is beyond your control” or if they have to “think twice about calling the police when trouble occurs.” Other topics addressed by Ajayi during the exercise included whether or not their parents went to college, if they have a disability and if they can easily find a religious community that will not exclude them because of their sexuality.The point of the exercise was to illustrate in a very visual way the different – and sometimes surprising – ways that individuals are affected by privilege, or lack thereof.
The cameras pointed at the tidy and tasteful set, and the host donned a mic.Obama: We Don t Fear the Future—We Shape It The Internet Was Saving Its Best Dad Jokes for Tim KaineThis Insane DNC Is the Convention the Internet MadeHeadset-wearing producers ushered more high-profile guests—Jesse Jackson, Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro—from the green room to the studio.Meanwhile, on the upper balconies inside the Wells Fargo Center, two hosts waited for the director downstairs to kick it to them for a live shot of the Democratic National Convention.