Britney Spears is following Katy Perry into the mobile games world Photograph: Denise Truscello/Associated PressIn 2015, global music sales were $15bn £10.3bn .Perry s game was a high-profile flop, with Glu saying publicly that the lack of actual music made it less appealing to fans.From the lyrics that match your chosen genres for songs when recording my trap-metal single Becky With the Good Hair my character was belting out lines like Cloven hooves trod the land to preposterous EDM DJ Skwirl-X remixing my Brexit Music For a Film track with a synth solo of his own in the middle , there are genuinely laugh-out-loud snippets.There s the odd jarring moment too.At one point, my male character is given a choice of either slapping or kissing my female rival mid-argument, with no alternative options.The fact that you can name your character s songs – which are then shared with the world – could give Glu some moderation headaches too.
Chinese mobile dating app Tantan has raised a $32 million USD series C funding from a group of investors, including LB Investment, Vision Capital 元璟资本 , and DST Global.The latter is headed by Russian billionaire Yuri Milner, whose investment portfolio includes big name tech companies, including Didi Chuxing, Xiaomi, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.After this round of funding, we plan to continue focusing on user pain points, improving daily usage, and consolidating our position in the social application industry, a PR spokesperson from Tantan told TechNode.Well this looks familiar…The company claims to have 2.5 million active users, about 80% of which are part of China s post-90 s generation.According to Chinese media, the male-to-female ratio on Tantan s app is 6:4.Founded in 2014, the Chinese app is almost identical to Tinder, down to its UI which lets users swipe left and right for potential matches.In 2015, the Beijing-based company came under fire when multiple security risks in the app were revealed by Hong Kong-based entrepreneur, Larry Salibra.By reverse-engineering the Chinese app, Mr. Salibra discovered that sensitive user data, including passwords and telephone numbers, were not encrypted and vulnerable to hackers.
Prepare to get hot, bothered and... hungry.We happily present to you: Hot Dudes And Hummus, a delicious Instagram account that follows the footsteps of feeds like Hot Dudes Reading, Hot Dudes With Kittens and Hot Dudes In Bed.The account features smokin hot guys eating hummus in restaurants, outdoors, on top of cars and best of all in bathing suits.Male Hummus eaters can submit their photos via email or DM in order to be featured on the account, which calls itself Israel s yummiest tag.No doubt about that.Keep scrolling to see a few pictures of the sexy trend you didn t know you needed.
The new Ghostbusters film has had a bit of a rough time so far.The all-female spectre-filled comedy has suffered an unprecedented internet backlash, with a bizarre hate-campaign, fuelled by an underlying misogyny, leading its first trailer to become one of the most disliked videos on YouTube of all time.kind of way, but more of an "arghh, the world is full of men who act in a vile and threatening manner because somehow they believe the thought of four hilarious female comedians picking up the mantle from a beloved male cast of old geezers endangers the size of their dicks," kind of way.The fact I find the underlying bitterness so unfathomable would be comforting were it not so hateful.But I have faith in the franchise, and the excellent cast and crew assembled here, and this latest Ghostbusters trailer vindicates that faith:There's Slimer, the earworm theme tune, great looking ghosts and gags that don't fall on their face.I'd say there's a few lines in here that have been included purely to call out the web-scum too.
MoreGirls-who-codeWhen it comes to entering a male-dominated field like tech, there's a lot standing in a girl's way.The videos focus on three main topics that, according to misguided popular opinion, keep girls from being successful coders: boobs, beauty and menstruation.There are already a ton of inspirational videos about why girls should code, Reshma Saujani, founder and CEO of Girls Who Code, said in a release."We wanted to try something different ... Our hope is these videos will spark a much-needed conversation about the messages we send our young women, and what we can do to create a more inclusive, well-rounded image of a programmer."Girls are constantly shamed for being "too sensitive" and their bodies labeled "too distracting" to men in school or the workplace.According to Adweek, the campaign may also move to television, depending on donated media.
KTH students Adelina Eriksson and Hanna Thenór Arström see the problems mainly as a classroom issue that can be resolved with special gender courses while another representative from KTH, Ina Animals Steel, would prefer to see more work on the issues already in the younger ages. For its future development and survival are dependent on skilled engineers with the ability to think broadly about new solutions and innovations. In our surveys, we see that girls are not primarily choosing a technical training from a burning interest in technology, but rather because they want to use the knowledge gained from the training of future professional roles include any important social issues. But to set up special gender courses that an outside agency or as an easy alibi that schools can point to then check off the issue is not the way. Today, gender distribution among the employees of our member companies about 80 percent male and 20 percent female, an imbalance which, unfortunately, has not changed significantly over the past 40 years. The reason is that too many posts in the ongoing debate broke Ny Teknik rules.
Despite an extreme gender gap in the free/Libre and open-source software community - even more extreme than in general IT - women who work full time in FLOSS stick with it longer than men, according to a recent report.By analysing results of an online survey completed by 2,183 people in 2013, the researchers found that 14.77 per cent of women dedicated 40 hours or more to FLOSS projects compared to 12.01 per cent of men.The report also found that women were more likely to join FLOSS at a later age of 28 compared to men at 24.Whilst the peak age for both men and women participating is at 21, the number of men still working on FLOSS in their early 30s amounts to a third of those in the field in their 20s, whilst the number of women in their early 30s are 70 per cent more numerous than those in their 20s.The report also uncovered some trivia, such as the fact that both genders were unlikely to have children; over 65 per cent of male FLOSS workers do not have children, though the figure jumps to over 80 per cent for female FLOSSers.Compared to results released in a similar report, FLOSSPOLS, 10 years ago, women's numbers are growing in FLOSS, which the authors say is a fairly recent phenomenon - 38.54 per cent of the women surveyed started in the last four years, compared to only 18.75 per cent of the men.
Neil Gaiman s American Gods for $2.99, for instance.It s an opt-in proposition, and isn t limited to the Kindle; users have their choice of outside e-book retailers, from Google Play to Apple to Barnes and Noble, and even Kobo.Unless you were in a book club, you were likely deprived of discussing your latest read.According to Goodreads CEO Otis Chandler, one of the platform s biggest book clubs focuses specifically on male-male erotica.Sharing a well-lit photo of a sandwich on Insta doesn t say much except whether you prefer white or wheat; posting about our reading choices allows people to see the worlds we conjure up in our quiet moments.So, in the interest of transparency: According to my Goodreads profile, I followed the reality-star memoir Big Freedia: God Save the Queen Diva with Claudia Rankine s poetry powerhouse Citizen and Virginia Woolf s gender-bending Orlando.
View photosMore9caa75cf6dad493bbe89a1e6a85cadddWhite dudes are disproportionately represented all across the United States work force, and there is even less diversity among jobs that the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission labels "high tech."In a report released by the EEOC following a Wednesday hearing on tech sector diversity, the commission outlined 2014 stats that show people employed in "high tech sector" jobs are whiter and more male than the average private industry job.Around 14% of those jobs were held by Asian Americans in 2014, compared with 5.8% across private industry.And the numbers get less diverse up the chain of command.Twitter, one of the darlings of the tech industry, was blasted for ending 2015 by hiring a white man to head their diversity efforts just weeks after firing Leslie Miley, the only black engineer with a leadership role.Testimony from Wednesday's hearing pointed to problems with access to computer science education in minority communities that could lead to jobs in the tech sector.
Kim Kardashian, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, Chelsea Handler, Taylor Swift, The Rock, BJ Novak - the list goes on and on.Is Hollywood disrupting mobile distribution, and ultimately the application of Silicon Valley s emerging technology?But it s important to know, before they stamped Kim Kardashian s brand on the game, Glu Mobile ironed out all the kinks to the addictive game loop with Stardom Hollywood.What these numbers are pointing to, reports The Mary Sue a guide to gaming for geek girls , is an underserved market for games specifically geared toward women.The popular email newsletter rallied its readership of Skim bassadors because of its wit and daily digest on current events, building and serving its loyal subscribers as the publication s first priority.Without a doubt, branded content gives mobile apps more visibility, which increases user acquisition.
Priscilla FrankEarlier this week, a rousing headline shot at warp-speed across browsers and Twitter feeds: Women Swept The 2015 Nebula Awards, taking home the prestigious science-fiction and fantasy prizes in the categories of Novel, Novella, Novelette, Short Story and Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy work.The news might ve come as a surprise to — or, at least, to the chagrin of — a boisterous group of science fiction writers and fans who ve taken up the cause of restoring the genre to its tenants of yore: lighthearted adventure that s sleek, zippy, fun, and — oh yeah — comprised of shelves worth of white male writers.Last year, they rigged the voting for a similarly lauded set of prizes, the Hugo Awards, favoring white male writers and effectively quelling women and authors of color.Kate Wilhelm s suspenseful speculative fiction has won multiple Nebulas and a Hugo; Vonda N. McIntyre, whose longstanding attachment to the Star Trek franchise rocketed her to acclaim, won both awards as well.Unlike Luke Skywalker, Batman, or, more recently, Star Wars star Rey, she s not fighting to avenge a lost family or hometown; instead, her journey is fueled by broader ideals.Consider our tech.
An Arizona TV journalist on assignment covering the alleged sacrifice and smoking of a family poodle was arrested earlier this week for allegedly dropping his pants and dumping a load in public.According to the Phoenix New Times, CBS 5's Jonathan Lowe is alleged to have been caught short in the Phoenix suburb of Goodyear, whereupon he simply exited his news van and allegedly emptied his bowels in someone's garden.The report continues that when confronted by an officer, Lowe said: "I know what you want to talk to me about.Lowe has been charged under the Goodyear code violation of "public urination or defecation", punishable by "a fine of up to $2,500 or six months in jail".If Lowe has been flushed, then his last assignment concerned the bizarre case of the former Arizona State University football player who, according to court documents, "burned a shirt that belonged to his 17-year-old daughter in the industrial-size smoker in a trailer in his side yard, saying he didn't like the shirt because he believed it had to do with the devil", then declared "in front of his wife and four children that he had to make a sacrifice of a male, either himself, his 6-year-old son or the family dog".According to court documents, he told officers that he chose the dog, broke its neck, and police later discovered the poor poodle "dead in the smoker".
In Focus: Marketing Hall of Femme honoree Leontyne Greene-Sykes, Ikea U.S.'s former chief marketer, discusses keys to success for female marketers, and misconceptions about marketing.Women face innumerable challenges in business, and that goes double in heavily male saturated industries like marketing.As a woman—and a woman of color at that—Leontyne Greene-Sykes represents the next wave of empowered professionals.More than that, she knows her craft, and applies her marketing acumen to her new, more intimate role as Deputy Store Manager at Ikea Conshohocken, PA.While serving as the Chief Marketer for Ikea U.S., Greene-Sykes' accomplishments and talents earned her a place in our venerated Marketing Hall of Femme.Here, Greene-Sykes discusses her tactics as a marketer, her goals as a leader, and her advice to women in marketing everywhere.
The UK technology industry has plenty of women in leading roles.It's still a male dominated arena, though, so we've collected some of the UK's most interesting women in tech, ranging from VCs, to startup founders.Many of the people on this list have inested in innovate companies, both in the UK and abroad.Others are building those companies themselves.We Additional reporting by Oscar Williams-Grut, Lara O'Reilly, Will Heilpern, and Max Slater-Robins.View As: One PageSlides
Not only are women a more receptive audience for downloads and in-app purchases, but women players have a 42% higher seven-day retention on average compared to male players.
From these interactions over a mere several hours, I discovered two main differences between WEB and the normal boys club startup events that have unfortunately become customary.Although I certainly didn t have a chance to meet every attendee, the ones I spoke with – and overheard speaking with one another — were driven by similar traits as other entrepreneurs: passion and hunger.They never started with how revolutionary or ground-breaking the company is, its impact on the industry, the amount of funding raised, or who the biggest customers were.For example, a woman I spoke with before the event told me she had created her company Cocosine, which offers frozen food products focused on healthy, responsibly-sourced ingredients as part of kids dining options at school cafeterias, because she was fed up no pun intended with what children were being served at school.In my experience with networking, male founders of early-stage startups will rarely reveal their challenges it s all good because, in their eyes, it s a sign of weakness.The protectiveness may break down eventually, but it initially costs time and energy on both sides.The women I met, however, were candid and unapologetic about the issues they re facing and were receptive to giving and getting advice.Of our five largest clients, three have either female CEOs or VPs leading the charge at their organization.We understand the existing community to support female entrepreneurs is growing, but as consultants and leaders, we have to do a better job of using our knowledge to help women continue to make their mark in the startup world.
Risk assessment software is used to make many decisions in the criminal justice system, including things like bond amounts.As part of its research, ProPublica obtained the risk scores of more than 7,000 people arrested in Broward County, Florida, during a two year period 2013-2014 , and tracked these individuals in the two years following.What ProPublica found was that the risk scores were remarkably unreliable in determining violent crimes.The results were also weak when a full range of crimes were taken into account.In one example from the article, an 18-year-old black female was arrested for stealing a kid s Huffy bicycle and razor scooter.The black female was not charged with any new crimes, and the white male is now serving an eight-year prison term for breaking into a warehouse to steal thousands of dollars in electronics.
Lee one of 50 editors working at Deezer, with similar teams in place at Spotify, Apple Music, Google Play and other rivals.Lee shows me his analytics dashboard, which shows the gender, age and geographical makeup of the audience for each of his playlists, from UK Represent Grime 2016 heavily male, young and British to 80s Anthems older and more international .says Lee, whose metrics seem to be faring pretty well in the comparison.But if I didn t update the Brand New playlist for a month, there d be an issue.I ll sometimes end up in conversations where I say actually, I don t think it s acoustic afternoon, it s more fireside evening, says Lee.Where artists would once have focused purely on print, TV and radio interviews, now they re also setting time aside to work with streaming services: from live sessions and video interviews to creating their own playlists with audio commentary or taking over the streaming service s Twitter account for a day.
JGI/Tom Grill via Getty ImagesMen who lack the Y chromosome in their blood cells are at greater risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer s disease, cancer and more.The researchers, who have published their findings in the American Journal of Human Genetics, believe that because women do not have a Y chromosome to lose they re less vulnerable to a range of different diseases.Biophoto Associates - via Getty ImagesIt s believed that the Y chromosome is crucial for a male human s immune system to operate fully and without it the body struggles to fight back against cancerous cells or the amyloid plaques which then lead to Alzheimer s disease.If it transpires that they are, preventative measures can be put in place whether that s a lifestyle change or a course of targeted medication to help better protect the body against these new threats.TanyaSv via Getty ImagesProf Lars Forsberg of Uppsala University explains: If we could predict which men have an increased risk of cancer, we could watch them closely for the development of disease and also use appropriate preventive treatments.In short, the widespread use of LOY testing could radically decrease male mortality rates, and even perhaps eliminate the difference in life expectancy between the sexes,
Heikki Saukkomaa/Lehtikuva via AP FINLAND OUTHELSINKI AP — American biochemical engineer Frances Arnold, whose discoveries in "directed evolution" have helped produce medicines, including drugs for treating diabetes, on Tuesday was awarded this year's euro 1 million $1.2 million Millennium Technology Prize.The 59-year-old professor of chemical engineering, bioengineering and biochemistry at the California Institute of Technology in Pasadena, was cited for "groundbreaking work that has a great impact on areas such as pharmaceuticals and gene therapy," with hundreds of laboratories and companies around the world using methods she developed, committee chairman Jarl-Thure Eriksson said."Directed evolution, which mimics natural evolution to create new and better proteins in the laboratory, uses the power of biology and evolution to solve many important problems, often replacing less efficient and sometimes harmful technologies," the citation said.Crowdsourcing, problem-solving — nature's been doing that for several billion years," she said.Past winners include Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the World Wide Web, Shuji Nakamura, the inventor of bright blue and white LEDs, and ethical stem-cell pioneer Shinya Yamanaka.The previous winner, in 2014, was British-American physicist Stuart Parkin for discoveries leading to a thousand-fold increase in digital data storage on magnetic disks used in large data centers, cloud services, social networks and downloads of music and film online.