Asana, a company with an app for keeping track of work across teams, is announcing today the launch of custom fields, a new way for users to stay on top of specific aspects of projects.The new feature, which is only available for organizations paying for Asana s premium tier, requires only a few clicks to set up.Once new fields — for multiple choice answers, text, or numbers — have been set, it s possible to search for and sort entries by information in custom fields.Teams can now move beyond tasks by tracking things like applicants, deals, inventory — just about anything you can imagine — in Asana, product marketing manager Christy Roach and product marketing lead Devon Watts wrote in a blog post.Templates will be coming in the next month to accelerate adoption of custom fields, they wrote.Custom fields are now part of Asana s application programming interface API , and one existing integration, from Unito, turns Asana into a tool for tracking issues from GitHub.This is good timing, considering that this week GitHub introduced its own project management tool for all users.The new customization feature could help Asana better compete against competitors, including Trello, Wrike, and Atlassian s Jira.Earlier this year, Asana announced a $50 million funding round at a $600 million valuation.San Francisco-based Asana now has 215 employees.
View photosMoreThe M1 3D printer prints a sophisticated geometric structure, developed by Silicon Valley startup Carbon, at Carbon headquarters in Redwood City, California, U.S., September 9, 2016.Picture taken September 9, 2016.REDWOOD CITY, Calif. Reuters - Carbon, a Silicon Valley startup that is developing 3D printers to produce medical devices and car parts on demand, said on Thursday it had closed on $81 million in funding that brought the total it has raised to $222 million."We wanted to go find investors that share the scope of our vision and realize what we are talking about here is industrial re-invention," Kirk Phelps, Carbon vice president of product management, told Reuters at the company's headquarters in Redwood City, California.Founded in 2013, Carbon said the funding round was led by automaker BMW Group, industrial conglomerate General Electric Co, optics and imaging products company Nikon Corp and chemical manufacturer JSR Corp.They joined earlier investors Google Ventures and top tech venture capital firm Sequoia.
Kinnevik the group, Global Fashion Group grew by almost 50 percent during the first half of the year and had net sales of sek 4.4 billion.Kinnevik-owned e-apparel industry, Global Fashion Group, where Lamoda, Dafiti, Namshi and Zalora Iconic included, showed a strong growth during the first half of the year.the Growth rate was 47.5 per cent, and showed a turnover of sek 4.4 billion, according to a press release.the Company continues to make operating losses, but managed to reduce them, and had a margin of minus 15 percent during the period.Which was a clear improvement compared with last year, the first six-month period, then the operating margin was at minus 33 percent.One explanation for the increase is the more efficient inventory management, which increased the gross margin from 40.7 per cent to 42.2 per cent.
Green growth is a fairly new concept that has the OECD as the main driver and order For the concept to be meaningful, such a growth could reasonably lead to the management of natural resources and the environment are improved in at least the same rate as might be the case in a situation where the economy does not grow at all.The crucial question is whether continued economic growth, measured as GDP, is an asset or an obstacle in the environmental work has not been given a comprehensive response in the ongoing work on green growth.No academic scrutiny of the concept are not yet available.As it is used in the literature, dominated by a number of reports from the OECD, differ green growth in small extent from the concept of environmentally sustainable development.the Difference compared with the concept of the green economy, with UNEP as the main stakeholder, is also small and consists mainly of a stronger emphasis on the management of environment and natural resources can be reconciled with economic growth from an already high level.
At its Universe conference in San Francisco, GitHub announced handy new features that have been added to its code repository hosting platform, which have been designed to make it easier to collaborate on software projects.GitHub now offers a project management tool to help you organize issues and pull requests in a Kanban-style interface, which should be familiar to Trello users.You can create as many projects as you like in each of your repositories, and then set up columns to represent different phases in your project or issue types such as bugs , must-have features and interface enhancements .Once you ve put a project together, you can drag and drop issues and pull requests made by others into these columns and prioritize them however you please.The service has also added Reviews, which should make it easier to critique collaborators code.GitHub already allowed you to comment on specific lines of code, but you can now approve or request changes to pull requests.
Photo: Kinnevik's major shareholder Cristina Stenbeck.Kinnevikdelägda Global Fashion Group's sales, excluding the in July of this year divested indian fashion boutique Jabong, rose by 48 percent at constant currencies during the first half of 2016, to nearly 4.4 billion.It is clear from a press release.the Company will make continued large operating losses.But the operating margin improved to 15 per cent during the half, from -33% in the first half of 2015.This is mainly thanks to improved inventory management which increased the gross margin to 42.2 from 40.7 per cent.
the Internet of things is no longer some abstract vision of billions of connected gadgets sometime in the future.It have talked about the internet of things a long time, but then it has usually been about how very many gadgets that must be connected in a very distant future.But the past year something happened.the Consultant starts de facto to do business within the IoT.the Sigma is a consulting company that profiled itself in the IoT – and as observed in the spring, when they sold their IoT-platform Sensation to Ericsson, in order to become the product development partner and reseller to telekomjätten.It has come up as an issue in management and in cio n.
the Internet of things is no longer some abstract vision of billions of connected gadgets sometime in the future.It have talked about the internet of things a long time, but then it has usually been about how very many gadgets that must be connected in a very distant future.But the past year something happened.the Consultant starts de facto to do business within the IoT.the Sigma is a consulting company that profiled itself in the IoT – and as observed in the spring, when they sold their IoT-platform Sensation to Ericsson, in order to become the product development partner and reseller to telekomjätten.It has come up as an issue in management and in cio n.
As Airbnb, the $30 billion private accommodation renting portal, continues to mature and very slowly inch its way to an IPO, it is adding more ways to bring in more properties and hosts to its platform.TechCrunch has learned that Airbnb is working on a new service under the name Experienced Hosts, where it connects would-be hosts those who have homes or space in their homes to post on Airbnb with Superhosts to help manage those properties.Superhost is Airbnb s equivalent of a verified badge that is based on your response time, guest approval and other factors.We re always looking for ways to give our hosts and guests around the world an even better experience, Airbnb spokesperson Christopher Nulty said in response to questions about the service.Experienced Hosts essentially outsources the whole process of listing and renting out homes on Airbnb to a third party.For now, it looks like the only market where it s trialling the experienced host service is in Tokyo, where there are currently 92 hosts willing to help you list and let your property.
Align is your planning stage, ensuring all stakeholders are aware and aligned on campaign and content progressExecution involves the actual process of content creation and project management, ensuring deadlines are met and workflows are seamlessDistribution requires delivering high-quality assets to a targeted audience across tools and channelsAnalysis is your time to assess success, failures, and values of both specific content and larger campaignsAll of these steps together create a perfect synthesis for a seamless, scalable content operation, which can be optimized with each and every iteration.For my clients, the most common challenge is lack of cross-functional buy-in and silos of teams hanging onto control of their perceived turf.
I'm about to receive a new SOW from our agency that preforms several functions from a listpull, programming dynamic components for a mailer and hosting an e-mail platform.The management fees when I looked at the original SOW seemed to be pretty exorbitant to me.Is there any way I can compare and contrast management costs or any resources that would tell me what industry standards are?
And look who has the most open source contributors – it rhymes with Nitro WaftThe GitHub Octocat mascot at GitHub UniverseThe GitHub Universe event has kicked off in San Francisco, with a number of new GitHub features announced by CEO Chris Wanstrath.GitHub's main product is a collaborative source code repository, which you can use on the public cloud or in your own private deployment.There are now over 19 million open source projects hosted on GitHub, with 5.8 million active users.The focus of today's announcements is on project management and workflow.
"Specialists" tend to be entry level positions so you would likely be doing project management related tasks like timelines, perhaps managing a few small marketing related projects.Its a great learning opportunity.
Far more powerful computers coupled with much better tools like cloud-based services have slowly transformed the way scanners are being perceived – not to mention the arrival of smartphones with multi-megapixel sensors.Below we've picked out our top five scanners, both for personal and for business usage – these are devices that cover a wide range of use cases and will transform how individuals and companies handle their document management process.Also check out our list of the 10 best office apps for AndroidOptical scan resolution: Up to 600 x 600dpi Scanning speed: Up to 18ppm Interface: USB, Wi-Fi Feeder capacity: 20Touchscreen display is a godsendA portable scanner is all about compromises – you swap the convenience of having a large flatbed area for mobility.
There s perhaps no greater a testament to your video game accomplishments than the achievement, or the digital adornments that pervade gaming platforms large and small.And that s likely why the Facebook-owned Oculus, makers of the eponymous Oculus Rift virtual reality headset for PC, felt compelled to adopt the concept in their own way.On Wednesday, the social network s VR division announced the addition of in-game achievements for both Samsung s Gear VR smartphone headset and the higher-end, tethered Rift.Over the next few weeks, Gear VR and Rift users will begin seeing achievements for blockbuster titles like Minecraft and Hitman Go, plus support in lesser-known titles like Anshar Wars 2.If you ve satisfied an achievements criteria prior to the update, you ll earn it retroactively.They ll appear in both Oculus Home, the Oculus headset companion app for smartphones and PC, and as part of an overlay in games that tap into the new framework.
investment company Vanguard Group founder Jack Bogle reveals what he learned from the worst investment mistake.Vanguard's founder Jack Bogle told american channel CNBC, that he made his greatest mistake when he merged his management company Wellington Fundsin boston company, which had a lot of risky investments.Wellington lost a lot of money, and Bogle was fired.Today, Bogle recalls what happened a little amused, but she continues to defend its little doings, even though the events have passed for years."my decisions weren't so stupid, what perhaps you think.Trying to save the company," he kommenoi.
GitHub is hosting its Universe developer conference in San Francisco today.Unsurprisingly, the company used this event to announce a number of new features for its Git-based code hosting service.The company calls it its biggest update to the platform yet, though how important these changes really are probably depends on how you use GitHub.If you re working on a team, then GitHub s support for reviews will probably be the biggest news of the day for you.In addition, they can leave review summaries and moderate comments.This also means you can have multiple conversations per line of code—creating more explicit feedback loops, smarter conversations, and better code review, GitHub CEO and co-founder Chris Wanstrath writes in today s announcement.
Don't expect it to kill Trello anytime soon, thoughGitHub CEO Chris Wansrath speaks at the company's Universe conference in San Francisco on September 14, 2016.GitHub, the popular site for managing software development projects, is now also a lightweight project management service, thanks to a new feature.The company launched Projects on Wednesday, which is a feature to help with all the work that springs up around a code repository.It lets teams organize tasks into a board interface, where Pull Requests, Issues, and Notes from a repo can each be represented by a card.It's a move that expands the code repository management service's functionality to compete with the likes of Asana and Trello, in a very lightweight way.
More collaboration is happening between the public and private sector to combat cyber security threatsThe information security arm of GCHQ, CESG, has approved professional services company PwC to provide cyber incident response services to organisations that have come under serious cyber attack.Run by CESG and the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure, the Cyber Incident Response CIR scheme has been designed to assist the UK s most critical networks and organisations that have been victims of advanced and targeted attacks.PwC claims to be the first major professional services organisations to get accredited for the CIR scheme, which the company said it achieved through demonstrating how its cyber security team can handle a wide range cyber attacks.The company also noted it has proven experience in assisting with the fallout of major cyber attacks that have been aimed at government, public sector organisations and critical national infrastructure environments.Being approved by the CESG means PwC will need to provide end-to-end assistance with cyber security breaches, which will involve technical resolutions of hack attacks and business management, as well as legal and regulatory support, which will require PwC to tap into the expertise of its legal division.
Red Hat is working with information management firm Veritas on data backup and storage in OpenStack clouds.The duo will work together to delver what they call predictable quality of service to OpenStack applications and workloads regardless of scale .Veritas will work on integration of the Red Hat OpenStack Platform for data protection.Red Hat s general manager for OpenStack Radhesh Balakrishnan said in a statement he is delighted to collaborate with the storage firm.He reckoned it would give enterprise customers more choice of storage management, resiliency and data protection running traditional tier 1 workloads running on Red Hat OpenStack Platform.Red Had is driving hard on OpenStack with the firm embracing OpenStack for more than simply floating clouds on its Linux.