Taking a deep breath, Smith -- a graduate student of the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University -- talked about how her site, Tiltas (Lithuanian for "bridge") can help those needing a second, maybe even a third, chance in life."We have some men and women re-entering their communities who don't even know how to use a smartphone," Smith says after delivering her pitch."I thought, 'Why can't we leverage this to our advantage?That's because the Kapor Center for Social Impact -- along with its Kapor Capital investing arm and Level Playing Field Institute -- has the singular mission of making it easier for women and underrepresented people of color to start their own companies, receive funding and pursue classes and careers in science, technology, engineering and math (STEM).Since 2013, Kapor Capital has invested in more than 130 early-stage startups, most of which tackle such issues as diversity, education, nutrition and community outreach."The entire tech ecosystem in Silicon Valley needs to be redesigned and overhauled so that the level field is genuinely level," says Mitch Kapor, known to people of a certain age for his work developing the Lotus 1-2-3 spreadsheet in the early '80s and co-founding the Electronic Frontier Foundation in 1990.
“How should we analyze our online sales presence?”Every company that sells online goes through several stages of thought to answer this question.In terms of staffing the management and analysis of online channels, they may first assign this to a cross-functional team or team member before looking into more dedicated full-time employees.As this essential process moves forward, marketers need to be monitoring three important, but baseline data sources:POS (point of sale) dataVisibility into these metrics is table stakes for making informed management decisions about your larger online sales strategy.
Company decides to take advantage of the “confidential filing” provision of the JOBS act.MongoDB has filed for its IPO by confidentially submitting an S-1 filing in the past few weeks.The company is reported to be aiming to go public before the end of the year, according to a TechCrunch source.MongoDB, a free and open source database program that works cross-platform and is officially classed as a NoSQL database program, has raised over $300m in equity funding since 2008 from the likes of Intel Capital and Sequoia Capital, with its last funding round coming in 2014 and valuing the company at around $1.6bn, according to the Wall Street Journal.The company has made its name by going after Oracle, the biggest database player in town, and it has made some progress in this field.The company has been ranked as one of the top ranked databases by Solid IT.
A commonly underutilized feature of Facebook ads management is automated rules, which allow advertisers to set conditions to run automated actions such as bid adjustments and budget capping.In this post, guest contributor JD Prater, head of acquisition at AdStage, explains the use of Facebook automated rules in detail, with an extensive walkthrough and annotated examples of useful rules.
Luckily, the symptoms are relatively mild — mostly involuntary rolling of the eyes and rapid finger-twitching on the delete key.But genuine, in-the-trenches change being forged — hammer and tongs — at real companies.So in programming the MarTech conference series, I’ve selfishly tried to avoid my allergy and indulge my addiction.Keynotes that frame the big picture of marketing transformationEarlier this month, I wrote a draft of a “martech manifesto” called The Grand View of MarTech (I’d love your feedback on it, if you have a chance).In it, I suggest that what is happening in our field is far greater than the overlap of marketing, technology and management in some narrow definition of “martech” as a discipline (e.g., “Go talk to Taylor on the martech team to fix the website”).
Market’s First Social Selling CRM Enriches Microsoft Office 365 Contacts and Companies With Social Business Insights, Advancing User AdoptionSANTA MONICA, Calif.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–August 16, 2017–Nimble, the award-winning pioneer of Social Sales and Marketing CRM, today announced the launch of Nimble Smart Contacts Add-In for Microsoft Edge.The new add-in delivers social business insights on people and businesses within Microsoft’s Web browser, thusly enabling Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook users to make and manage authentic connections far more easily everywhere they work.The Nimble Smart Contacts Add-in for Microsoft Edge Delivers Social Business Insights Everywhere Microsoft Office 365 and Outlook Users WorkNimble synchronizes individual emails, calendars and contacts as well as social networks into a shared team relationship manager, enriched with rich social and business profiles for Office 365 and Outlook users everywhere they work.
Facebook officially established its presence in Indonesia on Monday by becoming a permanent business entity, three years after opening a representative office in the country where it has 115 million users.According to Tech in Asia, the move comes as the Indonesian government is tightening up regulations and is currently drawing up rules to determine how global technology companies can do business in the country.Despite becoming a permanent business entity, Facebook however, declined to reveal what kind of business they were running.The license it currently has, is for a management consulting business, which is unsuitable for the company as its main source of revenue is advertising“Our investment in Indonesia is a priority.This is a big market for us.
U.K. sports publisher GiveMeSport has used its proprietary technology to help grow its Facebook audience to an impressive 25 million followers.Before this, most of the publisher’s 2,000 monthly articles, created by 14 full-time and 50 freelance writers, were reaction pieces.The new program also frees up writers’ time to focus on longer-form 1,500-word articles, which carry more ad space around them.“Where Breaking Data separates itself is by understanding the language of social media, the abbreviations and vernacular, how language is adapting is changing, the first time something like Throwback Thursday was used.”Here’s how the media company is using artificial intelligence in the newsroom.News gathering and event identifying
Four long years ago John O’Nolan released a content management system for bloggers that was as elegant as it was spooky.Called Ghost, the original app was a promising Kickstarter product with little pizzazz.Now the app is ready to take on your toughest blogs.O’Nolan just released version 1.0 of the software, a move that updates the tool with the best of modern blogging tools.You can download the self-hosted version here or use O’Nolan’s hosting service to try it out free.“About four years ago we launched Ghost on Kickstarter as a tiny little prototype of an idea to create the web’s next great open source blogging platform,” said O’Nolan.
Mid-sized Chinese lenders are leading the nation’s banks in testing the waters of artificial intelligence applications in wealth management in a bid to trim costs and woo the tech-savvy younger generation.Four mainland lenders, China Merchants Bank, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, Industrial Bank and Ping An Bank, have introduced robo-advisers as part of their online wealth management platforms to reduce the need for investors to visit local branches for face to face advice.All four are second-tier lenders that are less influential than the bigger state-owned banks.“Banks can save cost and make it easier to reach tech-savvy clients with robo-advisers, or financial advice offered by computer programmes,” said Hu Jie, an affiliated professor at the Shanghai Advanced Institute of Finance at Shanghai Jiao Tong University.“The sector, though still in its infancy, has great potential as fintech and mobile banking are where the future opportunities lie with improved efficiency and better catering to evolving consumer needs.”The emerging sector currently has no dominant players so banks can compete head-to-head with other asset managers as well as technology giants, he said.
Microsoft reckons its forthcoming Azure Stack on-premises cloud needs a special breed of sysadmin to keep it humming.The company describes that worthy as a “ Azure Stack Operator” and says they will be “Responsible for operating Azure Stack infrastructure end-to-end – planning, deployment and integration, packaging and offering cloud resources and requested services on the infrastructure.”As the image atop this story ( or here for m.reg readers) shows, Microsoft thinks that going hybrid with Azure will also need you to hire the following folk:An Azure Solution Architect to do cloud strategy, “including adoption plans, multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategy, application design, and management and monitoring”; An Azure Administrator “to manage the tenant segment of the cloud (whether public, hosted, or hybrid) and providing resources and tools to meet their customers’ requirements”; DevOps peeps who will be “responsible for operationalizing the development of line-of-business apps leveraging cloud resources, cloud platforms, and DevOps practices – infrastructure as code, continuous integration, continuous development, information management, etc.”True to form, Microsoft will try to monetize these roles: it's flagged a new five-day course titled “Configuring and Operating a Hybrid Cloud with Microsoft Azure Stack” that will debut on September 18th.When, presumably, we'll also learn what it costs to become an Azure Stack Operator and how quickly the certification will expire.
If yes: A July 18 update screwed over your securityThe secret access route, dubbed Shadowpad by its discoverers, lurks in the nssock2.dll library within NetSarang's Xmanager and Xshell software suites.The backdoor is activated as follows: the .DLL generates a domain name based on the month and year, and performs a DNS lookup on it.A specially crafted DNS TXT record for the domain triggers the opening of a channel to the control server, a decryption key is downloaded by the software, and its next stage is decrypted.This section provides a full backdoor for an attacker to run code and exfiltrate data.If you can setup a domain name for a particular month and year, and mimic the control servers, you too can commandeer organizations infected with the compromised NetSarang tools.
Any problems with your accounts could potentially result in you getting slapped with a hefty fine.Throughout a whole fiscal year, you no doubt have a steady outflow of money to other companies and individuals for products and services used in your business operations.And of course there's those annual tax returns to calculate, too.But as ever, there are digital solutions that can help.Platforms: Web and mobile | Resources covered: Expenses, invoices, bank account management | Cloud-based: Yes | Integrations: No | Free trial: 30-dayQuickBooks is one of the most popular and effective accounting applications for businesses of all sizes.
The legacy of Travis Kalanick’s fast and loose management style at Uber continues to serve up fresh embarrassments for the embattled, still CEO-less company.The FTC said Uber has agreed to put in place a comprehensive privacy program, including undergoing regular independent privacy audits.In its complaint docket the FTC cites news reports in 2014 of Uber’s so-called ‘God view’ real-time interface that had apparently allowed its employees to spy on users’ rides, and Uber’s response at the time — when it claimed to have “a strict policy prohibiting all employees at every level from accessing a rider or driver’s data”, and to be “closely” monitoring and auditing this policy.“[Uber] developed an automated system for monitoring employee access to consumer personal information in December 2014 but the system was not designed or staffed to effectively handle ongoing review of access to data by [Uber’s] thousands of employees and contingent workers.”The FTC also calls out a subsequent automated monitoring system that Uber developed, stating: “From approximately August 2015 until May 2016, [Uber] did not timely follow up on automated alerts concerning the potential misuse of consumer personal information, and for approximately the first six months of this period, [Uber] only monitored access to account information belonging to a set of internal high-profile users, such as Uber executives.Until approximately March 2015 Uber is alleged by the FTC to have stored sensitive personal information in its Amazon S3 Datastore in clear, readable text — rather than encrypting the information.
sweden's planned gigawatt-class battery factory, the first round of financing is coming to an end.Round Northvolt apply for funding of potential future clients.tesla's former supply chain responded to manager Peter Carlson, and also tesla's supply chain management leadership roles working with Paolo Cerruti intend to build a Europe of their own gigafactory.Northvolt-startup aims to nearly 4 billion investment to build a battery factory, with an annual capacity will reach tesla's way gigawatt hours.Trying to collect my seed money of $ 14 million and is now finalizing the first larger round of financing, electre oct.One of the investors is a Swedish power company Vattenfall.
Remember back when solid state drives (SSDs) were an expensive upgrade for your computer?Well, we’re well past that, as flash memory has become the norm.They’re a lot cheaper than they used to be, and they offer incredible performance boosts, even on older systems.Even better, portable SSDs are only getting faster and more affordable as well.Case in point: The just-announced Samsung T5.We knew the T5 was coming, and Samsung finally unveiled it on Tuesday.
Considered to be one of the most resourceful and multipurpose innovations of the century, drones have managed to perforate numerous segments of the global economic sphere.From quick deliveries at rush hour to scanning an unreachable military base, drones are proving to be extremely beneficial in places where man cannot reach or is unable to perform in a timely and efficient manner.In this article, BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, answers questions surrounding UAVs and their potential uses in the fields of business, farming, and the military, along with their future trends and current developments.Adoption of drone technology across industries leapt from the fad stage to the mega-trend stage fairly quickly as more and more businesses started to realize its potential, scope, and scale of global reach.Drone use in farming and agriculturePrecision agriculture is a farming management concept that uses drones for agriculture to measure, observe, and respond to variability found in crops.
Benjamin Ernryd is the new cio at Frösunda care, with a place in the management team.He comes from a similar service at Parks and Resorts Scandinavia, which operates, among others, Gröna Lund amusement park and Kolmården zoo.– in Addition to the digitisation and utvecklingsresan that I now had the privilege to lead and drive, so, coordination is something that is going to be one of the most important tasks for the future of the cio, " says Benjamin Ernryd.– In a group of the Frösunda care of the size one can take advantage of the diversity of activities and I also see that I as a cio can act as a coordinator between the activities of different initiatives in order to drive the company forward.Frösunda care ceo Susanne Sidén think it is important that it have a place in the company's management.Who will take over as cio at Parks & Resorts Scandinavia is not clear.
Tuesday, 15th of August, 2017, Baltimore, MD - Insilico Medicine, Inc, a Baltimore-based next-generation artificial intelligence company today announced a research collaboration with The Bitfury Group, the world's leading full-service blockchain technology conglomerate, to develop novel solutions for healthcare applications.The companies signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to collaborate in the academic and commercial settings to develop AI on Blockchain solutions for the healthcare industry."Blockchain can secure and streamline our medical systems, while AI has the potential to revitalize data management and machine learning to help identify trends and diseases," said Valery Vavilov, founder and CEO of The Bitfury Group."By partnering with Insilico, we will be able to combine their expertise in deep learning and bioinformatics with our Blockchain proficiency and real-time solutions to create bespoke and innovative new products for the healthcare sector.""The Bitfury Group is one of the most reputable companies in Blockchain developing their own semiconductors and end-to-end Blockchain solutions trusted by the major corporations and governments worldwide.We are happy to enter into a research collaboration with Bitfury to develop innovative solutions that may save lives and extend human healthspan", said Alex Zhavoroknov, PhD, founder and CEO of Insilico Medicine, Inc.
Two new Azure regions will open in in Australia in 2018, promising the highest level of security for government dataMicrosoft is to open two new Azure regions in Australia next year, claiming to offer the security and privacy controls needed to handle government data.The company is partnering with Canberra Data Centres (CDC), a specialist provider to the Australian government, which has four facilities capable of handling ‘Top Secret’ classified data.A number of Azure services have recently been certified for use in the public sector, including machine learning, IoT, security and data management, alongside Office 365 and Microsoft Dynamics.The Australian Department of Immigration and Border Control and Bendigo Hospital in Victoria are already customers and Microsoft says any agency using the ecure Intra-Government Communications Network (ICON) will be able to directly connect to Azure in Canberra.“New regions designed to cater for the needs of government, growing certifications from the Australian Signals Directorate, and a history of empowering the digital transformation of organisations is helping Microsoft become the most trusted, innovative cloud for Australia,” boasted Tom Keane, head of global infrastructure at Microsoft Azure.