By now everyone with a stake in big data – which is probably just about every business person you can imagine – has heard of Google's introduction of BigQuery, its online data transfer and management solution, announced at last month's Cloud Next conference.But to understand how far reaching the implications of the announcement are, take a look at Looker, a data analytics startup.The announcement is a cherry on top of a banner year in 2016, nearly tripling revenue while adding a variety of almost 400 new customers such as IBM, Hewlett-Packard, The Economist, Nordstrom's, and Indiegogo.I had the opportunity to put questions to Daniel Mintz, Looker's Chief Data Evangelist, about the impact of Google's announcement and how Looker is positioning itself among business intelligence solution providersThe big news from Google Cloud Next is how Google has made it easier for companies to transfer data to BigQuery.The two products combined mean data from any Google marketing product is queryable by business users in a full-fledged analysis tool suite in hours, rather than weeks.
Fintech startup Wecash (闪银) announced today that is has raised US$ 80 million funding in a series C round led by China Merchants Innovation Investment Management, Forebright Capital Management, and SIG, local media is reporting (in Chinese).It had previously won US$ 6.6 million in series A round (in Chinese) led by IDG and secured US$ 20 million in Series B led by SIG.Founded three years ago, Wecash is the first online credit evaluation platform in China.The Beijing-based startup was the only Chinese firm that appeared in a KPMG report on the world’s top 50 fintech innovators in 2014, according to public data on its official website.Thanks to its strength in data mining and machine learning techniques, credit assessments can be conducted rapidly and accurately.Wecash will provide credit assessments within three minutes once the required data is provided.After being connected to users’ Taobao, JD or other social media accounts for credit certification, the online credit assessment service enables users to obtain various services such as capital borrowing and lending, car and house rental, travel and education after users provide their WeCash credit scoring to relevant agencies.Wecash has collaborated with more than 30 financial institutions, facilitating transactions worth RMB 15 billion.By the end of March 2016, Wecash has already gathered more than 45 million users (in Chinese).Wecash founder and CEO Zhi Zhengchun said the company will use the funds to enhance its lending artificial intelligence, enrich offline and online consumption scenes, and build a research team in machine-learning chips, in addition to subsidizing its overseas expansion plan.
There are at least 200 ranking factors in Google’s algorithm (not to mention RankBrain), which means a thorough SEO audit could lead to dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of SEO tasks.Audit any website for technical SEO issues — even the world’s top-performing sites — and I promise you will find dozens, if not hundreds of things that “should” be done.The client was concerned that some unknown technical change or issue was severely limiting their organic search growth.None of the technical issues we discovered were critical, and resolving them wouldn’t have provided noteworthy results.However, this thorough audit was still meaningful for the company — they were able to move past their unfounded concerns to focus on expanding content and improving user experience (UX) to drive higher rankings.Crawl issues may be caused by a few factors: an error in your robots.txt file, unintentional noindex tags in site meta data, or server issues that limit Googlebot’s crawl rate.
One way to look at Hootsuite’s recent acquisition spree is to see it as the maturation of social media management platforms.That’s how Hootsuite Senior Director of Business and Corporate Development Richard Hungerford sees it.It used to be, he said, that social media was owned by an organization’s social guru or social team, who monitored and communicated across the major social platforms for the organization.These days, he noted, his company sells “into multiple teams, multiple departments,” even though the final purchase decision is often made by an executive like a chief marketing officer.Social media is now a tool for customer acquisition, employee recruiting, demand generation, customer service and audience research, among other needs.And, as Hungerford pointed out, these cross-organizational needs — and Hootsuite’s interest in increasing its appeal to large companies — have led to increased demands for measuring impact, for better measuring return-on-investment and for better controlling the message through paid media.
Alibaba Cloud, the cloud computing arm of Alibaba Group, announced last week at the Shenzhen Computing Conference that it has upgraded its machine learning platform PAI, driving innovations in healthcare and manufacturing.What does this mean to Alibaba and the AI industry?Here are four facts you need to know about Alibaba Cloud.PAI 2.0In August 2015, Alibaba Cloud launched PAI, or Platform of Artificial Intelligence, to help developers create AI projects with its data processing and algorithm capacity.The upgraded version of PAI consists of features like diversified algorithms and deep-learning architecture, as well as large-scale storage and distributed computing.“In the past year, Alibaba Cloud has implemented a number of real-life AI applications for customers across industries,” said Dr. Jingren Zhou, Alibaba Cloud’s Chief Scientist, at last week’s conference.“As China’s first machine learning platform, PAI is born to make our AI program an effective tool for helping people and businesses to resolve practical issues.We are also seeing our data intelligence capability being leveraged to assist customers in creating better healthcare services and endorsing smart manufacturing in China.”ET Medical and Industrial BrainIn addition to the PAI 2.0, Alibaba Cloud launched its ET Medical Brain and ET Industrial Brain, signaling Alibaba’s entry into the AI healthcare and manufacturing sectors.Simon Hu, President of Alibaba Cloud, demonstrated how the ET Medical Brain diagnoses diseases based on ultrasound pictures and said that scientists provided the Brain with more than 2,000 historical ultrasound pictures to study these diseases.Simon Hu, President of Alibaba Cloud, at Shenzhen Computing Conference.Photo provided by Alibaba CloudThe ET Medical Brain, like its competitors’ AI healthcare products, uses deep learning technology and train the brains with large scales of data.After about a year of development, ET Medical Brain functions in areas including patients’ virtual assistants, medical imaging, drug development, hospital management and wearable healthcare devices.Additionally, ET Industrial Brain aims to help companies centralize data management of manufacturing processes with Alibaba Cloud’s expertise in computing and data analytics.
A little while back, I wrote about Keynes’ prediction that our greatest challenge today would be what to do with all the leisure time we now have as a result of technology doing all the work that previously kept us occupied.My conclusion was – as you’re probably only too well aware – that this problem doesn’t seem to have materialized as we’ve just filled the time with even more work in pursuit of increased productivity, higher incomes and better standards of living.This debate has taken a new turn in recent months as we ask a more nuanced question about the role of technology in our lives, questioning the fundamental case for technology progression at all: Do we really want to be more productive?What are the unintended consequences of technology making the little things in life easier and easier?My thinking on this was sparked by a fascinating depiction of a day of our lives in 2030 by Vodafone’s Head of Product Management, Sally Fuller.In this utopia/dystopia, as I wake up my coffee machine is alerted by the sensors under my skin that I will soon be vying for my caffeine hit.
Experts say it’s not a matter of if, but when a global scale pandemic will wipe out millions of people.But in the event of a devastating pandemic—whether it be triggered by a mutated strain of an existing virus or a bioengineered terror weapon—there are some practical things you can do, both before and during the outbreak, to increase your odds of survival.During the 20th century, there were three global-scale influenza outbreaks, the worst of which killed somewhere between 50 and 100 million people, or about 3 to 5 percent of the global population.According to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, this form of bioterrorism could wipe out 30 million people in less than a year.Diseases, particularly those of tropical origin, are spreading faster than ever before, owing to more long-distance travel, urbanization, lack of sanitation, and ineffective mosquito control—not to mention global warming and the spread of tropical diseases outside of traditional equatorial confines.It’s also a strain for which most people don’t have immunity or resistance.
For those of you unfamiliar with Michael, a little introduction.Michael started a software company called Fog Creek Software in 2000, right after college, together with his friend Joel Spolsky.While pretty well known because of Trello, Pryor actually became famous by his role as the scarecrow in his high school musical of Wizard of Oz, as his hometown newspaper recently pointed out.With Trello being used by many for helping them stay organized both in their work life and in their personal life, to Michael, the original pitch for Trello didn’t go over well with him.He also has stopped treating his email like a to do list and more as a communication tool.When house hunting, his realtor would send him a few properties via email to look over with his wife in order to see if they wanted to see them that weekend.
the Attack is the first of its kind targeting the right companies that offer it services to other companies.They have been used as a way in to ultimately reach the customer network.According to the Swedish civil contingencies Agency, Sweden is one of the countries hit by the attack.How many or which authorities and organisations who have been victims has not disclosed, nor the extent to which they shall have suffered.the Attack, dubbed operation Cloud Hopper, has been run as a nätfiskekampanj and is believed to have been going on for at least a year back, but most likely, it may have been initiated already in 2014.the Target has, according to IDG News, has been the company that specializes in cloud storage, customer support, and application management.
At its site in Pamplona, Spain, Huntsman has partnered with Siemens to raise process safety standards in one of the company’s process units through a tailored solution for functional safety.This project will make a small but significant contribution to achieving company-wide environmental, health, and safety excellence.Huntsman Advanced Materials serves more than 3,000 customers in 80 countries with innovative, tailor-made solutions and more than 1,500 products that address global engineering challenges.In addition to being a research-driven company, Huntsman also sees operating safe, clean, efficient facilities in an environmentally and socially responsible manner as an essential part of its business strategy and has launched a long-term initiative focused on achieving environmental, health, and safety (EHS) goals called 20:20 Vision.Thanks !For More Details:-Data Management Platform Video Examples
Federal regulations designed to give you more control over your web browsing history and other personal information may soon be eliminated.There are steps you can take to protect yourself -- but you'll have to do more than set your browser to private mode.And there is no perfect solution, experts agree.The House of Representatives voted Tuesday to repeal Internet privacy protections that were approved by the Federal Communications Commission in the final days of the Obama administration, following a Senate vote last week to roll back the rules.Thanks !For More Details:-Animated Expense Management Video Examples
WhatsApp is targeting India, its biggest market, for a possible move into online payments.The Facebook-owned messaging giant is hiring an executive to head digital payment efforts in the South Asian nation.The new position -- "digital transactions lead, India" -- is based at Facebook (FB, Tech30) headquarters in California but will involve helping Indian customers "with inquiries related to digital transactions," collaborating with banks and helping to "scale global support for digital transactions on WhatsApp."Thanks !For More Details:-Lead Management Solution Video Examples 
Navigation apps like Google’s Waze reduce the amount of mental power it takes to get from one place to another—and researchers can now literally see the difference in brain activity.A recent study is helping scientists get a better grasp of just how our brain function changes when navigating from memory versus following turn-by-turn directions.For More Details:-Expense Management Video Examples 
Fintech platform Jucaicat receives USD 15 M for Series AJucaicatFounded in: 2014Financing status: RMB 100 million (USD 14.5 million) Series A round in 2017Jucaicat is a fintech platform that provides financing and lending services.The Shanghai company has 4 million users so far and cumulatively gained more than RMB 600million in revenue.Jucaicat founder Xue Liang used to work for Alipay and, and is a professional in financial business and technology.Now, the fintech startup has a team of more than 100 members who are mainly focusing on technology development.It has developed a risk management information system called TaiJi, which offer users precise information and services based on its big data.Jucaicat received its angel round financing led by Banyan Capital in 2014, and its Series A round from TIZA.Jucaicat will use this fund to enhance its risk management information system and expand its market share.Power bank rental startup Ankerbox receives millions in USD for Series AScreenshot from Jiediankeji.comAnkerboxFounded in: 2015Financing status: Close to RMB 100 million (USD 14.5 million) in 2017 Series A roundAnkerbox is a power bank rental startup that provides portable power banks in various places for users to rent.
With the appointment of Ajit Pai as the new FCC chairman and his public opposition to current regulations, the death of net neutrality is likely upon us.The impact on businesses is more complex.For example, the key to success for a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution like Salesforce and an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution like NetSuite is ever-increasing subscription volume.How will these companies adapt to utilization-based internet charging?Will they increase their fees, institute their own utilization-based charge models?Given that one of the major value propositions of these types of cloud services is high-volume data ingestion, the amount of network utilization at the data centers hosting these IoT services could become staggering.
FINE, a San Francisco- and Portland-based brand agency, is open sourcing the content management system (CMS) it has developed in-house to build sites for brands like Anchor Brewing, Kimpton Residences at Seafire, Prūf Cultivar (“Elevated Cannabis”) and others.It’s no secret that there is already a plethora of other CMS systems on the market and that it’s hard to stand out in this crowded field.FINE, however, believes that Fae, as this new CMS engine is called, stands out for a couple of reasons — largely because of its focus on being lightweight and highly customizable.And because FINE has been using it to build its own customers’ sites, it should also be pretty battle-hardened at this point.It’s worth noting that Fae (which stands for “Fine Admin Engine”) is squarely aimed at developers.As FINE director of operations Lori Dunkin told me, a few years ago, the company typically wrote a custom PHP-based CMS for every client.
The acquisition will add Genfour’s robotic process automation expertise to Accenture.Accenture has acquired UK-based Genfour, an automation services provider, for an undisclosed amount.Genfour offers assessment, implementation and management of automation solutions for its corporate clientele that help in transforming and re-engineering business processes.The solutions offered by Genfour to its clients include data-driven insights which help in making informed business decisions and can in turn offer quality services to their customers.Genfour also offers a fully managed, digital workforce which includes robotic process automation (RPA), cognitive technologies and desktop automation.According to Genfour, its process starts by evaluating the potential for an organisation and determines which processes can be automated.
Financial terms of the sale, which is due to close in the second calendar quarter, were not revealed.Pat Gelsinger, VMware chief executive officer, in announcing the deal Tuesday called its sale “the next step” in vCloud Air’s evolution.vCloud Air customers in the US and Europe will be moved to OVH, VMware said.OVH has 20 data centers in 17 countries with 260,000 servers.He claimed they’d “benefit from greater choice,” with the ability to select from OVH’s global data centers and experience faster performance.VMware has never actually broken out customer numbers for vCloud Air.
nordea's wealth management chief strategist Lippo Suominen believes that the developing countries are the most interesting investment target from this point forward."the most cheaper shares obtained in emerging markets at the moment", Lippo Suominen told the Nordea YouTube video.Suominen, according to the industrialised countries in recent years has been the best stock investment and developing countries have been left behind."we believe that now could be the fixture turning.Also on the interest rate side, we like the emerging countries."Suominen's view, the emerging countries on behalf of talking about it, that the economy is in the developed countries well and worst Donald Trump raised protectionist fears are a little eased.
"Companies, where the founder is heavily involved in the business as ceo or otherwise, the success of the our in a broad international study of more than three times better than others", Chris Zook told reporters.Zookin that any company can revive on the mind quality.after recovery, the many the firm has risen back to glory.Zook is american top management consulting firm Bain & Company partner and author."Apple was in terrible shape, but Steve Jobs returned and put the company into shape.He was a rebel with a mission and he made a software developer from the back to the front line heroes," Zook said.