In the fall, went Linköpingsbolaget XM Reality that the company would be listed on the stock exchange on the aktiehandelslistan First North.During the last half of the year the work to attract investors been going on.Before the ipo, the company took in 60 million from, among others, among other things, AMF fonder, Handelsbanken fonder and (C) of worldwide asset management.the Issue was oversubscribed five times over – which means that demand for shares was five times greater than the supply.the Company has developed a kind of service for tungindustri based on AR – augmented reality.Through a special headset can staff on the ground in for example a factory to get the directive by an expert and shown how they should tackle a problem.
Data scientists at Coatue Management LLC spent the last few years digging into new data sets to gain an edge in investing.Now, the firm is betting on data science itself as hedge funds across Wall Street push into “big data” analysis to find trading opportunities.The hedge fund led a $27 million funding round for a company called Domino Data Lab Inc., a San Francisco startup founded by Bridgewater Associates LP alumni, the...
Mitigating the side effects just requires removing the headsetA New Yorker and a transplant from London to the Big Apple last week managed to endure watching virtual reality videos for 50 hours non-stop, setting a Guinness World Record in the process.For their trouble, they raised their heart rates, hallucinated, and experienced involuntary open-eyed "micro-naps."In such cases, related categories serve as guidance.A Guinness World Records spokesperson via email told The Register, "The minimum for this particular record category is based off of research conducted by our Records Management Team which includes existing and relevant virtual reality categories and any related events."VR and augmented reality (AR) systems have been the subject of major interest from tech giants like Apple, Facebook, Google, and Microsoft for several years.
Like many companies, Hootsuite knows that its social media management service isn’t going to be able to address all the needs of its users, especially those in the enterprise.The company has therefore opted to make an investment in its platform to incentivize third-party developers to build tools that extend its offering.To kick this off, the company has put $5 million into a new multi-year fund.More than 250 apps are currently integrated with Hootsuite, a feat that the company’s senior vice president of strategy and corporate development, Matt Switzer, claims makes Hootsuite “the market leader with the largest ecosystem of any social media management platform.” While individuals can use the service to manage their presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, the real potential lies within businesses that need a robust service in oder to interact and share content with customers and the general public.Developers interested in participating will have to apply for a chance at payment, and not everyone will be awarded a piece of the fund.Hootsuite said that the decision around disbursing funds will be based on customer needs and the app’s alignment with its “platform strategy.” Beneficiaries will receive support to help them go to market, along with additional opportunities to participate in co-marketing initiatives.There’s plenty to work with on this platform, from ad-tech services to social media monitoring, vimeo, blogging, posting on social networks, and much more.“Hootsuite’s wide adoption and fast-paced growth is due in large part to the contributions of developers to our ecosystem.We’re investing in the Integration Fund to encourage them to continue to develop applications that enable our customers to connect social to marketing, analytics, and other business solutions they rely on every day,” Switzer said.Through an updated portal, developers can access documentation, support, APIs, and SDKs to build on top of Hootsuite’s platform.There are plans to also launch channels that will keep the community informed about changes, new releases, and even a roadmap, something that has been highlighted by Slack and Twitter.Hootsuite’s developer fund is similar to efforts undertaken by companies such as Slack, Box, Twilio, HTC, Telegram, Facebook, and Oculus.“The fund is truly designed to fuel the innovation we have seen on our platform for the last four years and remove some of the financial barriers that the developers are facing,” Switzer explained.
Ve Interactive, the London-based technology company once hailed as one of Britain’s most promising start-ups, has been rescued in a management buyout.The advertising technology firm, once valued at £1.5bn, was forced into administration this week when one of its creditors demanded that it be wound up.The company said on Wednesday it had been bought out by a consortium of existing investors including its chief executive Morten Tonnesen and the Scottish businessman Doug Barrowman.It said the deal safeguarded hundreds of jobs and would “ensure the long-term security of the business”, although job losses are inevitable as the company downsizes.Last month, the Telegraph revealed that Ve’s valuation had been slashed to £300m by an emergency cash call.The investment saw its founder David Brown step down and Stuart Chambers, the former ARM Holdings chairman who had agreed to chair the company, leave.
Smart F business management platform Haowa receives USD 14.5 M in Series A roundHaowaFounder: Zheng JinjunFounded in 2014Financing status: RMB 100 million (USD 14.5 million) Series A financing in 2017Haowa is a smart F business management platform that integrates restaurant operations, management, marketing and other functions for F businesses.When customers enter F establishments, they can order, pay and share coupons via scanning QR codes provided by Haowa at the establishments.F managers can also easily control the inventory, finance and supply chains on its restaurant management platform.In addition, managers can improve management efficiency through their customers’ multi-dimensional evaluation such as food and service quality on the platform.With Haowa’s platform, customers can finish ordering on their phone easily after coming into restaurants, and managers can reduce the costs for hiring many waiters.Founded in 2014 in Chengdu, Haowa has developed more than 600 partners across China.Based on its management system, the company can collect data on the F industry to discover new business trends and opportunities.This Series A financing round was from Sino-i Technology Limited and Junyan asset management Co, Ltd.The capital will be used to establish new partnerships in new cities.Convenience store supplier Yubianli receives USD 14.5 M in pre-Series A roundPhoto from 58pic.comYubianliFounder: Meng QingboFinancing status: RMB 100 million (USD 14.5 million) pre-Series A financing in 2017Yubianli is a convenience store supplier that mainly provides fast moving consumer goods based on a business-to-business (B2B) electronic business platform.Based in central China’s Henan, the company aims to improve operating efficiency of the convenience store industry and reduce transactional costs by the integration of various resources, and to provide one-stop services for convenience stores.In order to help convenience stores achieve online-to-offline (O2O) operations, Yubianli’s online platform opens up a new direct path for convenience stores to the customers.This pre-Series A financing round was from Zhonghe Group, and it plans to use the fund to accelerate the construction of its commodity supply chain, intelligent warehousing, logistics systems and terminal stores to improve its service efficiency.(Top photo from Baidu Image)
five years ago, it was clear that Riksbyggens system solution – a diverse mix of purchased systems and proprietary – had reached the end.So the company started an analysis to see what was needed to create a more efficient it environment.– the Aim was to increase the quality and effectiveness of the business control.We set up a number of targets we wanted to achieve – it was about the operational requirements related to our property management, to get higher quality to our customers and to improve the efficiency of it support for our users, " says Amir Chizari, cio at Total, the cost for the entire project at upwards of 350 million.– so far it's like we in the water worked just fine.
News reading app Toutiao was discovered to be allowing placement of ads linked to a number of private hospitals, suspected of violating the country’s advertising regulations, local media is reporting (in Chinese).Users recently found that after they tapped into the local news channel a number of medical ads showed up, most of them for private dental and traditional medicine clinics.But neither medical advertising approval has been found on the app for these ads, nor have these private hospitals attained prior approval from local health authorities.Illegal medical ads have rarely appeared on websites since Baidu’s unethical advertising scandal broke out last April, when the death of a college student who claimed to have used the search engine to seek dubious cancer treatment put into question Baidu’s paid medical ad model.The search engine giant was hit hard by the advertising scandal, with its Q2 2016 net profit plummeting by 34.1% compared to the same period of the previous year (in Chinese).An industry and commerce department officer said Toutiao is suspected of violating the Advertising Law and the Interim Measures on Internet Advertising Management, and they will carry out an investigation into the matter if it proves true.The Flipboard-like news aggregator app finalized its US$ 1 billion series D this month, putting its valuation at US$ 11 billion.For a potential successor to China’s BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent) like Toutiao, it will be a wise choice for the news reading app to give up immediate interests and learn the lessons of Baidu crisis and not repeat it.TechNode found that Toutiao has pulled all medical ads in question as of press time.
Apple has never been the biggest player in photo editing, but when it chose to discontinue Aperture and throw its efforts behind Photos for Mac, many developers saw an opportunity to jump into the field.One of those, Picktorial 3.0 ($40 introductory price, $69.99 SRP; available on the App Store) is a Mac-only image editor built for photography that takes a fresh approach to how photos are adjusted and managed.Picktorial tries to be as minimal as it can be while still providing the tools required of a modern photo editor.That includes the adjustments you would expect for adjusting tone and color, from white balance to clarity to curves to saturation.A host of presets also deliver pre-made looks.However, the Retouch tools are where you’re able to dig into the most interesting edits.
Tmon, a mobile ecommerce company based in Korea, has closed a $115 million funding round from new investor Simone Investment Managers, with participation from existing shareholders, including a number of sovereign wealth funds.The latest tranche of funding elevates Tmon into the much-coveted “unicorn” brigade, with an estimated value of around $1.2 billion.Founded in 2010 as Ticket Monster, Tmon, as it’s known locally, was acquired by former daily deals darling LivingSocial in 2011, which sold the company to Groupon two years later, which in turn sold a controlling stake in Tmon to global investment firm KKR, Hong Kong’s Anchor Equity Partners, and Tmon’s management.Groupon retains a 41 percent stake in the company.Today, Tmon operates across a handful of core verticals, including a mobile grocery shopping service and an online travel meta-search platform.Its latest cash injection comes just eight months after it raised $40 million in funding.
Google cofounder and Alphabet president Sergey Brin is secretly building a massive zeppelin in Hangar 2 of the NASA Ames Research Center, with a giant metal skeleton already in place, reports Bloomberg's Ashlee Vance.It's not immediately clear if this dirigible is for business purposes, or represents more of a hobby for Brin.According to the report, Alphabet has nothing to do with Brin's blimp project — though, as Vance points out, Google arm Planetary Ventures took over management of the NASA Ames hangars in 2015.Earlier this week, Kitty Hawk, a venture backed by Brin's fellow Google founder Larry Page, revealed plans to start selling a personal "flying car" by the end of the year.Google declined to comment.Read the full Bloomberg report here.Get the latest Google stock price here.NOW WATCH: A giant US military blimp broke loose and traveled 130 milesLoading video...
With technology increasingly intertwined with all aspects of business, [email protected] can help you -- prosumers to small businesses with fewer than five employees -- get started.Salesforce has inked a new partnership with workspace-sharing company WeWork in an effort to expose more small businesses to its CRM software portfolio.The partnership builds off of WeWork's just-launched Services Store, which aims to serve as a sort of sales conduit for SMBs, where they can source software needed to build, manage and grow their business.In order to differentiate from ordinary app stores, WeWork offers much of the software in the Services Store at heavily discounted prices.Salesforce is now jumping onto WeWork's discount bandwagon.The CRM giant will offer WeWork members 30 percent off its software available in the Services Store, joining the likes of Slack, Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy and Xero, which also have discounted offerings through WeWork.
Ngager can in a nutshell can be described as a “Runkeeper for the job”.One of the platform's nyckelbeståndsdelar is an app where organisationskonsulter or managers can add specific challenges to employees –for example, to train the different elements of leadership, reflect and get feedback from well As in many popular träningsappar the rewards might be about virtual badges or the possibility to climb on a toplist.One of the ideas behind the service: we have become increasingly dependent on the rapid feedback.“We lift our phones 237 times a day, and feel that we become confirmed in our social sphere, but on the job it gets a little quiet,” says Ngager-co-owner and vice-president Jonas Hammarberg, who at the side of the work with Ngager working as a management consultant, author and lecturer.He describes the Ngager as a cost-effective complement to take in organisationskonsulter.
Hey Reddit, I recently started a new role as marketing coordinator of an SME and my to-do list is growing exponentially!What programs/tools/sites do you rate to help manage multiple large scale projects?
FIS is giving a nudge to the sometimes painfully slow progress toward real-time payments in the U.S. FIS and The Clearing House Payments Company today announced the launch of a hosted Real-Time Payments Incubator service for early-adopter financial institutions in the United States.FIS and TCH are speeding up payments electronically“We put into a hosted environment the real-time payment capability,” said Doug Gross, executive director of corporate banking solutions for the Americas at FIS.The incubator will let banks expand real-time payments on the FIS cloud platform or move them in-house.Gross said the 24, soon to be 25, members of the TCH systems have put millions into the VocaLink switch that TCH has selected to be the core of its real-time payments.For now, the TCH is the only game in town for real-time payments, Gross added, but if another set of rails comes along, FIS could connect to that as well.
After millions of (air)miles, I’m still in love with the miracle of aviation.The idea of entering a metal tube in one continent, and exiting it in another has never lost its magic.You’d go to a travel agent who would arrange things on your behalf, or maybe you’d purchase your ticket at the airport.Flyiin, which is currently in development, looks a bit like a standard travel search engine.And when it comes to pay for your booking, the details of your reservation, including payment details, will be passed through the relevant API.Flyiin can calculate the difference between restricted (also known as basic fare) tickets with bags, or more expensive classic (or flexible) tickets that may come with hold bags included as standard.
The Marketing Kranks are back after a busy start to the year.We’ve been working on a bunch of things including some new offerings from Heinz Marketing, a few Workshops, and lots of great client work.Listen in as we discuss our new approach to Marketing Performance Management, the release of the Heinz Marketing Sales Development Framework, and some client lessons learned.We cover a few detailed examples of how we have helped clients, the patterns we see across different engagements and how you can benefit from those learnings through our Workshops, our engagements, or just listening in to our banter.You can listen to all the Marketing Kranks episodes over on iTunes, Google Play, or SoundCloud and, as always, we’re interested in your feedback and topic suggestions for the the Marketing Kranks!
sales tool LinkedIn Sales Navigator with its own ERP and CRM business software, Dynamics 365, to help salespeople deliver better outcomes.The combined offering means salespeople will be able to tap into their professional networks and increase their effectiveness, Microsoft said.In other words, sales teams can improve pipelines by: leveraging signals across email, CRM and LinkedIn to get contextual recommendations for the next best action within Dynamics 365 for Sales, facilitating introductions through the company’s network and sending InMail, messages and customized connection requests; engaging buyers with tailored content and getting account and lead updates like news mentions and job changes; and building relationships with existing contacts through access to LinkedIn profile details.As a result, salespeople can more quickly close deals, Microsoft added.The combined Microsoft Relationship Sales product will be available in July.Per LinkedIn, it will start at $135 per seat per month before volume discounts.
Soul-searching, a major reset and perhaps even the stepping down of "villain" Travis Kalanick is all that will save Uber, the underfire taxi company struck by so much controversy it is beginning to resemble an "evil empire".That is the robust advice from Jeremy Robinson-Leon, a New York-based PR and crisis management expert from Group Gordon who spoke to IBTimes UK about Uber's turbulent 2017 so far.The buck, Robinson-Leon says, stops with Uber's 40-year-old chief executive Kalanick, who he claims lies at the root of the company's PR disasters.Just four months into 2017, these disasters have been as common as they have been diverse and damaging.From lawsuits and payouts, to claims of sexual harassment, senior management quitting, being banned from Italy, an autonomous Uber crashing, and Kalanick yelling at one of his drivers, the last 16 weeks quickly turned into a farcical who's who of corporate calamities.And where other companies subjected to explosive growth, like Facebook, weathered the storm and came out on top, Uber is floundering.
owner Liberty Media has appointed former Sky Sports strategy specialist Yath Gangakumaran with strengthening the brand’s digital performance and increasing fan engagement.In his new role as global head of strategy, Gangakumaran will advise on strategic decisions across all commercial operations within Formula One and will report to Sean Bratches, managing director of commercial operations.Gangakumaran joins from Sky Sports where he has worked in the broadcaster’s strategy team since 2014.While there he helped support the renewal of Sky Sports’ broadcast rights deal for Formula One and assessed the broadcaster’s approach to engaging and monetising millennial sports fans in light of changing audio-visual consumption habits.“Yath’s appointment to the Formula 1 management team is the latest example of where we are strengthening the commercial arm of the business,” said Bratches.“His experience and skillset, which combine sports and commercial strategy within the media industry, are going to be invaluable as we aim to expand Formula 1’s appeal globally.”