in Finland, has opened a virtual ideatori, who wants to consumers, according to food product development.Consumers and businesses as the meeting place for a functioning online marketplace trying to take consumers according to the product development idea evaluation or, for example, asks consumers view on a suitable packaging solution and product expression on her face, told the university of Turku in a statement.behind the Market is Southwest Finland and Satakunta area of food chain development and cooperation project, Innotori.on Its website, consumers have the opportunity to influence the kind of food the grocery store shelf is in the future to find.Although the idea market creators are the southwest finns, the service is targeted at all consumers."for businesses, consumers' views are important in order to produce just the right kind of products for their customers and distinguish themselves from competitors.
A year ago, privately held online lenders like Prosper, SoFi, and Avant looked all but certain to go public at the same, if not higher, than the unicorn valuations than their venture investors have assigned them.In an SEC filing yesterday, Lending Club, which announced the surprise departure of its founder and CEO last Monday, revealed that investors who contributed a significant amount of funding for loans are now examining that performance or are otherwise reluctant to invest.But what started out as a disruptive movement known as peer-to-peer was far more novel than what it became, which, in many cases, is a front for whoever is providing some of these startups with capital to lend.While companies operating in this space come with inherent advantages — they use automated loan applications; they have no retail branches; they use electronic data sources and tech-enabled underwriting models that help them to quickly identify a borrower s credit risk –having deep-pocketed friends has made other things easier, like provide funding decisions within 48 to 72 hours.Smartly, some players are already looking to reimagine themselves as broader financial outfits.It also said last month that it s hoping to drum up more investor demand for the debt it originates by starting a hedge fund that will buy its own loans.
This article was originally written by Dom Nicastro forCMSWireNew York City B2B marketing provider Madison Logic has acquired a B2B lead-generation company that will allow it to expand its account-based marketing program ABM beyond the US and into Europe and Asia.Madison Logic officials told CMSWire it has acquired Internal Results, a Dublin-based provider that helps Madison Logic execute media and marketing campaigns on a global scale.B2B Sales SolutionsInternal Results bread-and-butter is performance-based B2B sales solutions for the technology marketplace through their proprietary prospecting methodologies, ensuring achievement of quarterly goals and ROI on lead generation investments, according to Madison Logic officials.Madison Logic will be able to show clients a much larger footprint and expand the list of companies they can target outside the US for more attractive proposals, O Regan said.Madison Logic s technology platform and proprietary B2B data will help us add to our product set and ultimately enhance our effectiveness in placing campaigns for our customers, Chris Whife, co-founder of Internal Results, said.The acquisition follows growth in 2015 for Madison Logic, which posted a more than 72 percent revenue increase in 2015.
Said another way, publishers need to focus more on monetizing users, rather than monetizing apps.Of course, to implement this blended approach, publishers must first identify individual users according to their spending habits.On average, developers that have enabled targeting in their ad serving have seen more than a 30 percent lift in CPMs and 50 percent lift in fill rates.In one case, a developer that enabled targeting saw a 300 percent lift in fill rate that resulted in more than 1 million extra impressions per day.Enabling advertisers to target audiences based on location and demographics is key to success in today s crowded app marketplace.Particularly in the ever-expanding programmatic landscape, capturing and passing through information related to a user s location, device and known demographics is vital to user monetization.Often, this data is right at developers fingertips; they simply need to remember to literally share the wealth.As COO of AerServ, Andrew Gerhart oversees daily operations, ensuring clients, employees, and partners get the solutions necessary to success in a social/mobile world.
It s no surprise to anyone that emails and social media accounts are hacked every single day.And if you cast your mind back to 2012, you might remember how millions of LinkedIn users were left vulnerable after it emerged that a Russian hacker was offloading over 6 million of their login details online.Well, he/she is back and this time there are 117 million email and passwords belonging to LinkedIn users up for grabs on an illegal Dark Web marketplace called The Real Deal for 5 bitcoin $2,200 approximately .Under the nickname Peace, the hacker has spoken to Motherboard and confirmed these logins come from the 2012 breach – proving that LinkedIn did not make it known just how widespread the hack was at the time.The hacker added that while the majority of the passwords are encrypted or hashed with the SHA1 algorithm, over 90 percent have already been cracked.While you might not have your bank details saved to your LinkedIn profile, the information that could be pulled from your account is still extremely private and could potentially allow someone to steal your identity.
Thanks to the visual social network s growing active user base, major ROI on direct response advertising, an average annual follower growth rate among brands of 100 percent and new advertising formats and capabilities being rolled out regularly, companies are investing heavily in Instagram-based promotion.Let s not forget – it took several solid years for the YouTube economy to gain enough momentum and maturity to get where it is today, with creators able to earn handsomely from sponsors and even share ad revenues with YouTube itself.Then again, if you re an Instagram influencer, then you re probably already aware of some of the opportunities out there that can earn you money, most of which are based on selling sponsored posts to brands.And as a result of this increase in demand, several new marketplaces have launched to match brands with semi-pro photographers.Simply install the free mobile app, upload the images you want to make available, and start seeing your fee tally rise.Best of all, the same photo can be sold an unlimited number of times, so skilled photographers have plenty of earning potential.
A booth sign at Mobile World Congress 2016 shows the Nokia logo in a file image captured on Feb. 25, 2016.Instead a group of former Microsoft executives have formed a company called HMD global, which will use Nokia branding in a new line of Android smartphones and tablets.This will certainly give the new devices a higher profile than if they were under an unknown label.The Helsinki-based HMD didn t offer any specifics about when such phones and tablets would launch or what the pricing would be.The move further distances Nokia from Microsoft whose own future with Lumia devices is rather uncertain .The return of Nokia-branded phones is a nice piece of nostalgia, even though the marketplace has drastically changed.
The struggling apparel chain s chief executive, Art Peck, told shareholders that Gap is open to selling its merchandise on Amazon or other third parties in the U.S. To not be considering Amazon and others would be in my view delusional, Mr. Peck said Tuesday in response to an investor s question at the annual shareholder meeting.We are always considering all of our opportunities beyond our traditional mix of channels and stores.The company, which also owns Banana Republic and Old Navy, is scheduled to post quarterly results after market close on Thursday.As early as 2014, Amazon was in discussions with about 10 well-known retailers, including Abercrombie & Fitch Co. ANF -0.82 % , to list their products on its online marketplace.Selling on Amazon presents a double-edged sword for specialty retailers with store fleets as large as Gap s. While they can tap into the online marketplace s growing shopper base, the listings might also discourage shoppers from visiting stores, where brick-and-mortar retailers tend to have better luck converting traffic to sales.Gap management spent last year revamping its merchandise offering after attributing weak performance in previous quarters to style and quality missteps.
Speaking at the Financial Regulation Summit in Washington DC, White warned the industry that their policies and procedures were not up to scratch and without them they faced the same fate as the Bangladeshi bank that recently lost $81m through a cyber attack."As we go out there now, we are pointing that out."The SEC is "very pro-active" in assessing how open those acting in the financial sector are to a cyberattack, she said, adding: "we can't do enough in this sector."She noted that companies are increasingly using non-Generally Accepted Accounting Principles GAAP to report their figures – an approach which enables them to keep what can be very large expenses out of public reporting.She also warned that the SEC was closely watching "fintech" – startups targeting the financial markets – name-checking in particular blockchain, automated investment advice and marketplace lending.It's not known whether the new crowdfunding rules will help revive the many startups across the country – but particularly in and around Silicon Valley – who are struggling to find funding through VC routes, or whether the rules will just sit on the books awaiting the next tech boom.
This time it s, which has closed a new $150 million early-stage fund to invest in European startups.Hernández has founded multiple companies, including real estate listing site idealista, and has been a senior director of product at Google and the general manager at Flickr.He also has 10 years of experience investing, including founding his own VC firm in 2008, StepOne Ventures in San Francisco, in a bid to help European companies access the U.S. market.Mobile marketplace Wallapop, social network Tuenti, and retail CRM Index are some of Hernández s more notable investments.Meanwhile, new fund will be focused on seed and Series A rounds, and, says the VC, will be deployed alongside its existing $290 million growth fund, which invests at later stages and is used for subsequent funding rounds.In this regard, is talking up its ability to support its portfolio startups with capital and operational expertise through the full investment lifecycle, although that isn t entirely unique in European VC or elsewhere.
B2B FinTech is focusing on altering the institutional pillars that affect how a business uses them to acquire the services they offer or capital.FinTech B2B disruption has a number of segments that are being disrupted simultaneously, causing issues for long-standing institutional pillars of banking, insurance, legal and regulatory.Let's look at all the five segments of B2B FinTech:1.Insurance InsurTech This is one of the oldest established financial industries,  and for decades companies involved in it have done little to innovate, and the market has stayed fairly stagnant.Today, we have a number of new players that have left those institutions to set up the new FinTech Insurance companies.The lawyers that embrace FinTech Legal understand their profession is going through a massive evolution, and that adapting means staying competitive, and driving value for their clients.Related Article: Top FinTech Trends, Fresh From Finovate Europe 20164.Banks are feeling the attack on all fronts, from consumers, business, wealth management, and every other subsector.5.The global marketplace has regulated companies for years for licensing, capital raising, etc.RegTech is changing how we can open accounts with ID Verification, where money comes from with AML, how we validate companies,and conduct backgrounds checks, all in real time and in a cost effective manner.
Since the founding of the Amazon marketplace, Amazon sellers have had to develop sophisticated skills to thrive in a marketplace packed with two million competitors whose analytical, sourcing and operational skills vary widely.Identified from our work with thousands of Amazon sellers, we share the four major DNA traits of the successful Amazon seller.The expert negotiator.Even for sellers lacking forecasting tools, their businesses can still perform extremely well when they have well-managed, unique supplier relationships.Related: Fulfillment by Amazon Poses a Great Option for Those Looking to Break Into EcommerceThe successful Amazon sellers focus on current products, while also maintaining a longer-term view for additional opportunities and anticipated marketplace developments.You need to have the Adobe Flash Player to view this content.
A hacker claims to have captured account information of millions of LinkedIn users and is selling it online.According to MotherBoard, the data is being sold on the dark web illegal marketplace The Real Deal for 5 bitcoin, worth around $2,200, by a hacker using the name 'Peace'.The social network said that it was taking "immediate steps to invalidate the passwords of the accounts impacted" and added that members who had been affected would be contacted and asked to reset their passwords.The main dangers of a breach like this are not so much the data stored in LinkedIn accounts, mostly generic employment information, but the associated data."The most valuable data in the LinkedIn compromise may not be the passwords at all, but the enormous registry of email addresses connected to working professionals," said Tod Beardsley, Security Research Manager at Rapid7."For several years, we have hashed and salted every password in our database, and we have offered protection tools such as email challenges and dual factor authentication," LinkedIn wrote in the post on the site.
The details were apparently taken when LinkedIn was hacked four years agoA hacker claiming to have more than one hundred million LinkedIn logins is advertising them for sale online.The extensive list of user IDs and passwords were allegedly sourced from a cyber attack on the networking site four years ago.According to news site Motherboard, a hacker calling himself "Peace" has placed the alleged details of 117 million LinkedIn users on "dark web" marketplace The Real Deal for the price of 5 Bitcoin - the digital currency - worth around £1,500.In the wake of the 2012 breach, only around 6.5 million details were posted online - but LinkedIn's chief information security officer Cory Scott said he does not believe the extra data was gained as the result of a new security breach."In 2012, LinkedIn was the victim of an unauthorised access and disclosure of some members' passwords," he said."We are taking immediate steps to invalidate the passwords of the accounts impacted, and we will contact those members to reset their passwords," he said.
View photosMore87a0e46b604842b99365cbd693a4fcffBack in 2012, LinkedIn had a pretty major data breach in which hackers were thought to have nabbed around 6.5 million users' passwords.According to a blog post from LinkedIn, the company just learned that the data actually included more than 100 million email and password combinations.In order to protect its users, LinkedIn has sent many of those affected an email telling them that their current password had been invalidated and advising it be reset.After the data breach happened in 2012, LinkedIn reset the passwords of over 6 million users, but apparently did not suspect that emails had been stolen too.According to Motherboard, the hacker that stole the LinkedIn credentials put them up for sale on an illegal marketplace on the dark web with a price tag of 5 bitcoins, equalling about $2,200.All of the passwords were encrypted, or "hashed," but one of Motherboard's sources said they had cracked 90% of the passwords in three days.
For public radio fans, this means you ll soon get mobile apps that offer access to the full PRX catalog, including The Moth Radio Hour and the Radiotopia podcast network.And even if you re not a fan, the combined PRX-RadioPublic enterprise is a noteworthy attempt at creating a hybrid media business model.Now he s transitioning over to serve the same role at RadioPublic, and he told me that by building its own mobile apps, the company is hoping to help an entire industry rethink radio.In fact, RadioPublic has already raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Project11, The New York Times, Graham Holdings, UP2398, Knight Foundation Enterprise Fund, Matter Ventures, American Public Media, McClatchy and Homebrew.Shapiro described the decision to make RadioPublic a for-profit as very deliberate, saying it will allow the company to pursue a different kind of growth plan while remaining very aligned around the purpose and the mission.Kerri Hoffman, a longtime PRX executive who s taking over as CEO, said that launching RadioPublic allows PRX to relieve some of the internal tensions we have about our ambitions around how do we reach the audience in an increasingly mobile age.
The extensive list of users' security details is thought to have been sourced from a cyber-attack on the business networking site in 2012.According to the news site Motherboard, a hacker called "Peace" is selling the data on The Real Deal, a dark web illegal marketplace, for five bitcoins £1,500 .Four years ago LinkedIn admitted to a security breach but said only 6.5 million users' account details were posted online."Yesterday, we became aware of an additional set of data that had just been released that claims to be email and hashed password combinations of more than 100 million LinkedIn members from that same theft in 2012," the company's chief information security officer Cory Scott wrote in a blog post.For LinkedIn, the lesson is the same as four years ago: "don't store passwords in an insecure way", says Motherboard.News of the breach is the latest in a long line of cyber-attacks on major websites and companies, with telecoms firm TalkTalk and parental forum Mumsnet among those who have fallen victim to security breaches in the last year.
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. pleaded its case to hundreds of members of an anti-counterfeit group that the company has the data, technology and desire to help keep fake brands off its online marketplaces.Company president Michael Evans addressed the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition in Orlando Thursday a week after the group abruptly suspended the Chinese Internet giant s membership, amid questions regarding conflicts of interest involving the coalition s president and complaints from some members.Alibaba only joined the IACC in April, after the group created a new membership category for the online retailer.We believe the future of Alibaba -- and the future of many of your companies -- will depend on us working closely together to fight counterfeits, Evans said in prepared remarks.IACC members include prominent brands such as Apple Inc., Nike, Calvin Klein and Procter & Gamble, which Alibaba is courting to help boost sales of global brands to Chinese shoppers.In a closed-door meeting at the group s spring conference, Evans shared new details about how Alibaba has used data culled from its marketplace, which serves 400 million shoppers and 10 million businesses, to identify suspected makers and sellers of fake products.Alibaba s collaboration with Chinese law enforcement in 2015 resulted in the arrest of 300 people, the destruction of 46 places where counterfeits are made and the confiscation of $125 million in worth of products, Evans told the group.Alibaba wants global brands to see its marketplaces as a gateway to Chinese customers rather than a place where counterfeits flourish.Evans highlighted Alibaba s data as a key link to help brands fight fraud.The company spent more than $15 million in 2015 buying merchandise on its marketplace suspected of being fake and used its payments division Alipay to freeze accounts of those suspected of selling counterfeit goods, Evans said.The company froze $72 million in accounts and refunded $12 million to customers last year, he said."We have the scale, we have the data and we have the commitment to be a global leader in anti-counterfeiting," Evans told the group.
Best of Swiss Web/obs via AP ImagesGoogle has built its own computer chip.It threatens the future of commercial chip makers like Intel and nVidia—particularly when you consider Google s vision for the future.According to Urs Hölzle, the man most responsible for the global data center network that underpins the Google empire, this new custom chip is just the first of many.Hölzle declined to go into specifics on how exactly Google was using its TPUs, except to say that they handles part of the computation needed to drive voice recognition on Android phones.Moorhead wonders if the new Google TPU is overkill, pointing out that such a chip takes at least six months to build—a long time in the incredibly competitive marketplace in which the biggest Internet companies compete.Asked why Google built its chip from scratch rather than using an FPGA, Hölzle said: It s just much faster.
It s often tough to fathom that Amazon s Kindle, the predominant e-reader of the decade thus far, has been around for more than eight years.It seems like just yesterday my mother was unboxing the slick, white device from underneath the Christmas tree, her smug smile and giddy excitement in tow.The eBook marketplace is overwhelming, with more than a million books and publications available at your fingertips within a mere 60 seconds, ranging in cost from 99 cents up into the thousands of dollars.However, there s also a myriad of titles available through Amazon, Google Play, and other sources that are available entirely free of charge.The bulk of the titles include those that have fallen into public domain over the years, but there s also a healthy dose of self-published and over-the-counter titles you d likely pick up on your way through the checkout line at your local supermarket.To do so, navigate to your Google Play Book library, click the three squares in the upper-right corner of any title and select Download PDF from the resulting drop-down list.