Facebook unceremoniously confiscated Trump’s biggest social media megaphone months ago, but the former president might be poised to snatch it back. Facebook’s Oversight Board, an external Supreme Court-like policy decision making group, will either restore Trump’s Facebook privileges or banish him forever on Wednesday. Whatever happens, it’s a huge moment for Facebook’s nascent experiment in […]
CEOs including Mark Zuckerberg and Eric Yuan responded to the Chauvin verdict. Many said it was just the beginning of battling institutional racism.
"$1,000 a month to 2,000 households for an entire year," Mayor Eric Garcetti said Tuesday, "no questions asked."
"Giving people cash works," writes Natalie Forster, describing a Stockton, California program that's giving $500 a month to families for 18 months.
Rep. Gerry Connolly said he introduced legislation to replace the nod to former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover with "somebody who deserves it."
For the second month of the year, Amazon's book editors have classified 12 compelling reads as their top February picks.
For years, media outlets and big technology companies have provided a platform for the dangerous views espoused by Donald Trump's extremist followers.
The book Ossoff used once belonged to Rabbi Jacob Rothschild, the former leader of Atlanta's Hebrew Benevolent Congregation Temple.
During a reading of her poem "The Hill We Climb," 22-year-old poet Amanda Gorman paid homage to Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, and Barack Obama.
Expensify will spend an extra $3 million in 2021 on efforts to tackle climate change, homelessness, hunger, criminal justice, and youth issues.
Many on Twitter took issue with Pompeo's words, given that multiculturalism is widely viewed as a central tenet of the United States.
The NBA is celebrating Martin Luther King Jr. Day with five nationally televised games.
Raphael Warnock, soon to be Georgia's first Black senator, is a senior pastor at Ebenezer Baptist Church, where Martin Luther King Jr. once preached.
The week ahead is expected to be a busy one with President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration on Wednesday an "obvious focal point."
Doodle honoring the slain civil rights leader shows us two scenes, decades apart, from the fight for racial equality.
Ahead of the federal holiday celebrating the birthday of the civil rights leader, here are materials to help educate all ages about the fight for racial justice.
Apple worked with the organization to make it easier to find volunteer opportunities for Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.
Georgetown professor Michael Eric Dyson reveals what a lot of people get wrong about Martin Luther King Jr.
King said that if Black Lives Matter protesters tried to do what the pro-Trump mob did, there would have been "a massacre on the Capitol steps."