sweden's largest indoor playground chain Leos Leklandet opened on Friday in Tampere, finland name brand name Leo s Playland.the private Equity Litorinan funded investments will pay 25 million euros and bring to Finland a couple of years in dozens of Leo s Playing.we Appreciate HopLopia and we hope that both chains can be successful", gunta your notes.HopLop is the largest of the 3-12-year-olds on the playground a chain.It has a total of 19 points, and is currently financing the capital investment, the domestic Intera Partners.even Though the nordic chains have been steamrollered by the home appliance and sport shop, based on Tomi Pulkki not Leo the Lion scare.
As FindFace has shown, image recognition has made incredible strides over the past few years.Neural networks are brain-like computer systems designed to pick out and create patterns based on inputs.These less-than-accurate representations, be it on purpose or due to lack of drawing skills, often leads to dramatized proportions and missing elements that might not prevent humans from recognizing the image, but causes problems for computers.Using more than 600 individuals, scientists displayed a random image for only two seconds and asked the participant to sketch the pictured object from memory.In the initial testing phase, the program was able to match the doodles up to their original image 37 percent of the time.From a more commercial standpoint, one of the most useful features of this technology would be to help police identify criminals by comparing sketch artists renderings to mugshot databases.
Britney Spears is following Katy Perry into the mobile games world Photograph: Denise Truscello/Associated PressIn 2015, global music sales were $15bn £10.3bn .Perry s game was a high-profile flop, with Glu saying publicly that the lack of actual music made it less appealing to fans.From the lyrics that match your chosen genres for songs when recording my trap-metal single Becky With the Good Hair my character was belting out lines like Cloven hooves trod the land to preposterous EDM DJ Skwirl-X remixing my Brexit Music For a Film track with a synth solo of his own in the middle , there are genuinely laugh-out-loud snippets.There s the odd jarring moment too.At one point, my male character is given a choice of either slapping or kissing my female rival mid-argument, with no alternative options.The fact that you can name your character s songs – which are then shared with the world – could give Glu some moderation headaches too.
Both Nvidia and AMD graphics cards have been stuck on the 28nm manufacturing process for four long years, but the GTX 1080 s Pascal GPU jumps two process generations, all the way down to 16nm transistors.Some enthusiasts were disappointed that the GTX 1080 didn t feature the revolutionary high-bandwidth memory that debuted in AMD s Fury series, but first-gen HBM is limited to 4GB capacities, and the next iteration isn t expected until roughly the end of the year.You can also create 360 bubble screenshots viewable inside VR headsets or Google Cardboad.The GTX 1080 also supports HDR and copy-protected 4K streams, and offers a new GPU Boost 3.0 system that lets overclockers create per-voltage clock frequency increases that match their individual GPU s capabilities, rather than applying a blanket clock speed increase across the board.Founders EditionWhile the GTX 1080 s prices will start at $599, the only model guaranteed to be available on the May 27 launch date is Nvidia s $699 Founders Edition.Don t buy it yetYes, the GTX 1080 is the most badass graphics card ever created, and a massive leap over what came before—but don t buy it yet.
Experience can only take you so far — the dynamic nature of the world we live in has made specialized training a must.If you re a marketer who wants to stay competitive, you ve got to keep your digital marketing skills on the cutting edge.What you get with Simplilearn s Full Stack Masters ProgramThe Full-Stack Digital Marketer Masters Program includes:access to the foundational Digital Marketing Certified Associate course and project work;nine advanced courses including PPC, web analytics, SEO, content and email;monthly mentoring sessions by experts;on-the-go learning with Android and iOS apps; andMasters Program certificate from Simplilearn.Simplilearn s Digital Marketing Certified Associate course – previewMarket Motive s Digital Marketing Expert PassFounded in 2007, Market Motive is a pioneer in online digital marketing training.But the course s open availability, lack of mentored guidance and access to expert instructors make completing the specialization challenging for self-learners.Choose the best provider for your needsWhether you just need a quick beginner s primer or are ready for a deep dive into advanced digital marketing topics, you are sure to find something to match your learning style and your needs.
MoreThe logo for LinkedIn Corporation, a social networking networking website for people in professional occupations, is shown in Mountain View, California February 6, 2013."We're really focused on using what LinkedIn is already good at," said Maryam Ghofraniha, the company's head of global partnerships.In 2013, apartment-letting website Airbnb launched a tool allowing its hosts to offer free accommodation to disaster survivors and people aiding them.This week San Francisco-based tech firm Open Garden - which has collaborated with OCHA - will launch an emergency alerting service that enables organizations to reach people on their smartphones even when cellular networks and internet access are unavailable.Now it provides other essentials for war-hit Syrians on the move: mobile phone charging and wi-fi points.For more on the World Humanitarian Summit, please visit: http://news.trust.org/spotlight/reshape-aid Reporting by Magdalena Mis; additional reporting by Megan Rowling in Barcelona; editing by Ros Russell; Please credit Thomson Reuters Foundation, the charitable arm of Thomson Reuters, that covers humanitarian news, women s rights, corruption and climate change.
Video game maker Activision Blizzard wants to make e-sports mainstream by bringing video game competitions not to television, but to the world s largest social media company.The California-based company s Media Networks unit announced this month a trio of plans intended to increase awareness of e-sports, hooking viewers with specially formatted videos and smarter statistics.Photo: AFPClosing the gap will be crucial to attracting advertisers, which eSports teams, organisers and companies such as Activision Blizzard expect to be a top source of income for the fledgling industry.But Mike Sepso, senior vice-president of Activision Blizzard Media Networks, says his team will focus on Facebook, as video viewing there has skyrocketed.The size of the audience and the rapid pace of video consumption on Facebook has a lot of advertisers interested in it, he says.Match broadcasts should get a new look in the coming weeks as Activision Blizzard rolls out a new tool that automatically analyses statistical databases and pops findings onto the screen.
Thanks to the visual social network s growing active user base, major ROI on direct response advertising, an average annual follower growth rate among brands of 100 percent and new advertising formats and capabilities being rolled out regularly, companies are investing heavily in Instagram-based promotion.Let s not forget – it took several solid years for the YouTube economy to gain enough momentum and maturity to get where it is today, with creators able to earn handsomely from sponsors and even share ad revenues with YouTube itself.Then again, if you re an Instagram influencer, then you re probably already aware of some of the opportunities out there that can earn you money, most of which are based on selling sponsored posts to brands.And as a result of this increase in demand, several new marketplaces have launched to match brands with semi-pro photographers.Simply install the free mobile app, upload the images you want to make available, and start seeing your fee tally rise.Best of all, the same photo can be sold an unlimited number of times, so skilled photographers have plenty of earning potential.
They re startups hoping to win investments from HPE s venture capital arm.Putting money into startups is a way for the company to contend with new technologies from rivals like Amazon.com Inc. and Google.Every quarter she hosts Coffee With Meg gatherings, listens to presentations from startups, asks pointed questions, and helps decide who will get the company s money.Whitman s VC push comes after witnessing huge writedowns that cost the company more than $15 billion early in her tenure.Also in 2012, it said it would write down about $8 billion after purchasing Electronic Data Systems four years earlier.In November, HP underwent a massive corporate split from what s now called HP Inc., which sells computers and printers.The purpose of this is for us to actually be in the market all the time, understanding the emerging technologies, he said.Corporate venture capital is nothing new; Google and Intel Corp. both have investment arms.Ananth said the group is also looking at possibly expanding internationally and getting into new fields such as artificial intelligence.Already, HPE is seeing gains from its investments.
Certainly, Stuff s overdraft is a lot more lonely than it ever was before.Like MP3 players, sat navs and compact cameras, it seems as though cash is the next concept on the smartphone's hit list.While you wait for them to arrive, the likes of Starbucks and Deliveroo will offer special deals Android Pay Day will kick off in June, with special offers and deals on the Tuesday before pay day to make that last week just a little bit less painful on the paycheque on the last Tuesday of every month to encourage people to try out Android Pay.Just as Apple s 'Find My iPhone' app allows you to remotely wipe your device if it's lost or been stolen, the same applies with Android Device Manager.Naturally, no banks or retailers have been confirmed for the service but it will likely support the same Magnetic Secure Transaction technology that's been used in its US incarnation.When you consider Android Pay s general ease of use and its slick support for multiple payments under £30, it should soon be a match for Apple Pay.
A computer program can scan your sketches and search for a photograph that looks just like them.Hays and his team recruited 664 workers on crowdsourcing platform Amazon Mechanical Turk to make sketches.Each snap fell into one of 125 categories of recognisable objects, such as beetle, sword, banana or rocket.Police could catch criminals by searching databases with drawings made by criminal sketch artists To match the sketches to the original photographs, two neural networks collaborated.Hospedales and his colleagues developed a program that can match sketches of shoes and chairs with similar photographs, which they will present next month at the Computer Vision Pattern Recognition conference in Las Vegas.Maybe you want to express the style with a sketch and then retrieve photos in that style from your favourite online shopping site.
Credit: Adam Patrick MurrayAt Google I/O 2016, the company revealed Daydream, an ambitious new virtual reality platform seemingly designed to rip the premium VR experience away from Samsung s clutches and back into the open Android community.Daydream will still rely on Android phones slotted into a viewer—like Google Cardboard—but the platform will be powered by Daydream-certified phones, running in GearVR-esque virtual reality headsets based on a Google reference design, with software hooks directly in Android N and apps delivered via the Play Store.The initial Daydream designs look suspiciously similar to what Oculus already has on the market, however.Finally, even the basic design of the Daydream reference headset bears a striking resemblance to the Oculus Rift.But that s one hell of a homage.If it ain t broke don t fix it, I guess.
It's one of the last big football matches of the 2015-16 season, and carries added intrigue as Liverpool look to stop Sevilla from winning its third European cup final on the trot.Related: How to live stream the Google I/O 2016 keynote – including in VRWant to watch the match?As BT Sport secured the rights to both the Champion's League and Europa League to the tune of nearly £1 billion, the match is only being shown on TV on BT Sport Europe and BT Sport Ultra HD – so you won't be able to tune in if you've just got a basic BT Sport package.Coverage starts at 6:30pm UK time ahead of a 7:45pm kick-off.As it's available to stream via YouTube, that also means that you can easily tune in from your mobile device if need be – just follow the same link and pray for decent Wi-Fi or 4G coverage.WATCH: We explain the easiest ways to improve your Wi-Fi signalHave you jumped over to BT Sport or are you sticking with Sky?
The chip sped up the Go-playing software, allowing it to plot moves in the time-limited match and look further ahead in the game.Google, a division of Alphabet Inc., GOOGL 0.22 % has been using it for more than a year to accelerate artificial intelligence applications as the software techniques known as machine learning become increasingly important to its core businesses.Overall the chip, known as the Tensor Processing Unit, is 10 times faster than alternatives Google considered for this work, the company said.Whether it s a ton less than we would have otherwise, I can t say.It allows the company to process all the text stored in its massive collection of StreetView images—things such as street signs and address numbers attached to the sides of houses—in just five days, much faster than previous methods, Mr. Jouppi said.The chip also is used in Google search ranking, photo processing, speech recognition, and language translation.
However, the new Assistant is able to answer questions and have two-way conversations, as well as perform tasks like playing music, interact with smart home devices including Nest thermostats, and more.That means that it won t be limited to Google Play Music, but should also support other services, like Spotify.The speaker lets you customize the base with a variety of colors to match the home s style, and includes LED lights, speaker, and mic.What s unclear, however, is if consumers are uninterested in smart thermostats in general – perhaps perceiving them as more of a luxury device – or if they re hesitant to invite Google into their homes.While it has launched other consumer gadgets – the ill-fated Nexus Q media player, its Android TV platform which runs on OEM hardware, Google Cast previously Chromecast , the OnHub router, and so on – none have presented Google as a virtual assistant that can help you with various life tasks.Of course, both the OnHub router and now Google Home also both look a lot like Amazon s Echo speaker with their black, circular design and sleek looks.
The problem, as it was originally described, was that the iTunes Apple Match service decided it was OK to delete 122 GB of music files from the hard drive of James Pinkstone, a story he outlined in full on his personal blog.That caused much social sharing, as anyone for whom iTunes is a perpetual nightmare took great pleasure in sharing the tale of Apple's seeming ineptitude and lack of care.Pinkstone now says in a new post that Apple sent a couple of its men round, not to issue a beating for disrespecting it on the internet or to placate him with a voucher, but to sit in his house in an attempt to recreate the problem on his laptop so that it might be eliminated for all.They even held a few conference calls with other engineers.This time, the files remained, which was just one of many confounding elements of my whole saga.Make sure to check out our @GizmodoUK Twitter feed, and our Facebook page.
Okio creates age-appropriate communication devices for parents to stay in touch with their children; it s a simple voice messaging tool utilizing a smartphone app and a discreet device kept by the child.Meet XOXO announced that Lady Gaga is joining the company as an advisorHiding behind the genuinely an un-googleable and therefore terrible name, XO has a fantastic idea with the execution skills to match.I think Blümio has positioned itself in a tremendously competitive market, but with a potentially huge pay-out at the end — heart health is a big topic, and while their technology still has a lot of challenges ahead of it before it s ready for prime-time use, it s definitely one to keep an eye on if you re a medtech investor or medical device manufacturer.The company is certainly facing an adoption challenge, but it does find itself in the enviable position of being both needed and in a space where acquisitions are many and frequent.The company is able to detect heart rate, respiration and skin temperature of a newborn, all without having to attach scary medical sensors to the child.More interestingly, the company is aiming at a much broader audience than just tennis.
Google's Android Wear smartwatch platform is now two years old and Google is recognising its maturity at the Google IO keynote by finally bringing out a sequel: Android Wear 2.0.It's evolving the platform for even better experience, starting with any watch face that can show data from any app, so you can mix and match styles you love - calorie count and tasks together in one app.The better news for fitness fans is Google will now allow apps to talk to one another - so if you bring in calories in your nutrition app, you can offset that with your running app.You'd assume that both would have to connect into the Google Fit framework, so it's just another service you'll need to be logged into - but if that's ubiquitous across apps on Android, that's a great move.So if you have a cellular connection on the watch, you'll be able to get instant access to all the apps without having to worry about the phone's status - so it looks like we'll be seeing more watches with inbuilt 3G / 4G connections inbuilt.However, there's nothing announced that doesn't seem to hint that we can't use the current range already.
Google just announced Google Home, a smart home appliance that consumers can speak to and do things like order food, play music, and get updates on traffic and weather.The sleek, speaker-shaped device is Google's highly anticipated answer to Amazon's increasingly popular Echo product.Google didn't announce a price for the device, which is set to launch later this year.The Amazon Echo costs $179.99.Onstage at the Google I/O conference, Google CEO Sundar Pichai credited Amazon with building excitement for the idea of a home gadget that can answer your questions.Here's our first look at Google Home:Home is a stand-alone hardware product, but it's based on another new Google service that Google announced on Wednesday: Google Assistant, a voice-based, digital assistant that's similar to Apple's Siri, or the Alexa virtual assistant at the heart of the Amazon Echo gadget.Google wants to put its new Assistant service across a variety of new products.But one of the most high-profile incarnations of the virtual assistant will be in the Home gadget.Home will be able to play music as a Wi-Fi speaker as well as answer your questions based on Google Search.The company said users would be able to customize that baseplate to match their home's color scheme and decor.Home will also integrate with the smash-hit Google Chromecast and other Google Cast-compatible devices, so you can control video and other speakers with your voice.It will integrate with Nest smart thermostats and other connected gadgets.NOW WATCH: How to see everything Google knows about youLoading video...
You probably ask Google 100 things every day - but now you're going to do it with your voice instead of your keyboard.Just say "We want to bring the kids to this one" and it'll bring up PG-friendly showings and ask if you want to book a ticket.Say yes and it'll buy your tickets, putting a QR code on your phone so you can walk right through the lobby and into the theatre.Check - just ask for an album and it ll start playing on one speaker, and you can set it to stream to every Google Home speaker at once, multi-room style.With no buttons, subtle LEDs and removable fabric shells that mean you can customise each speaker to match the room it s in, Google Home looks that little bit slicker than Amazon s Echo.Google is still tweaking the design and features, but expect to get your hands on Google Home later this year.