Mercedes-Benz is introducing two cars at the New York Auto Show that are small in stature yet big in terms of performance.Along with the Mercedes-AMG A35 sedan, the German automaker also revealed the 2020 CLA35, the hotter version of the brand-new CLA-Class sedan.Aside from its more rakish roofline, the AMG CLA35 isn't too different from the A35 on which it's based.The CLA35 uses the same 2.0-liter, turbocharged I4 engine, producing the same 302 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.A seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission handles shifting duties, and 4Matic all-wheel drive is standard.The CLA35 gets the same AMG sport suspension, variable sport steering and larger brakes as the A35.
Mercedes-Benz will bring two pint-size punchers to the New York Auto Show next week.In addition to the Mercedes-AMG A35 we told you about in late March, the German automaker confirmed Monday it'll show the 2020 CLA35, the hotter version of the brand-new CLA-Class sedan.Aside from its more rakish roofline, the AMG CLA35 isn't too different from the A35 on which it's based.The CLA35 uses the same 2.0-liter, turbocharged I4 engine, producing the same 302 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque.A seven-speed, dual-clutch transmission handles shifting duties, and 4Matic all-wheel drive is standard.The CLA35 gets the same AMG sport suspension, variable sport steering and larger brakes as the A35.
It's only been a couple weeks since Mercedes-AMG unveiled the A35 ahead of its debut at the New York Auto Show, but it appears there's a second hot four-door on its tail.Mercedes-Benz today published a teaser for the Mercedes-AMG CLA35, a hotter version of the 2020 Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, itself a more stylish version of the A-Class.The automaker didn't offer up much information in the post, saying only that the car is "stunning from every angle" and that there's "more to come."In all likelihood, the CLA35 will be more or less the same, powertrain-wise, as the A35, given the shared number on the badge.If that pans out, that means the CLA35 will wield a 2.0-liter turbocharged I4 that makes 302 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque, a fair bump over the CLA250's 221-hp, 258-lb-ft engine, which is already about 30 hp above the A220's four-pot.In terms of performance, the A35 is able to reach 60 miles per hour in just 4.7 seconds, so it stands to reason that the CLA35 will get there in about the same amount of time.
The Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class is an A-Class that's been chopped up to add style at the cost of capacity.But what if you want some style and cargo room simultaneously?You could get a regular A-Class hatchback, sure, or you could opt for the new CLA Shooting Brake.Mercedes-Benz on Tuesday unveiled the CLA-Class Shooting Brake at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.Just like the last CLA Shooting Brake, this one builds upon the style of the CLA-Class with an extra dose of wagon at the back for added versatility.In terms of looks, it's pretty darn close to the new CLA-Class.
The whizz-kids at Daimler Research Group have done something that’s equal parts silly and ingenious: they’ve adapted a version of Mario Kart to work on the MBUX infotainment system of a Mercedes-Benz CLA.It plays the game on the screen to the right of the driver, who can control it with the car’s steering wheel and pedals.The interior lighting system activates in sync with the starting signals in the game, the seatbelt tightens anytime you crash in the game, and the air conditioning blows cool air at you with an intensity matched to your speed in the game.The game’s frame rate isn’t perfect, and by the time I got to Daimler’s MWC booth, the seatbelt integration wasn’t working, but what I saw felt so obviously great that I question why it’s not been done before.Let me throw one more caveat in there: maybe I was also reacting to the luxurious feel of the Mercedes-Benz I’d just sat in for the first time.But whatever, I’m now walking around the MWC show floor with a stupid grin on my face.
The CLA-Class launched in 2013 as the smallest, least-expensive Mercedes-Benz you could buy in the United States.The small four-door with a sloping, coupe-like roofline was fairly popular, even though it wasn't super good.The CLA will join the A-Class and GLE-Class SUV in offering Mercedes' new MBUX infotainment system.Mercedes-Benz gave the example, "Hey Mercedes, which child-friendly Asian restaurants are nearby that are neither Chinese or Japanese?"This gesture-control system takes out all that pesky button-pushing, so if you want a map light turned on, simply wave your hand towards the rear-view mirror.Just throw a V finger-gesture over the center console and your personal pre-programmed favorite is loaded up and ready to go.
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In case you were concerned, you can rest easy knowing that the next iteration of Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class will have at least one headlight.Mercedes-Benz last week published a new teaser for its CLA-Class replacement, which is due to bow at CES 2019 next week.The video shows a blinking LED running light up front, and the same roofline that we saw in the first teaser.Thus, we can confirm that the car has (at least) one headlight, but in all likelihood, it'll have two.While we have to wait for CES to kick off next week to learn anything else about the CLA-Class replacement, we can probably glean a fair bit of information from the new model that preceded it, the A-Class Sedan.On the styling front, the CLA-Class will sacrifice some second-row space for a roof that has a more coupe-like taper to it, but otherwise, it should look pretty similar to the A-Class Sedan inside and out.
Mercedes-Benz's booth at CES 2019 will showcase the automaker's most technologically advanced products, including cars and concepts new to the US.Mercedes-Benz announced Monday that it will bring a new CLA-Class sedan to CES 2019.The teaser is pretty minimal, showing off the CLA's coupe-like roofline, and it's reasonable to expect that it'll be pretty similar to the A-Class Sedan when the rest of the car appears.The CLA's roof adds style, but in the last-generation car, it ate into rear headroom to an uncomfortable degree.Hopefully things will be better this time around.Like the A-Class before it, the star of the show inside the new CLA-Class will be MBUX, Mercedes-Benz's latest and greatest infotainment system.
The subcompact Mercedes-Benz A-Class will go on sale in the US early next year.And while it's easy to assume that this new model will serve as the replacement for the CLA, the truth is, these models will coexist in Mercedes showrooms.During a media event for the A-Class in Seattle this week, a Mercedes-Benz representative told Roadshow the current CLA-Class will be sold until a new one arrives sometime next year.A redesigned GLA-Class crossover will follow.The A-Class will be sold in front-wheel-drive A220 and all-wheel-drive A220 4Matic guises, and will "establish a new gateway for the Mercedes-Benz brand," according to one spokesperson.As for how the A and CLA will get along side by side, Mercedes reps reference the relationship between the larger E-Class and CLS-Class cars.
Daimler's Car2Go car sharing service is already in a few cities across the US, and now, it's opened up shop in the City of the Big Shoulders.Car2Go announced this week that it has started a pilot car-sharing program in Chicago.Using the company's app, Chicagoans will have access to a fleet of maintained vehicles.Currently, the fleet is 400 cars strong, and the models are split between the Smart Fortwo and the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class and GLA-Class .Since the focus is on urban transportation, having small vehicles is important -- especially if you've ever tried to parallel-park anywhere in Chicago.Car2Go doesn't have set pickup or drop-off points.
2016 was the Chevrolet Volt's best year ever, thanks to a brand-new design and improved performance.It's on track for another good year, but a newcomer has quickly surpassed it.For the last two months, the Chevrolet Bolt EV has outsold the Chevrolet Volt.Chevy sold 1,971 Bolts in July and 2,107 in August.By comparison, Chevy pushed just 1,518 and 1,445 Volts out the door in July and August, respectively.As The Truth About Cars points out, the Bolt EV sold better in August than the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, Mazda CX-9, Jaguar F-Pace, Audi A3 and plenty more.
For those of you who weren't smitten with the Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class, the upcoming A-Class might be the baby Benz for you.Mercedes will bring its small A-Class sedan to the US in late 2018, Automotive News reports, citing conversations with dealers who were present at a Mercedes-Benz dealer meeting in Miami this month.It will slot below the CLA-Class sedan, which carries "coupe-like" styling and is currently the smallest Mercedes on sale in the US.The A-Class is traditionally a hatchback, but when the latest generation is introduced either later this year or early next year, it will rock a sedan body.The dealers didn't tell AN very much, saying it looks "very nice" with an interior that's "cutting edge and techy."It's expected to slot below the CLA-Class' retail price of $32,700.
What you're looking at here is the future of Mercedes-Benz's small-car design language, and the future is looking good.Mercedes-Benz showed off the Concept A Sedan at the Shanghai Auto Show, and it offers the public a preview of what to expect from future small Mercedes models -- A-Class, B-Class, CLA-Class and GLA-Class, the latter three of which are available in the US.The Concept A Sedan looks closest to the CLA-Class, thanks to its sedan body and coupe-like rear end.The original CLA is pretty angular, but this concept takes it to another level with significantly more straight lines in the lighting structures.Yet, at the same time, it's smoother than other models, with a reduction in the number of visible creases across the body.Its thin headlights and low hood remind me of the AMG GT Concept sedan, which is not a bad thing at all.
Mercedes-Benz may have unveiled the Mercedes-AMG GLC63 at the New York Auto Show, but the German automaker made sure to save two other cars for Shanghai.Mercedes-Benz will unveil two new vehicles at the Shanghai Motor Show next week.The first is a midcycle refresh of the S-Class flagship sedan.There's a teaser, but it doesn't reveal much.The headlights' running lights are different, with three distinct lines of LEDs spanning the width of the light fixture.The front grille looks new, as well, and it appears that the lower front fascia has been revised.