the Empty premises increased in Finland.booth's branches, changing the pace open plan offices and many state offices.the metropolitan area office vacancy rate rose in the spring a new record high of 13%.Finland's largest office space broker Catella Property estimates that the premises vacancy rates accelerated from two directions: construction of new growth and office of the use case will be reduced.over the past Four years, office space in use has decreased in the helsinki metropolitan area about 200 000 square meter.Companies, however, want to change to modern buildings, so at the same time has completed more than 300 000 square meters of new office space.
the State began to charge according to the proposal, venevero over 9-meters of sail boats and motor boats, which are more than 9 metres in length or with an engine power of at least 38 kW 50,96 hp .Tax is the power by 100 to 300 per year and the goal is to collect the state's cash only boats 17 million a Addition, the tax will be levied, for example motorcycles, to 50 million annual revenue target is met.the boat industry confederation, Finnboatilla, it is time 16.1.2017 until the issue of its counterpart.Association president and ceo Jouko Hujun according to the tax proposal is not only ill-prepared, disproportionate and unnecessary."in Return for a I have asked the different countries to share their experiences venevero and why they have been removed.
Windows 10 users are probably accustomed to the lock screen of the ornaments on the beautiful images and the inspiration for the phrase.Sometimes the picture and text combination, however, can generate unexpected meanings.Some of The Registerin the reader to open the Surface Pro their tablet, on the screen appeared a picture in Ireland at the Cliffs of moher in äkkijyrkkinä sea on the shore cliffs, as well as the text That first step is a doozy, but don't fret... .Freely translated by the text can be translated, for example, the first step is the hardest, but don't worry... .it Is therefore difficult to escape the evocation, that Windows will ask the user to make more than 200 meters high cliff suicide leap into the sea.we Observe images and texts of potentially inappropriate combinations, just in case.
the market court has issued its decision on copyright letter case in which the defendant was accused of download the three Black Sails -tv series of episodes as well as A Walk Among the Tombstones movie and share their still going as a BitTorrent peer-to-peer network.Court took the view that the copyright holders presented a case enough evidence of defendant's guilt.the defendant argued that his use was an open wireless internet connection that could be used by anyone outside of his apartment from the outside, up to 300 meters distance.Innocent also support the evidence, because the defendant's computer or network hard drive of no studies found traces of the pirated content or BitTorrent client.the market court considered that the applicant managed to present strong enough evidence that the defendant's internet connection would have been protected, or that he would have personally downloaded tv series episodes.the Law requires Crystalis Entertainment UG's and Scanbox Entertainment A/S. by the defendant 28 136 euros in court costs and overdue interest.
On Seymour Island researchers made the discovery of the prehistoric bird. With the wings fully extended bird had a wing span of 6.4 meters, the largest so far discovered. The bird belongs to a family of bentandade birds, Pelagornithidae. - The shape of the wings they allowed to slide and move long distances over oceans, says researcher Marcos Cenizo. The findings presented in the Journal of Paleontology. Get the news you're going to talk about in your Facebook feed - like Metro Sweden
This is why any technology that harnesses and improves existing deployments of hybrid-fibre coaxial HFC cable is so enticing for internet providers.Nokia's Bell Labs has demonstrated new coaxial cable technology called XG-CABLE that significantly improves throughput over existing HFC cables.Achieving multi-gigabit speeds through HFC is only feasible over short distances, so high-speed networks would still need fiber at street level to provide an extensive backbone.While these length limitations sound pretty restrictive, the good news is that the most expensive part of any high-speed internet deployment is usually the last few hundred meters of cable that directly connects a home to street level networks.XG-CABLE is designed to easily integrate with CableLabs Full Duplex DOSCIS 3.1 concept specification, with echo cancellation employed to reduce issues with full duplex signals.It still might be some time before new cable specs and XG-CABLE tech are ready, but it will keep HFC alive for just a little bit longer.
Payphone production employs a rapidly increasing number of elements of the Tampere plant, as well as your pile of domestic subcontractors. Tampere Sarankulma ten thousand square meters in the halls has room to grow. The pace brought the company revenues of more than EUR five million last year, and this year it is the swing of EUR twenty million. The most important thing, however, was that the customers were satisfied and bought more. Since then, the same pattern has been repeated many times. Sarankulma Framery built a production line, where the payphone modules are piled up on the preparation of Finnish sub-components.
more information about what happened in the last month of the incident between a motorized paraglider and a passenger plane has been obtained. Boeing 737 plane was on the way and the Norwegian Helsinki to Stockholm, the company explains. The plane had moments earlier risen to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. At that time, the cab of the machine was found to motorized paraglider. on the basis of a notification of the glider pilots would have been the closest of less than a hundred meters below the machine. AIB investigator Ismo Aaltonen, told the Finnish News Agency STT yesterday that the glider was observed in controlled airspace so-called, with this glider can not fly at all.
In connection with the construction of a new subway line in Rome excavations not far from the Colosseum resulted in several discoveries that archaeologists call unique. This is among other things, the remains of buildings that belonged to the Emperor Hadrian mounted bodyguards, including the weapons bay, dormitories, kitchens and stables. Among the findings include coins, pottery and the building itself, where the remains are left in the form of low walls. Belonged elite soldiers The entire excavation area, about 900 square meters, is in excellent condition. - We will try to preserve as much of the site as possible in the future metro station so that when you are heading to the train can look down on everything and enjoy the view, says Andrea Sciotti, head engineer for the project. The construction of Rome's third subway line, which will have 30 stations, began in 2007 but has been delayed several times due to archaeological discoveries made.
The 332 meter high mast was broken by about 100 meters from the base. The state communications company Teracom is now raising security permanently at their facilities for sabotage in Borås, where a högmast for radio, television and other communication was broken by Sunday. The company's 54 main stations of the same type as the one in Boras, will have increased camera surveillance and enhanced security with guards. Teracom will also put up more alarm at the facilities. The company describes the measures as an "extended security package". "I see very serious incident in Borås", says Teracom's CEO Johnny Svedberg in a press release.
Two years ago, the French Thales Alenia Space's project Stratobus. Now, the development started with a grant from the French state on the equivalent of SEK 150 million, writes of Thales in a press release. The airship that is about 100 meters long and 30 meters wide will be able to unload 250 kg. For example, surveillance equipment and cameras that can be used for border surveillance, reconnaissance by pirate ships, monitoring of oil platforms, environmental studies and meteorological data acquisition. But Stratobus can also become a platform for telecommunications and become a link between satellites and ground or used to provide internet access, better mobile coverage and accuracy of GPS positioning. It is hoped that Stratobus to be kept in the air for up to a year before a shutdown is needed for service and maintenance.
Though we ve known about Uber s autonomous vehicle ambitions, especially considering the opening of its Pittsburgh-based Advanced Technology Center more than a year ago, this is the first time the company has publicly admitted testing these vehicles.Bares said that Pittsburgh provides a perfect testing ground for Uber s autonomous vehicles because of its snowy and rainy weather, narrow and hilly streets, and outdated infrastructure.Through a combination of multiple cameras, lasers and sensors, Uber s self-driving cars can see as far as 100 meters in any direction.Uber is one of a handful of companies, including Google, Lyft, Volvo and Ford, that has joined the Self-Driving Coalition for Safer Streets, lobbying to the government to rapidly draft legislation for autonomous vehicle penetration while keeping safety top of mind.That said, Uber is a relatively new entrant to the space when you remember that Google has been testing its self-driving cars on California streets since 2009.Bares confirmed that the technology showed off on Wednesday was at an early stage, so don t expect a driverless Uber to pick you up any time soon.
Sea Wasp is an underwater robot, which Saab has developed primarily to locate and defuse bombs on the seabed, or attached to boats. The robot can operate at depths of up to six meters and can operate at a speed of 2.5 knots. It is controlled by an operator of a ship, or land, and is provided with a jaw to be able to defuse or otherwise render harmless bombs under water. In the video below you can see when the US bomber groups testing the Sea Wasp.
The 332 meter high mast was broken by about 100 meters from the base. - We have called for a cooperation conference on Friday because there has been a series of events the last time here, says Patrik Jansson, official in emergency preparedness at the provincial government in West Bengal, told the newspaper. The state communications company Teracom is now raising security permanently at their facilities for sabotage in Borås, where a högmast for radio, television and other communications were subjected to a suspected sabotage Sunday. The company's 54 main stations of the same type as the one in Boras, will have increased camera surveillance and enhanced security with guards. The company describes the measures as an "extended security package". Get the news you're going to talk about in your Facebook feed - like Metro Sweden
IBM s Watson is helping track water use in California, which has suffered from severe drought.Since January, the state has required farmers and ranchers who hold long-time water rights to monitor their water consumption using meters and gauges.The local authorities then use that data to draft water budgets and crack down on excessive water users in the area.But unlike less-powerful image detection software, Watson doesn t just identify a specific object — say, a crop field — in an image.In the case of OmniEarth, researchers can use Watson not just to determine if a given parcel of land contains a crop field, but also to calculate the exact amount of water used by that parcel based on all of the information contained in the photo.Reductions like that are a big deal in California, where water scarcity remains a major concern.
The gesture-tracking technology used by Tom Cruise s precrime-fighting police officer in Minority Report, the sci-fi movie set in 2054, has arrived a few years early.Tiny radar chips by Infineon Technologies AG paired with algorithms by Alphabet Inc. s Google help devices detect the finest gestures from several meters away, the German chipmaker says.The first gadgets to use the so-called Soli technology, presented at Google I/O event Friday, are prototypes of an LG Electronics Inc. smartwatch and a Harman Kardon loudspeaker.While coarser gesture detection has been around for a bit, for example in gaming consoles such as Wii, the new chips are more precise.Since mankind started using tools 2.4 million years ago, this is the first time tools adapt to the user instead of the other way around.Infineon, which is teaming with Google to sell its chips paired with the U.S. company s software from mid-2017, expects the technology to provide new user experiences and inspire new devices, like the iPhone did with touchscreen technology.Paired with the right software, Infineon s radar chips are able to recognize individuals when they enter a room, detect finger and hand movements up to 15 feet away, and help workers steer machines and tools as industries digitize their factories, Urschitz says.Beyond the wow factor, Infineon also expects the Soli technology to boost sales.Already this year, it estimates the addressable market for the technology is 80 million wireless audio units and 60 million smartwatches.
Now, however, a large team of scientists has put forward an idea that may help reconcile a number of the apparent contradictions: giant Martian tsunamis.They suggest that one particular region of the red planet they've looked at contains evidence for two of them, the second of which may have driven an icy slurry across Mars' coastal plains.The authors estimate that, in the region they're looking at part of the Arabia Terra , a meteor big enough to carve out a 30km wide crater would have hit about once every 15 million years.Given the weak Martian gravity, the results could have been spectacular: simulations indicate a tsunami 50m tall on average, with local conditions possibly pushing it as high as 120m.Images of the region show a lot of areas where boulders, often meters in diameter, have accumulated."These channels have remarkable similarities to terrestrial tsunami backwash channels," the authors argue.
HTC says it managed to ship all of the units that it promised to early buyers during the month of April, and now it continues to work on its backlog for shipments.Now the company hopes to stoke the momentum behind the Vive, which has an advantage over the better-known Oculus Rift from Facebook s Oculus VR division, with its own marketing push.I caught up with J.B. McRee, senior manager for product marketing at HTC.A lot of our focus before launch was, one, making sure we had a robust content library at launch, which I think we were successful with, and making sure the out-of-box experience, the setup procedure, was as seamless as possible.But within the first month we shipped every unit we were supposed to deliver in the first month.GamesBeat: You hit all the pre-ordered people in that time frame?McRee: When people pre-ordered we gave them an indication of the month in which they d receive their unit.We ll continue to push out new and unique things like that through updates.GamesBeat: Is it in all territories now?McRee: I don t know the regions off the top of my head, but it s definitely global.We have three different partners we re considering Vive-optimized, people building PCs we ve tested in-house to know that they work well.At the other end, the maximum is no more than five meters — 16 feet, four inches — between the base stations.
photographer: Solar Impulse Solar powered Solar Impulse 2 landed in the Wright brothers' hometown. The last leg was completed when the plane landed in Dayton on Saturday, 09:56 local time, after nearly 17 hours long flight from Tulsa, Oklahoma. To land in Dayton for us not only a step closer to our ultimate goal, but also marks the birthplace of a flight Revolution: The first successful flight with a motorized craft that was heavier than air, writes the Solar Impulse team in their blog, with allusion to the world-famous Wright brothers grew up in the city. The 1113 kilometer route was flown with an average speed of 67.2 km / h. Maximum height of the flight was 6401 meters. Soon, the journey continues towards New York, from which then will cross the Atlantic to Europe or North Africa.
Archaeologists work on the exposed remains as the site of Shakespeare's Curtain Theatre is excavated in Shoreditch in London, Tuesday, May 17, 2016.He suspects that the Curtain — unlike the more famous Globe and Rose theaters — wasn't built from scratch, but converted from an existing building.Archaeologists began excavating intensively last month, before construction of a 37-story luxury apartment tower and office complex named — with a nod to its heritage — The Stage.Knight says the Curtain site "has probably the best preserved remains of any of the playhouses we've looked at."Workers have uncovered sections of the theater's gravel yard, where "groundlings" who had bought cheap tickets stood, and segments of wall up to 5 feet 1.5 meters high."This will give us real insight into these early playing spaces," Knight said.