Mexico, home to the world's second-largest Catholic population,  has proposed legalizing gay marriage.President Enrique Peña Nieto said he would seek to add same-sex marriage provisions to Mexico's constitution and the national civil code.2.ISIS is recruiting on dating websites, in addition to platforms like Twitter and messaging app Telegram.Shocking photos show Kenyan police brutally beating protesters in central Nairobi.Google on Wednesday kicks off its biggest event of the year, a three-day long developers' conference near its headquarters in Mountain View, California.And finally ...A mommy blogger confesses that most of her stuff is "fake nonsense" and the mommy blogging industry is 'b------t.' NOW WATCH: How one simple mistake cost 'Real Housewives' superstar Bethenny Frankel millionsLoading video...
The prism will provide cheaper solar cells. Say goodbye to ordinary street lights: Now cement is mixed with fluorescent plastic - which in turn recharged by sunlight. University of San Nicolas Hidalgo in Mexico are behind the technology that you can read in the Huffington Post Tech. Check out Google's gigapixel camera that captures every minimal detail of famous artists. Some museums get the camera free, notifies Google. Now is smart technology that alerts when the tampon needs to be changed, writes Mashable.
The prism will provide cheaper solar cells. Say goodbye to ordinary street lights: Now cement is mixed with fluorescent plastic - which in turn recharged by sunlight. University of San Nicolas Hidalgo in Mexico are behind the technology that you can read in the Huffington Post Tech. Check out Google's gigapixel camera that captures every minimal detail of famous artists. Some museums get the camera free, notifies Google. Now is smart technology that alerts when the tampon needs to be changed, writes Mashable.
Machines, after all, can perform many manufacturing tasks more efficiently, effectively and consistently than humans, leading to increased output, better quality and less waste.SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images Of the more than 229,000 industrial robots sold in 2014 the most recent statistics available , more than 57,000 were sold to Chinese manufacturers, 29,300 to Japanese companies, 26,200 to companies in the U.S., 24,700 to South Koreans and more than 20,000 to German companies.The basic economic trade-off between the cost of labor and the cost of automation is the primary consideration.AP Photo/Kin Cheung Other countries that have been rapidly integrating robotics into manufacturing, but not quite as quickly, are Canada, China, Japan, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S. China is an interesting case because it s automating rapidly despite the fact that Chinese wages are still comparatively low.Countries moving more slowly in the adoption of industrial robotics include Australia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico and Poland.German Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hands with a robot at an industrial fair in 2006 alongside Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
Sharing your personal contact information can open the floodgates to spam messages, unwanted solicitations and cold calls – not to mention potential identity theft.Your calls and texts are fully encrypted with the VolP-based app for iPhone and Android, keeping you clear of wiretaps and other snooping technologies as you choose specific lines for different purposes such as work, personal life and beyond.Contractors, freelancers and project managers have the ability to post contact information on the Web, while circumventing the annoyance of putting your permanent, personal contact info out there for all to see.While traveling, you can also use KeepSolid to obtain local numbers, saving serious cash on long distance calls.Enjoy smooth, pay-as-you-go communications, no matter where in the world you may find yourself.KeepSolid Phones gives you access to numbers in over 30 countries, including the USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Bahrain, Cyprus, Canada, France, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Spain, Japan and beyond.
On its 100th birthday, the National Parks System is more popular than ever.With that many visitors trampling through, of course some of them are going to be ignorant, ill-prepared, or just plain dumb—putting flora, fauna, and themselves in danger.After a recent incident involving tourists loading a bison calf into their SUV more on that below , we felt compelled to make this guide for what to do …and importantly, what not to do the next time you visit Acadia, Yellowstone, or any of the country s parks and monuments in between.Bad move.Venturing into America s deserts can be an other-worldly adventure, but a sandy walk will quickly turn deadly if you re unprepared.Last summer, a family hike in New Mexico s White Sands National Monument turned tragic when a mother and father apparently died of heat exposure while attempting to keep their 9-year-old son hydrated with only two bottles of water the child survived .
Our second 30-minute mobile marketing webinar dives into user acquisition with EasyTaxi s CMO Paul Malicki.Being very honest, it s not easy to raise money in our sector, says Paul Malicki, global CMO at Easy Taxi.Local marketing teams in each country secure deals and partnerships with major influencers, as well launch promotions with some of the largest companies in the world — and word of mouth spreads fast.For example, in Mexico City, Easy Taxi is currently partnering with Microsoft to outfit 10 private taxis with premium Xboxes to surprise and delight users who expected an ordinary trip.You can t simply show an in-app ad and assume someone is going to download the app and use it, Malicki says.They blast easily digestible content including PR, TV and radio marketing, and OOH marketing in bars and restaurants to snag those users who might need a lift home after a long and boozy night.If we don t educate the consumer, user acquisition costs go significantly up, because people simply don t understand the product, says Malicki.Their approach is very different from others in the sector that focus primarily on the digital marketing piece of user acquisition strategy, Malicki acknowledges.
Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee production has been curtailed due to osapulan. Fiat-Chrysler's factory in Ohio in the United States have had to cancel their shifts. Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee factory that manufactures suffers osapulasta. Subcontractor is unable to deliver its popularity to the top of the cars a sufficient number of steering wheels. Steering wheels manufactured by a subcontractor michiganilainen Key Safety Systems, whose plant is located across the border in Mexico. Cherokee and Jeep Grand Cherokee are the best-selling models in the United States.
GoLorry co-founders Jonathan Richards, 23, left, and Sanjay Mandava, 26, check truck drivers' records in India at their office in San Mateo, Calif., on Thursday, April 7, 2016.GoLorry is located in a residential area in San Mateo, Calif., photographed on Thursday, April 7, 2016.John Green/Bay Area News Group "We're seeing a huge increase of people in the developing world and in other regions with access to smartphones and access to mobile, and that is really fueling the growth of these companies there," said Kat Manalac, a partner at Y Combinator.Aditya Agarwalla, who with his father founded Kisan Network, an online marketplace for Indian farmers, says mobile Internet usage in India is exploding.Rappi, another Y Combinator-backed app, uses couriers on bicycles and motorized scooters to deliver everything from groceries to prepared meals to cosmetics in Bogota and Barranquilla, Colombia, and Mexico City.John Green/Bay Area News Group Borrero, who is from Colombia and temporarily relocated to Silicon Valley for the Y Combinator program, is capitalizing on his local knowledge.Follow her at looked at flight data from the past two years to come up with the best time to book, depending on your region.For each region, they looked at tens of thousands of flights from a number of different popular airlines, including AirTran, American Airlines, Alaska Airlines, Frontier Airlines, JetBlue, Spirit Airlines, United Airlines, US Airways and Virgin America.Here s the ideal time frame and day of the week to book if you re looking fort the best deal:CaliforniaBook more than six weeks in advanceTuesdays are the best day of the week to bookPacific West Region Alaska, Hawaii, Oregon, Washington Book eight to nine weeks in advanceThursdays are the best day of the week to bookMountain West Region Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah Book at least three weeks in advance.Mondays are the best day of the week to bookWest South Central Region Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Texas Book seven to nine weeks in advanceSundays are the best day of the week to bookEast South Central Region Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee Book eight to ten weeks in advanceFridays are the best day of the week to bookSouth Atlantic Region Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Washington, D.c., West Virginia Book at least six weeks in advanceFridays are the best day of the week to bookWest North Central Region Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota Book seven weeks in advanceMondays and Wednesdays are the best day of the week to bookEast North Central Region Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin Book at least four weeks in advanceThere wasn t really a best day of the week to book, as prices were similar no matter what the day of the week flights were booked.It should go without saying that these are generalizations based on averaging the data, so take that for what it s worth: an overall idea of when to book.For the best deal, you still want to monitor prices and use your own discretion, but this info gives you a good starting point and a basic idea of what to expect.
Brazil, Mexico and the United States have the most competitive markets for apps in the world, based on a study of nine major regions analyzed in the 2016 App Olympics report by Cheetah Ad Platform.The Cheetah Ad Platform, owned by Cheetah Mobile, analyzed data from 52 million Android smartphone users to see how users engage with their mobile devices and apps across the globe.Thousands are being introduced every day.The app scorecard by country looks at stats such as the average app usage per user per month, and engagement, or the average times apps are opened per user per month.The average user spanning the entire world uses an average of 27 apps and engages with 39 apps per month.Brazil, Mexico, and the U.S. have the most competitive app markets, while Brazil has the highest user engagement and app competition, Cheetah said.Brazilian consumers use an average of 29.23 apps and engage with 53.62 average apps per month.Nine countries were monitored, each with high engagement in gaming app categories, including education, action, trivia, simulation, sports, strategy, casino, word, and lifestyle app categories, which include productivity, shopping, social, and personalization.The study notes app categories with low competition, which represent opportunities for app developers to break in, as well as those with high competition, showcasing which apps are in demand for these specific countries.The study showed that communication and social apps are used three to 10 times more than other apps.In Mexico, communications apps are used most.France has the lowest average app usage compared to other countries at 24.56 apps per person.India has a very strong gaming category, and Canada is most active with board game apps.The U.S. favors communication apps, with 2.52 communication apps per person.
Online marketplace eBay has announced plans to acquire Ticketbis, a Spanish online ticketing platform that operates in 47 markets.Ticketbis has secured more than $25 million in funding since it was founded in 2009 and counts offices in Bilbao and Madrid, though it operates across Southern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.Founded out of San Francisco in 2000 by former Stanford Business School students and investment bankers, StubHub became a major force in the secondary ticketing market space, leading to its eventual acquisition by eBay in a $310 million deal in 2007.But earlier this year, StubHub revealed plans to take on the mighty Ticketmaster with an all-new platform for both primary and secondary tickets.And just last week, StubHub became the first official shirt sponsor in NBA history when it expanded its existing relationship with the Philadelphia 76ers.Ticketbis represents yet another notable exit by a European startup to a U.S. firm, and coincidentally comes in the same week that eBay completed the acquisition of ExpertMaker, an artificial intelligence startup from Sweden.In Ticketbis, eBay and StubHub have an easy passage into dozens of lucrative new markets and are saved from having to build the necessary local infrastructure to sell tickets.The acquisition of Ticketbis will enable us to significantly scale StubHub s international footprint, said Devin Wenig, president and CEO of eBay, in a press release eBay s global presence will help StubHub acquire new customers as it expands into markets outside of the U.S. StubHub is perhaps better known in the U.S., though it has also operated in the U.K. since 2012, Germany since 2015, and Mexico as of this month.The acquisition is expected to close in the next couple of months, and although terms of the deal have not been officially disclosed, TechCrunch reports the figure to be $165 million.
When it launched, the 360fly stood out in the 360-degree camera race by introducing a single-lens option at an affordable price.The 360fly 4K was officially released today across the U.S. and will be available internationally soon, including Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, Latin America, Canada, South Africa, and China.Introduced earlier this year at CES, the camera offers almost four times the resolution of the original 360fly HD.But, like the original, the camera doesn t capture a completely spherical field of view.The 4K version will also be more accessible than the first, hitting big-box stores like Best Buy and Target as early as today.While the previous 360fly may have been unique in 2014, several 360-degree cameras have emerged that could give it some serious competition, including ones from Samsung, LG, Nikon, and Ricoh.
U.S. stocks rose the most in more than two months, as a surge in home sales fueled speculation the economy can withstand higher interest rates amid rising bets the Federal Reserve will tighten policy this summer.The S 500 gained 1.4 percent to 2,076.01 at 4 p.m. in New York, the steepest climb since March 11, pushing the index to a two-week high.Maybe investors are realizing that a hike of 25 basis points is not the end of the world, said Thomas Garcia, head of equity trading at Thornburg Investment Management Inc. in Santa Fe, New Mexico.A report today showed April new-home sales surged to the highest level in more than eight years, pointing to a robust spring selling season for builders.The median sales price climbed to a record, reflecting a pickup in signed contracts for more expensive properties.Traders are now pricing in a better-than-even chance of a rate increase by July, as Fed officials signaled their willingness to make such a move if the economy shows sustained progress.Along with today s April new-home sales report, investors will further scrutinize releases on consumer sentiment and GDP later this week for signs of further strengthening.Tuesday s rally suggested equities will snap out of a torpor that s left markets struggling for direction as investors sought clarity on the Fed s monetary path.After a rebound of as much as 15 percent from a 22-month low in February, the main U.S. equity benchmark has churned in a range of less than 50 points in May.
Terms of the deal weren't disclosed.Ticketbis, which operates in 47 countries, will bulk up No.1 U.S. ticket marketplace Stubhub s presence in Latin America and Europe, as well as adding operations in the Asia-Pacific region.StubHub expanded into Mexico earlier this month, into Germany in September and into the United Kingdom in March 2012.The transaction is expected to close in mid-2016 and won t impact eBay s second-quarter or full-year 2016 guidance.StubHub, which takes a cut from tickets it sells, drove $3.5 billion in gross merchandise value—or the amount of sales it helps facilitate—in 2015 and ended the year with $725 million in revenue.
Behind the scenes in almost every corporate park and office building in Carlsbad, CA you will find cutting edge technology, world class competitive companies and lots of gee whiz technology.I recently was given a tour of this innovative and forward thinking city and some of the world class companies that call it home.Companies that have raised gobs of money from investors in part because their employees can afford to work and live in the same city.Companies with employee retention rates that are so amazing as to be almost unbelievable.Companies utilizing cross border excellence by drawing on highly educated Mexican nationals, from Mexico.The companies have a city government that has invested in their future; along with the companies by taking a forward approach to water, power, recycling and high speed data lines and hubs.
But Blizzard s Overwatch has shown the others just how it s done by creating 21 different and diverse characters that gamers can pick and choose from.And, refreshingly, they re not limited to wearing skin tight and *feminine* and totally unrealistic outfits.View photosMore L-R Mei and Zarya Overwatch For instance Mei, an environmental scientist, is dressed in a furry comfy-looking jacket while Zarya, a pink-haired soldier, wears some bad-ass armour that shows off the top of her tattoo on her muscly arm.The diversity also extends into race, with characters coming from all corners of the world including Japan, India, Russia, Australia and New Mexico.Overwatch managed to build a hugely impressive fanbase even before its launch – reflected in the 220,000 subscribers to the game s subreddit.And it s highly likely that this was down to these relatable characters and the unique things they each bring to the game – as well as to the gaming world.
US and Japanese warships are keeping a close eye on Chinese navy drills.The deal would be the largest US tech-sector IPO of the year, and a big step toward the market's comeback.5.The man accused of killing nine people in a South Carolina church could face the death penalty.Dylann Roof is accused of killing nine black parishioners in a racially motivated attack at a church in Charleston, South Carolina.8.Grizzlies and polar bears are increasingly mating for an alarming reason.Protests outside a Donald Trump rally in New Mexico turned violent Tuesday night.
The number of people saying what s up with WhatsApp has officially made the messaging app the most popular Android chatting app in the world.And with WhatsApp s eagerly anticipated video-calling feature soon to be unveiled, the gap between WhatsApp and just about everyone else may continue to grow.The app is particularly favored in Brazil, India, Mexico, and Russia.And part of its appeal lies in its ability to transcend geographic borders — throughout Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa, people can t seem to get enough of WhatsApp and its global network of chatters and texters.In Indonesia, the app is installed on 87.5 percent of Android phones, and is indeed the chosen method of smartphone communication.This varies dramatically from the rate of installation in other countries — in the U.S., for example, only 0.42 percent of Android users have installed the BlackBerry app.
The quirky queries cover the last dozen years by each US stateBy Sky News US Team"Do penguins have knees?", "Am I a psycho?"are some of the most Googled questions in US states, according to a survey.It was people in the rural Midwestern state of Iowa who were apparently interested in penguin joints.", while in New Mexico they were Googling: "Do dogs dream?"New York , "How much wood would a woodchuck chuck?"