Candidates for the Azure Cloud certification should have foundational knowledge of cloud services and how those services are provided with Microsoft Azure.This certification is intended for candidates who are just beginning to work with cloud-based solutions and services or are new to Azure.Azure Fundamentals certification is an opportunity to prove knowledge of cloud concepts, Azure services, Azure workloads, security and privacy in Azure, as well as Azure pricing and support.Candidates should be familiar with the general technology concepts, including concepts of networking, storage, compute, application support, and application development.
The reasons for its popularity can be attributed to the following goodies PHP offers:Open-source and easy-to-useComprehensive documentationMultiple ready-to-use scriptsStrong community supportWell-supported frameworksHowever, to leverage this technology to the fullest and simplify tasks, PHP developers utilize certain tools that enhance programming efficiency and minimize development errors.PHP development tools provide a conducive IDE (Integrated Development Environment) that enhances the productivity of PHP Website Development.The market currently is overflooded with PHP tools.Tech giants like Wikipedia, Yahoo, Cisco, Salesforce, and Expedia possess PHPStorm IDE licenses.Features:Code-rearranging, code completion, zero-configuration, and debuggingSupport for Native ZenCoding and extension with numerous other handy plugins such as the VimEditor.Functions:Provides live editing support for the leading front-end technologies like JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, TypeScript, Sass, CoffeeScript, Stylus, Less, etc.It supports code refactoring, debugging, and unit testingEnables PHP developers to integrate with version control systems, databases, remote deployment, composer, vagrant, rest clients, command-line tools, etc.Coming to debugging, PHPStorm works with Xdebug and Zend Debugger locally as well as remotely.Cloud 9This open-source cloud IDE offers a development eco-system for PHP and numerous other programming languages like HTML5, JavaScript, C++, C, Python, etc.Developers can work from any location using a machine connected to the internet.It facilitates the creation of serverless apps, allowing the tasks of defining resources, executing serverless applications, and remote debugging.Its ability to pair programs and track all real-time inputs; enables one to share their development eco-system with peers.Zend StudioThis commercial PHP IDE supports most of the latest PHP versions, specifically PHP 7, and platforms like Linux, Windows, and OS X.Zend Studio is being used by high-profile firms like BNP Paribas Credit Suisse, DHL, and Agilent Technologies.Features:Support for PHP 7 express migration and effortless integration with the Zend serverA sharp code editor supporting JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and HTMLSpeedier performance while indexing, validating, and searching for the PHP codeSupport for Git Flow, Docker, and the Eclipse plugin environmentIntegration with Z-RayDebugging with Zend Debugger and XdebugDeployment sustenance including cloud support for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS.Functions:Enables developers to effortlessly organize the PHP app on more than one server.Provides developers the flexibility to write and debug the code without having to spare additional effort or time for these tasks.Provides support for mobile app development at the peak of live PHP applications and server system backend, for simplifying the task of harmonizing the current websites and web apps with mobile-based applications.EclipseEclipse is a cross-platform PHP editor and one of the top PHP development tools.- and platforms like Linux, Windows, Solaris, and Mac OS.Features:It provides one with a ready-made code template and automatically validates the syntax.It supports code refactoring – enhancing the code’s internal structure.It enables remote project managementFunctions:Allows one to choose from a wide range of plugins, easing out the tasks of developing and simplifying the complex PHP code.Helps in customizing and extending the IDE for fulfilling project requirements.Supports GUI as well as non-GUI applications.CodelobsterCodelobster is an Integrated Development Environment that eases out and modernizes the PHP development processes.
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Cloud computing is the delivery of on-demand computing services over the internet, which can include online storage, media streaming, and more.
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What is cloud migration?Cloud migration is nothing but the process of moving applications, data, and the other components hosted on a server inside an organization to the cloud-based infrastructure.Here are few leading providers of the cloud.Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, and Google Cloud Platform.These not only provide hardware but also provide a variety of rich services and apps for constant integration, artificial intelligence, data analytics, and more.Looking for Cloud migration services provider.Get state-of-the-art cloud migration services Cloud Migration is carried out to transfer data in various forms from one cloud environment to another.The process involves the relocation of business data (email, applications, file server, and other information) from onsite servers to the cloud.While planning data migration to the cloud, it’s natural to be concerned about the risks involved with it.However, you can always get it right with the guidance of our IT professionals who will ensure a risk-free, hassle-free, and on-schedule transfer.Infomaze is a leading provider in cloud migration services, and our expert team can help you with it no matter where you stand on your cloud journey.Our services include migrating apps, data, software licenses, workloads, and more from legacy infrastructure (public, private, virtual private) across different cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud).Our Service OfferingsInfrastructure migrationMove your on-premise data, applications, and other business processes to the cloud with Infomaze’s infrastructure migration services.Platform migration Having vast experience in moving workloads across different cloud platforms, we also provide training and resources after the migration.Application migrationWe use open-source cloud migration tools and plan a well-orchestrated cloud migration strategy to move your applications to faster workloads.Cloud to cloud migrationStart your cloud to cloud migration journey with Infomaze for a simplified process, reduced human errors, and 100% data integrity.Operating system migrationWe ensure a smooth operating system migration by leveraging our experience to help maximize efficiency and minimize data loss.Database migrationOur experts follow agile methodologies to migrate your existing database into newer, advanced cloud platforms with zero downtime.Office 365 migrationLeverage the benefits of Office 365 by migrating from other legacy platforms and gain meaningful insights into your workload.Cloud migration consultingBeing certified cloud migration consultants, we plan and design migration strategies to securely move your workloads to the cloud….
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Xencia is a leading expert in cloud services.We offer cloud services and collaboration solutions based on Microsoft Azure and Microsoft 365.We are a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and help you seamlessly adopt public cloud services.We apply our cloud adoption framework named XEN consisting of cloud solutions, methodologies and solution accelerators to help you embrace cloud effectively.Our cloud services range from designing cloud adoption strategy to cloud migration, managed cloud services and deployment of various Azure cloud services and solutions.Our cloud-based collaboration solutions can help you improve end-user productivity and optimize operations costs.We have developed these solutions on M365 and SharePoint services.Xencia’s BWA (Business Workflow Automation) Solution Accelerators help roll-out multiple workflow applications that your employees need for their routine tasks by making use of the powerful SharePoint platform under M365.We help free your resources so you can do what you love knowing that you’re in good hands.Xencia offers consulting, implementation and support services for WVD to cater to your business needs.
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Azure Customers Can Purchase Data Theorem’s Solutions for Automating API, Cloud, Mobile and WebApp Security Analysis, Attack Surface Management and Auto-RemediationData Theorem, Inc., a leading provider of modern application security, today announced that its broad portfolio of modern AppSec products is now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services for use on Microsoft Azure, one of the industry’s most productive and trusted cloud platforms.Data Theorem customers can now take advantage of the productive and trusted Azure cloud platform, with streamlined deployment and management.Data Theorem’s broad AppSec portfolio protects organizations from data breaches with application security testing and protection for modern web frameworks, API-driven microservices and cloud resources.Its solutions are powered by its award-winning Analyzer Engine, which leverages a new type of dynamic and run-time analysis that is fully integrated into the CI/CD process, and enables organizations to conduct continuous, automated security inspection and remediation.Data Theorem’s AppSec portfolio secures mobile apps, cloud-driven APIs, and modern web applications.“Data Theorem’s API Secure and Cloud Secure products uniquely leverage a new type of dynamic and run-time analysis that delivers both offensive (attack surface management) and defensive (cloud security posture management) capabilities, and enables Microsoft Azure customers to conduct continuous, automated security inspection and remediation of their APIs, cloud, mobile and web apps,” said Doug Dooley, Data Theorem COO.“Data Theorem’s Analyzer Engine has reached remarkable global scalability and performance with all of our products being born and developed in a multi-cloud environment supporting some of the largest customers in the world.Availability in the Azure Marketplace gives customers easy access to this new brand of AppSec protection.”The Azure Marketplace is an online market for buying and selling SaaS solutions certified to run on Azure.
If there’s one lesson we’ve learned from a rapid shift to remote working, it’s that collaboration relies on real-time connections between applications. If you’re sharing a document with a colleague, you want to be able to see what they’re working on and when. In education, shared whiteboards allow teachers to encourage students to show what they have learned, while curated co-browsing sessions help bring back the one-on-one nature of shopping in a small store.Microsoft recently released a set of Azure tools, Azure Web PubSub, to help build and run this new generation of applications, taking advantage of the Azure platform-as-a-service approach and its serverless tools to host a publish-and-subscribe service designed to mix one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many communications, all while taking advantage of cloud economics and scalability to deliver a relatively low-cost service.To read this article in full, please click here
AWS may control the largest share of the global cloud market but Microsoft Azure is steadily making inroads.
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