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The company is reportedly developing "a new warning system that tells pilots when their planes are being hacked"."Basically, we're trying to give the pilot the information about what's happening internally on his aircraft in real time," Amanda Buchanan, the project's engineering lead, told American military news website Defense One.The basic pitch is that most military aircraft electronics are relatively simple compared to modern ground-based systems.With even modern designs using serial data buses*, Raytheon reckons there's a niche in the market for startling the hell out of pilots by giving them something else to worry about while flying over a warzone.Defense One reported that during a sales demo, Raytheon engineers ran a simulation of a helicopter flight and injected "malicious code wirelessly from a tablet", causing the simulated aircraft's engines to shut down and crash, with the pilot at least getting to see a red caption titled "cyber anomaly" before his virtual demise.The attack vector was described as being one of the heli's various wireless receivers.
Facebook has banned a number of high profile accounts in Myanmar that it says helped “inflame ethnic and religious tensions” in the southeast Asian country.In a blog post, Facebook again admitted it had been “slow to act” to the situation in Myanmar, where the minority Muslim Rohingya population has been the target of a genocidal campaign fueled by propaganda spread on Mark Zuckerberg’s social network.In a report released by the United Nations today, investigators accused Myanmar’s military of orchestrating acts that “undoubtedly amount to the gravest crimes under international law,” including mass killings, gang rapes, and the destruction of entire villages.Facebook cited the UN’s findings in its blog post, titled “Removing Myanmar Military Officials From Facebook.” The company described the ethnic violence in the country as “truly horrific” and said it wanted to “prevent the misuse of Facebook in Myanmar.” To this end it has banned 18 Facebook accounts and 52 Facebook pages “followed by almost 12 million people.” These include the accounts of Myanmar’s commander-in-chief of the armed forces, Senior General Min Aung Hlaing, and the official Myawady military news network.Experts have raised the alarm about Facebook’s role in fueling ethnic violence in Myanmar since at least 2014, noting how the site has been used to spread hoaxes, memes, and misinformation about the Rohingya population, as well as coordinate acts of mob violence.Facebook’s response has been slow and uneven.
Newly upgraded Apache attack helicopters codenamed AH-64E have arrived in Germany to support Operation Atlantic Resolve, the US' ongoing support for Nato's response to Russia's actions in Ukraine.The 1st Air Cavalry Brigade, with the Army's 1st Cavalry Division out of Fort Hood, Texas, has taken over the US air mission in the region, according to a report by Task and Purpose (TP), a military news outlet.With the cavalry came the latest version of the attack helicopter.The cavalry has reportedly taken 24 of the upgraded "E" variants to the European theatre, making them the first in the continent to receive completely overhauled Apaches.The Apache gunship is known to be one of the US military's most feared and powerful helicopters and has been in active service since the 1980s.Manufactured by Boeing, the variant is an entirely new build and the upgrades include composite main rotor blades, a more powerful engine from GE called the 701D, a new drive system, and complete digitisation of the aircraft.