Matt BurgessStaff WriterFollow @mattburgess1When your internet connection dies the cause isn't likely to be a government-issued blackout.Earlier this week, Iraq's government turned off all broadband and mobile broadband connections, effectively cutting the entire country off from the rest of the world.The network added to the country's 'south ring' fibre network, which was constructed following the fall of dictator Saddam Hussein.The blocks in Iraq even included mobile data networks; one worker for Amnesty International tweeted that the Korek network provider sent a text to inform of the shutdown.Dyn says this means that Kurdish ISPs have a "central role" in connecting the country to the global internet and has strong connection links through Turkey and Iran.In the UK ISPs have been ordered to block dozens of piracy websites since 2012, while the government has also introduced "family friendly" internet filters to block some adult content.
The proposal foresees the rollout of the 700 MHz band for wireless broadband services by June 30, 2020.Member states can delay that by up to two years if they have legitimate reasons, such as unresolved coordination issues with neighboring non-EU countries or if they need more time to reallocate the spectrum from broadcasting services."With the opening of the 700 MHz band for mobile broadband an important step towards the availability of broadband for everybody in the EU has been taken," said Henk Kamp, minister for Economic Affairs in the Netherlands, which holds the rotating EU presidency and steered the proposal.The 470-790 MHz range is currently widely used for digital television signals and wireless microphones - for example in theaters, concerts and sporting events.Broadcasting services, which had expressed concern at the original proposal because of the costly changes needed to move to another band, would keep priority in the sub-700 MHz band at least until 2030.Mobile operators industry group GSMA, which represents Vodafone, Telefonica and Orange, welcomed the proposal but urged member states to stick to 2020 as the "ultimate milestone in the shift to mobile for the 700 MHz band".
Photo: Jyrki Lyytikkä / Yle the construction of a fiber network connections need permission from the authorities for many. So many, that the construction of fixed broadband has been the major operators' interest in the little sidetracked. Minister Berner, the benefits are shown in the changing world of work: remote work and small entrepreneurship are becoming more common, whereby the delay-free and fast network connections becomes even more crucial. What about consumers, which is sufficient to mobile broadband? However, he evaluated telecom companies rukkaavan prices easier to approach. Mattila in addition to predict that the areas syrjempien web links to help in the near future also in other projects.
For example, the recent Queen's Speech contained a Digital Economy bill which amongst other provisions will introduce a right for people to receive automatic compensation when things "go wrong" with their broadband service.Third party speed tests can help people in making a better informed decision on where to move to or finding out if their provider is delivering the advertised speeds.Upload speeds, the rate at which data is sent to the web, are generally far lower than download speeds and are not advertised by most providers.Broadband Speed TestA tool available on the website of, this test requires the user to inputHowever, since this tool does not directly test speeds through the internet connection that the user is on, the results may differ from the user's own experience, as they are only based on average available speeds in the area.5.OfcomFor the no less important area of mobile broadband, Ofcom offers a tool for those who are choosing a mobile provider.
If you re an existing Three customer, you can refer a friend to the network, and should your friend sign up, you ll receive £25 credit to spend on Amazon UK.Even better, your friend will get a £25 gift voucher too.We ll send you a link to share with your mates.The scheme is online only; Three providers a unique URL code that can be shared with whoever you want.You can send the code via e-mail, WhatsApp, or SMS, or post it to social networks like Facebook or Twitter.You can refer a friend hereNote that the new reward scheme applies to handset contracts or 12-month SIM-only deals, but doesn t apply to Pay-As-You-Go or mobile broadband customers.
The commander, the Chief of Police and the Director General of the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency MSB appeal in a joint letter to the government to stop the sale. They want to be part of frequencies instead saved to build a dedicated mobile data network for socially important functions, according to Dagens Nyheter. It is the last chance to secure a mobile communications network for socially important functions, they write in the letter. - It is an irreparable decision to sell out, says Helena Lindberg, MSB's director general, told DN. But PTS rejects this. - There are a variety of bands and solutions for the needs that they describe, says Johan Vessel at PTS.
This has happened in the last seven days on the electronics front. Another tested product is the Panasonic Toughbook CF-20, a hybrid plate that withstands being dropped on the ground and being washed with water. Asus Zenbook UX305CA will be on sale at Amazon Marketplace, Ziba, Complete, Dustin, Amazon Marketplace and Amazon Marketplace. In other words, it may be a wise idea to change your password to be on the safe side. Snapchat has a new design that is more reminiscent of a newsagent than one messaging. Before the holiday, we have listed Sweden's cheapest prepaid mobile broadband.
Ericsson is preparing to lay off between 3,000 and 4,000 staff this summer, according to Swedish newspaper Svenska Dagbladet.Ericsson had around 115,000 staff in April, 17,000 of them in SwedenA spokeswoman declined to discuss Tuesday's news report, saying the company does not comment on rumors and speculation.Ericsson is facing increasing competition from a more focused Nokia, which swallowed its Franco-American rival, Alcatel-Lucent, earlier this year, and especially from Chinese vendors such as Huawei Technologies or ZTE.Ericsson is also focusing centralized sales teams on media and on industrial customers.The company is already two years into a three-year program to slice 9 billion kronor off its annual costs, and while that program is on track, the company has already begun taking additional cost-cutting measures, according to the spokeswoman."We are adapting our operations to current mobile broadband project volumes, which primarily impacts service delivery," she said via email.
Swedish telecommunications business Ericsson is reportedly set to rid itself of up to 4,000 employees this summer, and potentially thousands more thereafter.Citing anonymous sources, Svenska Dagbladet SVD reported that 3,000-4,000 Ericsson workers were going to go this summer, with thousands more following them as the struggling company tries to make cost savings of around £850m.Ericsson told The Register: "As you know we do not comment on rumors and speculations," but added that, "as announced on April 21, we are implementing structural changes to further accelerate strategy execution and drive efficiency and growth even harder across the company."Slowing markets have reportedly spurred the "efficiencies", with sales expectations falling way short in April."In addition, in our report for Q1 we stated that we had begun taking additional measures beyond the SEK 9bn cost and efficiency program," they added."Hence, we are adapting our operations to current mobile broadband project volumes, which primarily impacts service delivery."
"We deny the petitions for review," said a decision released today by the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit full text ."Because a broadband provider does not—and is not understood by users to— speak when providing neutral access to internet content as common carriage, the First Amendment poses no bar to the open internet rules," the judges wrote.The net neutrality order, passed over a year ago, is FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler's signature move during a whirlwind time as head of the commission."After a decade of debate and legal battles, today s ruling affirms the Commission s ability to enforce the strongest possible internet protections – both on fixed and mobile networks – that will ensure the internet remains open, now and in the future.The lawsuit against the FCC was filed by a mix of broadband industry lobby groups and Internet providers, including USTelecom, the National Cable & Telecommunications Association NCTA , CTIA—The Wireless Association, the American Cable Association, AT, CenturyLink, and Alamo Broadband.In addition to enforcing net neutrality rules against blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization, the decision allows the FCC to continue regulating fixed and mobile broadband providers under the common carrier provisions in Title II of the Communications Act.
WASHINGTON AP -- A federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the government's "net neutrality" rules that require internet providers to treat all web traffic equally.Steven Senne/AP The Federal Communications Commission argued that the rules are crucial for allowing customers to go anywhere on the internet without a provider favoring its own service over that of other competitors.The FCC's move to reclassify broadband came after President Barack Obama publicly urged the commission to protect consumers by regulating internet service as it does other public utilities.Cable and telecom opponents argue the new rules will prevent them from recovering costs for connecting to broadband hogs like Netflix that generate a huge amount of internet traffic.AdvertisementBut Judges David Tatel and Sri Srinivasan denied all challenges to the new rules, including claims that the FCC could not reclassify mobile broadband as a common carrier.------Associated Press writer Tali Arbel reported from New York.
Cable and telecom opponents argue the new rules will prevent them from recovering costs for connecting to broadband hogs like Netflix that generate a huge amount of internet traffic.Photograph: AlamyA federal appeals court on Tuesday upheld the government s net neutrality rules that require internet providers to treat all web traffic equally.The 2-1 ruling from the US court of appeals for the District of Columbia circuit is a win for the Obama administration, consumer groups and content companies such as Netflix that want to prevent online content from being blocked or channeled into fast and slow lanes.The FCC s move to reclassify broadband came after President Barack Obama publicly urged the commission to protect consumers by regulating internet service as it does other public utilities.But judges David Tatel and Sri Srinivasan denied all challenges to the new rules, including claims that the FCC could not reclassify mobile broadband as a common carrier.But the court ruled that the FCC was justified in reclassifying broadband as a telecom utility because consumers see broadband as a pipe for internet service and use it mostly to get to websites and apps.
Today, a federal appeals court ruled that the Federal Communications Commission does indeed have the authority to reclassify Internet service providers as common carriers, meaning the agency can regulate them in much the same way it regulates telephone service providers.The upshot is that the FCC can now enforce the net neutrality rules it passed last year prohibiting ISPs from blocking or throttling certain sites or types of content, and banning paid prioritization –aka Internet fast lanes.We have always expected this issue to be decided by the Supreme Court, and we look forward to participating in that appeal, the company s Senior Executive Vice President and General Counsel David McAtee said in a statement this morning.Almost immediately, the US Telecom Association and assorted other groups and internet service providers filed a suit claiming that the FCC didn t have the authority to reclassify broadband providers and that even if it did, it had acted capriciously in reclassifying the broadband, especially mobile broadband providers.Judges Sri Srinivasan and David S. Tatel wrote the court s opinion, while Judge Stephen F. Williams—who was widely seen as more skeptical of regulation—wrote a partial dissent, arguing that the FCC hadn t fully justified its reasons for reclassifying broadband providers.Although Wheeler has refused to confirm that he will step down once a new president is in office, it s customary for the FCC chairman to resign to make room for a new appointment.
BT is offering free access to its hotspot network as part of World Wi-Fi Day, but limiting its use to an hour per person.Telecommunications giant BT has announced that it is celebrating World Wi-Fi Day next week by offering free access to the company's Wi-Fi hotspots - but before you get too excited, you only get an hour.BT operates a huge network of public-access Wi-Fi hotspots, some of which are dedicated commercial units and others of which are BT Broadband subscribers' home routers co-opted into a national network through BT's partnership with Fon and the company's connection-sharing La Fonera technology.While most BT Broadband subscribers get free access to these hotspots, others are asked to pay either a subscription fee or a per-use charge - but it's hoping to encourage use of the network by waiving the fee as part of its celebration of World Wi-Fi Day, which is apparently totally a real thing.While World Wi-Fi day itself is on the 20th of June, BT will be opening its network on the 22nd through to a month later.For those not put off by such a restriction, which seems particularly draconian in this age of fast 4G mobile broadband options, a code for a free hour is available from BT's official website.
Shared communication will make rail service more reliable. - It is important for both mobile traffic to work and train traffic needs of communications should be solved at the same time, says Infrastructure Minister Anna Johansson S. The problem has been that the frequencies of mobile operators' 4G networks along the railways could cause interference in railway communications - for example, between drivers and traffic management. But then a steering committee with representatives from the train and the mobile operators, public authorities and the department was formed has now resolved the issue, from 1 July. According to the government was the National Post and Telecom Agency PTS's decision in May last year crucial. When determined that the time when mobile operators are allowed to use the networks for mobile broadband would be fully postponed to July 1, 2016.
Bonte, who recently produced a report on 5G, envisions three versions:Enhanced mobile broadband for higher-bandwidth mobile applicationsLow-bandwidth, high-latency connections designed for supporting hundreds of millions of devices on the internet of thingsUltra-reliable, low-latency connections, which is best for automotive applications 5G will have the capabilities to compete with DSRC in terms of latency, security and guaranteed throughput, he said.Existing Wireless Networks Would Support 5GVehicle communication between other vehicles, pedestrians and roadside infrastructure is expected to evolve significantly in the next 15 years.First will come a basic set of applications focused on improving safety and assisting drivers with certain tasks.5G offers at least one significant advantage over DSRC — it ll run off existing infrastructure, said Roger Lanctot, associate director in the global automotive practice at Strategy Analytics.My take is that there is certainly a huge opportunity for 5G to become what I would call the unifying connectivity technology for cars, as opposed to the more fragmented space where you see 4G used for infotainment, and DSRC pitched for vehicle-to-vehicle , Bonte said.5G could also open up other commercial applications, including lifecycle management, enabling car manufacturers to update vehicle firmware wirelessly, Bonte said.
Microsoft has unleashed another round of updates for its Surface Book and Surface Pro 4 hybrids, with some very useful tweaks being made including a boost to battery life.Redmond also notes that it has improved stability levels when the 2-in-1 resumes from sleep or hibernation, and the chance of an unexpected shutdown happening while your Surface Book is sleeping has been "reduced" if not eliminated .Finally, an issue where the touchscreen stayed active when the display was closed against the keyboard has been fixed which again won't hurt on the battery front .And obviously any improvement in terms of battery longevity is very good to see, too.You'll find these updates simply by checking for them under Windows to manually check, go to Settings – in the Start menu – then click Update & Security, Windows Update, and then select Check for Updates .Note that a small fix has also been provided for the Surface 3 4G LTE models in Europe, which is aimed at improving mobile broadband connectivity, and making your 4G connection more stable and reliable in general.
And 24 billion of those will be IoT devices.A recent Ericsson survey found that 95% of leaders at mobile network operators believe that 5G will help support the surge in data from these IoT devices.Furthermore, 5G will also decrease maintenance costs on some of these IoT solutions, specifically by reducing power consumption and allowing longer battery life.This in turn would reducde the cost of maintaining these battery-powered devices.The survey also provided some use cases for 5G:64% of those surveyed highlighted mobile broadband, which includes data transmission to devices over a cellular network, such as a user reading email on a smartphone while not connected to Wi-Fi.It s so big that it could mean new revenue streams for your company and new opportunities for you.smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc.And when you dig deep into the report, you ll get the whole story in a clear, no-nonsense presentation:The complex infrastructure of the Internet of Things distilled into a single ecosystem The most comprehensive breakdown of the benefits and drawbacks of mesh e.g.networks The important role analytics systems, including edge analytics, cloud analytics, will play in making the most of IoT investments The sizable security challenges presented by the IoT and how they can be overcome The four powerful forces driving IoT innovation, plus the four difficult market barriers to IoT adoption Complete analysis of the likely future investment in the critical IoT infrastructure:   connectivity, security, data storage, system integration, device hardware, and application development In-depth analysis of how the IoT ecosystem will change and disrupt 16 different industries To get your copy of this invaluable guide to the IoT universe, choose one of these options:Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more.
3GPP finalises NB-IoT, allowing operators to connect devices with less power and greater rangeNarrowband IoT NB-IoT , a single cellular low power wide area LPWA standard for the Internet of Things IoT , has been finalised by the 3GPP, paving the way for mobile operators to connect M2M devices efficiently and cost effectively.Operators and equipment manufacturers, most notably Huawei and Vodafone, have expressed their frustration at a lack of progress, claiming that without standardisation, cellular technology will be too power hungry and expensive for IoT, paving the way for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and proprietary technologies like Sigfox to take control.It s an opportunity that we think is absolutely purpose fit for operators, Luke Ibbetson, Vodafone s head of research and development told the Huawei Mobile Broadband Forum in Hong Kong last year.It is claimed NB-IoT is able to provide a battery life of ten years, costs $5 per module to deploy and has scalability, while at the same time providing the range of a cellular network.Mobile operators have already started a number of pilots around the world and this agreement over common standards will help accelerate the development of commercial solutions and ensure they are in market much faster, providing customers with more choice, said Alex Sinclair, CTO of industry body GSMA.Once again 3GPP demonstrated the ability to quickly respond to the emerging market needs.
Company founder Jeff Bezos said that "we're clearing the way for the production of a reusable fleet of orbital vehicles that we will launch and land, again and again."Widely used agricultural herbicide glyphosate, a key ingredient of many commercial and consumer weedkillers, will be allowed to remain on sale within Europe for another 18 months Science .The controversial herbicide was facing a ban following evidence from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that it was a "probable human carcinogen".The Nightdive team includes Chris Avellone of Obsidian Entertainment, original System Shock concept artist Robb Waters and the return of Terri Brosius to voice megalomaniac AI SHODAN.It's just introduced a new feature that shows song lyrics within search results.It's the result of a partnership with Toronto based company LyricFind, a lyrics licensing company founded in 2004.