How to build on-demand service apps?Now, creating an app is one thing and having an app that brings business from customers is another.Your on-demand service app must have the right features that simplify user-interface while highlighting everything that your brand has to offer.In this blog, we are going to discuss just that.
Here, readers are given an idea about technology and technological innovations shaping a business.Readers thereafter are given reasons why technology is a must for businesses especially for small ones and provided the tech trends that small businesses should watch out for in 2020.
How about taking an advantage of the growing popularity of mobile apps across the world?In this pandemic era, on-demand app development is one of the domains that are thriving amid the global crisis.Entrepreneurs, business persons, and startups want to boost their business through user-friendly apps.But then, the app stores are flooding with new apps added every day, and chances are high that your app might go unnoticed.When you invest a lot of time, effort, and of course, money to build an app with desired features, it is shocking to see its failure, right?Here in this blog, we will discuss the top things to consider before developing an app to avoid such a failure.Be it a native app development or a cross-platform app development, you need to treat your app like any other business process.
In this fast-paced world, accessing beauty salons in-person is a strenuous task.Add to that the quality of service professionals and the satisfaction rates of people.The need for an alternative way to avail of beauty services has been on the rise from the customers’ perspective.Some of the most critical factors include, The region of app development: Rates vary with the demographics of a particular region.While the Silicon Valley developers demand anywhere between $80 - $200 per hour, developers in Asian countries like India, China demand $10 - $80 per hour.While features like real-time tracking, multi-lingual support, etc., add to the USPs of the platform, integrating them into the app will significantly impact the total cost.
Many marketers who have discovered tips or tricks about their field keep those items close to their chest.It’s understandable why they would want to preserve these secrets, whether for competitive advantage, job security or simple jealousy.They use these strategies to help create leads for their sales teams, and watch their secret tools or methods mature over time and find ways to improve them or get a little more out of them.A lot of these hidden tools and tricks are around finding ways to pull in more leads to the top of your marketing funnel, whether to increase your social media reach, list size, or any other attribute that you are being measured on as a marketer.Here are five steps that you should be doing to make your B2B marketing efforts more effective online.Read More
Courier delivery apps are widely available across all personal devices, thereby providing accessibility for the entire range of customers for people across the globe.Appdupe offers a complete courier clone app build with all the salient features.Get in touch with our team of developers to learn more about clone app solutions. 
People can get relocation and shifting needs to match their requirements using this app.On the other hand, there is an important aspect that needs to be taken care of, the revenue model of an on-demand moving app like Uber.Platform usage fee/convenience fees: Customers have to pay a minimal fee for using the app.It may not add up to many profits for the applications, but in the long run, this can lead to huge revenue for the app.It is only applicable for apps that hire professionals and workers on a contract basis.Certain apps provide the monthly salary for workers, they have a different revenue stream.Advertisements: One of the most popular revenue models is advertisements.All the relevant ads regarding the apps services can be part of the movers app.
Boost your income levels by procuring our Etrix Clone Script.With features like integrated crypto wallets, cross-platform compatibility and many more, we provide unhackable crypto business platforms according to your business requirements.Contact our astute developer team to discuss your requirements soon.
The process of building a complete application is tedious as it involves a series of procedures such as requirements gathering, platform-specific app development, the inclusion of basic and advanced features, and so on.All these processes can be easily avoided by adopting a readymade courier service app.These apps have all the specifications as that of the app build from scratch and can be launched into major platforms within weeks.One of the prominent companies that offer such quick and advanced solutions is Appdupe.The main aim of this discussion is feasibility planning and tech-stack discussion.Business insights: After the completion of the initial consultation process, the detailed scope analysis of the on-demand courier app development is discussed.
The booming on-demand economy has paved the way for startups and SMEs to satisfy their customers’ demands while providing excellent services.Think of Uber and Grofers.Many such companies have written their success stories by developing an on-demand app.The on-demand model has made it possible to deliver goods and services in real-time.We have many on-demand apps available these days for various services like food delivery, grocery delivery, etc.But, it is fair to mention that if someone wants to build an on-demand app, the growing demand of goods and services in this pandemic age offers a lot of opportunities.Startups and small enterprises can shape their business models based on an on-demand economy and leverage the benefits by bringing user-friendly apps.Here is a comprehensive guide for developing an on-demand app for your business.
The global revenue for the on-demand movers app sector is expected to reach around $26 billion by the end of 2020. This shows the popularity that revolves around the app like Uber for movers sectors. The reason for the sudden surge towards the online sector is attributed to the increase in smartphone users, and people are accustomed to the convenience offered by the on-demand movers app. Traditional businesses are stepping into the online front to increase their digital presence through these apps. These apps list the services offered by a particular business enterprise. Individual contract workers and part-time workers are part of this app.
Medicine is one of the most frequently purchased items online.Moreover, the demand for medicine is never-ending.Appdupe has the advanced development team involved in an innovative development approach to build the on-demand pharmacy delivery app as per your business requirements.Immersive front-end, responsive back-end, interactive interface are some of the special attributes of the app.Visit our website to learn more.
Reach your mobile audience flawlessly with the Progressive Web App Development service from Zestminds.Give your app users the feel and functionality of native apps with progressive web apps even when they are offline.With years into the practice, our progressive web app developers have the in-depth knowledge and the necessary innovative mindset it takes to roll out a great product.
There is more than 7 billion accommodation in the world for Airbnb accommodation listings.This shows the demand for hotel rental apps.Most of the sectors are shifting towards an online front for better business management.In a busy lifestyle, people do not have the time to manually search for rooms which make Airbnb clone a viable sector to invest in.The prospect of building an app from scratch can be wrecking, the developers at Appdupe assist you with the prospect of building an amazing app.We have analyzed and listed the must-have features for the online hotel booking app and incorporate them into our clone app solution.Customers’ experience can be fulfilled entirely through the latest technologies that is one of the main reasons why we have hand-picked every tech to offer end-users the splendid experience.Benefits of opting for Airbnb clone Immersive User interfacePowerful business modelUser-centric featuresCompatible solutionsGreat future prospectsWhite-labeled solutionsTurnkey applicationsMultiple platform support and the list goes onThere are numerous attributes that make our applications one of the best in the market.
Uber has an amazing impact on people.Ever since its introduction in 2011, the business model is envied among entrepreneurs.The three separate apps to administer the functioning are simple yet effective.Customers apps have features for booking the ride, reviewing it, and paying for the ride using secure digital payment modes.Analytics & reports, earning modules, apps usage history, and many more.Drivers app has main features for accepting customers’requests and navigation.As per the stakeholder’s needs, features are allocated for every application.
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The demand and reception for multi-service apps are several times greater than single services apps.Entrepreneurs can utilize the ongoing trends to their best interest and invest in the high-end Uber for X apps.The apps are built with immersive UI and responsive back-end to match the requirements of businesses.Our developers are skilled at developing apps as per customer requirements.Get in touch with us to learn more.
A location sharing application which focuses on its usability.Geomark is a user friendly interface where you can bookmark your location easily and also can share it with your loved ones.We can view and navigate the marked locations on a single click.These marked locations can be easily shared via whatsapp or Geomark app from your phone.Additional details like descriptions and photos can be added with the saved location.So we no need to remember your favorite spots which also can be used as a location data bank.You can use hashtags on the description which will help to go public your location data and also will get more impressions on your post like an Instagram app.What Makes Geomark as unique:Ø This platform can be used in both online and offline which is an added feature of Geomark.You can easily Geomark your location even you are on offline.Ø You can switch from your business account to personal account is also an added feature of Geomark.
Globally, over 3.7 million people are infected with the coronavirus.Governments, health authorities, research centers, and NGOs work in sync to curb the spread of this invisible enemy of mankind.As this COVID-19 pandemic has crippled our lives and the economy, technology has now lent a helping hand.This dreaded disease is spread through directRead More
Meet the rising superstar Quasar framework that enables developers to create cross-platform applicat1ions from a single code.Find out how Razvan Stoenescu developed this extremely efficient framework from a naive need of an exhausted developer.Get acquainted with how Quasar helps build mobile and desktop apps for several platforms- Android, iOS, MAC, Windows, Linux, etc.You will fall in love with the fantastic features and functionalities provided by this fantastic Quasar Framework mobile apps.Finally, compare Quasar with another Vue.js framework Vuetify, and decide for your cross-platform app development.If you want to develop your business app that penetrates your target market and gets maximum visibility, you should hire Quasar developers.