Do you know how massive the global mobile app revenues are?In 2018, the global revenues generated from mobile apps were approximately 365 billion U.S. dollars!In 2023, the numbers are projected to cross 935 billion U.S. dollars, almost 200% in just 5 years!These staggering numbers are a glimpse of how rapidly consumers are adopting mobile apps.Though, smart applications like Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Messenger, etc.Therefore, before you proceed to hire mobile application development services for crafting an outstanding app, you must know which elements to include in a mobile app.So, curious to know about the requirement of building smart mobile apps?This blog will solve your queries as it gives you a peek into the key structural elements that are essential to know during the mobile application development process for creating smart and successful mobile applications.Key Elements to Consider While Creating a Smart and Successful Mobile AppUnderstanding the End-goals and Knowing the Target AudienceIt is of utmost importance to thoroughly gauge the objective behind developing a mobile app for your the app.Well-structured ArchitectureThe mobile app architecture should be well-structured so that it integrates suitably with the existing records.The benefits of a well-structured mobile app architecture are as follows:High code reusability for speeding up the developmental cycle.Lesser efforts are required by developers for implementing changes in a changing environment or business policies, etc.Increased portability for apps, components, databases, APIs, and services.Easier testing and fixing of issues.Also, a good mobile app architecture ensures that the enterprise mobile apps are mostly deployed on web servers or cloud services based on the connectivity, network latency for speedy accessibility, and bandwidth.Ease of NavigationAn app with poor or complex navigation is bound to fail.
Several mobile app development companies have stepped up to help and support SMBs and large organizations to create amazing apps for their business.When it comes to creating a mobile app, it isn't as simple as it looks.However, everything depends on your requirements when you hire mobile app development company for building a mobile app for your business.Read More:
The key objectives of enterprise mobility are:Greater agilityIncreased employee engagement and efficiencyEnhanced productivityReduced expensesRound-the-clock availability and quick sharingA growing number of businesses are adopting this model to boost profitability.This is because most of the code written is reusable across multiple platforms.Hence, this approach proves advantageous for developers, mobile app development companies as well as businesses hiring app development services.BYOD PolicyThe BYOD or bring-your-device policy allows employees to use their personal devices like laptops, smartphones, or computers for office work.This helps the enterprise to save on infrastructure costs.BYOD approach also enables employees to download customized apps for easing out tasks, which in turn leads to greater productivity.Additionally, wireless and cellular technologies allow prompt collection and efficient management of data.
  Mobile has become an essential part of our daily lives.They have also been an integrated part of a business nowadays for reaching out to a global audience & to assure an in trend growth of your business.A mobile application will provide a unique ability to connect to your targeted audience quickly.I would suggest you hire dedicated mobile app developers from a relevant app development company.
From booking a taxi to entertaining, shopping, fitness, or giving a doctor's appointment, mobile apps are now used for almost everything.The entire digital age has turned time into one of the most valuable assets they have.For this particular reason, people and businesses are constantly working for ways to easily optimize their schedules, as well as wasting time or eliminating any inactive slots.Given this fact, it is not surprising that on-demand services are becoming increasingly popular.People usually do not have time for grocery shopping and cooking, nor should they waste the limited time they have to do these things.Instead, a large number of urban people prefer to order food through online food delivery apps and enjoy their favorite meal.If you want to develop your food delivery app, you should try to do the same as Post‌mates.Why you want to make a food delivery app like Postmates?If you consider the PostMates app to be the ideal case of your food delivery app, there are some important and significant reasons to do so.Key features of this app:Register the app via Facebook loginDirect location servicesPayment integration and transactionsLoyalty system3.The main features are properly developed.
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Present-day users are glued to their smartphone screens and expect a digital channel for every product or service they require.They have no time or intention to switch on their laptop or desktop for viewing your website and prefer to use their smartphone instead, for using digital services.As a result, if businesses wish to draw customers, they must adopt a mobile-centric approach.24x7 VisibilityIt is known to all that modern-day users are on their phones most of the time.The presence of a well-designed, curated and user- friendly mobile application works wonders in showcasing your brand without the need for spending on traditional advertisement modes like billboards or signages.Apart from advertising your brand, a mobile app also enables customers to share their brand experience via reviews and provide them the option to rate your brand.Positive reviews, endorsements, and ratings help to establish your brand value and boost sales as customers consider all these factors before choosing a product or service.Creation of a Direct Marketing ChannelMobile applications help to create a direct marketing channel for your business as it offers myriad marketing abilities.enable an exchange of information, like price updates, promotional offers, value deals, booking of forms, announcements regarding updates or new product launches, and many more.
A clubhouse app is a new trend in the social network that is audio-based.It has successfully managed to have 6 million registered users in a short period of time.ClubHouse is a kind of social media platform where you can easily exchange audio clips instead of videos, text, or images.With these audio clips, you can more clearly share your thoughts and can express your feelings.There is very less competition in audio-only social media platforms.If you’re planning to create an app like Clubhouse, then this is the best time to kick start.
Mobile apps have brought a revolutionary shift in everything around us.If the apps are not well-engineered against security threats, they can become an easy target for hackers to do malicious activities.So, companies must ensure that they proactively work on ‘how to build secured apps’ and also follow certain mobile app security standards during the development process.Do you know what the hackers with malicious intention do?Tamper your app’s code and reverse-engineer to create a hoax app containing malware.Hack customer data and use for fraud or identity theftInduce malware in the apps to access data, grab passcodes for screens, store keystrokes, etc.Steal sensitive data, intellectual property, business assets, etc.Access your IP and launch harmful attacksWould you ever want something like this happening to your app?Before we delve deeper, let us quickly glance at some common security lapses that could occur while architecting secured mobile apps.Notable Security Lapses in the Mobile Application Development ProcessNot checking the cache appropriately and not using a cache cleaning cycleNot doing thorough testing of the appApplying weak encryption algorithms or no algorithms at allUtilizing an unreliable data storage systemNeglecting the Binary protectionPicking up a code written by hackers by mistakeNeglecting the transport layer securityNot ensuring the server-side securityMobile App Security Best PracticesHere are a few common security tips that are endorsed by various industry experts.Also, it is necessary to code securely for the detection of jailbreaks, checksum controls, debugger detection control, etc.Data Encryption:Along with the code encryption, it is essential to encrypt all the vital data that is exchanged over the apps.Also, various data encryption algorithms can be used like Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), Triple data integration standard, RSA technique, etc.Robust Authentication:If the authentication is weak, severe data breaches can take place.
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The focus of development is on:iOS/Apple-program is objective C or SwiftAndroid-program is JavaWindows phone-program is C# and XAMLThe operating system uses a different code language not understood by the other.Programming language like Java makes it possible for a programmer to develop many competing platforms through single time writing.It Has Several Advantages Like:Salvage Time and Cost: Companies charge their fees, but it is not exorbitant.Moreover, the experts are knowledgeable and know how to facilitate the business.Feature Loaded Applications: Customization is easily executed, making the mobile app is dynamic with lots of features.It saves a huge investment in marketing through conventional methods.Customers Link Improves: One example of this is online shopping and its popularity through easy reach.Delivery is done on doorsteps.Mobile Application Development Services Include Within its Gamut:Custom iOS as well as Android all developmentUp and coming to the web, all development as well as cross-platform development.The conception of UI, UX servicesMobile app portingAdvisory and prototyping servicesMechanized QA servicesIn-app offers and promotions can keep customers glued and inclined to patronize businessesThus, short services are extended as a full cycle from idea to launch through analysis, design, and mobile application development.
Zealous System developed An Intuitive mobile app functioning as a marketplace for users who want to search for activity centers in their residential proximity.The app allows users to browse all the activity centers near their preferred locations with filters such as types of activity, age, gender, and other search filters.Know full detail about this portfolio @ 
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But, an excellent idea is fruitful only if it is executed properly by the right set of professionals.Needless to say, modern-day entrepreneurs investing in mobile applications, intend to gain a high ROI.As such, they need to focus on building an app that provides a rich UX and boosts sales.Additionally, on-time delivery of the project becomes difficult if the scope of the project keeps on swelling over time, owing to app development complexities.This blog pens down handy tips on how to initiate app project discussion with the development company you have hired.It will help you to eliminate the challenges and hence accelerate your mobile app developmental process.Defining the Mobile App Development Deliverables ClearlyWhile hiring a development firm to whom you are going to outsource the project; defining your requirement and communicating your expectations from the project play a crucial role.Besides a deadline, you must also consider deciding the budget to be allocated for project execution.Exhaustive Mobile app Testing through Developmental StagesExhaustive testing through various stages of mobile app development is an essential aspect.
Critical bugs like freezing issues, app crashes, unintuitive navigation, slow-loading, or privacy breaches may arise.Despite having similar content, the functionalities and testing methodologies for each of these types could differ from the other.So testing these apps could be quite a bit challenging.Fragmentation: Platforms, Devices, and OSThere are a huge number of platforms, mobile devices, and operating systems in the market.So, localization testing is mandatory, including translation testing for which one must consider the targeted regional traits, time-zones, and preferences of users.Furthermore, implementing right-to-left languages is another challenge that puzzles developers.Connectivity woesA mobile app’s capabilities regarding online connectivity entirely depend on the services of the internet provider.Although the connection APIs on the mobile OS is designed to handle these challenges, the app may face varying issues when it functions in the real environment.
With the help of a hybrid or cross-platform app development framework, a mobile app development company can now create the best apps needed for all platforms, like iOS and Android.There are a lot of app development frameworks that can help with the process of developing a mobile app.Even though this is a good thing, there can still be some confusion about which one would be best suited for your needs.So, in this article, we will talk about some of the best hybrid app development frameworks that are available in 2020.Best Hybrid App Development Framework 2020With the rise in demand for hybrid apps in the market, many hybrid developmental frameworks are being created.PhoneGap PhoneGap, also known as Apache Cordova, is a hybrid app development framework owned and supported by Adobe Inc.Also, with features like ‘hot reload’, this framework can show the developers how their codes work before the app is launched.It also does not need support from hybrid app development tools such as Swift, Java, or Objective C. This framework also has a ‘hot reload’ functionality that lets developers see the results of their codes immediately.
Zealous System developed a robust Ex Communicator mobile app a communication system that works as completely developed for those couples who are separated or divorced and requires a platform to communicate with each other.Get Full detail about this portfolio @
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