Artificial IntelligenceThe existence of AI within our cellular devices is something that's been in existence for a long time now, bringing automatic assistants who may perform jobs and interact with real people, such as Siri from Apple.These assistants are advancing annually by studying user behaviours so as to offer a more personalized and accurate experience.For example, Google recently established an AI project named Google Duplex which permits users to request their telephone's Google Assistant to make bookings by telephone call, mimicking an individual voice and being able of getting a fluent conversation with the individual on the opposite side of their line.The exact same occurs with chatbots, which enable companies to automate the very ordinary interactions saving individuals time, and decreasing price for your enterprise.It is projected that by 2020, 85 percent of customer interactions will likely be dealt with no human based on Gartner.Even Facebook declared that last year over 300,000 bots were utilized by businesses over Messenger, and also the API to allow chatbots from Whatsapp has been released a couple of months ago.Augmented RealityChatbot programs make it simpler to execute chatbot based alternatives , and consumers are getting to be daily more utilized to voice & text established interactions with programs and applications generally.It's in a manner a new frontier in consumer interfaces, and it'll impact the evolution of custom mobile programs.Can it be as a means to allow hands interaction using an program, or as a front-end to socialize with various back-end systems via a conversation based interaction, or as means for programs to reply to controls which were triggered via a voice helper, for example Siri shortcuts.
Mobile penetration is so deeply ingrained into today’s technologically adept society that it makes us wonder whether desktops have been rendered obsolete- except for work-related duties.According to a global digital report from the number of smartphone users worldwide, crossed 5.135 billion.Mobile apps are still are in the range amongst today’s masses, especially since their dynamic nature paves way for limitless innovation and possibilities.Mobile App Trends Are Bound To Dominate in 2019:The forthcoming year is likely to bring about an even brighter future for mobile app development.We will either be seeing brand new trends or a huge upgrade from what people are already using.Accelerated Mobile Pages through AMP and EMMApplication Performance Management listings were integrated in 2016, and since then developers have not looked back.From these monitoring tools and metrics that help resolve bottlenecks as well as enhance overall performance in 2019.Machine Learning and Artificial IntelligenceAI and machine learning have dug their heels deeper into mobile apps before we realized.Today there is a huge demand for machine learning and AI in the form of virtual assistants and chatbots and that is what 2019 will bring for us.The rise in the Demand for Wearable Devices and IoTMobile app developers are looking to develop apps for wearable devices, mostly smartwatches.Although, mostly they only have scratched the mere surface.2019 promises to bring more wearables – watches, fitness bands, movement trackers, and many.Chatbots will be IntegralChatbots are acting as virtual assistants within mobile applications.