A new E*Trade Financial survey of 904 active investors revealed that 66% believe the stock market is either fully or somewhat in a bubble.
For Mohamed El-Erian, there's a rational reason why stock prices keep going up: investor confidence in support from the Federal Reserve.
Stimulus progress is the "only thing that matters this week" as recovery gauges moderate and the window to pass a bill closes, El-Erian said.
US stocks were mixed Tuesday ahead of the first presidential debate and as negotiations about more fiscal stimulus continued.
US stocks fell slightly on Tuesday ahead of the first US presidential debate and after a $2.2 trillion relief proposal from House Democrats.
Economist Mohamed El-Erian, said: "Investors also should not expect US lawmakers to come to the rescue."
"More skeptical investors may now feel more comfortable to challenge valuations" now that the Fed isn't meeting for the next two months, El-Erian said.
The billionaire investor said in a Tuesday webcast: "Of course retail investor activity is downright terrifying."
As market fundamentals come into play, "that is the tug of war that's going to play out, and it's going to show the DNA of investors," El-Erian said.
Allianz's chief economic adviser said:"The fear of missing out on an unceasing equity rally has increasingly been expressed through call options."
The famed economist said that investors have been "conditioned" to expect liquidity from the Fed, and the Fed's statement yesterday reinforced this expectation.
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