Israeli startup Electroad has launched an experiment, where the road mounted electromagnetic induction coils to charge electric cars the car is in motion.the basic principle of the system is the same as, say, the smartphone wireless charging and electric toothbrushes, writes the Inhabitat.Electroadin model has already been tried successfully.Now it is becoming even wider test bus route in Tel Aviv.If such technologies become more common, electric cars will no longer need to download separately.Electroad promise more cost-effective, more efficient and cleaner ways to move.
Researchers have developed a new solar powered battery, capable of changing its shape to fit various flexible forms.The team says the battery could transform the wearables market by lowering the space required for a battery, a big benefit for e-skin and e-clothes products.See Also: America trumps Europe in fitness wearables The components are electronically connected via flexible copper-polymer interconnects, mounted on a highly elastic silicone core, and enclosed within a silicone shell, the team said.The authors demonstrated the use of these systems for continual logging and wireless transmission of body temperature data in a variety of realistic scenarios, such as monitoring skin temperature during physical exercise and bathing, and measuring temperature changes during breathing.The battery may also be a welcome addition to the e-skin market, with researchers recently creating a much longer lasting tattoo that changes color and can even track things like UV rays and heart-rate.Wearables are still a young market, but with 67 percent growth from 2015 to 2016, more companies are starting to see the potential of devices able to gather more data on the customer.
However, this project is affection on a grand scale: some US enthusiasts are creating a transistor-for-transistor replica of the chip's design using discrete components.It's a good thing we're in the era of surface mount components, because even with small components the 3,218 transistors, 1,019 resistors and various other bits of the MOnSter 6502 need a four-layer PCB measuring 12 x 15 with components mounted on both sides.Because a big, slow, and mostly-useless processor board would be boring without flashing lights, it also includes 167 LEDs showing the values of various control lines, registers, and status bits .Regrettably, the chip won't be able to completely emulate the original 6502 inside an olde-worlde Apple board, because it's too slow.That might be enough, however, to get it to boot and run BASIC, Schlaepfer hopes.They've also recreated discrete-component versions of two smaller classics: the 555 timer, and the 741 op-amp.
Honda is stepping up its self-driving game with a second-generation autonomous prototype that will be unleashed in California this year.The new test vehicle is much sleeker than the automated RLX unveiled last year, thanks to a lower-profile LiDAR sensor that replaces the spinning turret mounted to the roof of the previous car.Honda says the entire suite of sensors — which also includes radar, cameras, and GPS — is new, along with virtually everything else.The RLX also boasts higher-performance CPUs and GPUs, with improved cabling, heat management, and circuitry, according to Honda.Radar is good at detecting the relative speed and position of objects, while cameras are better at identifying objects based on size and shape, Honda notes.While Apple s car plans are still quite opaque, Honda says its test program is part of a plan to put self-driving technology into production by 2020.
In connection with the construction of a new subway line in Rome excavations not far from the Colosseum resulted in several discoveries that archaeologists call unique. This is among other things, the remains of buildings that belonged to the Emperor Hadrian mounted bodyguards, including the weapons bay, dormitories, kitchens and stables. Among the findings include coins, pottery and the building itself, where the remains are left in the form of low walls. Belonged elite soldiers The entire excavation area, about 900 square meters, is in excellent condition. - We will try to preserve as much of the site as possible in the future metro station so that when you are heading to the train can look down on everything and enjoy the view, says Andrea Sciotti, head engineer for the project. The construction of Rome's third subway line, which will have 30 stations, began in 2007 but has been delayed several times due to archaeological discoveries made.
In Win 303 ReviewManufacturer: In WinUK price as reviewed : Approx £99 inc VATUS price as reviewed : TBCIn Win's focus on premium, unusual, but nonetheless striking cases has been one of the best things about the enthusiast PC scene for a number of years.In some ways, it's quite edgy and funky-looking, but from some angles it does look like a throwback to some 1990's budget PC case.The system is loaded using Prime95 25.11 and Unigine's Heaven 4.0 benchmark.Lian Li PC-D888 8 x 120mm fans; max speed SilverStone Raven RVX01Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5In Win 303No case - open test benchCorsair Carbide Series 600C max speed In Win 805 ReviewBe Quiet!Silent Base 600 min speed Phanteks Eclipse P400S med speed Phanteks Eclipse P400S min speed Performance AnalysisThe huge vent in the case, relatively powerful, and fairly quiet rear fan, vents in the far side panel, and the comparatively low location of the CPU cooler in the case clearly bolstered the 303's cooling prowess as it managed respectable results in both our graphs.Combined with some handy cooling performance, the 303 is one of the best cases below £100 and it's anything but run-of-the-mill.
When different fingers press the "G" key, the different functions. Photographer: Daniel Vogel With the software, a keyboard configured the same key has different functions depending of which finger is used. This eliminates the need to use the function keys or combinations of keys for different shortcuts. The program was developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada that demonstrates it in a video on Youtube and describes the function in a report published on the web. All that is needed in addition to the software is a small mirror mounted on your computer's camera lens and directed towards the keyboard where the finger placement is analyzed by algorithms for image recognition. So far, Finger-Aware a development and there is no information about any potential commercialization.
Drone fans and Xiaomi fans combined will want to pen in the 25th May as this is the date that Lei Jun and co will launch their first quad-copter.One of the secrets to Xiaomi s success is there diversification and range of products.Sure they started out with a ROM, then phones, but they have branched out into one of the most talked about tech and lifestyle brands on the planet.A new product coming to the Xiaomi range next week 25th May is the Xiaomi drone.The date of the launch has been confirmed in a new teaser, which also gives us a glimpse at the drone s round camera module mounted below the main fuselage.The image also shows that the black UAV has for arms splitting off from the main body indicating that this will be a traditional looking quad-copter design.In the run up to the launch of the Xiaomi drone we have seen earlier design leaks for the device, and even seen patents for a wearable control UAV.The only details we know for sure at this time is that the drone will have a dedicated app and will record video at up to 4K and could cost as much as 3999 Yuan.
Honda will celebrate its 70th birthday by introducing a new roadster, a recent report finds.The ragtop will be presented as a successor to the vaunted S2000 pictured that went out of production in 2009.They ve usually suggested the roadster will arrive with a mid-mounted four-cylinder engine, some form of electrification, and all-wheel drive; in short, it s shaping up to be a scaled-down version of the new 2017 Acura NSX.The term detuned suggests the turbo four will generate less than 310 horsepower, but more precise technical details haven t been announced yet.The convertible could ride on a purpose-designed platform that will later spawn an Acura-badged coupe.Read more: Honda s Global Rallycross entry is a 600-hp Civic that does zero to 60 in just 1.9 secondsHonda hasn t commented on the report, so we ll have to be patient to find out if a new S2000 really is in the works.
Softbank Robotics, the developer of the humanoid robot Pepper, has announced that it will now be available on Android in a move to broaden its appeal.With this move, developers will be able to develop apps for Pepper through Android tools.Before the presales begin, Softbank Robotics also announced the availability of Peppe SDK for Android Studio for free of cost.Reports suggest that Softbank has sold about 10,000 units of Pepper Robot and they have been sold for loss to bring the cost down.While Pepper Robot will still run on its native Naoqi operating system which controls the robot's hardware, Android will only run on the chest-mounted tablet.In an interview with Bloomberg Counterpoint Technology Market Research devices and ecosystems research director Neil Shah said: "Every operator wants to control the ecosystem, they don't want to pay royalties and want to keep the data.
In connection with the construction of the new subway route Line C in Rome excavations not far from the Colosseum resulted in several discoveries that archaeologists call unique. This is among other things, the remains of buildings that belonged to the Emperor Hadrian mounted bodyguards, including the weapons bay, dormitories, kitchens and stables. Among the findings include coins, pottery and the building itself, where the remains are left in the form of low walls. - We will try to preserve as much of the site as possible in the future metro station so that when you are heading to the train can look down on everything and enjoy the view, says Andrea Sciotti, head engineer for the project. He is also immortalized thanks to Hadrian's Wall, built by the Anglo-Scottish border, and a large contemporary tourist destination. Rome's third subway line, which will have 30 stations, construction began in 2007 but has been delayed several times due to archaeological discoveries made.
Airbus is trying take high speed helicopters to whole new level.Last month, the United States Patent and Trademark Office approved an application last month from Airbus Helicopters' Axel Fink, Ambrosius Weiss, and Andrew Winkworth for a new compound helicopter.The patented design is a yet-unnamed development of the company's revolutionary X3 experimental helicopter that first flew in 2010.The concept is also part of Airbus Helicopters' formerly known as Eurocopter high speed, long-range, hybrid helicopter H3 initiative.During testing, the X3 managed to reach to 293 mph — making it the fastest non-tilt-rotor helicopter in the world.The new patent offers a development on the original X3 design.What makes the new aircraft a compound helicopter are is pair of wing-mounted engines with pusher propellers in addition to the conventional main rotor.This design eliminates the need for a tail rotor to counter the torque of the main rotor.A helicopter with additional pusher or puller propellers is far from new and various versions have been flying for decades.However, a helicopter with this layout and such high performance is quite novel.This means the patented helicopter will likely be significantly faster than the record-setting X3.This new patent could also be the latest development of the Low Impact Fast and Efficient Rotor-Craft or LifeRCraft to which Airbus Helicopters hinted in 2014.It is unclear if the patented compound helicopter will ever see production in its current guise.Here's a video about the new patent courtesy of PatentYogi:NOW WATCH: These are the best, highest-paying companies in AmericaLoading video...
View photosMore Uber Radars, laser scanners and high resolution cameras are among the tools being mounted to the car, which will be on the streets of the city during the experiment.1.3 million people die every year in car accidents — 94% of those accidents involve human error.In the future we believe this technology will mean less congestion, more affordable and accessible transportation, and far fewer lives lost in car accidents.These goals are at the heart of Uber s mission to make transportation as reliable as running water — everywhere and for everyone.The ride-hiring app joins Google and Tesla as being a prominent experimenter with driverless technology in the US.The firm added that while they are still in the early days of testing extensive tests on real roads are needed to ensure the technology is safe for all road users, including pedestrians, cyclists and other drivers.
The human mind may be good at multitasking and forming habits, but that doesn't mean we're immune to mistakes when we go about our daily routine.Technology is striking yet again with a solution in the form of the Watch-Bot - a silent-observing robot that learns everyday actions and, through machine learning, actually points out when you've forgotten something.Presented as part of the International Conference on Robotics and Automation by researchers from Cornell and Stanford, the Watch-Bot is comprised of a second-generation Kinect sensor attached to a tripod-mounted camera, laptop and laser pointer.Once someone fails to perform an action completely - be it forgetting to take food out of the microwave or not putting a book back on the shelf - the Watch-Bot shines the laser pointer at the site of the error, "reminding" those nearby that something is amiss.Researchers write in their official study that the Watch-Bot's setup "can be easily deployed on any assistive robot," which opens up a range of practical uses for the machine besides passive-aggresively reminding you to do the dishes.This could potentially include assisting the memory of those struggling with neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's, or increase safety in hazardous job sites where absent-mindedness carries dangerous consequences.
Secretive data-mining startup Palantir is buying $225 million of stock back from its employees at $7.40 per share, reports BuzzFeed.That's a higher price per share than how some investors currently value the company, says the report.Palantir last raised a whopping $880 million in December 2015, at a valuation around $20 billion.Investment firms like Morgan Stanley, Transamerica, and Fidelity value their Palantir shares at $5.92, while Valic goes as low as $3.79, BuzzFeed reports, in both cases representing a markdown from that $20 billion valuation.Going up to $7.40 per share is a sign that Palantir believes that it's on the right track, and it's paying employees a premium on their stock options to prove it.It's also a signal that Palantir likely doesn't plan to list itself on the public markets anytime soon.Pinterest undertook a similar stock-buyback maneuver in 2015 to help some restless employees cash out as a way to keep morale up while it waited out a chilly IPO market.This is actually the second liquidity event mounted by Palantir.That means that any employees, past or present, who held on to their shares are eligible for heftier paydays.That's good, because according to a previous BuzzFeed report, Palantir is experiencing some growing pains as it struggles to keep executives and employees on board, trending toward a 20% turnover rate in 2016.Palantir's cofounder and a famed investor, Joe Lonsdale, disputed the report, saying that while turnover is up, it's no higher than tech-industry norms.It's not known what Palantir plans on doing with the shares that it purchases from employees, although the plan with the last buyback was to sell that equity to outside investment firms.Palantir did not immediately respond to a request for comment.NOW WATCH: HILLARY CLINTON: The problem with corporate America's obsession with 'quarterly capitalism'Loading video...
To learn more and subscribe, please click here.eBay launched what it has dubbed the first-ever virtual reality department store in partnership with Australian department store Myer, reports eCommerce Bytes.eBay Australia is currently selling special VR headsets called "shopticals" to browse over 12,000 items from Myer department stores on their smartphones.As shoppers move through the store, the smart technology suggests other products that might be desirable or interesting, based on what the store knows about them.Browse: using eBay Sight Search, the shopper views a product in the store and by holding their gaze on it, the product is selected and automatically floats towards them, with the top 100 products available to view in 3D, and more than 12,500 in 2D.In fact, more than one in every three US consumers say they would be open to purchasing more online if virtual reality gives them a more realistic feel of the product remotely, according to a survey from Walker Sands.As VR technology gets better, it has the potential to change the e-commerce experience completely and drive down in-store foot traffic even further.BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has compiled a detailed report on virtual reality hardware that provides proprietary forecasts for VR headset shipments and revenue and estimates average selling price over the next five years.We estimate shipments of VR headsets will grow at a swift 99% compound annual growth rate between 2015 and 2020.VR shipments will create a $2.8 billion hardware market by 2020, up from an estimated $37 million market this year.VR headsets are a fairly low-cost consumer electronics category, and this will help drive adoption.In addition, many consumers claim the VR experience will drive them to shop more online rather than in stores.In full, the report:Forecasts annual shipments of VR headsets between 2015 and 2020.Sizes the market for VR headset shipments by revenue and anticipates how the VR headset average selling price will trend.Breaks down VR headset shipments by category, including traditional VR headsets, smartphone-mounted VR headsets, and gaming-console headsets.Pinpoints the gaming console market as a key driver of demand for VR headsets.Discusses the opportunity for VR content creation in gaming, streaming video, and shopping.To get your copy of this invaluable guide, choose one of these options:Subscribe to an ALL-ACCESS Membership with BI Intelligence and gain immediate access to this report AND over 100 other expertly researched deep-dive reports, subscriptions to all of our daily newsletters, and much more.But however you decide to acquire this report, you ve given yourself a powerful advantage in your understanding of the emerging world of virtual reality hardware.
If you find yourself with an uninvited mouse guest and want a humane solution to catch the critter, you can easily make a non-lethal trap with just a soda bottle mounted on a pivot.DIY tinkerer Chris Notap shows us how it s done on YouTube.It s a very clever solution in its simplicity, and it s also infinitely reusable for those recurring rodent visits.You ll notice from his instructions that it s particularly important you correctly place the pivot so that the bottle s mouth is just barely raised but tilts once the mouse goes in.Where you release the critter is up to you.
View shot 2016-05-23 at 9.10.38 amThe company sent out a teaser image for its upcoming drone last week.Ahead of its big unveil on May 25, Android Central has discovered a 20-second teaser video, which was posted to Youku, China's version of YouTube.Based on the short teaser video, we now know Xiaomi's sleek white drone will have four blades and a ball-shaped camera mounted on the underbelly of the drone that swivels.With the Phantom 4, DJI introduced several useful and safety features such as tap-to-fly for easier operation by beginners, auto-follow for selfie addicts and obstacle avoidance.Maybe I've been staring at the teaser for too long...We'll find out more details on Xiaomi's drone later this week.Thursday can't come soon enough!
DIY Network has the full step by step on this project linked below but it s super simple, whether you have the pegboard backing or not.Just drill some small holes in the scrap wood, run the elastic cord through the holes, and die them down to the spaces with a little twine or heavy string to keep them in place.Since the whole thing is mounted to a piece of wood, you can mount the wood on the wall of your garage or workshop directly, or if you re using some pegboard backing like the photo above, you can use some more of that strong or a couple of metal hooks or screws to secure it to the pegboard.However you mount it, make sure it can stand the weight of the tools you have in it, and you ll be good to go.Photo by Emily Fazio.Thanks to Jim for the tip!
Image Source: OculusLast Friday, Oculus released a software update for the Rift that was meant to curb piracy, but it looks like it had exactly the opposite effect.Back in April, a developer known as Libre VR released a program called Revive which allowed HTC Vive owners to play Oculus Rift exclusives on their headsets.DON T MISS: This is the Netflix hack the world has been waiting forAs Libre VR explained to Motherboard, the original Revive converted Oculus Runtime functions into OpenVR calls, which gave owners of other HMDs head-mounted displays the ability to play Rift games.In other words, the Oculus Rift no longer has any idea whether or not someone playing a game actually owns that game, which makes it far easier to play pirated software on the Rift than it was with the old Revive.This is my first success at bypassing the DRM, I really didn t want to go down that path, the developer explained in a Reddit post over the weekend.I still do not support piracy, do not use this library for pirated copies.