In this Mutual Fund software for IFA , you can easily generate business opportunities using Grow your Business report.You can generate all the essential key features like Non SIP Business, Non ELSS report and Non MIP report which will ultimately let you grow your business.For more information visit @-
Transaction monitoring is essential for advisors to track down the completed,pending or failed transactions.With this Mutual Fund software you can see the list of all your transactions across the client base at one place in the Transaction log report.For more information visit @-
You can a get a customized monthly MIS report in this Mutual Fund software for distributors using which you can easily manage your monthly inflow/outflow.You can generate list of SIP purchases, Redemptions, Switch out and STP out.For more information visit @-
Creating model portfolios allows advisors to focus their research and due diligence process on a narrower range of investments .This Mutual Fund software is accomplished by all-in-one core portfolios built with funds across a range of outcomes - seeking long-term growth to capital preservation .For more information visit @-
You will get a Realized report in this Mutual Fund software for distributors that will fulfill your need to get all the desired details in last financial year like STT paid, short term loss amount, long term and short term gain amount.You can generate detail report and summary report either by Family Head or by Applicant.For more information visit @-
The Transact Online platform of this Mutual Fund Software will improves your experience in initiating and completing MF transactions online.You can also initiate transactions on your regularly recommended schemes, just shortlist the schemes.For more information visit @-
This Mutual Fund software for distributors provides you with a star rating platform so that you can make your client’s investment in top rated funds.You can rate the funds according to your need and your client’s risk appetite.For more information visit @-
With saving of time and logical movements through- ROBO APP-> Client Onborad -> 5 minutes -> transaction punch.This small effort converts the thought of investment into the reality.With this mutual fund software you will be in a position of facing client with paperless investment within some minutes.For more information visit @-
With the availability of technology, the demands of investors have also gone up rapidly.Today clients do not want to go through the hassle to spend time to check their investments on their computer.With this mutual fund software for distributors mobile application, you can take over lives like a storm.For more information visit @-
With the thought of investment and a few futuristic goals, we have clarity for both your goals and its purposeful investment.With this mutual fund software for IFA offering an investor, a professional expertise in goal GPS report.With photo on paper, goal presentation, goal name and its calculation you will be having insights.For more information visit @-
When it comes to give P report clients asking about this mind boggling report don’t  be haphazard that time, with this mutual fund software take report in fund type wise and folio wise manner for individual or whole family.For more information visit @-
Bringing out the features of automatic mail and alert triggering, in this mutual fund software for IFA belonging to any quotient, rather the portfolio alert, SIP transaction or may be a TAX PACKAGE report that comprises 4 type of report for taxation.For more information visit @-
This financial software work as a pill for every morning headaches, with this neglect the headache of uploading SIP and AUM files, through this mutual fund software you will be efficiently able to automatically calculate dividends for individual client.For more information visit @-
Through this mutual fund software for distributors you will be able to get the STT details which is levied only on sale of MF units in equity and balanced funds, applicable on both open ended and close ended schemes.The amount of STT paid on redemption you can get it here in realized capital gain report summary page.For more information visit @-
Fully automated software with little human intervention and almost those days gone when one had to manually upload the transaction, NAV, folio master and AUM files every morning.This file uploading and data accuracy is going to be handled with this mutual fund software for IFA with online onboarding of client inbuilt.For more information visit @-
To simplify the advisory job role managing data of prospective customers, dog watch on portfolio performance, it is a smart choice of keeping this mutual fund software for distributors .With this you will be having a powerful resource keeping record of people reach out to you.For more information visit @-
Client login having its online access for watching asset positions for any given time - The ability to process multi-class and multi level transactions, with one single login through this mutual fund software for full family and individuals including configurable modules.For more information visit @-
Our corporate version of software helps you in customer acquisition and sales.This ARN configuration of this mutual fund software helps you to in having a flawless process workflow also helps in minimizing the turnaround time for client setup.For more information visit @-
We define and implement the safety standard for investment so that not going to be in a position of losing in Indian mutual fund markets.One such step to protect the data and continuous watch over portfolio this mutual fund software for distributors going to be a risk manager and daily routine it.For more information visit @-
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