Pär Roosvall was one of the troika that left Bonnier News - the umbrella organization for the newspaper Dagens Nyheter, Expressen and Dagens Industri - when the top manager Gunilla Herlitz announced his resignation earlier this year. I see great potential in the NFT and the new expansion phase the company is entering in. Is also very impressed by the fine performance as NFT Ventures delivered in a very short time and is now the most prominent fine-tech investor in Northern Europe. I look forward to using my knowledge in the digital transition and change work with NTFS portfolio companies, says Pär Roosvall, in a press release that the NFT Ventures published over the weekend. So far, the venture capital company invested in 17 different companies, including crowdlendingplattformen Toborrow, Kortio and Agreements 24th He is also an active partner in the construction of communications Group of Friends House, listed on First North. Breakit Seeking Roosvall.
Recently, the site also launched the ability for businesses to take out leases on cars. It is to bet on the part of the business that Leaseonline take in new funding, according to CEO Sverker Andersson. It is already an established market, he says. Leaseonline since its launch in September received a few hundred bilbeställningar over the network, says Sverker Andersson. What we think pretty much on the vans, light trucks, therefore, that no one is working with today, however. We want to be able to compare four to five pickup trucks in the same place.
Sofie Lundström is CEO and co-founder of Toborrow. Loan intermediary Toborrow NTL, backed up by including the Bonnier-owned investment company NFT Ventures NTL, has a number of tough months behind. The company's business model is similar to the American model set Lending Club, and is about to pass on loans between private individuals and enterprises as a so-called peer-to-peer model. In May hit the platform of a major setback when the company Nordic bike, which made loans through Toborrows users, filed for bankruptcy. Recently, however, good news in the form of a long-awaited permission from the FSA. Toborrow is then a month back approved the payment service provider in the Swedish market.
Simply put Toborrow so that businesses can seek money from private individuals, which together lend small sums to various companies. But so far, peer to peer lending company does not lift economically and we have previously been able to report on the first bankruptcy in the platform and the lack of state - something that hardly made Toborrows trip easier. Last year, the company had net sales of more than 470 000 with an operating loss of 10.8 million. The bank account was found at the end just under a million. Toborrow are thus completely dependent on venture capital in the current situation, and as late as May, we reported that the company has received SEK 2 million in new financing from the Bonnier-affiliated private equity company NFT Ventures and other existing investors. The time NFT Ventures announced that it was looking for a new sponsor to support the company.
Swedish fintech-focused venture capital firm NFT Ventures has made its first investment in London and is looking for more deals in the UK in the wake of the Brexit vote.NFT is leading a £600,000 $794,640 seed investment in Credit Kudos, a London-based startup building technology to let people get a credit score based on current bank account activity rather
the Brothers Johan to the right and Fredrik Lundberg are partners at the venture capital firm NFT Ventures.NFT Ventures NTL has in short time established itself as one of Sweden's most prolific fintech investors.the private Equity firm, which is backed up with money from, among other things, the Bonnier News, which also owns the Today's Industry , then the former co-owner of the service Tessin, Toborrow and Betalo.Now make the fund its first investment outside of Sweden.It is about the british lånetjänsten Credit Kudos that takes in 6 Million in a round in which NFT Ventures accounts for the largest share of the money.Credit Kudos, with headquarters in London, has built a platform that allows users to obtain credit ratings based on the current bankaktivitet instead of lånehistorik.
Magnus Stein, ceo and co-founder of Avtal24.On Avtal24 NTL users can get help to write wills, marriage contracts and other types of contracts.By answering a number of questions, which a lawyer would otherwise have to be set, can advokatroboten put together an agreement digitally.the Company, which was founded in 2007, took in the spring of 2015, 10 million from Industrifonden and affärsängeln Sven Hagströmer NTL , which, among other things, was an early investor in Klarna.During the summer, filled the company at the checkout with a further 5 Million from venture capital firm NFT Ventures.the private Equity firm NFT Ventures, is known to have invested in nearly 20 young fintechbolag and invests with a combination of cash and equity that is earmarked for annonsköp within the bonnier group.
Juridiksajten Avtal24 bet on marketing in the millions - taking in new capital from Bonnier-related NFT Ventures.Avtal24 is a digital platform that offers various forms of individual contracts.the Site helps its users with, among other things, divorces and division of property.Since its inception, has Avtal24 total raised 40 million in external capital.In the spring we wrote that the private equity firm NFT Ventures stepped in as a partner.a Few months before the company had raised 10 million from Industrifonden and affärsängeln, Sven Hagströmer, who among other things was an early investor in Klarna.
In the spring could Di Digital report that the Colletor Bank set aside 100 million to invest in fintech companies.the Money went to the fund manager, NFT Ventures, which also handles the media organisation Bonniers Fintech-investment.Glamma is a combined ecommerce and skönhetssajt where customers can book a manicure or buy products from different beauty salons.But it really is fintech?One can well say that this investment is made based on the plans we have in the future rather than what we are today , " says Amir Mofidi, founder of Glamma.Even if the Glamma has only been around since October of last year so it is nothing new companies.
Åsa Hillsten Eklund, markands and communications at the Collector bank.Swedish frisörbokningstjänsten Glamma become one of the Collectors of the first two investments.We have previously reported that the digital bank Collector has begun to make startupinvesteringar through a partnership with the venture capital firm NFT ventures.Now, Collector ventures as the venture is called – made its first two investments.It is all about the Swedish frisörbokningstjänsten Glamma and the british fintechbolaget Credit Kudos.Why have you invested in the Glamma?
the Payment service Betalo fill in the checkout with 10 million.Among the investors include the former NHL player Mattias Weinhandl.Betalo was founded in 2011 and makes it possible to pay invoices with a charge card.the Company has previously raised venture capital from Bonnier-related NFT Ventures.Now reports the Di Digital that the company has secured an additional 10 million in financing from, among others, Svea ekonomi and the former ice hockey professional Mattias Weinhandl.We believe that innovation comes through partnerships and collaborations with the players in the industry, not disruption.
Omid Ghanbari's CEO, Kaveh Sabeghi CMO, Behrang Ehteshamy COO, Steeve Lennmark CTO and Rafel Ridha a r the five entrepreno operators behind the well to perform a service.Food online is a fast-growing industry.Now investing NFT Ventures in Matspar.see, a site where users can compare the price of food via a variety of digital grocery stores.NFT NTL and Collector Ventures NTL runs a total of sek 7.5 million in the Matspar.see.the funds will be used to promote the services the company launched earlier in the year.the Service allows users to fill a digital shopping cart, and then compares how much goods cost via different matsajter.
the private Equity firm NFT Ventures, stepping in with capital in the new prisjämförelsesajten Matspar.price comparison for gadgets is not a new phenomenon.Since the previous fight including actors Prisjakt and Pricerunner on the market.But now a new player has taken position on the market - but with a slightly different niche.The new site Matspar, founded by entrepreneurs Omid Ghanbari, Kaveh Sabeghi, Behrang Ehteshamy, Steeve Lennmark and Rafel Ridha, want to compare prices on food."price comparison sites are available in all the other industries, but not for food.
Bilförsäkraren Paydrive NTL allow their customers to install a box in their images, shapes that keeps track of the driver's style of driving: when on the day of the hen run, what speed and road conditions.the Driver then pays a premium based on the driving style and how far they have run.Thus do not have to take out an insurance policy with, for example, 1 000 miles as a minimum mileage.drive safely also reduces its premium, while the one who drive more recklessly get a more expensive insurance.It is the customers like , " says Andreas Broström NTL , Paydrives founder and ceo.Paydrive has sold insurance since march of this year through a collaboration with the Norwegian försäkringsjätten Gjensidige.
Dorunner is a marketplace which connects individuals with the executors of the rut and root services.Customers fill in what they want help with and then receive the suggestions of contractors who can help them.Now take the company into 4 million from the NFT Ventures NTL .In connection with the transaction valued Dorunner to 80 million, according to figures from the Swedish companies registration office.Read more: Smart car insurance take in capital from the NFT VenturesDorunner fight for customers against rivals such as Schibsted-backed Servicefinder and Kinnevik's marketplace Offerta.
Peter Settman, Bengt Braun, and Daniel Kaplan are all the owners of Dorunner.Dorunner is a marketplace which connects individuals with the executors of the rut and root services.Customers fill in what they want help with and then receive the suggestions of contractors who can help them.Now take the company into 4 million from the NFT Ventures NTL .In connection with the transaction valued Dorunner to 80 million, according to figures from the Swedish companies registration office.Read more: Smart car insurance take in capital from the NFT Ventures
the Marketplace Dorunner, with Peter Settman and Daniel Kaplan on the ägarlistan has filled in their cash by 4 million from the NFT Ventures, can Breakit tell you.Dorunner is a marketplace for services in the RUT and ROOT.Customers can fill in what they need help with, for example, get hold of a carpenter, and Dorunner delivers then suggestions on companies that can do the job.the TV star and entrepreneur Peter Settman is to be found as early investors, including Bonniers former president Bengt Braun.Now notifies the company that it has filled in their cash with the fresh million.Exactly how much money invested in the company want to Dorunner themselves do not reveal, but according to documents Breakit has taken the part of the investing Bonnier-related NFT Ventures 4 million in the company.
the Whole world is looking at fintech-Sweden right now and it comes that we see our own jewels before someone else does .Elisabeth Thand Ringqvist is the chairman of the Swedish venture capital association, founder of the rådgivningsbolaget Marsnen Advisers and has a range of directorships.Now she goes in as a senior adviser in the Bonnier-affiliated venture capital firm NFT Ventures.It feels extremely stimulating to use my knowledge of the business needs of the various financing solutions with my broad network.in order to contribute to NFT Ventures can find the best companies for the acquisition and development of these.the Whole world is looking at fintech-Sweden right now and it comes that we see our own jewels before someone else does it , " she says in a statement.
The digital bank riskkapitalarm invests in price comparison site and bokföringstjänst.In a press release, write the Collector Ventures that have invested in Matspar, a price comparison site for the food online, and bokföringstjänsten Mr. Shoebox.Investment in Matspar.see the and Mr. Shoebox is, each one, important pieces of the puzzle in the continuing development of the Collector to a leading digital nischbank in the Nordic countries.Ideas and platforms can broaden the collector's offering at the same time as the Collector may offer the companies a good environment for continued development with high skills in technology and digitisation.in Addition, the access to senior advisors within the Collector and NFT Ventures and, not least, a huge network. " says Lena Apler, the founder and chairman of the board of Collector, in the press release.
Leasify NTL has built a digital platform that helps companies to make better rental agreements and leases, for example, when a coffee machine should be rented.Now, the bet Leasify ahead and take out 10 million from SEB Venture Capital NTL .The existing owners NFT Ventures where Bonnier, which owns the industry Today, is one of the investors and affärsängeln Daniel Andersson with a further 5 Million in the kapitalrundan.It feels amazing, " says Leasifys ceo Richard Jonsson to get the SEB Ventures as investors.Above all, we must continue to develop our digital services , " continues Richard Jonsson when he describes what the new capital will be used for.Read more: So highly valued Tee after jätterundan