Being the spiritual home of the beautiful game, almost everyone in the nation is in love with the sport and is well regarded as the biggest passion of the people.This passionate support for the game is no more evident that in the North East of England, where the fans of Sunderland and Newcastle, live breathe and eat football.Every football fans just can't wait for the football matches at the weekend to start and as soon as one game is completed, they are fast looking forward to the next one.Thankfully, now with the advent of the internet we do not have to wait until the weekend for our daily dosage of football drama.We can now keep up to date with the latest news on online news websites or watching the many24 hour sports channels dedicated to football.The online websites and television networks are very popular as the appetite for all things football is hardly ever satisfied.On the internet, we football fans have a huge selection of football websites to choose from.The best would be to visit all the websites that you can so that you get the full 360 degree perspective of any story, be it from a neutral ผลบอลพรีเมียร์ลีกsource or die-hard supporter.One of the main concerns for any supporter of a club is transfer news and rumours.
Timber framing structure employs tenon and groove joints together side wooden dowels or barrels to make the framework structure of a house.People prefer to utilize wood framing since it is going to keep on to put the weight up of your house long following the claws of pole framework structure has rusted and generated the demand for several significant repairs.When utilizing wood framing be certain you employ whatever shrub is actually a native species of this area.By way of instance, in case you adore around the East shore two of these indigenous species trees are oak and walnut but on the West shore, it is the Douglas fir.Certainly, one of the tougher ones to do the job together with is bamboo as it's thicker therefore that it would take longer hours for you to generate the joints.For those who get an intricate design at heart, it's going to simply run you more due to these plank footage of food and the range of tendons that you'd want for the framework.A few Businesses That wood framing will depend on the number of joints that will probably be utilized for your framework and will provide you an estimate based on that advice.
Poultry diagnostics are used to identify the various diseases present in poultry.Increase in demand for poultry-derived food products is propelling the poultry diagnostics market growth.The report includes the analysis of impact of COVID-19 lock-down on the revenue of market leaders, followers, and disrupters.Since lock down was implemented differently in different regions and countries, impact of same is also different by regions and segments.The report has covered the current short term and long term impact on the market, same will help decision makers to prepare the outline for short term and long term strategies for companies by region.Growing disease outbreaks in poultry, increasing prevalence of zoonotic diseases, and increasing demand for poultry-derived food products are boosting the market growth.Moreover, a rise in animal welfare expenses and an increase in the number of poultry industries are expected to drive the poultry diagnostics market.However, high poultry production costs and a dearth of awareness about poultry diseases in underdeveloped counties are limiting the market growth.Bacteria is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period owing to the regular bacterial testing on poultry assumed by regions like Europe and Asia-Pacific to identify & prevent the spread of zoonotic diseases such as salmonellosis, pasteurellosis, and mycoplasmosis.The ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Sorbent Assay) tests are projected to the highest share owing to the high sensitivity, specificity, accuracy, and cost-efficiency.PCR tests are mainly used for various types of influenza, Newcastle and Mycoplasma infections and it also allows fast detection of pathogens and provides great accuracy.Avian influenza (AI) is also called "bird flu."
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Thousands chanted his name at Glastonbury when the “youthquake” election of 2017 saw him almost topple Theresa May. Just a few short months ago, he was leader of HM Opposition and candidate to be prime minister of the United Kingdom.Now, Jeremy Corbyn faces being the first Labour leader since Ramsay MacDonald to be thrown out of the party. And because what some tonight call his “callous denialism” in the wake of the Equality and Human Rights Commission’s report on anti-Semitism, the now-independent MP for Islington North is left with few allies and nobody to blame but himself. Here’s how this extraordinary day in British politics unfolded and what it all means. It began at 10am when the equality watchdog, established by Tony Blair’s government in 2006, published its long-awaited report. While it did not rule that Labour was institutionally anti-Semitic, it found the party under Corbyn was guilty of breaking the law on equality. Two bombshell findings stood out: Labour had harassed and discriminated against Jewish people and there had been political interference from Corbyn’s office in complaints. It was a sombre moment for “the party of equality” as EHRC chair Caroline Waters told reporters of “inexcusable” failures, which “appeared to be a result of a lack of willingness to tackle anti-Semitism”. Starmer, ever the lawyer, had carefully designed a statement to mark the event’s gravity – “it is a day of shame” – and set out a roadmap for how Labour would act. But minutes before his statement, deputy leader Angela Rayner was trying to stop Corbyn and his team from sending out a statement on Facebook which flew in the face of the reports findings and said anti-Semitism was “dramatically overstated for political reasons”. She failed and within minutes general secretary David Evans had suspended Corbyn. It “can come as no surprise”, one source close to Starmer told HuffPost UK, after the leadership and Evans warned MPs anyone who undermined the EHRC report could face action. Whether Corbyn discovered his fate via a photographer, or as the party claims, via correspondence following talks, is unclear. At 2.45pm, Evans and Rayner informed the party’s regional directors, most of whom were appointed during the Corbyn era, via a Zoom call. Evans told them “strenuous efforts” were made to resolve the matter with Corbyn, which were “not successful”, while Rayner, who would later tell broadcasters Corbyn had a “blindspot” on anti-Semitism, warned directors to be professional.A call for questions was met with stony silence. But elsewhere in country, one staffer from Newcastle said some members had already begun phoning to resign their membership.The atmosphere at an emergency shadow cabinet meeting at 4pm was “anger, despair and disappointment” at Corbyn’s actions, with shadow ministers warned not to wade into rows. While the move might make internal party management difficult for Starmer, it will do him no harm with voters, particularly those in the red wall. Tory chair Amanda Milling tried out a curious new attack line in a campaign email to supporters, given recent events, claiming that Starmer was “Corbyn’s man”.  Claiming Starmer “stood by Corbyn when it was politically convenient”, the keeness to link the two men gives away how heavily the Conservatives relied on ex-Labour voters’ dislike of Corbyn. The ex-leader has vowed to “strongly contest the political intervention to suspend me”. Starmer flatly denies any involvement in Corbyn’s suspension, which was dealt with by the party’s governance unit, but has said he supports their decision. What is striking is how few figures have emerged to defend Corbyn in the full-throated manner they have in the past. John McDonnell, who served as shadow chancellor throughout Corbyn’s tenure, described the suspension as “profoundly wrong” but urged “calm” among members.The Socialist Campaign Group of MPs, which includes figures such as Richard Burgon said it “will work tirelessly for his reinstatement”, with little detail.Len McCluskey called it a “grave injustice” and, rather tamely compared with the Unite boss’ usual form, urged  Starmer to “unite the party”.Tellingly, amid reports local Labour parties are haemorrhaging left-wing members, he also called on members “angered by this suspension not to leave the party”. “This is what the left fear, a loss of influence,” said one source, pointing to upcoming elections for the National Executive Committee. Rumours had begun in Westminster of a breakaway party, but attempts by left-winger Howard Beckett to withdraw further Unite funding from Labour failed. While many will be angry, others who have clashed with Corbyn on issues such as Brexit, and know a socialist breakaway party would fail, will be relieved to get a divorce from “Brand Corbyn”, as some feel he undermined their moral authority. “They know micro parties are a waste of time and they are thinking about how they can fit into the future,” said one insider. Or as Margaret Hodge, the Jewish Labour MP who repeatedly challenged Corbyn over his failings on anti-Semitism, put it he is “yesterday’s man”. So what does it say about Starmer’s new leadership, and how, if elected, the former director of public prosecutions might run the country? One former adviser tried to sum it up: “Keir is really, really obsessed about rules. He lives his life by following the rules. “And sometimes by being conservative and doing exactly what the rules say, you can also be quite radical.” 
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Genuine Odds, Best Real Odds 2020 UFC fighter Dustin Poirier believes that Conor McGregor will use their rematch fight as preparation to face South Paws Manny Pacquiao.McGregor last month announced he would be boxing Pacquiao, only to then accept UFC offer to fight Poirier.The UFC wants the Irishman to return to the octagon on January 23, but Notorious is adamant he will fight before the year’s end.That leaves his proposed mega-fight with Filipino Pacquiao, 41, up in the air.But left-hander Poirier, 31, reckons McGregor wants to fight another southpaw before starting the year with a boxing match against PacMan.He told THE FIGHT with Teddy Atlas: “He’s angling to fight Pacquiao right?That was in the news.“I don’t know if the UFC wants him to fight one more time before they allow him to fight Pacquiao or if he just wants to get one more in this year before starting next year with the Pacquiao fight.“But what better way to do it against another southpaw.“I think that might be part of his mindset, maybe he wants to fight a southpaw before he fights another southpaw.“I don’t know what’s going on but I just feel like that’s what the alignment is.”McGregor last fought in January, knocking out 37-year-old Donald Cerrone in 40 seconds.But his plan for a three-fight ‘season’ was dashed due to the coronavirus pandemic.The lack of activity led to McGregor announcing his retirement and later spending the summer holidaying in France and Italy, where he continued to train.He does now appear close to confirming his return with the possibility of securing a second fight this year.And Pacquiao has kept his hopes of facing the former UFC champion alive after agreeing a new deal with management company Paradigm, who also work with McGregor.Manchester United Shola answer to missing out on SanchoPosted on13/10/2020bySports BlogManchester United Shola answer to missing out on SanchoManchester United are hedging their bets that they’ve unearthed the next big thing an exciting forward Shola ShoretireShoretire, turned 16 in February and has already signed a pre-contract to turn professional with the club.He has since rised up the youth ranks and has been named as the answer to missing out on Sancho.Best punters compare the skillful attacker’s game to Nigeria’s legend Jay-Jay Okocha.In the early2000s Okocha graced Premier League pitches with Bolton Wanderers and made history.Best Free Bookmaker Offers For New CustomersManchester united diminutive teen, comfortable with both feet, can play out wide and through the middle.It’s testament to his ability that United are already confident he has the ability to succeed at the highest level by offering him a contract this early in his life.Shoretire joined Manchester United’s youth set-up at the age of 10 from Newcastle and has blossomed since his arrival.Last season, he fired United into the semi-final of the FA Youth Cup scoring at Old Trafford in the defeat of Wigan Athletic.UEFA YOUTH LEAGUE HISTORYShoretire appeared at the Milk Cup in Northern Ireland at the age of 13 in 2017.And in 2019 he made history.Aged just 14 years and 314 days he came on as a sub in United’s 2-1 win over Valencia and became the youngest player to appear in the UEFA Youth League – a competition reserved for Under-19 teams.“We want to keep them humble, hard-working,” Ryan explained.“It’s not just the coaching staff who do that, there are a number of staff throughout the academy, right throughout the place, feeding the same messages.It’s what we pride ourselves on.More information:-
Theo báo chí Anh, chân sút Mason Greenwood nhiều khả năng đang phải nhận án phạt nội bộ vì thói vô kỷ luật.Theo The Guardian, Man United không hài lòng với sự thiếu chuyên nghiệp của Greenwood thời gian gần đây.Tiền đạo trưởng thành từ lò Carrington liên tục đến trễ giờ ở các buổi tập.Tuy vậy, không rõ Greenwood có phải nộp phạt và bị kỷ luật hay không bởi phía Man United không hề thông báo rõ ràng về trường hợp này.Trong 2 trận gần nhất mà Man United thắng Newcastle (Ngoại hạng Anh) và PSG (Champions League), Greenwood đều vắng mặt.Lý do mà HLV Ole Gunnar Solskjaer đưa ra là Greenwood không thích hợp để thi đấu, gặp vấn đề thể lực...Ông cũng phủ nhận Greenwoods chấn thương hay vi phạm nội quy.Phát biểu trước cánh báo giới, chiến thuật gia người Na Uy cho hay: "Tôi không thể nói như một chuyên gia y tế.Greenwood đang bị đau nhẹ và dù anh ấy còn trẻ, chúng tôi không muốn mạo hiểm.Tuy nhiên nếu đúng với những gì báo chí đưa tin, Greenwood cần phải thức tỉnh và nghiêm túc kiểm điểm bản thân.
Theo những thông tin mới nhất, tiền vệ Bruno Fernandes vẫn có thê ra sân ở trận đấu giữa M.U và Newcastle.Bên cạnh đó, anh cũng bác bỏ thông tin tranh cãi với HLV Solskjaer trong trận thua 1-6 trước Tottenham mới đây.Fernandes đứng trước nguy cơ vắng mặt đến 4 trận tại Premier League, bởi ở đợt tập trung lên tuyển tham dự vòng bảng UEFA Nations League vừa rồi, người đồng đội của anh, Cristiano Ronaldo đã có kết quả dương tính Covid-19.Trước tình hình này, một số nguồn tin cho rằng, cựu tiền vệ Sporting Lisbon sẽ phải tự cách ly tại nhà 14 ngày trước khi trở lại câu lạc bộ.Tuy nhiên, ấn phẩm Telegraph lại khẳng định rằng, Fernandes vẫn sẽ góp mặt trong chuyến làm khách của Man United đến sân Newcastle United vào cuối tuần này.Nhật báo trên tiết lộ rằng, tiền vệ tấn công người Bồ Đào Nha không tiếp xúc quá gần với Ronaldo, vì vậy anh hoàn toàn có thể đảm bảo khả năng ra sân bất chấp việc siêu sao 35 tuổi mắc bệnh.Đây sẽ là thông tin cực kỳ tích cực dành cho Man United, bởi lẽ ở màn đối đầu sắp tới, họ đã nhận tổn thất rất lớn về mặt nhân sự khi bộ đôi tiền đạo Anthony Martial và Edinson Cavani đều vắng mặt.Ngoài thông tin có thể ra sân ở trận gặp Newcastle, Fernandes còn mang tới thêm 1 tin vui cho NHM Quỷ đỏ khi phủ nhận những tin đồn rằng anh có mâu thuẫn với HLV Solskjaer.Ngôi sao người Bồ Đào Nha được cho là đã rất giận dữ khi bị rút ra khỏi sân sau giờ giải lao, trong bối cảnh Man United đang thua 1-4 và chỉ còn thi đấu với 10 người.Chia sẻ trên A Bola sau chiến thắng 3-0 của Bồ Đào Nha trước Thụy Điển, Bruno Fernandes cho biết: "Xuất hiện rất nhiều tin đồn về mối quan hệ giữa tôi và HLV Solskjaer.Đầu tiên họ nói rằng tôi bất hòa với đồng đội, rồi xung khắc Lindelof và cuối cùng là tranh cãi Solskjaer.
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The UK is at a “tipping point” in the fight against coronavirus, a top scientist has warned, as millions in the north of England face a possible ban on mixing indoors and outdoors from Monday.Prime minister Boris Johnson is set to outline a new three-tiered system of restrictions with measures expected to force pubs and restaurants shut across the north of the country.Reports suggest under the top tier no household mixing will be allowed either, which could affect millions of people living in areas with high Covid-19 rates across England.It comes as England’s deputy chief medical officer Professor Jonathan Van-Tam said the country is at a tipping point similar to the first wave of coronavirus, but can prevent history repeating itself, PA Media reports.He said the best way to keep transmission low and stop the NHS being overwhelmed was for people to follow self-isolation guidance, wash their hands, wear face coverings and social distance.He added: “Earlier in the year, we were fighting a semi-invisible disease, about which we had little knowledge, and it seeded in the community at great speed.“Now we know where it is and how to tackle it – let’s grasp this opportunity and prevent history from repeating itself.”But leaders across Northern England have criticised the plans, accusing the government of treating the region as “second-class” and did not rule out possible legal action.The Sunday Times reported ministers were drawing up proposals to give town halls more powers over the test and trace system to try to secure their support.Meanwhile, people could be seen socialising in city centres across the UK – including Liverpool, Newcastle and London – on Saturday evening before pubs in their areas were potentially closed.It comes as the number of people in hospital with coronavirus increased across every part of England on Saturday – rising to 1,167 in the north west from 725 previous week.A further 15,166 lab-confirmed cases of coronavirus in the UK were reported on Saturday, and 81 more deaths were confirmed of people who died within 28 days of testing positive for Covid-19.Separate figures published by the UK’s statistics agencies show there have now been 58,000 deaths registered in the UK where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate.Under the proposed three-tier system, different parts of the country would be placed in different categories, with areas in the highest level expected to face the toughest restrictions.The Conservative Mayor of the Tees Valley Ben Houchen said the third tier restrictions are expected to run in four-week blocks, with pubs and bars being required to close and no household mixing will be allowed for socialising either indoors or outdoors.Real estate adviser Altus Group has said there are 7,171 pubs in areas with restrictions across the north of England at risk of temporary closure.Chancellor Rishi Sunak announced on Friday workers in businesses which are forced to close under the new restrictions will have two-thirds of their wages paid by the government.But Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham said that accepting Sunak’s financial package would be to “surrender” people to hardship in the run up to Christmas.Speaking at a press conference with political leaders from Liverpool, Sheffield and Tyneside on Saturday, Burnham said the measures risked “severe redundancies” and business closures.Burnham said the government was treating the North as second-class and did not rule out legal action.He added: “It will level down the north of England and widen the north-south divide.”The leaders of West Yorkshire councils also warned on Friday that “significantly” more financial support was needed to prevent an even deeper economic catastrophe.Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer was also critical of the business aid package and said the government had “lost sight of the guiding principle” that restrictions are always accompanied by appropriate economic support.But the Sunday Times reported plans are being drawn up to give local leaders powers to deploy an army of volunteer contact tracers as well as giving local authorities more control over mobile testing units and walk-in centres.A government spokeswoman said all financial support will be kept under review, to support businesses and protect jobs over the coming weeks and months.In North Wales, new coronavirus restrictions were introduced in Bangor at 6pm on Saturday, meaning people will not be allowed to enter or leave the area without a “reasonable excuse” and can only meet people they do not live with outdoors, it said.Related... I'm More Afraid Of A Second Trump Term Than My Cancer Coming Back. Here's Why Borat Just Joined Twitter And Is Already Trolling The Wawaweewa Out Of Trump 5 Fibs You Were Told This Week
Medical staff, supermarket workers and centenarians have all been awarded honours for their efforts during the Covid-19 crisis – and stepping up when the government didn’t. This year’s list was postponed from June so people who took to the frontlines in the fight against the pandemic could be recognised, amplifying the extent to which people across the UK were forced to fill the gaps in the government’s pandemic response. From a nurse who fought to raise awareness of the difficulties faced by Black, Asian and Ethnic Minority (BAME) employees to the Asda delivery driver who made sure vulnerable people could access essentials, here are just six of of the people honoured on the Queen’s birthday list: The nurse who fought for BAME colleagues Felicia Margaret Kwaku, 52, from Islington, is the associate director of nursing at Kings College NHS Foundation Trust, and has been awarded an OBE for services to her profession after months of speaking out about the devastating impact of the virus on her colleagues. From the early days of the pandemic it was evident to many medics that people from BAME backgrounds were being hit disproportionately hard by Covid, and doctors urged the government to investigate the startling disparity in deaths.But the GMB union criticised the government’s review, saying BAME workers had been “massively let down” by the lack of an independent investigation. Following news of her recognition on the queen’s birthday honours list, Kwaku said: “You can’t ignore the significant number of nurses and midwives who have died, and a significant number of them are from BAME backgrounds.“You can’t ignore the fact people have laid down their lives during this pandemic, it is only right, proper and fitting to honour them and honour those who continue to serve.”Kwaku also championed the cause of Filipino nurses, with analysis by the PA news agency showing at least five of 196 frontline health and care workers who have died after contracting Covid-19 since March were from the Philippines.She said she raised issues surrounding personal protective equipment (PPE) for BAME staff, particularly certain types of surgical masks built for white Caucasian males that do not fit properly for some Asian and Filipino nurses and doctors.On being appointed OBE, she said: “It’s my responsibility to represent my profession really well, and for BAME people who don’t get to these levels a lot it’s a real privilege for me.”The footballer who secured free school meals Before Marcus Rashford stepped in, low-income families across the country – and the organisations that work to support them – were worried that children would go hungry without free school meal vouchers through the summer. Until mid-June ministers had been adamant that the scheme would end when schools broke up in July, but the 22-year-old Manchester United forward eventually forced a government U-turn after his campaign piled significant pressure on leaders. Rashford has since announced he is launching a bid to extend the voucher scheme into the October, after forming a child food poverty task force. The team has linked up with some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets and food brands in a bid to prevent children from missing meals –  especially as more families start to feel the economic impact of Covid-19 with the furlough scheme coming to an end. The footballer has described his MBE as ‘humbling’ and vowed to continue fighting to protect the most vulnerable children.“I’m incredibly honoured and humbled. As a young black man from Wythenshawe, never did I think I would be accepting an MBE, never mind an MBE at the age of 22,” Rashford said in a statement via Manchester United.“The fight to protect our most vulnerable children is far from over.“I would be doing my community, and the families I have met and spoken with, an injustice if I didn’t use this opportunity to respectfully urge the PM to support our children during the October half-term with an extension of the voucher scheme, as the furlough scheme comes to an end and we face increased unemployment.“Another sticking plaster, but one that will give the parents of millions of children in the UK just one less thing to worry about.“Let’s stand together in saying that no children in the UK should be going to bed hungry. As I have said many times before, no matter your feeling or opinion, not having access to food is never the child’s fault.”The Asda worker who delivered to vulnerable peopleWhen Covid struck Geoff Norris, 53, who has worked for five years at Asda in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire, quickly realised that some of the most vulnerable people in society – especially the elderly – would struggle to access food and supplies during lockdown. In the absence of a government plan to reach isolated people, many of whom were forced to self isolate, Norris set up his own delivery service in his time off alongside thousands of other volunteers across the country. He explained: “As Covid hit and just before it started to lock down, you noticed all the delivery slots were being booked, everything was taken, so we were delivering to regular customers and on the last week or so before they were saying ‘we can’t get any slots’.“I turned round and said ‘look, I’ll see what I can do, just keep your eye open’.”He rallied “four or five” driver colleagues to volunteer their own time to pick shopping, go through the tills and deliver it in their own vehicles on a Sunday.He took orders by email and phone with the help of his wife Vanessa and 22-year-old daughter Anna, or if customers contacted the store directly colleagues passed on the order to him.They posted about what they were doing on a local Facebook group and were contacted by some people who lived many miles away but were calling, panicked about how to get food for vulnerable parents who had no internet.“I think we managed to do it for about 15 weeks,” said Norris. “Don’t get me wrong, it was hard but it was very rewarding seeing the gratitude you got from people that didn’t think they could get anything.”Norris also organised a surprise 90th birthday party for a regular customer of his, decorating the outside of her bungalow with balloons, buying her cake and flowers and reading out birthday messages from her family – who live in New Zealand – before singing Happy Birthday with his colleagues. Reflecting on the period of lockdown, the key worker added: “There were a lot of people that were in need and they were scared, the same as the whole country, and we just thought let’s just do something. We just did all we could.”The 100-year-old who raised £420k for the NHS Dabirul Islam Choudhury, 100, raised more than £420,000 by walking 970 laps of his garden in Bow, east London, while fasting during Ramadan – and has now been rewarded an OBE for his efforts. NHS Charities Together raised millions during lockdown as the public became even more acutely aware of the pressures on the NHS. The money hasn’t been spent on frontline equipment – instead going to enhance staff and patient wellbeing. Choudhury said: “I feel proud they have honoured me for the efforts I have done.“I thank everybody from the bottom of my heart.”His son Atique Choudhury, 57, said: “He [Dabirul] said his work hasn’t finished and he’s going to carry on working and raising money for people affected by Covid.“We are very proud of my father for walking his garden and raising money for a great number of people, and getting recognised for the work he’s done is an honour.”Of the total raised, nearly £116,000 was donated to the NHS while the remaining amount was divided between 30 charities in 52 countries as part of the Ramadan Family Commitment Covid-19 crisis initiative, run by British-Bangladeshi television broadcaster Channel S.Choudhury had initially set himself a challenge to walk 100 laps after being inspired by Captain Sir Tom Moore, the Second World War veteran who had set out to raise £1,000 by walking 100 laps of his garden before his 100th birthday in April, but ended up raising almost £33 million.The train driver who volunteered as a paramedic A trained paramedic turned train driver who spent lockdown rotating between her two jobs in an effort to help her former colleagues in the NHS has also been recognised on the Queen’s birthday honours list. Jolene Miller, 42, divided her time between Northern Rail and triage at Darlington Memorial Hospital, assessing patients as they came in for treatment.She had previously worked as a paramedic for about 13 years before becoming a train driver, and had kept her registration by working at events. When the coronavirus crisis started in March she was ready to volunteer, after being given permission by the train company.Miller, from Ingleby Barwick, Teesside, said: “Back in March services were being scaled down and I thought I cannot sit here and do nothing when I have skills that I could use elsewhere.”Miller, who works out of Darlington station and drives trains around the north east of England from Whitby to Newcastle, was swiftly sent to work in triage, assessing patients as they were taken to hospital.Her role freed up paramedics to go out on their next job, and allowed nurses to carry on with their vital work in the hospital.“On my first shift I was a bit nervous, nobody really knew what Covid-19 was like,” she said.“Once that was over I was fine, everyone pulls together and there was enough PPE where I was.”Miller said she was prepared to do it again, if the train company allowed it and if the need arose.She said: “They have things in place if we have a second wave so whether or not I would be needed again, I don’t know. Let’s hope not.”The fitness guru who kept kids in PE lessons Former personal trainer and fitness guru Joe Wicks is being made an MBE for helping children keep active with online PE lessons as schools closed around the world. With teachers left scrambling to pull together video lessons for children, some of whom spent close to six months at home, Wicks stepped in with YouTube workouts – raising £580,000 for the NHS in the process. He said: “My childhood and how I grew up, if you met me as a little boy you’d have thought, he’s not going to go anywhere, he’s not going to do anything great.“But I’ve turned it around and I really am proud I’ve become this person who’s helping people.”Wicks has previously told how he got into exercise and fitness because of his father’s addiction to heroin, a man who was “in and out of my life”.Now he has told PA: “I’m so determined to keep the conversation going around mental health and exercise and bringing your children into that environment where you exercise together.”Wicks, who struggled at first to get his business off the ground before uploading motivational clips on social media, said that PE With Joe is his “proudest achievement”.But “the MBE is the icing on the cake”, said the father-of-two, whose young children and wife Rosie also appeared in his workouts.“The impact I made on families and children’s mental health is what I’ll remember forever and I’m sure I’ll be talking about it in years to come.”He said of his workouts: “I would have been there if there was one person or a million people. I loved it, when it finished I really did miss it.“If you want me back, let me know! And if we go into another [national] lockdown I promise you I’ll be there every morning at 9am!” Related... More Than 7,000 University Students Across The UK Have Coronavirus Opinion: Covid Has Reignited The North-South Divide With A Vengeance Chris Evans Blasts Donald Trump Over Bewildering Statement About Coronavirus
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Not a single Covid marshal has been recruited in the six areas of England with the highest levels of coronavirus. In September, Boris Johnson announced that a force of “Covid-secure” marshals would be introduced to ensure social distancing rules were being followed in town and city centres. But more than a month on, and amid surging levels of Covid-19, councils in the very hardest hit areas have said that a delay in government funds has tied their hands when it comes to recruiting the marshals. Areas with the highest rates of Covid-19* Manchester – 504.5 cases per 100,000 population Knowsley – 488.7 cases per 100,000 population Liverpool – 464.0 cases per 100,000 population Newcastle upon Tyne – 427.4 cases per 100,000 population Nottingham – 380.6 cases per 100,000 population Leeds – 311.5 cases per 100,000 population *Summary data from September 27 to October 3 It was only on Thursday – a full month after the prime minister’s speech – that the government announced £30 million to help cash-strapped councils to cover the cost of the new roles. Manchester City Council, Leeds City Council and Nottingham City Council are among the local authorities that told HuffPost UK they had been unable to recruit marshals due to the hold-up in funding and lack of any guidance from central government. “We do not have dedicated Covid marshals,” a spokesperson for Manchester City Council said ahead of the funding announcement. “The reason why is one that’s been well documented across other local authority areas – the government has not made any money available to do so.“That isn’t to say that we would never be able to get them in place, but until we are given the resources it’s an unlikely prospect.” Meanwhile, a spokesperson for Leeds City Council said they had been unable to hire marshals due to the “current financial challenges”.Also speaking before the government’s cash pledge, they said: “We do have a range of enforcement resources across the council and within West Yorkshire Police. “With no additional funding provided by the government for Covid marshals, this is not something we need or are able to implement at the current time.”It’s not just local authorities in the very-hardest hit areas that have yet to employ marshals, either.A wider investigation by Politics Home revealed that just four councils among the top 100 with high coronavirus infection rates had recruited people for the job.Councils told HuffPost UK they had instead been relying on existing staff to carry out enforcement duties. While Manchester said it had been depending on police and its own compliance officers, Leeds said it had a “range of enforcement resources across the council and within West Yorkshire Police”. A spokesperson for Newcastle City Council said it would not be hiring any marshals because its work with police and other partners to enforce the measures “goes above and beyond the role of the marshals mentioned by the prime minister”. “We have qualified environmental health, trading standards and licensing officers actively patrolling the city day and night,” they said. The local authority in Knowsley, which had the second highest coronavirus infection rate in the country between September 27 and October 3, said that while it currently did not have any Covid marshals it “would consider this type of role”. According to the government, Covid marshals have successfully been rolled out by a number of other councils in England – including Charnwood Borough Council, Blackpool Council and Northamptonshire County Council. On Thursday, local government secretary Robert Jenrick announced the £30 million would “support their [councils’] work on compliance and enforcement in their communities”. He also announced £30 million for police forces.Local authorities will be able to spend the money on Covid marshals, staff training and sharing Covid-19 guidance, the government said. The funding has been welcomed by the Local Government Association (LGA), which said it was “helpful” that councils would be able to determine how best to spend the money. The LGA’s Nesil Caliskan said: “It is good that government has recognised the pressures on council enforcement officers and will provide additional funding for councils to support the enforcement of Covid-19 laws.”She added: “The pandemic has exacerbated pre-existing pressures on councils’ regulatory services, which in many places are now at tipping point.“As local authorities continue to lead local work to tackle Covid-19, the government needs to use the Spending Review to ensure councils have enough funding to maintain vital trading standards and environmental health services over the next six months and beyond.”Related... Covid Has Killed 122 Times More People Than The Flu In England And Wales Northern Mayors React With Fury To Prospect Of Pub Closures And Further Restrictions Alcohol Banned Indoors In Scottish Pubs And Restaurants For Two Weeks