She conceded Silicon Valley will continue its reign for years to come, though Israel could give it some competition.Arieli has faith in Israel because the government fosters young people's "soft skills," such as creativity and out-of-the-box thinking, from a young age.Since these high schoolers have accumulated little work experience by then, the military looks for soft skills and potential, according to Arieli.Once enlisted, "they're exposed to the biggest technological challenges and are empowered to actually solve them with very lean resources," Arieli says."The result of all that together is disruptive technology led and developed by young people."For example, the ultra-secretive Unit 8200 of the Israeli Defense Force produces an uncommonly large number of tech entrepreneurs.As a lieutenant in the elite intelligence unit, she led a team working with technology and also oversaw faculty at the intelligence office's training school.The company where she currently works, Start-Up Nation Central, is a nonprofit organization that connects international business and government leaders with Israeli innovators.Arieli says another important ingredient for the next Silicon Valley's success will be access to capital.More from Tech Insider:The new 'Zelda' didn't make the one major change it probably should have madeHere's what it's really like to have obsessive-compulsive disorderNo, you won't have to buy a new Xbox every year MSFT Apple is changing how read receipts work in the new Messages appThe new 'Legend of Zelda' gets rid of the worst thing about the seriesNOW WATCH: An Israeli startup invented a compost bin that converts kitchen waste to cooking fuelLoading video...
RaisedBy.Us, an organization that facilitates charitable giving at startups, has added three entrepreneurs and investors to its board of directors — Thrillist CEO Ben Lerer pictured above , VaynerMedia CEO Gary Vaynerchuk and Bonobos CEO Andy Dunn.The nonprofit works with startups so their employees can donate a set amount of each paycheck to the charity of their choice.The system is powered by Bright Funds, which offers tools for employee giving.RaisedBy.Us also offers guidelines on how to perform diligence on an organization, and it trains ambassadors who can help lead education, events and outreach in their own companies.It has already facilitated more than $600,000 in donations from New York-based companies including Shutterstock, Sailthru, Contently and Mic, and it projects that it will reach $1 million in donations by mid-2017.RaisedBy.Us is such an awesome organization because not only does it make donating super simple and efficient – but more importantly, it s creating a culture of giving within our ecosystem, said Lerer who actually joined six months ago in the board announcement.
Omnipresent online encyclopedia Wikipedia has received a large gift from the founder of another famous internet institution.Craig Newmark, the main man behind classifieds portal Craigslist, has donated $1 million to the Wikimedia Endowment, a collective action fund set up this year by the Wikimedia Foundation at the Tides Foundation with a goal of raising $100 million over the next decade.Founded by Newmark in 1995, Craigslist has changed very little from a design perspective over the past two decades, but it remains a popular portal for individuals buying, selling, and advertising stuff.eBay once held a stake in Craigslist, but sold it back to Craigslist last year.Newmark is also the main operator of Craigconnects, a service that publicizes charitable organizations.Wikipedia is where facts go to live, said Newmark in a press release.While $1 million is the largest donation yet specifically to the Wikimedia Endowment, larger sums have been given to Wikipedia s parent organization, the Wikimedia Foundation.But the nonprofit organization, which doesn t run third-party ads anywhere on its site, has come in for criticism for stockpiling money, leading some to question whether the generous public really should be donating tens of millions of dollars each year to support it.Wikipedia is a record of what happened and what is happening in the world, and we need that historical record to make good decisions, added Newmark.
Last week in Nairobi, over 700 people gathered to discuss how information and communications technologies ICTs are being utilized around the world to accelerate achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals SDGs .The annual ICT for Development ICT4D Conference hosted by CRS, NetHope, and others, highlighted the role that ICTs play in delivering critical services across a range of sectors, informing policy decisions, as well as improving monitoring and evaluation.At ICT4D, many non-profit organizations and aid institutions described how their operations, and thereby their impacts, improve with Internet access.The Red Cross and its partners developed a low cost fire detection solution deployed in family dwellings that can detect a fire and send alarms across the entire connected network via LoRa and text messaging.Second, existing models have succeeded at a relatively small scale but face a lack of early-stage financing, limited partnership opportunities, and unfamiliar or restrictive regulations.Credit: John Garrity
Students in the Girls Who Code program at the Brookview House.Homeless teens are working their tech-savvy sides thanks to a special club at their shelter.Brookview House executive director Deborah Hughes told The Huffington Post in an email that the club isn t just about helping the teens learn a cool, new skill — it s also about helping them prepare for the future.It is our hope that this confidence will propel them on to a track that leads to college.They re guided and coached through different modules by volunteers as well as members of the area s tech companies.In addition to gaining knowledge, Hughes told HuffPost that she s also noticed other positive changes in the teens since joining the club.
Digital Trends sat down with Joe Deshotel, the director of communications for Ride Austin, to get insight on how exactly this new venture plans to shake up ride-sharing.It s a unique way to both fill the ride-sharing void in Austin and help charities.And Ride Austin has an extensive plan to help the local community while building public interest.We already know that the University of Texas is interested in our transit data said Deshotel in terms of pickups, drop-off location, peak time, pricing fluctuation―all these things will be open to the public so that the public can engage and inform us as to how we can improve our service.After interviewing hundreds of drivers, the reaction has been very positive said Deshotel.Features like giving drivers someone to call if an issue arises have polled tremendously well, he said.
For example, here's a DIY video showing would-be Jihadists how to make weaponsIBTimes UKLike al-Qaeda before it, the Islamic State Isis has embraced technology to communicate, spread propaganda and target new recruits, but this new generation of digital jihadis has emerged in the era of free, easy-to-use and fully encrypted mobile messaging apps such as Telegram and WhatsApp.In many ways, at least on Telegram, many channels are similar in tone, speech and structure to a chatroom managed by Anonymous.It's a terrorist-themed whack-a-mole.Its telegram posts back up the idea that the group is extremely limited in actual hacking ability – in some cases proudly boasting about 'hacks' and defacements on websites including car dealerships, florists and CD-duplication studios.Graphics by Daesh supporters explain what a "Kafir" is and why they must be fought against on Telegram click to enlarge Interestingly, through our research on Telegram we also found numerous channels that seemed to be totally peaceful, posting mp3 recordings of imam's prayers and daily Quran scripture reminders.Indeed, some of these people know their way around Adobe Photoshop – bright graphics, striking fonts and perfectly angled shots of men on horseback.
Last month, Amazon announced that it's turning an old hotel it bought in downtown Seattle into a temporary shelter for homeless people.It's only going to be open through 2017.Amazon bought the land to turn it into part of its ever expanding campus.But for now, Amazon has partnered with nonprofit organization Mary's Place and the Seattle Mayor's office to run the shelter.Here's what it's like inside:Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.View As: One PageSlides
That approach comes in addition to a series of letters from a number of senators, including Ted Cruz, asking pointed questions of the organization and its links to the Chinese government.Reflecting a repeated assurance by assistant commerce secretary Larry Strickling that the National Telecommunications and Information Association NTIA is able to extend the current contract that it has with ICANN beyond September, Rubio's letter specifically asks Strickling to "consider an extension."Most significantly, back in July 2014 – four months after the transition was announced – he wrote a letter PDF to ICANN outlining a number of reforms that he felt needed to be in place before ICANN could be allowed to take over the IANA contract.That legal assessment was later abandoned when it was revealed to have been built on an almost comic interpretation of the law that comprised ignoring the parts of corporate code that didn't fit with its argument, sometimes even with wording contained in the same paragraph.Money, money, moneyAs well as frustrating reform efforts and hiding its true expenditures, a lack of accountability has also been highlighted in the company's wages.But in every case, the same corporate culture has managed to re-impose itself and undermine the very changes that were designed to cause a turnaround in its behavior.
For public radio fans, this means you ll soon get mobile apps that offer access to the full PRX catalog, including The Moth Radio Hour and the Radiotopia podcast network.And even if you re not a fan, the combined PRX-RadioPublic enterprise is a noteworthy attempt at creating a hybrid media business model.Now he s transitioning over to serve the same role at RadioPublic, and he told me that by building its own mobile apps, the company is hoping to help an entire industry rethink radio.In fact, RadioPublic has already raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Project11, The New York Times, Graham Holdings, UP2398, Knight Foundation Enterprise Fund, Matter Ventures, American Public Media, McClatchy and Homebrew.Shapiro described the decision to make RadioPublic a for-profit as very deliberate, saying it will allow the company to pursue a different kind of growth plan while remaining very aligned around the purpose and the mission.Kerri Hoffman, a longtime PRX executive who s taking over as CEO, said that launching RadioPublic allows PRX to relieve some of the internal tensions we have about our ambitions around how do we reach the audience in an increasingly mobile age.
Imagine serving your country in the United States Air Force.An innovative non-profit has taken matters into its own hands, and aims to effectively rehabilitate veterans into society by teaching them integral software development training skills to transition them into jobs in the tech sector.Considering that roles such as a Ruby on Rails developer top the highest pay in the nation for programmers, there is a high ROI for veterans, who invest time into this program.Vets Who Code is a streamlined, highly selective software development training program with the mission of transitioning military veterans into the vacancies of the technology sector.Stunning Success Rates of VetsWhoCode Motivate Future Expansion PlansWithin two years of launching the nonprofit, VetsWhoCode has trained 75 veterans across 12 different states, and boasts a 100% job acquisition rate.- Jerome Hardaway, Founder, US Air Force Veteran Employers need people that have the discipline to acquire those skills and acquire them quickly.