Recent satellite images show that North Korea had restarted a reactor in the nuclear energy area, which is used to produce plutonium for the country nuclear weapons programme, told the Guardian.North korea to observe us 38 North -a process said in the previous analysis of January 18. the day that the country seems to be preparing to restart Yongbyongin reactor.according to the Organization, North Korea has dismantled the spot of spent fuel rods, which are used for the plutonium in the manufacture of the country's nuclear arsenal.Images of January 22. day look water the clouds are likely warm to rise the reactor cooling for water removal from the tube, which gives shows that the reactor is very likely to be in operation , the agency report says.the Picture is, however, impossible to estimate what power level the reactor.the Report said that the reactor operators had been out of use in late 2015.
Us defense secretary Jim Mattis warned on Friday the North Korean nuclear weapons use and insurance at the same time the United states support a firm in South Korea.any attack on the united states or our allies we will be destroyed, and any use of nuclear weapons against him in reaction, which will be effective and withering , Mattis said the South Korean ministry of defense visit at the end.Mattis's comments come amid concerns that North Korea may be preparing a new missile test, which, in turn, could be a challenging thing to Donald Trump's new government, told Reuters news agency.North Korea against regular threats naapuvaltioonsa South Korea, which is, in turn, the United states allies.North Korea conducted more than 20 test launch of a missile last year as well as two nuclear test despite UN opposition and sanctions.North Korea will continue missile launches, his nuclear weapons programme development, as well as threatening behavior and rhetoric , Mattis said.
Jännitteeen increased on the Korean peninsula on Friday, told the economic newspaper the Financial Times.North Korea accused Us president Donald Trump "a vicious circle" development.the Country's deputy foreign minister Han Song Ryolta noted that North Korea could respond to U.s. reckless move "preventive strike".Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi warned in turn that konflkti the Korean peninsula may erupt "any minute now".He pointed out that the conflict broke out as the winner not be able to survive one.North Korea has made repeated nuclear tests, which have attracted international attention.
Chaired by President President Park Guen-Hye, the meeting will focus on proposed changes to current laws that will allow pilot programs for drones and driverless cars.Limitations on the exportation of map data created by the South Korean government to other countries means that Google Maps currently lacks many of the functions—such as 3D maps, driving and walking directions, and indoor maps—available to users elsewhere.South Korea approves map data exports only if certain satellite images are edited or obscured for example, blurring army bases or disguising them as forests , even though they are visible for users of Google Maps, Apple Maps, and similar services in other places.Ironically, the Google says the restrictions mean that Google Maps actually has more features in North Korea, including driving directions, than in South Korea.The South Korean government promised to make English-language digital maps available for companies in 2013, but Google said at the time that the new data did not have enough information to ensure that it can provide accurate directions.According to Joongang Daily link via Google Translate , the automaker sells its Sonata sedan with built-in Android Auto in 30 markets, but not in South Korea because the in-car operating system needs full access to Google Maps features.
North Korea released a new official portrait of dictator Kim Jong Un last week — and it was highly unusual in that it showed no signs of being touched up with Photoshop.It didn t stay that way for long.The Internet soon took over, with reddit leading the way in a classic Photoshop battle giving the young dictator the makeover he never wanted.Here are some of the best:There were several Kim Jong Trumps, likely in response to the presumed Republican nominee saying earlier this year that the young dictator deserves credit for taking control of the nation after the death of his father, Kim Jong Il:Netzfund aus der "Edit Kim Jong Un Challenge"There were also some Potatoheads:Characters from games, comics and animation:And, of course, Kim Jong Kardashian:
Of course, it s hard to think about something you know nothing about.Beyond his personal account, which documents his adventures around the world, Kelly curates Everyday DPRK, an Instagram account rich in snapshots and short videos that take you beyond the stereotypes and state-sanctioned stories.Every photo I take is a time-capsule of a culture and society unlike anywhere else in the world.Kelly was teaching at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology when he started posting to Instagram more than three years ago.Kelly likes shooting with an iPhone because he finds it less threatening as you go for the perfect candid street shot.I try to look for pure candid moments with the idea that photography should allow you to transplant yourself to the moment it was taken, he says.
The meetings included White House, State Department and FBI officials from the USA and corresponding officials from Russia.They also agreed on a tabletop exercise with the two countries, establishing a hotline mechanism for escalating issues to do with cyber crime and agreed to enhance cooperation on fighting 'cyber-enabled' crime, including things like theft of trade secrets, fraud and misuse of technology and communications for terrorist activities, and to enhance exchanges on network protection.Eugene Kaspersky, founder of the eponymous company, gave an explanation at a recent Kaspersky event at the Science Museum.Then you get less sharing as you move away from that inner core.""They have resources that the commercial sector will never have, like satellite imagery, and will have authorities that the commercial sector will have to execute their mission."In essence, as Kaspersky says, cyber security collaboration will continue to mirror collaboration within ordinary geopolitics.
What we are seeing from the smaller international or more regional type of banks is a situation where they don t know what to do to secure their systems against these threats, Douglas Gourlay, CEO of application-security firm Skyport Systems, told eWEEK.The tool was custom-made for this job, and shows a significant level of knowledge of SWIFT Alliance Access software as well as good malware coding skills, BAE Systems researcher Sergei Shevchenko stated in his report on the analysis.The theft has led to a great deal of finger-pointing, while at the same time bringing together the Bangladesh central bank, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the SWIFT Alliance in a joint investigation.The SWIFT Alliance refuted the arguments, stressing that none of the issues were caused by its systems, but by the insecurity of the Bangladesh Bank s infrastructure.Finally, financial institutions should focus on securing their logging services, as attackers will naturally attempt to corrupt or erase the logs to hide their tracks.Summing up the issues, SEC Chair Mary Jo White told attendees at the Reuters Financial Regulation Summit in Washington, D.C., that cyber-security has become the biggest problem facing the world s financial system.
That s what Dambuster Studios has done with Homefront: The Revolution, a fully open-world first-person shooter with an unusual cooperative multiplayer mode and an eye-catching story premise.Set in 2029, the collapse of capitalism has left the US in a state of anarchy while North Korea has emerged as the global powerhouse economy.You are cast as Ethan Brady, a just-recruited member of the rag-tag resistance taking on a vastly better equipped foe in Philadelphia.Parts of the city have been reduced to rubble, but the resistance has at least managed to establish a foothold in the abandoned underground system.The KPA has carved up the urban territory into zones, pretty much abandoning the red areas effectively rubble-strewn wastelands to the resistance; the yellow zones are where survivors are now being forced to live; and the green zones are where you find the KPA bases.Dambuster Studios has also taken a less-travelled path with the multiplayer side of the game, which consists of six cooperative missions with more to be added, for free, over the next year that are long and very hard.
Smartwatch manufacturer Pebble has smashed its $1 million crowdfunding target for two new devices – the Pebble 2 and Pebble 2 Time – and the brand new Pebble Core wearable in a matter of hours – raising $1,523,520 £1,041,290 from 8,298 backers at the time of publicationThe company launched its first smartwatch on Kickstarter in 2012, raising a staggering $10 million, and now the first major refresh of the hardware is set to follow in its footsteps.The Pebble 2 has standard features such as notifications, actionable tasks, water resistance to up to 30 metres and a timeline that shows you weather, calendar and other information on its e-paper display.It costs $99 £67 on Kickstarter and will retail for $129 £88 when it launches in September.It is also pricier at $169 £115 on Kickstarter and $199 £136 at retail when it is available to the general public in November.Adaptive fitness goals identify time in your schedule so you can get healthy when you can.Pebble says it can ship its products anywhere in the world except for Argentina, Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Myanmar/Burma, North Korea, Russia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.
"Pebble 2 and Time 2 come standard with multi-day battery life, water resistance down to 30 meters, and e-paper displays that make them readable indoors and out," the company says.The company says the monitor will provide an "accurate estimation" of the heart rate on a "periodic basis".The move to include the heart monitoring will also integrate with Pebble's latest health app, that it says will monitor steps, calories burned, active time, distance moved, resting heart rate and sleep.It is a shift towards the more capable abilities of the Apple Watch, which Tim Cook has said will monitor more information about its wearers in the future.The Pebble 2 is said to start shipping in September this year with the Time 2 following the device in November.Pebble says the device will have 4GB of storage for music, a headphone jack, and a battery that will last for nine hours while playing locally stored music and tracking a person's location.
An F-16 fighter jet from South Korea Air Force flies over Seoul air base during the 65th anniversary of the Republic of Korea Armed Forces Day in September 2013South Korea Air Force website has been hit by hackers, which has led to the site being down for over two weeks, as officials investigate the cause and extent of the cyberattack.Officials claim the website was hacked a couple of weeks ago and that the air force stopped using the website from 12 May when suspicious code was found within the system.An unnamed South Korean Air Force official told the Korea Times: "Malignant code was found in the website program, so the Air Force stopped operating the website from May 12.The probe into the hacking was launched on 12 May after the military was notified of unknown emails being sent to local defence contractors.The air force also stressed that there was no possibility of classified military data having been leaked, especially given that the website functions separately from the internal networks.In light of several signal jamming attacks that targeted the country's naval operations, the South has decided to deploy countermeasures.
"No Man's Sky," easily one of the most anticipated games of the year, is reportedly delayed out of its June release date — and it's currently unclear when the game will finally launch.Two alleged sources told Kotaku that No Man s Sky will no longer come out on June 21.The source said GameStop stores were recently told the June 21 release date was no longer correct and that they should cover it up with a Coming Soon label.No Man s Sky was unveiled two years ago at the annual E3 game conference in Los Angeles.The game was the talk of the show: It promised an infinite procedural universe where players could seamlessly hop from planet to planet, explore every crack and crevice, and discover unique flora and fauna — all without a single loading screen.It was the ultimate dream for anyone who's ever wanted to explore the universe in their own personal spaceship.Even more incredible: This game was somehow pulled off by a tiny development studio in the UK, called Hello Games.Since that E3, we didn't hear much actual news about No Man s Sky  until early March, when Sony and Hello Games finally announced the June 21 release date for the game.If there is indeed a delay so close to launch, hopefully it s to make minor tweaks and additions to make the game feel more complete, as opposed to fixing any major or fundamental aspects of the game.
I believe this has power to bring freedom to my country," said Jung Gwang-il, founder of the group No Chain, holding up a USB flash drive as he spoke at the Oslo Freedom Forum on 25 May Wednesday, according to CNN."A USB flash drive costs a month's wage for a North Korean worker, but despite high costs, the North Korean people desire outside info."Over 1,000 USB sticks delivered via droneDrones are being flown into North Korea bearing payloads of USB sticks and SD cards containing Western and South Korean TV shows, films and offline access to WikipediaAlthough the potential use of consumer unmanned aerial vehicles UAV has been repeatedly discussed amongst activists, this is the first time that a group has admitted using the technology.In February, HRF also launched a worldwide campaign together with Silicon Valley non-profit organisation Forum 280 called "Flash Drives for Freedom", asking netizens to donate as many working USB memory sticks as possible, and the campaign is still seeking more flash drives.The idea is to donate these memory sticks to North Korean refugee-led organisations, who will fill the drives with Western TV shows and films in order to dispel the lies and illusions the regime tells its people – such as claims that the West and South Korea are dangerous, hostile, poor and vastly inferior to North Korea.Of course, there is a risk of the drones being captured, but that risk is outweighed by the potential benefit of being able to get much more outside information into North Korea than ever before, and activists don't need to worry about having to bribe locals and soldiers on the border, or about risking capture from travelling to the territory.
The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam talked to F-Secure's Chief Research Officer Mikko Hypponen said North Korea was behind against the Swift system of robbery. - I do not claim that the attacks against the SWIFT system came from North Korea, but they came from North Korea, Hypponen said. At least the central bank of Bangladesh has failed to take the spoil of $ 81 million. Hyppönen, however, that all changed last Christmas, when saw the first kybersodankäynniksi be named the blow. Break in a length of several hours. The blow was well coordinated.
With the help of the Human Rights Foundation, activist Jung Kwang-il and his cohorts have been using hexacopter drones to carry SD cards and USB drives into the country.Jung claims that his group, entitled No Chain, has been smuggling in the illegal imports since early 2015 in an effort to enlighten the country s citizens.Since launching the operation last year, No Chain and the Human Rights Foundation have successfully managed to sneak over 1,000 SD cards and flash drives into North Korea.The Human Rights Foundation agreed to fund his group as part of its ongoing mission to challenge the country s dictatorial grip over its citizens.The regime is trying to stop soap operas, Hollywood films, and things like K-pop.In the past, South Koreans have used radio transmissions, and released balloons carrying pamphlets into the country, in order to communicate with their neighbors.
It was a big deal for the people of Vietnam when the President of the United States visited their country earlier this week.But sadly, posting about the event on Facebook proved rather difficult.Reuters cites sources from two activist organizations—Access Now and Viet Tan—that both claim Facebook was restricted and at times blocked in Vietnam during the presidential visit.The restrictions were, according to the sources, put in place so that people were unable to organize protests via the social network.Reuters explains that it s not the first time that Vietnam has blocked Facebook—apparently it did so earlier this year when protests broke out over fish stocks and ahead of parliamentary elections.China, Uganda, Turkey and North Korea have all been known to censor social networks in the past.
View photosMoreFILE - In thus Dec. 16, 2014 file photo, North Koreans gather at the Mansu Hill where the statues of the late leaders Kim Il Sung, and Kim Jong Il tower over them, in Pyongyang, North Korea.Cybersecurity researchers say it s possible that North Korea is behind a recent hacking that resulted in the theft of millions of dollars from the Bangladesh central bank and the attempted thefts of millions more from other Asian banks.AP Photo/Wong Maye-E, File NEW YORK AP — Cybersecurity researchers say North Korea might be connected to a recent attack that resulted in the theft of over $100 million from the Bangladeshi central bank and the attempted thefts of millions more from other Asian banks.According to the Symantec research, the malware's rare code also showed up in the October 2015 hack of a bank in the Philippines and another of a Vietnamese bank about two months later, tying both to the breach of the Bangladesh bank.Earlier this month, the global money-transfer coordinator Swift reported a new cyberattack against another unnamed bank.Follow Bree Fowler at
The Lazarus group is believed to be behind the 2009 Sony hackThe hackers behind the Bangladesh bank cyberheist have targeted yet another bank.A bank in Philippines was found to have been the fourth victim of targeted attacks by cybercriminals using the same malware that saw $81m £55.2m stolen from Bangladesh's central bank.However, researchers are still investigating details about the code used in the Ecuadorean bank hack.Now a fourth unnamed bank in Philippines has also found to be linked to the Swift malware, although details about the attack, including whether funds were stolen, are yet to be revealed."We've never seen an attack where a nation-state has gone in and stolen money," he added.Given the hacker group's previous exploits, the security and financial community has been on alert and in efforts to prevent further attacks, has initiated Operation Blockbuster — which involves sharing of information about the group to mitigate more such attacks in the future.
The malware used to steal $81 million from Bangladesh Bank has links to the 2014 attack on Sony PicturesMalware links suggest that North Korean hackers might be behind recent attacks against several Asian banks, including the theft of US$81 million from the Bangladesh central bank earlier this year.Symantec confirmed the earlier findings of researchers from BAE Systems who found code similarities between the Bangladesh Bank malware, which was used to modify SWIFT transfers, and the malicious program used in attacks against Sony Pictures Entertainment in December 2014.The hacker group behind the Sony attack is known in the computer security industry as Lazarus and has been active since at least 2009, primarily targeting organizations from the U.S. and South Korea."Symantec has identified three pieces of malware which were being used in limited targeted attacks against the financial industry in South-East Asia: Backdoor.Fimlis, Backdoor.Fimlis.B, and Backdoor.Contopee," the Symantec researchers said in a blog post.The primary link is a portion of code that wipes files using a unique routine.The announcement comes after a Bloomberg report that up to a dozen banks from Southeast Asia have hired security firm FireEye to investigate potential security breaches and SWIFT irregularities on their networks.