Lake Erie may be the warmest and shallowest of North America's Great Lakes, but it's more beast than beauty.The world's 12th largest lake is notoriously stormy and has been known to pound boats, break walls, and beaches with waves reaching 25 feet.His work captures Lake Erie at its most turbulent, creating mesmerizing images that show the grace and power of the natural world.Sandford shares some of his photos with us.Follow him on Instagram and Facebook for more.His camera gear is protected in water-housing equipment from Aquatech Imaging Solutions.
Neste Group runs benign and may bypass öljymatalikon reasonable you go alone. According to forecasts, the $ 50 limit will soon receive. Renewable diesel is known as the company has been able to navigate the profitability öljykarikoiden past more successfully than traditional oil companies, the results of which collapsed earlier this year. The interim period suggests that the refinery is capable of producing such high profitability of Russian oil for petrol and diesel. Porvoo sells bensiiniään a record pace in North America and the United States. Neste's CFO Jyrki Mäki-Kala says that the United States, Chevy is left increasingly to the roads, which is reflected in the sharp curve of the total gasoline consumption.
NetEase is one of the first major game companies to commit support for Google s new virtual reality initiative.The Chinese publisher and developer announced that it is making a game for Daydream, Google s new mobile VR platform that it talked about at Google I/O event today.The title is Twilight Pioneers, an action role-playing game with a fantasy setting.As one of the first developers globally to feature on Google I/O 2016, we are pleased to be among the first companies to commit to making games for Daydream, NetEase chief executive officer and director William Ding noted in a press release.Leveraging our track record in game development and innovation, we are confident of delivering the superior VR gaming experience to players in China and around the world.NetEase has previously worked on mobile games like Chrono Blade and a licensed app based on the movie Kung Fu Panda 3.It also runs many of Blizzard s games, including Hearthstone, in China.NetEase opened a U.S. division earlier last year to release games in North America, starting with Speedy Ninja for mobile.
The company also Wednesday forecast revenue in the current quarter that topped analysts estimates, sending shares up as much as 6.6 percent in extended trading.Chief Executive Officer Marc Benioff is benefiting from a multiyear effort to persuade corporations to adopt software delivered over the Internet, or the cloud.During a call with analysts, the company touted new deals with Samsung Electronics Co., Uber Technologies Inc. and Inc. that expanded on existing relationships.Revenue increased 27 percent to $1.92 billion in the fiscal first quarter ended April 30, topping the average estimate of $1.89 billion.Over the last three years -- as successful as the company has always been -- we have put a particular emphasis on the enterprise and a focus on expansion in our international markets, Keith Block, president and chief operating officer, said on a conference call with analysts.Benioff said the company will continue to look for new ways to work with Amazon s cloud services, which provide computing power and storage for customers.The acquisition will help it offer AI capabilities to automate and personalize customer support, marketing and many other business processes.
Researchers working in Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument discovered the new species of dinosaur— a large, horned, herbivorous creature that could have been anywhere from 19 to 26 feet long and weighed in at one to two tons.The dinosaur, named Machairoceratops cronusi, is thought to have lived about 77 million years ago.Even in a place like western North America, where intense work has been conducted over the past 150 years, we are still finding species new to science," Patrick O Connor, a coauthor on the study reporting the find, said in a statement.Related: Fearsome dinosaur-age 'hammerhead' reptile ate … plants?Dinosaurs in this group, called Centrosaurine ceratopsids, had horns, beaks, and neck shields.Machairoceratops is unique in possessing two large, forward curving spikes off of the back of the neck shield, each of which is marked by a peculiar groove extending from the base of the spike to the tip, the function of which is currently unknown, Erik Lund, one of the researchers involved in the discovery, said in a statement.
A new Hong Kong smartphone app offers users relief from the tedium of telephone hotlines that steer callers through a labyrinth of recorded messages.The launch version of the application, which is free to download, is able to read 800 hotlines, including those of banks, telecom companies, airlines and Hong Kong government departments.WATCH how quickly Skipmenu navigates a hotline When calling a faceless entity like the Inland Revenue Department, you can waste 10 minutes on average listening to press one for this or press two for that , says Gabriel Chan, Skipmenu founder and chief executive.By seeing all the options on the screen, rather than hearing them, you can connect in seconds.The only thing more annoying was call centres being located outside Britain, which has long been a common gripe in the country.If you look at the stats, an overwhelming majority are calling more than anything else.
The move to SIM-free online sales has benefited Chinese upstarts and left former favourites like Sony and HTC in the dust, analyst Anshul Gupta told us.They haven t changed at all, while the market has changed drastically.Gupta paid credit to the Chinese for allaying fears of poor aftersales service."I don t see that even Samsung provides software updates as soon as they re available.Gupta says Samsung has been obliged to accept lower margins with its J series models, with strong specs 4G, more memory, quad core processors for the $115 price point emerging markets need in its J models.Strategy Analytics caused a stir late last month when it asserted that overall shipments fell for the first time ever in Q1.
Leader of Google s Virtual Reality VR team Clay Bavor announced on Thursday at Google s I/O 2016 conference that leading Chinese game developer NetEase has become one of the first 10 major game developers supporting Google s VR platform Daydream, introduced together with Android and AI updates.Presented also at the event was Twilight Pioneers, a VR action role-playing game that NetEase developed for Daydream, to be launched this November.Last February, NetEase established a division in North America, working to release its mobile games overseas.According to Analysys, the market for online games in China was worth RMB 136.2 billion in 2015.The number is predicted to reach RMB 151.6 billion in 2018.Data from NetEase show that the company s annual net income in 2015 was RMB 22.8 billion USD 3.5 billion , amongst which online games generated RMB 17.3 billion, a year-on-year growth of 86.9%.Daydream is a new virtual reality hardware and software platform that Google built upon Android N, Google s latest Android mobile operating system.Google Cardboard was released two years ago.A total of over 5 million units have been shipped by this February, and the Cardboard platform has gained more than 50 million downloads of VR apps from the Play Store.To surpass Cardboard, Daydream will address the motion-to-photon latency problem and offer a better VR gaming experience.Daydream requires specific hardware components to be compatible, including special varieties of sensors and screens.The Daydream-compatible phones available this fall are produced by Samsung, HTC, LG, Huawei, Alcatel, ZTE, Xiaomi, and Asus.Top photo from Baidu Images
But for Shuichi Kobayashi, producer of the upcoming Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness known simply as Star Ocean 5 , wildly sprawling narratives and content for content's sake just won't cut it any more.Star Ocean 5 is on a different path, one where even RPG newcomers can give it a try—and Kobayashi, visiting London on his first trip outside of his native Japan, knows just how to make it happen.This is a bold move for a series that has for the past 20 years done a better job than most RPGs in building an audience around a consistent game design, one of real-time battles there's no turn-based tomfoolery here , kawaii characters, and outlandish cut scenes."From the core Star Ocean fans that have been following the series for a long time, there have been mixed opinions about Star Ocean 5.What we did this time was slightly change the focus, though."The obtuse conversations with NPCs and the drawn-out cut scenes have been scaled back in favour of properly integrating the story into quests.
Blizzard s next big game is coming a little earlier than expected … depending on what continent you live on.The developer has revealed when the servers for its anticipated online shooter Overwatch will go live.When it becomes available, it ll be 4 p.m. Pacific and 7 p.m. Eastern on May 23.You can see what times it ll go live around the world in the image below.Overwatch drew almost 10 million players during its open beta.Now, you ll have to pay if you want to experience more of the game.Overwatch is Blizzard s first new intellectual property in decades.For years, the company has depended on Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo.If it s a success, Overwatch can give Blizzard another reliable franchise in its already impressive stable.
Gran Turismo Sport, the next major release in the popular Gran Turismo racing franchise, will be released on November 15 in North America and Japan.Sony and Polyphony Digital first unveiled the game at the annual Paris Games Week trade show last October.With today s announcement comes a new trailer and details regarding both a pre-order bonus and a limited edition version.Those who pre-order GT Sport will receive the 3-Car Pack which grants early access to the Ford Mustang Group B Rally Car, the Toyota FT-1 Vision GT Group 3 and the Peugeot 908 HDi FAP LMP1.Individual retailers including GameStop and Amazon are also offering their own pre-order bonuses consisting of various cars, avatars, themes and in-game credit.The limited edition bundle, priced at $69.99, includes what Sony says is more than $130 in content including the GT Sport starter pack eight cars , a livery sticker pack, 30 GT Sport-themed avatars, an in-game racing helmet, a limited edition steel book plus packaging and $1 million of in-game credit.
Gran Turismo producer Kazunori Yamauchi revealed the first details of upcoming PS4 racer GT Sport at a press conference in London , confirming details of the game's main Sport Mode and its offline campaign mode.The game will feature 137 "Super Premium" cars – a mix of real and concept vehicles split into four classes – each of which has been remodelled by developer Polyphonic Digital since Gran Turismo 6.He also described it as "the most innovative GT since the original".Other features talked about at the event include a redesigned museum mode for showcasing vehicle models, the ability to create custom car decals for the first time in the series, an improved photo mode called "Scapes" that supports 4K images, and a smartphone companion app.A livestream to be held at 6:30pm BST will reveal the first gameplay from GT Sport.GT Sport was announced during a Sony press conference held at Paris Games Week in October 2015.
Instead of purchasing four monitors to spread out across your office desktop, why not simply purchase a big screen with four inputs?The specs also show a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, a decent maximum brightness of 350 cd/m2, a somewhat lengthy response time of eight milliseconds, and 178-degree viewing angles, meaning the screen can be seen without distortion from a number of different viewpoints.On the visual connectivity front, the multi-client monitor provides one DisplayPort 1.2 connector, one mini DisplayPort 1.2 connector, two HDMI 1.4 ports, and one VGA port for old-school desktops and laptops.There s also a built-in cable management system so that the numerous cords aren t draped everywhere and creating an ugly mess on the desktop.As the top monitor brand in the world for three years and in North America for 16 years running, we want to show our commitment to our customers by teaming directly with those who would benefit most from this monitor, specifically financial traders and software developers, said Bert Park, vice president and general manager, Dell Global Software and Peripherals.Customers can get up to 10 percent back in rewards with Dell Advantage, free two-day shipping, and a three-year limited warranty with Advanced Exchange.
The Nigerian army is moving into a Boko Haram forest stronghold to rescue the rest of the more than 200 schoolgirls who were abducted in April 2014.3.ISIS is planning a wave of terrorist attacks in France, the country's internal intelligence agency chief, Patrick Calvar, said in a rare warning to the parliament's defense committee.Gap is closing up to 75 stores, mostly outside the US, in an effort to achieve $275 million in annual pre-tax savings.The European Union will miss a June deadline to grant visa-free travel to Turkey unless the country adjusts its anti-terrorism law so that the punishment for crimes is more in line with EU regulation.The EU has proposed relaxing travel rules for Turks in exchange for Turkey's help in preventing the flow of migrants into Europe.10.Singh is the only person who correctly predicted a Conservative majority in last year's UK general election.And finally ...Italy cooked the world's longest pizza, which stretches one mile and is topped with nearly 1,500 kilograms of tomato sauce and two tons of mozzarella.NOW WATCH: FORMER GREEK FINANCE MINISTER: The single largest threat to the global economyLoading video...
While I was in Santa Monica and Jeff Grubb was at Casual Connect in Singapore, Jason Wilson and Mike Minotti were driven to exhaustion keeping up with all of the gaming news.And now I ve returned home so that I can continue playing Doom, the remake of the classic shooter from Bethesda s id Software.We saw a decline in April in both hardware and software sales in the month of April.Signs abound that the Chinese have growing ambitions.Microsoft s Minecraft has sold more than 100 million units since 2011, but it is only now finally entering the Chinese market.And new platforms are awakening.Google s focus is on the low end, moving beyond the Cardboard VR headset introduced two years ago.Blizzard looks like it has another winner in Overwatch.
Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moonare the next major entries in the insanely popular catch- em-all franchise.According to the game's product listing on Amazon, it will take place across a series of unique tropical islands, an archipelago, if you will."Embark on a new adventure as a Pokemon Trainer and catch, battle, and trade all-new Pokemon on the tropical islands of a new Region and become a Pokemon Champion!You can look at each of the new starter Pokemon in detail below:RowletCategory: Grass Quill PokemonHeight: 1 00 Weight: 3.3lbsAbility: OvergrowRowlet is a grass/flying type Pokemon, and as you can see, is cute as a button.LittenCategory: Fire Cat PokemonHeight: 1 04 Weight: 9.05lbsType: FireAbility: BlazeLitten is certainly going to win the hearts of all cat fans.Let us know in the comments below.
Facebook might be hosting upwards of 8 billion views per day on its platform, but a wide majority of that viewership is happening in silence. As much as 85 percent of video views happen with the sound off, according to multiple publishers. Take, for instance, feel-good site LittleThings, which is averaging 150 million monthly views on Facebook so far this year. Eighty-five percent of its viewership is occurring without users turning the sound on. Similarly, millennial news site Mic, which is also averaging 150 million monthly Facebook views, said 85 percent of its 30-second views are without sound. PopSugar said its silent video views range between 50 and 80 percent. The news shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, as Facebook has built a video ecosystem that does not require users to turn the volume up — and publishers have been more than happy to play ball. Most users’ news feeds are now inundated with short videos that feature text or captions narrating what’s being shown on screen. While most of these videos feature narration or some form of background music, the intent is to make it easy for people to consume the information presented in the videos without needing to turn the sound on. “From day one, there pretty much has been the psychology that you have to catch their attention immediately,” said Gretchen Tibbits, chief operating officer for LittleThings. Facebook counts a view at three seconds, which means publishers have to find ways to convince users to stick around in order to capture that view. “But while the first three seconds are critical, the video also has to be designed to capture attention without needing sound,” said Tibbits. Tailoring content to the whims of the Facebook news feed has helped publishers scale on the platform. It’s also turned news feeds stale as publishers put up countless videos that have the same look and feel. Take, for instance, this NowThis video about a Tylenol ingredient that makes people less empathetic and this Tech Insider video about a futuristic bike. While they focus on completely different topics, the key ingredients are the same: a striking visual or message up front followed by a text-heavy explanation of the content. But it works, which means publishers will continue to do this type of content. When it comes to distributing branded content, advertisers for the most part have also come to terms with these quasi-silent videos as the de facto standard — non-live edition — for Facebook. And in these instances, the format works. According to MEC North America, branded videos from its clients average 85-90 percent silent video views. But that doesn’t mean consumers are less engaged. Internal studies conducted by the agency showed that KPIs like brand lift and intent to purchase were not affected by whether the viewer watched the video with the sound on or off, said Noah Mallin, head of social for the agency. “Sound is still an option [on Facebook], but it’s not required,” said Rye Clifton, director of experience at GSD&M. “If you can make something compelling without needing people to turn the audio on, you’re ahead of people who are not thinking that way.” But that’s only if the content is completely made for Facebook. It’s different when it’s a paid media buy for a video ad that wasn’t intended solely for Facebook. When measuring the performance of campaigns on a cost-per-view basis, nine times out of 10, YouTube will come in at a lower price than Facebook, according to Nick Pappas, CEO of SwellShark. (A hurdle here is that Facebook only charges advertisers for three-second or 10-second views, whereas on YouTube, advertisers can pay based on completed views.) “As a paid advertising channel, [Facebook] works sometimes, but it’s so important to have creative that meets the criteria of the platform — otherwise it can be a waste of money,” he said.
Twitch had just launched, and only the top players could make a living of the winnings.Since then, professional e-sports has become a global industry, and has gained interest from major players like Disney and Time Warner, and ESPN is set to launch a dedicated e-sports channel.Indeed, the worldwide e-sports market has reached more than 134 million viewers, and major brands like Coca Cola, Red Bulland Bud Light are backing the growing arenaof e-sports.According to Statista, the majority of revenues is from sponsorships and advertising, with a total of $579 million in revenues, followed by betting and fantasy sites at $55 million, prize pools at $55 million and amateur tournaments, merchandise and ticket sales at $61 million.Even though women represent half of the game-playing market, women comprise only 20 percent of the e-sports audience.The gambling industry is following e-sports closely, and projected fans to bet around $23.5 billion on e-sports by 2020.
First, there were single-cup coffee brewers that followed and claimed to be better than Keurig, from Nespresso, Mr. Coffee and Lavazza to name a few.Later came cold drink machines like the Bartesian for cocktails, or PicoBrew for craft beer.Camellia Labs, founded in 2014 by CEO Guarav Chawla and Samip Bhavsar, recognizes that coffee isn t king the world over.Camellia Labs created a single-cup brewer for chai, and sees a huge potential market in the South Asian diaspora in North America.Real chai is a completely different thing than the watery imitations and sweet, boxed or powdered mixes that pass for a chai or chai latte at most U.S. coffeeshops, including Starbucks, the cofounders said.IMAGE HAS BEEN MODIFIED
GIFEarlier this month, there was an LA-area car chase involving a Mercedes, a bunch of traffic, and some crazy low-speed maneuvering.Look at these screenshots I grabbed at random intervals: it s a gravel-like sea of white, black, and gray.Sure, there s a sprinkling of a few blues, a couple dark reds, and, thanks to a fellow yellow classic Beetle driver that one looks like a 72 and a bright red Miata, a little bit of actual color.Color still thrives in certain niche cars: retro inspired vehicles Mini, Fiat 500, Camaro/Mustang, Beetle , super-cheap cars Mirage, Fiesta , and supercars Lambos, Ferraris, Porsche, etc but, really, that s about it.White, black, grey, and silver combined make up 74 percent of the car colors in North America.Bright, deep, pastel, dark, earth tones, artificial, subtle or shrieking, anything.