De facto one-party state decrees censorship scheme that sounds a lot like China's Great Firewall Cambodia has formally announced a National Internet Gateway that will filter all traffic coming into the country, or traversing networks within its borders.…
Sweden has decided to ban Chinese telecoms vendors Huawei and ZTE from its rollout of 5G networks. In a statement, the Swedish Post and Telecom Authority said that the “influence of China’s one-party state over the country’s private sector brings with it strong incentives for privately-owned companies to act in accordance with state goals and... Read more » The post Sweden bans Chinese vendors Huawei and ZTE from its 5G networks appeared first on Telecoms Tech News.
Coronavirus has changed everything. Make sense of it all with the Waugh Zone, our evening politics briefing. Sign up now.US secretary of state Mike Pompeo has told Tory MPs the UK must be less naive about China and develop a “grand strategy” for a tougher approach to Beijing, HuffPost UK has learned.Pompeo held the controversial private meeting with China-sceptic Tories before talks with Boris Johnson on Tuesday.Pompeo was said to be pleased about recent moves by the UK government to strip Chinese telecoms firm Huawei out of the UK’s 5G infrastructure and to make diplomatic moves against Beijing in response to its national security law in Hong Kong.But the secretary of state told MPs that he wants to see the UK now adopt a harder “grand strategy” across Whitehall to counter Chinese influence in the West, a source said.“It’s clear that the US wants the UK to move further and faster in this area,” they said.Another source described Pompeo taking a “collegiate” approach as part of a mission to build a “coalition” of people with “significant concerns” about China and a “shared sense of values”.Paraphrasing the secretary of state, they said his concerns were broadly that “China was a one party state, was not a friend to democracy, did bad things at home and we need to be less naive really about it, which I agree with.”Pompeo is said to have told MPs that the West needs to be more “realistic” about Beijing.Following Johnson’s subsequent meeting with Pompeo, No.10 said the pair discussed the situation in China and the need for members of the Five Eyes security alliance to work on the “technologies of the future”.They also spoke about “shared global security” and the situation in China’s Xinjiang province, amid fresh outrage over the apparent persecution of Uighur people after a video circulated online showing prisoners bound and blindfolded in a train station.Frosty relations between the US and China led to president Donald Trump’s administration imposing sanctions on Huawei over security concerns – a decision that played a major part in the UK government’s move last week to demand that the Chinese technology giant’s equipment is stripped out of the country’s burgeoning 5G network by 2027.Pompeo’s arrival also came after the UK not only suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong but also slapped an arms embargo on the territory in response to China’s national security law.Britain has already offered citizenship to overseas nationals in Hong Kong who wish to flee amid fears of a crackdown by Beijing.Backbench Tories have been pressing for a tougher approach to China, particularly in relation to its role in building nuclear power plants in Britain.But the government’s U-turn on Huawei – a reversal of the announcement in January allowing it a limited 5G role – and approach to Hong Kong has left China aggrieved.On Tuesday, China warned Britain will “bear the consequences” of going “down the wrong road” after the UK suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong.A spokesperson for the Chinese embassy in London said Beijing had expressed its concerns over the UK interfering in Hong Kong affairs “which are internal affairs of China”.“Now the UK side has gone even further down the wrong road in disregard of China’s solemn position and repeated representations,” the spokesperson said in a statement on the embassy’s website.“It once again contravened international law and the basic norms governing international relations and blatantly interfered in China’s internal affairs in an attempt to disrupt the implementation of the National Security Law for Hong Kong SAR and undermine the city’s prosperity and stability.“China urges the UK side to immediately stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs, which are China’s internal affairs, in any form.“The UK will bear the consequences if it insists on going down the wrong road.”Related... Spy Agencies 'Didn't Do Enough To Protect Brexit Vote From Russian Interference' Boris Johnson's Refusal To Probe Brexit Vote Is 'Green Light For Russian Meddling'
Personal “creditworthiness” or “trustworthiness” points will be used to reward and punish individuals and companies by granting or denying them access to public services like health care, travel, and employment, according to a plan released last year by the municipal government of Beijing.We are iPhone owners and Amazon Prime members, not vassals of a one-party state.Among other things, it showed how the company engineered sneaky ways to obtain continually updated SMS and call data from Android phones.As the idea of a “right to privacy,” for example, starts to seem hopelessly old-fashioned and impractical in the face of ever-more-invasive data systems—whose eyes and ears, i.e., our smartphones, follow us everywhere—so has our belief that other individual rights, like freedom of speech, are somehow sacred.Amazon and Microsoft are both expected to be major bidders for the Pentagon’s secure cloud system, the Joint Enterprise Defense Initiative—JEDI—a winner-take-all contract that will likely be worth at least $10 billion.The company’s security chief quit in protest when he learned of the program.
Since 2010, there is no Google in China.internet Users in the country can not reach the company's search engine then it is blocked by the regime.eight years ago, pulled the company back from the one-party state in protest against the strict internet censorship.Already this summer, reported the website The Intercept, citing leaked documents, that Google should be six to nine months to introduce a new mobile app in the chinese market.the search Engine to remove the results that the chinese government does not want the population to be able to take part of.Read more: Leaked documents: Google will censor in China
Since 2010, there is no Google in China, and internet users in the country can not reach the company's search engine then it is blocked by the regime.eight years ago, pulled the company back from the one-party state in protest against the strict internet censorship prevailing in the country, after having had a censored search engine adapted to China since 2006.But now it can be change on time.Google is about to be six to nine months to introduce a new mobile app that picks away the results that the chinese government does not want the population to be able to take part of, reveals The Intercept, which obtained classified documents in the case.Read more: Facebook invests heavily in China – despite the state's ban.the App will work on Android phones, which 95% of the chinese population uses.
The UK’s longest serving mayor could see his post wiped out if he’s defeated in a fierce new Labour selection battle, his challenger has warned.Rokhsana Fiaz promised a referendum on the directly-elected mayoral system in London’s Newham Council as she claimed incumbent Sir Robin Wales ran a “one-party state” that lacked accountability to the public.The Mayor – who battled Militant in his youth - also told HuffPost that if he was reselected he would urge Labour to get his successor for the mayoralty in place within two years.Wales is seeking an unprecedented fifth term in office in this May’s election, but faces an eleventh-hour party battle after local members decided he should not be automatically selected as their candidate.The open selection race will be determined by a one-member, one-vote ballot running from March 1 to March 16.She pledged to hold a referendum on the directly-elected mayor model in her third year, after a probe by a new democracy commission.
Dell is producing one- and two-socket rackmount servers using AMD Epyc processors alongside its Xeon SP server family.There are three PowerEdge AMD-powered servers: the R6415, R7415, and R7425.These accompany the PowerEdge 14G R640 and R740 Xeon SP servers in the Round Rock company's server portfolio, and they inherit general PowerEdge management and feature goodness.It has 8 x 2.5-inch SAS or SATA drives, or 4 x 3.5-inch ones, or 10 x 2.5-inch NVMe (SSD) drives.These latter drives are not hot-swappable, as is true with the R7415 and R7425 servers.The R7415 (tech specs PDF here) is a mid-range single-socket server.
Late last year, Mozilla launched Firefox Focus, basically the closest you could get to a “burner” browser that kept your online dealings private and erased your footprints after you close the app.Back then, it was made available only for iOS, which was a bit ironic considering it was the last platform Firefox was officially and natively available on.Half a year later, Mozilla has finally decided to grace the Android platform with its single-tabbed focus on privacy.Almost all modern web browsers these days, be on desktop or mobile, have a “Do Not Track” privacy feature.Some may or may not have built-in ad blocking.Firefox Focus combines these two features into one app but also strips out almost everything else.
The next big thing in the world of smartphones are dual rear camera arrangements, one where a high-resolution camera is joined by a second typically low-resolution camera.The combination of the two enable the camera to pull off some interesting effects, one of which is bokeh effects applied to the shallow depth-of-field — that is, to the blurred background of a image where where the subject itself is in focus.When you take a photo with your phone’s camera, there’s a good chance the foreground and the background are both in focus, with perhaps only a very slight blurring to the distant background.This is desirable in some circumstances, but is problematic in others — it isn’t a professional look to say the least, and makes your photos stand out as lesser than the same shots taken by high-end dedicated cameras.These effects can appear like concentrates orbs of bright light, like large thin bubbles of light, or similar things.Dual-cameras are better suited for pulling off this bit of computational trickery thanks to the ability to snap two images of the same scene, both a bit different, and cobble them together into a single photo.
The discovery of graphene in 2004 led to an explosion of two-dimensional insulators, semiconductors and superconductors.Since that time, however, one specific single-atom-thick material has remained elusive… until now.Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, a condensed-matter physicist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and Xiaodong Xu, an optoelectronics researcher with the University of Washington, joined forces in 2016 in the hunt for a 2D magnet – a quest each had been on separately up to that point.It didn’t take long for the duo to attain their goal.A paper detailing their breakthrough, published in a recent issue of Nature, notes the use of chromium triiodide to create the 2D magnet.This material was selected due to the fact that it is a crystal comprised of stacked sheets that can be separated using the “Scotch tape” technique that was instrumental in the early days of graphene.
The world's first single-engine private jet, the Cirrius Vision Jet.For the full story behind the plane and this tour around it and above Los Angeles, check out Taking flight in the world's first single-jet civil aircraft, the Cirrus Vision Jet.The Samsung Galaxy S8's fast speeds and fantastic curved screen make it a top phone for 2017, but the annoying fingerprint reader could sour your experience.
The days of referring to social media efforts as strict awareness marketing are long gone.Between promotional posts, blatant CTAs and paid advertising, businesses use their social channels to drive leads and purchases every day.The first-touch model focuses on the first channel, also known as the discovery channel.For example, as I was browsing my Instagram, I came across an ad that pertained to comfortable shoes.In that moment, I was convinced to consider these shoes.I then researched them on the web and scrolled through their Twitter feed, but I didn’t buy them just yet.
Announced back in April, Galax's GTX 1070 Katana caught our attention for counting itself among the few single-slot gaming graphics cards available today.In fact, to the best of our knowledge, this is the only single-slot, air-cooled GTX 1070 in the world, as anything with a thermal design power of 75 watts or higher is typically paired with a dual-slot cooler for the added heat dissipation.There's no doubt that this is a niche product, but it should call to compact system builders who would rather not sacrifice an additional expansion slot, which could otherwise be used for hardware such as a dedicated sound card, an NVMe SSD, a Thunderbolt 3 controller, or extra SATA ports.This card may also become a popular choice for those building workstations with multiple high-end graphics cards because you only need a single slot between the cards for SLI support rather than the typical two slot spacing, which is to say that pair of Katana cards should deliver better operating temperatures than bigger dual-slot cards on boards such as the Asus ROG Strix Z270G Gaming or Asrock Z270M Extreme 4, for example.Covering the entire front side is a pancake-like aluminium fan shroud which has been painted gunmetal grey.What we found was a 4+1 VRM which is the same configuration used by Nvidia's Founders Edition model, though the VRM has switched sides and is now placed behind the display outputs.
p AT has announced the arrival of DirecTV NOW on Roku set-top boxes and streaming sticks, bringing the relatively new service to one of the most popular cord-cutting devices on the market.The service is available via the newly launched DirecTV NOW Roku app, which is available for download in the U.S. now in the Roku channel store.In addition to launching the app, AT is offering Roku owners a long trial period to give them a taste of the service.DirecTV NOW, for those unfamiliar, is an OTT television service delivered via Internet streaming rather than through the company’s traditional satellite-based products.This gives users the freedom to start and stop service whenever they’d like, as well as the ability to watch live TV on many WiFi-connected devices rather than TVs connected to the appropriate satellite boxes.Though the service launched months ago, its features and availability were limited compared to its current state of support.
p is testing a new ‘Order Food’ icon into its main app that allows users to place food pickup or delivery orders using third party services without leaving the Facebook ecosystem.The ‘Order Food’ service is available on both desktop and mobile, and allows Facebook users to place food orders and pay for them all within the Facebook app, by connecting to online ordering businesses or Slice.The feature is an expansion on a previously announced deal with and Slice first detailed in October, that intended to allow users to place orders with supported restaurants from their own Facebook page.The “Order Food” feature is a refined version of this that works in the main navigation pane and aggregates all the supported restaurants together on one page.The page, similar to the layout of food delivery services like Deliveroo or UberEats, lists local restaurants with a photo, price range, star rating and type of cuisine.It also displays whether delivery, pickup or both are available.
p The prototype system features an unprecedented 160 terabytes of memory, allowing it to simultaneously handle every piece of data from FacebookHP Enterprise (HPE) on Tuesday announced what it called the world’s largest single-memory computer prototype as part of a research effort to develop technologies capable of easily handling massive amounts of data.The ARM-powered prototype system contains 160 terabytes (TB) of memory spread across 40 physical nodes and connected using a custom high-performance fabric protocol, HPE said.The massive memory pool makes it possible to process large amounts of data simultaneously, reducing the time it takes to uncover patterns buried in that information.HPE said the prototype could, for instance, simultaneously examine every digital health record for every person on earth or every piece of data from Facebook.The company said it thinks the architecture used in the prototype could easily scale to an exabyte-scale single-memory system and potentially up to 4,096 yottabytes, which it described as a “nearly limitless” memory pool 250,000 times greater than the digital universe as it currently exists.
p The Machine prototype boasts a huge 160TB memory.HPE’s Machine research project, the largest R programme in the company’s history, has arrived in a big way – and I cannot emphasise ‘big’ enough.In what HPE is claiming as the world’s largest single-memory computer, the prototype making its debut boasts a colossal ARM-powered, 160TB memory.The Machine prototype is geared towards delivering HPE’s vision of memory-driven computing, which the company explains as ‘an architecture custom-built for the Big Data era’.Put simply, memory-driven computing puts memory, not the processor, at the center of the computing architecture.By eliminating the inefficiencies of how memory, storage and processors interact in traditional systems today, Memory-Driven Computing reduces the time needed to process complex problems from days to hours, hours to minutes, minutes to seconds.
p The plan to send humans to Mars includes a one-year layover in orbit around the moon in the late 2020s, Space reports.Greg Williams, NASA’s deputy associate administrator for policy and plans at the Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate, revealed that NASA wants to build a “deep-space gateway” around the moon that would serve as the testing ground for the first Mars missions.According to BGR, NASA actually wants to make sure that the round trip to Mars, a 1,000-day endeavor, is planned carefully during the time.The moon orbit base also would serve as the staging point for the mission, and the spacecraft that will carry humans to Mars for the first time will be launched from the moon.“If we could conduct a yearlong crewed mission on this Deep Space Transport in cislunar space, we believe we will know enough that we could then send this thing, crewed, on a 1,000-day mission to the Mars system and back,” Williams said.Considering the length of the Mars trip, spending a year around the moon to make sure everything works correctly makes plenty of sense.
p Relative unknown Galax last month announced the world’s first single-slot GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card.As impressive as it is to squeeze that much power into such a small footprint, the reality is that not everyone needs a video card with that level of processing power.If you fall into the latter category but still require a single-slot discrete graphics card, perhaps Inno3D’s latest offering may be a better fit.The company’s new GeForce GTX 1050 Ti (1-Slot Edition) offers the performance of a full-size 1050 Ti in a slim package.The card packs 768 CUDA cores, a base clock of 1290MHz and a boost clock of 1,392MHz in addition to 4GB of GDDR5 clocked at 7Gbps using a 128-bit bus (168.2 GB/sec).One of the few sacrifices you’ll make by going with this card is in the connectivity department.