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The coronavirus decimated the retail industry's ability to gather data on their customers, including their purchasing habits. Not having that kind of data can hamper a retailer's ability to plan out inventory or marketing campaigns.  But as more consumers pivot to digital channels amid the outbreak, video and audio may become the richest stream of information available to help companies better gain insight into their customers.  AI-backed analytics firm Medallia is poised to capitalize on that trend with a string of recent acquisitions.  "People are beginning to wake up to the connective tissue that is customer and employee feedback," CEO Leslie Stretch told Business Insider.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. It's hard out there for a retailer.  The industry was one of the most impacted by the sudden impacts of the novel coronavirus pandemic — which forced many stores to close nearly overnight, even as they immediately pivoted to the online shopping models that became their only way to reach customers.  Some of the most devastating effects of the pandemic on the industry happened behind the scenes, however. The outbreak significantly impacted the ability for retailers to gather data to predict future shopping habits — an important tool that informs which and how many products they should keep in stock. With consumer shopping habits changing so quickly, retailers were left without the information they needed to see if the trends were long-term or just a blip. And with many stores still closed and in-person shopping still recovering, companies have to rely on historic data to power the artificial intelligence-backed analytics tools that help them make those important decisions around inventory, promotions, and other critical operational and marketing efforts.  But that older data is quickly becoming useless as a prediction tool, and businesses are scrambling to figure out how to replace it. The answer for the industry may be found in voice, video, and other information gathered from digital channels, according to Medallia CEO Leslie Stretch.  Digital is "now 100% of their business and they hadn't implemented effective feedback mechanisms to capture the voice of their customers," he told Business Insider. "People are beginning to wake up to the connective tissue that is customer and employee feedback." With a market cap of roughly $4.3 billion, Medallia helps clients like Macy's, Sephora, and Marriott by bringing in information from those channels and organizing it to help them gain better insight into their customers. And it doesn't just focus on retail. Among other applications, Medallia's offerings can be used to help insurance companies improve customer interactions with its agents by analyzing online chats or voice calls.  Stretch called feedback data — like social media posts or customer service call logs — the "big, misunderstood gold mine of information" and critical to companies trying to build a "digital twin" of their customers, referring to the concept of distilling an individual consumer's behavior into a slew of data points that can be analyzed.  "People are searching for tools, techniques, and technology to create and build out that dynamic, animated picture of the customer so that they can understand the customer in the absence of their traditional methods," he said.  That's where Medallia believes that it is poised to shine. The company uses proprietary AI technology to gather that information from a slew of sources. And with a string of recent acquisitions, it believes that it's now able to capitalize on the big shift towards digital. Analyzing video and audio data streams  Now, Medallia is able to add audio and video to the existing feedback data it already analyzes, creating the opportunity for " tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions" more touchpoints, according to Stretch — particularly as the pandemic accelerates usage of voice and video channels.  Say a customer is talking to a customer service agent over the phone. A system from Voci Technologies — which Medallia acquired in April — can immediately translate that to text that can then be analyzed. When that is combined with thousands of other similar calls, companies can begin to extrapolate trends that can be used to inform decision-making.  Voice data "tends to be richer and it tends to be denser. You get 10-to-15-to-20 times more information on a simple text interaction," he added.  And now, as more people flock to online chat services like Zoom, there's an immense opportunity to analyze those streams to extract information like a customer or employees facial emotion or physical movements. Using technology from LivingLens, a company that Medallia purchased in February, that data can be used to create a more powerful profile of that person. But it's use cases go beyond just the consumer landscape. Insurance companies and other firms could use it to remotely analyze or inspect a property in order to build a new policy. Airbnb, for example, is an existing customer of LivingLens.  "We're looking for all kinds of rich data that could inform us about the state of mind, the frame of mind of the consumer, or hone in on the key words, the things that they're saying, and their expressions too," said Stretch. SEE ALSO: A top exec at Softbank-backed robotics startup Brain Corp says the pandemic has made customers 'less afraid of the impact of robots' as they help workers clean and restock shelves at stores like Walmart and Kroger Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: July 15 is Tax Day — here's what it's like to do your own taxes for the very first time
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was among the powerful tech executives who testified Wednesday in front of lawmakers regarding their companies' potential antitrust violations. During the hearing, never-before-seen messages were made public detailing why the cofounders of Instagram, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, felt compelled to sell their app to Facebook in 2012. Systrom and early Instagram investor Matt Cohler discussed what to tell Zuckerberg about the photo app's future plans. In the text exchange, Systrom expresses concern about sending Zuckerberg into "destroy mode" if he turned down an acquisition offer, and being unable to "escape the wrath of Mark." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Never-before-seen text messages from 2012 show just how careful Instagram cofounders felt they needed to be in dealing with the "wrath" of Mark Zuckerberg in the months before Facebook acquired the photo-sharing app for $1 billion. A text exchange between Instagram cofounder Kevin Systrom and early investor Matt Cohler, then a partner at Benchmark, show the two strategizing how much to disclose to Zuckerberg about the photo-sharing app's future plans, and the cofounders' decision whether to get acquired or continue on independently. In the text conversation, Systrom voices his concerns to Cohler about possibly sending Zuckerberg into "destroy mode" or encountering "the wrath of Mark" if the Instagram cofounders were to rebuff Facebook's interest in buying the app. The text messages were made public Wednesday as Zuckerberg — as well as the CEOs of Apple, Google, and Amazon — appeared in front of the House Judiciary's antitrust subcommittee to answer lawmakers' questions about any potential violations of antitrust regulations. The exchange between Systrom and Cohler was just one of a trove of documents the House subcommittee made public during Wednesday's hearing to demonstrate possible anticompetitive practices by the four big US tech companies. Although Facebook's purchases of Instagram in 2012 and WhatsApp in 2014 weren't challenged at the time, lawmakers at Wednesday's hearing heavily scrutinized the acquisitions. Some representatives argued that Facebook's app acquisitions and clones of other platforms' features — like Snapchat's Stories and, most recently, TikTok — were evidence of monopolistic or anticompetitive behavior. The committee also published several email threads and online chat logs showing conversations that took place among Zuckerberg and various Facebook executives and employees to demonstrate the company's mindset during Instagram's $1 billion acquisition. By the start of 2012, Facebook was touting that its company comprised 95% of the social media market. However, Instagram was rapidly threatening that lead: In March 2012, Instagram's average daily users was growing at a rate of more than 1,700% week-over-week and 9.2 million percent month-over-month, according to documents published Wednesday. In emails Zuckerberg sent in 2012, the CEO calls Instagram a "threat," and reasons that buying Instagram would be a way to successfully "neutralize" its success. Zuckerberg told colleagues that Instagram "can hurt us meaningfully without becoming a huge business," and that acquiring Instagram would be "buying" time for the company. But Zuckerberg's plans to take on Instagram didn't come as a surprise to the app's cofounders, as is apparent by the text exchange between Systrom and Cohler. Systrom said he feared turning down an acquisition offer from Facebook would send Zuckerberg into "destroy mode" — a concern that Cohler affirmed. "Mark doesn't react emotionally, he reacts based on competition," Systrom later writes to Cohler. "Bottom line I don't think we'll ever escape the wrath of [M]ark. It just depends how long we avoid it." Just two months after this conversation took place, Facebook acquired Instagram for $1 billion in April 2012. In response to questions from Rep. Jerry Nadler at Wednesday's hearing, Zuckerberg acknowledged the company viewed Instagram "as a competitor and a complement to our services" in 2012. The chair of the big tech hearing, Rep. David Cicilline, later told Axios that Zuckerberg's testimony proved Facebook displayed "classic monopoly behavior" and should be broke up. However, Zuckerberg also reasoned that Facebook had simply "adapted features" from competitors in response to lawmakers' grilling about whether it cloned competitors' products in order to maintain its social media dominance. Zuckerberg also argued that Facebook still faces competition from platforms like YouTube and TikTok. The Facebook CEO also disagreed with lawmakers' characterization that his conversations with Facebook executives regarding acquisition targets were viewed as a threat "in any way."SEE ALSO: Facebook, Google, and the US government all have their own reasons to make you believe that TikTok is unsafe and scary — and they're all self-serving Join the conversation about this story » NOW WATCH: Why Pikes Peak is the most dangerous racetrack in America
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The UK’s leading eating disorder charity has seen demand rocket by more than 70% through lockdown.Beat, which helps thousands of people nationwide, said it had seen a 72% increase in contact across all Helpline channels in June this year compared to February. Within the same time frame the organisation had also recorded a 96% increase in online support group attendance, and a staggering 229% increase in social media contact.For people with eating disorders, a sudden change in routine – such as those sparked by the coronavirus pandemic – can trigger devastating setbacks in their recovery, Beat says.Among callers’ concerns are fears of not being not being able to carry out normal routines; being unable to access safe foods due to stockpiling and shopping restrictions; having to visit shops out of their comfort zone; worries about binge eating if they or someone they live with is stockpiling; and not being able to exercise if they need to self-isolate.Katie Scott, 22, is in recovery from anorexia and was seven weeks into attending a daily clinic when lockdown came into effect.Suddenly the 11 hours a day, five days a week she had spent at the centre were left empty, and the meal support and motivation sessions she had based almost two months around were replaced with a small booklet of advice. “We’ve gone from having almost constant support to really not a lot at all,” Katie explained. “It was very, very sudden – obviously we knew that coronavirus was around and we might have to go into lockdown but I think most of us thought that because it was a medical facility then the rules might be different. “So it wasn’t until the 23rd [of March] when they suddenly said: ‘Oh my god, this is the last day – we have to close.’ And that was it, we got sent home with a short booklet on how to manage through lockdown. Even then we thought it might only be six weeks. “It’s been really difficult – I do some online sessions for meal support and group meetings, but obviously they can’t see what you’re eating. It’s a real opportunity for it to creep back in in a lot of ways.”Scott continued: “In my case, and for a lot of other people at my clinic, it’s been a real setback. There’s no motivation, and if you’re also not being monitored it’s kind of an ideal opportunity for the eating disorder to come back. “It’s like: everything is so uncertain, but one thing you can be certain of is that you can lose weight because you know you’re good at that kind of thing.”While pubs have reopened and shops have welcomed customers back, eating disorder clinics such as Katie’s remain closed. “No one has any idea when it’s going to reopen,” she said. “They’ve told us it could be weeks, it could be months, they don’t know. It’s made me feel really directionless. “The whole uncertainty has made things really difficult in the first place, but the government definitely haven’t helped by not giving any clarification. “It feels like there hasn’t really been any clear explanation as to why things have reopened, and why things would be different in a clinical setting. As clients those are the questions we are all asking but haven’t been answered.”HuffPost UK has contacted NHS England for comment. For many people like Scott, maintaining motivation is key to recovery. But with the future so uncertain and plans cancelled indefinitely, finding a distraction from food has proven much more difficult. She explained: “It’s been very difficult in terms of motivation. With a lot of mental health problems, one of the main things you are told to do to help yourself is to get out and see friends, go shopping, just get out of the house. “It’s all about being out and about and doing things to try and distance yourself from your eating disorder and remind yourself what life is normally like. Obviously a lot of those things we haven’t been able to do which has meant that my own motivation, and other people’s, has been quite low. “Because the future has been so uncertain it’s hard to have things to look forward to. You can’t fixate on a goal like going to university or on a family holiday. “It’s been really hard to stay busy. You end up just focusing on the food because there’s nothing else to distract from it at all. Distracting myself and trying to put other things in my life that aren’t just sitting at home and eating has been a real, real challenge.” As furlough schemes set in and plans were cancelled, many people began spending more time on social media. With gyms closed, we were inundated with “fitness” content focused on staying in shape during lockdown. But what might be an innocent post about a new workout routine for some, Katie explained, could be a huge trigger for those with eating disorders.She said: “It’s been really difficult to deal with because not only are you spending a lot more time on social media, you’re being bombarded with fitness and diet stuff. It’s prevalent a lot of the time, but it’s there to an even greater extent at the moment. “It’s kind of a double whammy, because you’re on it more, but also those kinds of posts are more visible too. Any eating disorder sufferer knows that if exercise is something they struggle with then they should really avoid it, and they will likely have been told that by their team.“But if you’re being confronted with those posts all the time you can start to think: ‘Maybe I should be doing that. If everyone else is doing it then maybe it’s OK.’ It’s really difficult to challenge that all the time as well.”Beat estimated that around 1.25m people in the UK are living with an eating disorder and, to deal with the huge increase in demand sparked by Covid-19, has set up dedicated support pages and a new online chat.Beat’s director of services, Caroline Price, said: “It is more important than ever that those with eating disorders feel supported as they cope with changes in routines, living situations and care plans – all of which have the potential to be incredibly triggering.“It is not surprising that we have seen such a large increase in contact, but we are prepared to support anyone unwell and in need of help at this time.”For help and advice on eating disorders, you can visit Beat here or call their dedicated helpline on 0808 801 0677. Related... How The Tories Spent Four Months Screwing Up Their Message On Face Coverings As US Grapples With Covid-19, Florida Hits Record Case Increase Care Workers Will Not Qualify For The Government's Post-Brexit NHS Visa