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We have all been there, struggling to streamline the bookings with daily work. However, all seem to work just okay, unless you start receiving more than 100 or 500 bookings each month. What you might miss here is an automated calendar system that keeps you updated with the bookings. And what better than your own personal Google calendar to do it for you.With the Google sync feature, no matter where you are, you can navigate through the bookings right up from your phone. The WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin has this feature and, in this article, we will explain it to you about everything you need to know about it. How to set it up, and how to use it, we’ll answer everything. So, tag along as we go through this article.WooCommerce Bookings and AppointmentsAlong with a bunch of cool features, the basic capabilities of this plugin is powerful enough to manage events, bookings, reservations and so much more. You can offer bookings based on minutes, hours, days and even months, or restrict the bookings to a certain period as well. So, even if you run a hotel business or organize musical concerts, you should be able to use this plugin no matter what. You can always check out more about the WooCommerce Booking plugin.And now with this amazing Google Calendar sync feature, you’d embark upon a great new journey. Let’s see how to set it up.How to set up WooCommerce bookings on your WooCommerce?First and foremost, you’d have to integrate WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments plugin with your WooCommerce store. Here is an article to help you with that. And once you’re done with it and have completed the setup process, you should be able to see the following section under WooCommerce > Dashboard.Great thing this plugin comes with a booking management system, you can easily manage the bookings right from one place. But coming back to the Google Calendar sync, once you’re inside Bookings > Settings, you should be able to see the following screen.How to integrate your bookings with the Google Calendar?The process is simple and is, even more, simpler if you are familiar with the Google Calendar API. Anyway, once you see the above screen, you then have to create a new project in the Google Developers Console. After creating the project, you’d need to go to the Calendar API which is under the G Suite Library. Follow the images below:Here you need to click on Google Calendar API.Next, click on the Enable button here. After this step, you have to go to Credentials and then click on the Create Credentials option.  Thereafter, you need to generate the OAuth client ID.As soon as you click on the OAuth client ID, you will be redirected to another page where you need to select the Web application option.Pay attention!You have to enter the redirect URL in the Authorized redirect URLs. Here is how you do it:Redirecting URL should be given as /wc-api/phive_booking_google_calendar/Also, please read the following to know more about adding redirect link.“This is the path in your application that users are redirected to after they have authenticated with Google. The path will be appended with the authorization code for access. Must have a protocol. Cannot contain URL fragments or relative paths. Cannot be a public IP address”After clicking on the Create button, you should see a similar window as shown below. This is your Client ID and Client Secret. Later, you would have to first copy and then paste the above credentials into the Google Calendar tab.Fetching the Google Calendar IDNow you need another part of your credentials, the Calendar ID. For that, you’d have to go to your Google account and then open Google Calendar. After opening the Google Calendar, you have to go to Settings and navigate to Calendar ID as shown below.Copy this ID and then paste it under the Calendar ID section in the Bookings plugin setting page.Validating and integrating with your WooCommerceAfter performing the above necessary steps, you can now finally check if everything is working fine. For that, the plugin has a Validate Credential option the checks the entered credentials.If everything is fine, the plugin will redirect you to Google allows access page where you have to sign in with your Google account. Then you have to click on the Allow button as shown below:And as soon as you click on Allow button, you would find Bookings plugin settings plugin page that says that the credentials are authenticated. Please refer to the following sample image.Now, click on Save Changes and that’s it. You have successfully integrated Google Calendar with WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments.How to use Google Calendar with WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments?So, now that you have finally integrated the two, you should know how it works. Let’s take an example of a hotel room booking. We will set a fixed booking period of 2 days. Here is a look at the product from the WooCommerce side.As you can see, we have enabled the Requires Confirmation option that allows you, the owner, to accept or reject the booking. The Bookings section under WooCommerce > Dashboard allows you to do that. Here is an example where we have booked a hotel room for 2 days(July 18th to 19th).As an admin, you can see the booking details here. And as you can see, we have received the request for a 2 days booking.Note: If you don’t know how to create a bookable product or how to manage bookings then make sure to read the following article.As soon as the order is placed, the Google Calendar automatically adds the booking date along with the relevant booking information. Have a look at the following image.Once this booking gets synced, WooCommerce will return booking id which will be updated in the Google Calendar.Final Thoughts!There you have it! Your ultimate WooCommerce booking Google Calendar sync solution. Feel free to comment down below how you feel about this solutions. And if you need any sort of help or have any query, you can reach out to our customer support.
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Are you facing down loss in clothing business? Customers lost the interest buying your products what you are offering? Well, don’t worry! This blog will help you to get back your apparel business again! The most important reason every clothing business people should need to understand the change in the market. One must analyze the continuous changing market in fashion industry. Moreover you have to look at the regular changes of customers what they are really expecting.You cannot offer them the best until you do not understand the need of the customers. Gone for the days when customers used to buy the outfits from the ready-made stock. As women apparel design software is the current new trend moving to the market and customers are attracting towards it. From small shot to big shot peoples loving to personalize their own apparel as per their wish. How apparel design software would be of help?  The customers of this era looking to design the product instead of buying ready-made stock product. By providing a platform to the customers, they can easily design their own unique outfit according to their own creative ideas. Eventually, this makes clothing business people to unlock the business revenue growth in e-Commerce platform. Features of apparel design software  A good advanced apparel design software would have all the following features Create own apparel design  Custom designVarieties of offersCompetitive edge3D body measurement & body scanner3D apparel design viewChanges of apparel design is easyOffers customizabletemplatesTrial process Well, Right now looking for the best women apparel design software to integrate on your apparel store? to reach more audience on your platform? Fit4bond, stands out unique from the crowd offering best apparel design software as per your needs and requirements to all the clients. Our dedicated and passionate team of experienced professionals offers the upgraded features with complete e-Commerce solutions, that allows your customers to personalize their own product user-friendly. Once the product has designed, with the help of our 3D product showcase customers can view their designed product in all the angles before purchase it. We also provide our apparel design tool in the form of wordpress plugin. Hire our apparel design software and make your online clothing store entirely different from other business competitors in e-Commerce platform. Are you looking forward how our apparel design software works on your platform? Take a look here!   
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#Review #script basically provides a variety of online tools for creating various review websites that will allow various people to post different kinds of reviews such as on businesses, services, products, celebrities, and many more. Review script also provides support for advertising as well as posting affiliate links to several reviews on businesses, products, and services across the globe. #Yelp clone is one of the review scripts in the global market which preloaded with a variety of features useful for your online business review start-up. With the help of this PHP yelp clone script, you can help people to find or explore different types of good local businesses that they can trust to deliver customer service along with the best products. You can also use this PHP review script that will play a vital part in the marketing strategy of your business. Now we will discuss in short about features of yelp clone that will benefit and gives a boost-start to your #onlinebusiness reviews start-up.
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This article is about a perfect booking solution for your WooCommerce store. We will show you how WooCommerce Bookings and Appointments can help you set up a party service website where you can rent your products as well as services and manage the bookings easily.An OverviewThere has been a significant increase in demand for professionals groups who organize parties. In fact, a healthy number of people often search for these groups online. So, it makes sense to have a booking functionality on your website if you offer party services as well. And pointing out the obvious, adding reservation system can really help you streamline the bookings and manage your inventory well."Things can really get out of hand if the bookings are not managed properly. Cancellations, clash between bookings, etc, are some of the cases where you might see the need for a robust booking software"Interestingly enough, many little benefits come in light when you set up this facility on your website. For one, you can sell party equipment on the side as an up-sell. Renting these items to your clients won’t seem a bad idea either. You can earn the few extras even when you are not working. How to configure the pluginThe first thing you would notice right away post-installation is you can convert an existing WooCommerce product into a bookable product. So once you are done configuring the product, you would be able to configure the booking time period.It’s better to assume the working hours for the sake of demonstration. You can obviously make the necessary changes according to your business case. So, here we offer 4-hour slots where customers can book any one of the available three slots.As you can see in the above picture, we have also taken two 1-hour breaks in between the slots. In order to achieve this, the first thing you should be doing is defining the bookings opening and closing time, like from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM.Continue reading How to add an end-to-end Bookings system on your Party Service website?
The main reason behind the huge success of these companies is because of their continues discount providing strategy helps them in attracting new customers to their business.Before you ask how to start an online boutique, the first and the foremost thing which you will need is an intuitive and user-friendly eCommerce website.Moreover, eCommerce business saves a lot of time and money of the customers as they can search for various products easily.In order to top the search engine results, one has to work tirelessly 24/7.Customers do not simply follow a link that randomly appears on the search results.Starting an online boutique is an ideal way you can take your picture from a customary physical store to an inventive, well-loved brand.
UPS came to existence in 1907, whereas, both USPS and FedEx were founded later in the year 1971.But even after so many years, USPS covers more ground in the U.S than UPS and FedEx.And to your luck, they still offer the cheapest deals when shipping small items within the U.S.In fact, the prices are so cheap, they no longer have to invest in advertisements anymore.If you’re waiting for a following ‘but’, well, here it comes—USPS services are really slow, especially when attempting the final deliveries.There have been many cases where they have either misplaced your parcel or caused damage to a certain extent.If you turn your head to UPS or FedEx, they are going to charge you more.
With WooCommerce Shipping Zones, users are able to configure the geographical regions they would like to Ship To. Also, the WooCommerce Shipping Zones section allows store owners to set WooCommerce Shipping Methods which in turn are displayed during checkout based on the Destination Address entered by the customers.What are WooCommerce Shipping Zones?WooCommerce Shipping Zones are geographical regions that are used to categorize shipping areas. WooCommerce Shipping Zones allow users to provide shipping rates based on different zones.Using the WooCommerce Shipping Zones, shipping rates are dynamically calculated based on the Ship From address that is configured at the store level and the Ship To address which is entered upon checkout.Create WooCommerce Shipping ZonesFollow the instructions below to create a WooCommerce Shipping Zone based on your shipping requirements.Visit WooCommerce => Settings => Shipping => Shipping Zones.Create a Single or Multiple WooCommerce Shipping Zones by clicking on Add Shipping Zone.Add Shipping ZonesWhile setting up WooCommerce Shipping Zones there are two main fields which have to be configured. These help in assigning the WooCommerce Shipping Methods to a particular Shipping Zone, they are:Zone Name – Name the shipping zone based on your preference.Region(s) – Select the areas where you ship and save it in the zone.For example, for the USA Zone, you can select particular states or postcodes in the USA where you want to ship your products or the whole United States of America, to select all regions within the US.Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to WooCommerce Shipping Zones. 
In this article, we will compare UPS Freight services with FedEx Freight services, from two of the biggest Logistics Companies in the world, FedEx and UPS.We’ll also discuss how the WooCommerce UPS Shipping plugin and the WooCommerce FedEx Shipping plugin will help you sort your Freight shipments out.We’ll take a look into their setup and also compare their rates, label printing facilities, packaging methods, delivery times, shipment tracking facilities and much more.What is Freight shipping?Shipping large volumes of goods is a difficult task for any shipper out there.The feasibility, price points, delivery times, all play an important role in Freight shipments.With WooCommerce, we can finally have a system in place that permits the sale and shipment of large volumes of goods.Read on and find out which Carrier’s Freight service will be best for your online WooCommerce store.FedEx Freight FedEx, a top shipping company that was founded in 1971, has been one of the most popular carriers of its league.Over the years, FedEx’s popularity has shot through the roof as more and more business owners are signing up with FedEx to have a go at their services.