the banking group Nordea has opened its own equity crowdfunding platform for businesses and investors, told the trade magazine.the risk of companies financing is difficult for banks to face tougher regulation.Equity crowdfunding platform provides therefore nordea for the opportunity to be involved in growth companies in the field.the Service is included in the book-entry system and, according to end up in the companies that pass the Nordea sieve."Companies should be running and they are certain of the approval process through.we Aim, at least initially, to encourage youth entrepreneurship.
in Finland, has opened a virtual ideatori, who wants to consumers, according to food product development.Consumers and businesses as the meeting place for a functioning online marketplace trying to take consumers according to the product development idea evaluation or, for example, asks consumers view on a suitable packaging solution and product expression on her face, told the university of Turku in a statement.behind the Market is Southwest Finland and Satakunta area of food chain development and cooperation project, Innotori.on Its website, consumers have the opportunity to influence the kind of food the grocery store shelf is in the future to find.Although the idea market creators are the southwest finns, the service is targeted at all consumers."for businesses, consumers' views are important in order to produce just the right kind of products for their customers and distinguish themselves from competitors.
Similarly, in the B2B world, artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive technologies represent a disruptive shift that’s forcing companies to reimagine how they operate.With that in mind, here are eight questions everyone is asking about self-driving cars, each of which has an important parallel that helps frame AI’s impact on business and society at large.Google’s self-driving cars have already driven 1,210,676 miles yet, as of July this year, there had only been 14 accidents — all caused by human error, not by the software.Given the fact that around 33,000 people die in traffic accidents in the U.S. every year, and much of blame falls to distracted drivers, there is a huge opportunity to make our roads safer.In the B2B world, very few of our decisions are life or death, but there is still important revenue at stake.When the models are live, someone needs to monitor the impact of any changes and watch for drift in performance to ensure continued accuracy.
your Own house the company's agm is an opportunity that a partner is not to be missed, notes Reals Hosting in a statement.according to the general meeting participation of the shareholders in the best way to get the total picture of your house hearings and to influence common affairs.typically, the apartment-share company's general meeting will be held at the latest by the end of June, within six months of the financial statements completion.the annual general meeting shall be convened by the house, the board of directors.the Superintendent sent to the company the notice convening the meeting at least two weeks before the meeting.If the shareholder is not himself from the meeting, he may authorize another person to participate in turn.
While CBS upfronts presentation today was largely confined to its new shows coming next season, the network took the opportunity to unveil the very first teaser for its new Star Trek series.Set to debut in 2017—the pilot will premiere on CBS, with the show at large being exclusive to new streaming service CBS All Access—the new series will be helmed by Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller, who has the Trek bonafides to merit attention.The teaser is less than a minute, and shows off exactly zero new footage, but its CGI sequence culminates in the tagline that the show will feature new crews, new villains, new heroes, new worlds.Unfortunately, that s all anyone will get for now; network president Les Moonves ribbed the crowd by saying, You didn t think we were going to show you the cast, did you?Though Angela Bassett has shot down rumors that she was cast as a captain, the fact that Fuller has said in interviews that he wanted to cast her—along with Rosario Dawson as first officer—is reason enough to think that series will boldly go where no television series has gone since Enterprise went off the air over a decade ago.
We looked at the big picture and distilled the 2016 Exponential Manufacturing conference into the four big themes we saw emerge during the event.Dale Doughtry, CEO and founder of Maker MediaCrowdfunding platforms are fueling the entry of these low-cost machines, like the Makerarm, which raised nearly half a million dollars on Kickstarter, and is the first complete digital fabrication robotic arm that mounts to a desktop.Robotics expert and director of Columbia University s Creative Machine Labs, Hod Lipson, projected how these advances in AI and robotics will converge to create fully resilient and adaptive cloud-connected factories in the future.Shree Bose took this route with Piper, a computer kit for kids to learn engineering through the game Minecraft and the grand prize winner of Google s Global Science Fair.Bose said she only built one scrappy prototype of Piper before beginning the Kickstarter campaign.Hagel said the economy is splitting into two parts—products and services are fragmenting into smaller and smaller pieces, while the platforms knitting them together are getting bigger.
Fujitsu has launched a new global campaign in an effort to demonstrate how its products and services can help harness the power of data.Using the tagline Shaping tomorrow with you , the campaign features an online film showcasing different industries implementing Fujitsu technology.Interestingly, the film was shot live, in-camera and released without any post-production.To achieve this, the film s creators mcgarrybowen and Found Studio used 3D projection mapping and holographic technologies to transform a white set into a series of live-action scenarios.Jane Briers, creative director at mcgarrybowen London, said: "We had a real opportunity to make the medium of projections part of the message itself, and bring to life the theme of 'digital transformation' in a way that had never been attempted before.
Hit me baby one more time.Glu Mobile hopes that its new Britney Spears: American Dream game will follow in the footsteps of Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, a mobile gaming sensation which has generated something like $80 million for Kardashian alone since in debuted in 2014.San Francisco-based Glu has struck celebrity mobile game deals with stars who collectively have more than a billion social followers.Glu has to pay these celebrities royalties, but the strategy is a way to avoid spending a ton of money on advertising a game, as it relies on the cachet of celebrities and social media to spread awareness of the game.As with the Kardashian game, the Britney Spears game is aspirational.You also have to fend off rival singers to reach the top, perform at venues from the local Starbeans to international stadiums, and try to get your own stage at Planet Hollywood, the big casino in Las Vegas where the real Britney Spears performs.For Spears, the game represents an opportunity to expand her entertainment empire, as mobile gaming has become a very lucrative endeavor for Kardashian.Glu learned the hard way that fans didn t like its rendition of Katy Perry when it launched a game last fall.Glu is also working with other celebrities including chef Gordon Ramsay and performer Taylor Swift.Niccolo De Masi, CEO of Glu, said in an interview with GamesBeat that the game has tested well and he has high hopes for it.This is a partnership with a woman who has been around as a performer for 17 years.
View photosMoreCutepepperPepper, the so-called "emotional robot" that made its debut in Japan almost two years ago, is preparing to come state-side.Pepper is a four-foot tall, humanoid robot with a child-like upper body and a three-wheel base."This is the first opportunity for the Android community to get their hands on a SDK to help them program on this platform," said Steve Carlin, vice president of marketing and business development at Softbank Robotics America.Android has a huge development community, so bringing the relatively new robot platform to it makes sense."We want to incentivise them to come on and use their creativity to create solutions for how other people will be using Pepper, for business or personal use," said Carlin.Pepper's Android adoption could lead to integration with other Android devices and systems, including tablets, smartphones and smart home devices.
This calculator from MarketWatch considers the potential return you d get by leasing and investing instead of buying.As MarketWatch explains, the argument against leasing often comes down to you ll have nothing to show for your money, and that argument doesn t consider the opportunity cost.You could potentially invest the purchase price of the car and earn a return on it instead.Of course, you can t predict the market return, and this implies you would actually invest the money instead of just spend it.So there are even more variables to think about.You enter your details, including the expected return, and the tool tells you at what price point leasing would outweigh buying.
This demonstrates why so many people are looking to move to the San Francisco Bay Area, said Andrew Chamberlain, chief economist with satisfaction, work-life balance and hiring opportunity are unparalleled compared to anywhere else in the country in the Bay Area, Chamberlain added.The 2016 results demonstrate a huge improvement in the job hiring scores for both the San Jose and the San Francisco areas.The Boston area and the Washington, D.C. metro areas rounded out the top 5.The survey determined that the median base salary in Santa Clara County is $112,000.1 among the top 25 cities that were listed in the survey, every other metro area in the country is a distant second to the South Bay.Santa Clara County s base median salary is 27 percent higher than the San Francisco metro area and 32 percent higher than the Seattle region.The survey created a job score that was calculated from four equally weighted factors: hiring opportunity, cost of living, job satisfaction and work-life balance, said Allison Berry, a Glassdoor spokeswoman.San Jose had the highest score for hiring opportunity, cost of living and job satisfaction, Berry said.Photo: An aerial view of downtown San Jose.
photographer: Teracom Staff from Teracom has now been able to get through to the interrupted Häglaredsmasten. Another sabotage has now been found to have taken place earlier in May, when a radio tower in adjacent Tranemo were subjected to vandalism, the Swedish Radio. Previously collapse hazard technical personnel prevented from coming up to the area around the collapsed mast. We have now started all television broadcasts, they go out, but with limited coverage, because we do not have as high mast, he says. Yet there is no evaluation of whether it is safe to climb in the remaining part of the mast, so any work in the tower itself lingers. Marcus Hartmann turns to the concept: - Actually, it was just an opportunity to tell more about what we know and to get an update on the situation.
Social channels are one of the most effective ways to drive app downloads, but they re often a missed opportunity.Much like how a friend would recommend a new eatery to you after devouring its amazing chef s tasting menu, social appetizing allows users to share their excitement over a new app, thereby enticing newcomers to download and spend.Yet many app publishers are ignoring this valuable channel.No question, acquiring high-quality users is becoming more challenging year after year, and social appetizing provides a better opportunity to attract the audience you want for your app.The line between mobile and desktop users continues to be blurred, as 67 percent of consumers begin their shopping experience on one device and move to another before purchasing.Focusing on social media — which is used by a majority of mobile users — allows your company to target the desired demographic in a more efficient way.However, more money doesn t guarantee solid results, unless you know exactly what you re doing.
MoreA Microsoft logo is seen on an office building in New York City in this July 28, 2015 file photo.REUTERS/Mike Segar Reuters - Microsoft Corp said it is selling its entry-level feature phone assets to FIH Mobile Ltd and HMD Global Oy for $350 million.FIH Mobile, a subsidiary of Hon Hai/Foxconn Technology Co Ltd , would also acquire Microsoft Mobile Vietnam as a part of this deal, Microsoft said.The company said its 4,500 employees from Vietnam will transfer to or will have an opportunity to join FIH Mobile or HMD Global Oy.Microsoft will transfer all of its feature phone assets, including brands, software and services, care network and other assets, customer contracts, and critical supply agreements to both the companies as a part of the deal.Reporting by Sangameswaran S in Bengaluru; Editing by Sunil Nair
Xavier Niels Photo: @jibees for LeWeb11 Conference @ Les Docks -Paris- / Flickr 10,000 students get the opportunity to train as a programmer in Silicon Valley for free - but there's a catch. The school, named 42, welcomes everyone between 18 and 30 years and the selection process has clear similarities to the TV series The Hunger Games. During the four weeks around the clock, get all the inmates the students compete against each other in different encoding and logic tests. The school calls it themselves for an imaginary swimming pool where you throw in all the students - and then you get to see who is able to swim. After the four weeks so thinned the best students out and these will then go to university for three to five years. Billionaire Xavier Niels invest to begin with nearly 800 million in school that will train 10,000 new programmers the next five years it is planned.
Tech distributor Ingram Micro has snapped up UK channel services minnow Comms-care for an undisclosed sum.It has has 225 staff and 850 channel partners.For the full year ended 2015, Comms-care posted a revenue increase of 33 per cent to £26.1m - mainly boosted by its acquisition of Platform Consultancy Services in 2014 for £191,000.Brent McCarty, Ingram Micro's veep, said: The addition of Comms-care supports our strategy to expand our global capabilities and expertise in fast growing, high value markets."Comms-care offers a unique opportunity as they have developed a well- respected, unique services model that exclusively serves the channel.However, due to the size of Ingram - which turns over $45bn £35bn in annual profit - the deal is being investigated by the US Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States.
According to Gartner s 2016 CMO spend survey, converting leads to sales ranked second to innovation as the top area where senior management s expectations of marketing responsibility increased over 2015.According to Sangram Vajre, co-founder and CMO of Terminus, author of Account-Based Marketing For Dummies, and considered as one of the most influential digital marketers, 2016 is well on its way to earning the definition as the year of account-based marketing.More focus on marketing leads, instead of engagementsMany B2B marketers still think their primary activities should include as blasting emails to the entire database, attending the annual industry tradeshow, and hosting a webinar each month.There s little-to-no ROI from teams who practice traditional lead generation.She s either going think you re sketchy, or she will take that free shot then keep hanging out with her friends.Sure, you got the prospect s attention with your webinar, but what happens next to turn that prospect into an opportunity is what truly matters.
I shared the pros and cons of how the same tools and instincts that are designed to help us, can often be used against us.In January, at the Clinton Foundation Health Matters Summit in La Quinta, California, a gathering of leaders in the field explored opportunities and challenges to improving the fundamental systems of global health.The conference focused primarily on education, human rights, poverty alleviation and climate change.Over 900 commitments were made out of April s program, with specific ideas and inventions proposed for the balanced use of advanced data systems and device while factoring in possible risks and benefits.With a very diverse and enthusiastic group of students participating, there was a definite consensus on the implications of what we were exploring and it was clear that the promise for opportunity is as limitless as the potential for innovation.The impact and consequences of how we use technology will naturally have a greater impact on the lives of millennials and on a world and a future that will be left in their hands.
Member of the Board Sari Haajanen-Ärrälä, as well as Chairman of the Board and owner of Tuire Krogerus got mixed with the root of the carcase shall also have received an honorable representatives, Chairman of the Board Ari math and CEO Arto Ranta-Aho. Photo: Annina MANNILA The importance of board work, rose to a topic of discussion in Tampere on Tuesday, Kauppalehti Growers 2016 tour. The event was also distributed to the Golden Gavel Award. We are special in the sense of a family business that we are not afraid to ask for help from the outside, Chairman of the Board of Directors and owner of Dimexin Tuire Krogerus says the company's board work. We all know what is being done. providing IT services, unseen Technologies, founded last year, CEO Esa Alanen came Growers, the opportunity to network.
littleBits' founder Ayah BdeirDavid RowanEditor of Wired magazineFollow @iRowanThis article was first published in the June 2016 issue of WIRED magazine.The "moment" – when pressure sensors, motion triggers and servo motors are suddenly transformed into magic – is currently being discovered in 3,000 schools, and among 230 local enthusiast communities that the company calls "global chapters".We want to empower young and old to feel creative, confident and active, and to be inspired and empowered by technology.Her parents nurtured that curiosity with chemistry sets and electricity kits; but she was also influenced by her three sisters, all designers."It's attracted to our team people who believe in a higher purpose, beyond profit; people who are empathetic, willing to put in the extra time to make something work; people who otherwise we couldn't afford; people who are not sabotaging each other."At one point it was a conflict between focusing on keeping retail costs down and building out the profit line.