Project Planning takes time and effort but becomes a necessity for a project’s success.It also guides sponsors, stakeholders, Project Managers, and teams throughout the project phase.Identifying risks before it turns into a crisis has become critical.Clearly, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail... Ironical, isn’t it?Usually, Project Managers rush the planning phase in a struggle to execute the project deliverables.What are the Benefits of Project Planning?Project Planning needs Goal Setting  A plan without goals is synonymous with a business without a vision.Setting goals will help your team members establish a reliable benchmark to evaluate the progress of their contributions.You won’t need to waste time on tasks that do not support the goals.If there are any conflicts about project deliverables during the process, you can remind your stakeholders and customers of the agreed-upon goals, which can possibly prevent scope creep.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Remote team productivity indirectly translates to quality + quantity with a steady workflow of your projects.Maintaining a work-life balance becomes a hassle when adjusting to the new normal of remote working.Owl Labs surveyed that nearly 70% of full-time workers are working from home since COVID-19.The lack of constant face-to-face monitoring has taken a toll on productivity levels.This being said, staying on tasks, scheduling, and focusing on them has called for more improvements in the overall workflow.Can managing a remote team still prove to be productive with team members spread across the globe?Let’s find out—Strategies to Improve Remote Team Productivity –1.Avoid MicromanagementMicromanaging translates to a lack of trust in team members.If you want to build a successful team, micromanaging is a strict no-no.Of course, given the current remote working conditions, craving control is very natural.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Marketing is the base of every business strength.By analyzing the marketing process of any business, it would be easy to figure out the business capabilities and its challenges.So, a business popularity and goodwill enhancement rate depend upon the business marketing process and planning.Like Amazon, FaceBook, Microsoft, Jira, Orangescrum, etc are famous for their strong marketing planning and process.Driving a successful marketing strategy makes it easier to achieve the business goal.However, sending the bulk of emails and spending some budget on paid ads isn’t the real meaning of marketing strategy and it may not be helpful for your business as well.Marketing success depends on good and effective marketing planning or strategies.What is the Marketing Planning Process?Marketing planning is a checklist or document of your organization that indicates the details of the marketing strategy.And these checklists or documents are used for promoting the business product and services within the targeted customers.Here’s the process to create a strong marketing plan for your business: Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Stakeholder relationships are critical as they have a vested interest in your project.Key project stakeholders can take your project to heights or take it downhill.It all depends on a blend of various factors that influence great relationships with stakeholders.Even if you meet the key objectives within timelines, if your stakeholder isn’t satisfied, it takes a toll on everyone’s happiness.Project Visions are discussed in the initial phase with a stakeholder.If the vision isn’t clear, projects are bound to suffer just like the above 29% of them!Practicing effective Stakeholder management can help Project Managers manage various stakeholders involved in a project.This blog revolves around some crucial tips for building trustworthy relations with Stakeholders.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Resource management challenges can be extremely hard to predict with multiple projects.Working out a plan and managing resources with multiple projects isn’t a cakewalk.After the pandemic, organizations are careful with their budget.This has given rise to resource management issues.Research cites that nearly 46% of team leaders believe that hitting project deadlines is their biggest problem.This usually happens when working with a large team size.As seen in a report by Wellingtone’s 2019 State of Project Management, Resource Management has seen the second-largest spike with 30% of respondents.A project can go haywire without proper resource planning and allocation.Managing teams, monitoring, and improving processes are the very essence that forms a solid Resource Management plan.Needless to say, all of these factors are connected to productivity.
Agile has gained a competitive edge among varied businesses today.Scrum is a subset of the agile methodology.Not to forget, it’s quite well-recognized amongst engineering teams.In software development teams, Scrum has emerged as the most popular and dynamic project management technique.The PwC statistics cite agile projects to be 28% more successful than traditional projects.This is because a Scrum framework helps teams to work together and structure the work.But ever wondered, how does Scrum help Software development teams in hitting goals and overcoming difficult challenges?Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Team Management Pain points can be worrisome for a project.They come with no second-guessing, but just solution as a last resort.Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself.When you become a leader, success is all about growing others.”  – Jack Welch, former CEO of General ElectricMr.Welch rightly mentioned how a Team manager as a Lead can first help themselves to help others.A Team Manager juggles from building trust to getting work done, to multi-tasking!According to 2019’s The Predictive Index stats, Team Managers lack 28% of Team building skills topping the list.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Project Management Checklists can mean different for different project managers.But one thing remains unchanged for Project Managers—If there’s too much on your plate, you’re sure to work aimlessly running around in circles.Project Managers need to stay on top of their game.Juggling around projects without a Project Management tool or checklist won’t take you anywhere.Why not opt for a simple yet smart checklist for project managers instead?We’re sure this will save you the horror of staying behind deadlines!Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Task management pain points are definitely inherent components of any project.They’re best resolved when identified the right way!You’d be surprised to know that nearly 12% of project failures take place due to unmet or unclear task dependencies.Ever wondered what could have caused this?Ready for another shock?44% of Project Managers are not even using the right Project Management Software!How do you even expect to be guided in this case?Have you been addressing the demands of every project?Has multiple juggling of tasks got your head spinning?Have you been missing deadlines?Probably poor task management has taken up all your time!It’s time to address the pressing challenges of task management.Don’t worry!We’re here to soothe the wounds of your problem with Task Management.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Miscommunication is the thing when both parties don't agree with each other or they aren't clear about what the other person is looking for.In a survey on 400 companies with 100,000 employees made by The Cost of Poor Communications, “The average loss per company is $62.4 million per year due to inadequate communication to and between employees”.In another study from The Economist, “Communication barriers in the modern workplace, 44% of respondents said communication barriers are leading to a delay or failure to complete projects.Additionally, 31% reported poor communication resulting in low morale, 25% in missed performance goals, and 18% in lost sales”.Miscommunications can be funny, frustrating, or upsetting.Speak clearly and remove your assumptions if you want to decrease miscommunications with your team.Always check in with the person to make sure “he or she has” understood.When communicating electronically, be clear, concise, and informative.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Project management calls for chaos if you’re unaware of its challenges.Companies spend millions of dollars trying to handle project management challenges and issues.According to a PMI report, for every $1 billion invested in a project, companies spend $109 million only on tackling Project Management challenges.Common challenges of Project Management truly need a red alert right from the beginning!Project Management Challenges you need to watch out for—1.Project Scope CreepThe trend towards project scope creep is increasing upwards.This is, especially after 2017’s report citing 52% of project teams facing this issue.Project scope creep tends to increase over a project life cycle.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Project pain points are like ticking time bombs.The sooner you diffuse it, the better your chances of surviving.Has another week has begun and you’re probably stuck at analyzing last week’s project delays?Well, this article can offer some relief with tried and tested techniques to curb pressing project pain points.The biggest project challenges have occurred post-pandemic with nothing in order.A project team with a group of staff in the same place is a long-forgotten time.The era of remote working, outsourced services, and online communication presents a new set of challenges to projects.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
An Agile project management methodology can help to deliver a project faster than others.There are several incremental steps in this project management methodology to achieve the ultimate goal.Also, other traditional methodology tries to complete the project within a stipulated time and budget, but it does not allow to change the business requirement frequently in the middle of the project progress.Somehow, it's easy with agile project management methodology, and you can make any changes at any time in your ongoing projects.Now comes resource management, it is a crucial thing in project management that every project manager needs to understand.Read the full article on Orangescrum blog
Agile Project Management among IT Project Managers is complex.Not only does it require quick adaptability but also faster deployment and alignment considering business or customer needs.Large and small companies, both locally and globally, are adopting an agile mindset.Most IT organizations face road blocks due to their conventional project management practices.The Agile Project Management best practices smoothly resolve challenges faced by IT Managers.Before we jump on the challenges, we need to learn why Agile Project Management has made its mark.As we know, Agile is a software development-focused PM methodology that breaks down projects into phases.The software industry has been using Agile PM ideas for quite a while now.The best part about using Agile project management software is that it adapts to different types of projects.
Tracking time is like tracking calories.Prioritizing your consumption brings jaw-dropping results, be it food or time.At times, even 24 hours aren’t enough for completing tasks and having fun.Time tracking aids in providing visibility for work estimate accuracies.The key motive of time tracking should aim at balancing our personal and professional lives.However, stringent boundaries are essential for work-life balance.Therefore, it’s best to allocate your precious resources in the right places.Release yourself from the clutches of unnecessary habits to transform your time tracking efforts in less than a week.Yes, this is definitely possible!Significantly improve Time tracking in 3 days1.
For managing the project proper planning, task scheduling, collaborating resources, and estimating the project budget are must required components.And we always try to upskill our readers to focus on these things to achieve their project goals.The analytical figure of Project Management Institute (PMI) shows organizations with a proper project management structure having 38% greater success rates compared to the organizations that are not following any methodology.Well, it was about the initial state of project management.The second stage is the “Execution Phase” and it can’t be completed without the help of a team.The team or your resources execute the task things following the project management methodology with the help of the team leader or project manager.We call it proper work management.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Orangescrum's simple workflow management features helps to get insight of workforce and enhance productivity.It can automated processes, eliminated paper work, and cuts tedious tasks.
Our everyday experiences with digital technology are gradually being impacted through Artificial Intelligence-based tools and services.It is intruding every industry and project management is no exception to this.As per the report of AI Innovators: “The imposing of AI in project management has made an impact up to 81%, and project managers have also admitted it”.The same report has also predicted that the AI-powered project management methodology will increase from 25% to 40% in the coming years.A project manager in an IT company is always engaged with different projects with complex and monolithic project structures and uses SaaS web apps.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog
Project Managers and Project Management Software are two different aspects.No software can replace the timely delivery of projects unless there’s someone efficient to handle it.That being said, Project Managers take ownership of projects with the quality to foresee challenges that lie ahead.But it doesn’t end here.According to’s 2020 statistics, the lack of leadership participation was the second most challenge with Adopting Agile Project Management.When a crisis occurs, a high-performing Project Manager should be ready to respond.Unfortunately, this is often not seen as a proactive move.A good Project Manager prepares for the unexpected and takes action.So, what makes efficient Project Managers stand out?5 Habits of an efficient Project Manager 1.
Time Management has earned an underrated title over time.It’s a term that people use but seldom implement in their lives.A recent study revealed that most people are productive only for 3 hours or less in an 8-hour workday.Where do the rest of the 5 hours vanish?Is it “Burnout”?An entrepreneur’s life revolves around managing an unlimited list of tasks along with preventing burnouts.They don’t enjoy the luxury of sharing the tough tasks with the whole team.That’s exactly when they function as a ‘One-man’ army.As a result, this takes a toll on juggling between personal and professional lives, resulting in burnout.Read the full article at Orangescrum blog