By the end of the 90-minute special, it s really not clear what Geraldo believes is going on within the Satanic underground, or if he even believes it exists at all.Set in Charleston, South Carolina, Exorcism introduces Abby, a working-class loner who s befriended maybe even rescued by Gretchen, a too-sheltered rich kid who bonds with Abby during a disastrous early- 80s birthday party.A few years later, the now-teenaged chums find their long-time bond challenged after a one-off acid trip, during which Gretchen disappears into darkened woods.The corpse in question is that of a largely average high-school jock whose suicide upends a rural Pennsylvania town—but whose death also brings together the unadventurous Hannah with Lacey, a class-cutting, chain-smoking, Kurt Cobain-obsessed alternakid who draws Hannah out of her happily PG existence and into a dizzying spree-turned-spiral of drugs, parties and, eventually, some blood-drenched, semi-Satanic antics.It s a decision that leads to Lacey being accused of Satanic tendencies, and that finally brings all three girls, guided by sinister motivations, to the same woods where their former classmate turned up dead.Like Exorcism s Abby and Gretchen, Fire s Lacey and Hannah are outsiders whose relationship flourishes in an environment of latchkey laissez faire-ness and shenanigans-inspiring boredom.
Drones may help keep the lights on and the stove fires burning.PG is testing drones for monitoring electricity infrastructure and is working with NASA to use the unmanned aerial vehicles to spot gas leaks.The utility has two testing programs underway, to address issues in both gas and electricity services.A recent drone flight over a hydroelectric plant in the Sierra Nevada mountains outside Fresno marked PG s foray into drone testing.For humans to inspect facilities such as the Balch Powerhouse in the Sierras, fall-protection equipment is required for the risky work that requires a significant investment in training and protective equipment, according to PGThe utility hopes to use drones to assess power lines and other equipment in remote areas.for increasing reliability of our service and response time to outages, PG executive Pat Hogan said in a press release.On the gas side, the utility is working with NASA s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and other researchers to test a drone-borne NASA laser-based sensor to detect gas leaks from the air.The ability to deploy and aerial methane-detection tool over long distances and in remote areas could signal a major turning point in future gas-leak detection capabilities for PG, and the larger utility industry as a whole, said PG executive Jesus Soto.The utility said it was also looking ahead to using drones for storm and disaster response.Using drones to capture high-resolution imagery in real time will help speed up damage assessments and the deployment of the right resources to restore power.
You probably ask Google 100 things every day - but now you're going to do it with your voice instead of your keyboard.Just say "We want to bring the kids to this one" and it'll bring up PG-friendly showings and ask if you want to book a ticket.Say yes and it'll buy your tickets, putting a QR code on your phone so you can walk right through the lobby and into the theatre.Check - just ask for an album and it ll start playing on one speaker, and you can set it to stream to every Google Home speaker at once, multi-room style.With no buttons, subtle LEDs and removable fabric shells that mean you can customise each speaker to match the room it s in, Google Home looks that little bit slicker than Amazon s Echo.Google is still tweaking the design and features, but expect to get your hands on Google Home later this year.
The Angry Birds Movie shot past Captain America for the top spot.Photograph: Rovio Animation/APThe Angry Birds Movie soared to $39m in its debut weekend at the US box office, knocking Captain America: Civil War off its perch at the top.New adult comedies Neighbors 2 and The Nice Guys struggled to get their footing, according to comScore estimates on Sunday.Audiences under 25, however, gave the film an A CinemaScore, which should help the film continue to perform well over Memorial Day weekend.Families are always looking for out-of-the-home content, Dergarabedian said, noting also that the film was the latest in a string of very successful PG-rated films including The Jungle Book and Zootopia.PG is the hot new rating now.
SAN BRUNO -- In the wake of a deadly pipeline blast that leveled a San Bruno neighborhood, a batch of 100,000 emails from state regulators has raised fresh questions about the integrity of the Public Utilities Commission and how it oversees big power companies, a consumer advocacy group said Tuesday."Picker talks the talk, but he doesn't walk the walk, and Picker would rather get a limo ride to an exclusive meeting with a dozen Wall Street analysts," said Liza Tucker, an official with Consumer Watchdog.Six months after those meetings, Picker was appointed president of the PUC, succeeding former President Michael Peevey."A clear understanding of California's policy goals helps investors to better understand the utility and our policies that the utilities must follow," said Terrie Prosper, a PUC spokeswoman."This knowledge leads to investors charging utilities less, which leads to consumers paying less.Therefore, it behooves the CPUC to answer investor questions as long as it is not a violation of any rules.""These relationships come with a price tag," Tucker said.
SAN BRUNO -- PG wants a judge to consider tossing out criminal charges in the deadly San Bruno pipeline explosion, claiming misconduct by prosecutors has harmed its right to a fair trial, according to new court papers that sparked harsh criticism of the utility.The September 2010 disaster leveled a San Bruno neighborhood, killing eight people."This is a multibillion-dollar company acting like a petulant, unrepentant child."AdvertisementThe utility's defense team claims prosecutors may have misled the federal grand jury that indicted PG in April 2015, may have improperly disclosed grand jury evidence and may have unfairly withheld evidence from PG lawyers."We identified what we believe to be numerous instances of prosecutorial misconduct," PG spokesman Keith Stephens said Thursday.The U.S. attorney's office declined to comment about the development, spokesman Abraham Simmons said.
-PG Back in the summer of 2008 we were looking for a nation to insult and Germany seemed to have it all: a seemingly humorless populace with high-speed highways and a new motoring show hosted by three presenters.Once filming got underway, we adopted another widely used filming technique known as The Kick, Bollock and Scramble.What this amounts to is throwing all your people and toys into one place and filming whatever happens next.James May, AKA Captain, Slow versus Germany s Tim Schrick, AKA a professional racing driver, racing around the full 2.5-mile Zolder Circuit in a pair of 180 mph GT3 racecars.I braked for the fast left-hander and the throttle jammed fully open, pouring 550 BHP of resistance against my brakes.The Top Gear editors took the footage into their windowless caffeine chambers and somehow managed to unscramble it to create an entertaining, joined-up piece of TV.
Ever since the very hard-R Deadpool made $763 million dollars worldwide, everyone in Hollywood has been trying to figure out how to make the next violence-packed, potty-mouthed comic book blockbuster.Wade Wilson s success happened to late to get any adult content into the decidedly PG-13 X-Men: Apocalypse though there s talk the next Wolverine flick will be rated R , but that didn t stop us from wondering what a NSFW Apocalypse would look like.So we asked our crack video team to make a trailer for one.Above is our take on what would ve happened if 20th Century Fox had seen the success of Deadpool before they started filming their latest X-Men flick.Plug in your headphones and guard your screen—this one gets dirty.
Exposed by MacKeeper security researcher Chris Vickery, the database consisted of data from an asset-management system of a US firm called Pacific Gas and Electric.Upon analysis, the database held a slew of sensitive data online without username or password protection, contained IP addresses, operating-system information, hostnames and MAC addresses – which are unique numbers assigned to computer networks."That's not to mention the 120 hashed employee passwords, or the plain-text NTLM, SOAP and mail passwords."Vickery, who voiced concerns that the PG data could have been easily exploited by 'hostile actors', has now said he wants to turn over the downloaded database to the US Department of Homeland Security for inspection."PG didn't bother to ask me if I downloaded a copy of this open, publicly exposed database.His previous reports have exposed firms including child-tracking website uKnowKids, dating firm BeautifulPeople and even entire governments.
Even if the upcoming Suicide Squad is a bust at the box office, its production has been such a saga that it may one day make for an entertaining documentary.From Jared Leto sending dead rats and condoms to his co-workers, to the cast tattooing each other, to the consternation over the look and feel of almost every one of the film s characters, it has been a wild ride.The movie continued to make news Wednesday when ScreenCrush reported that the Motion Picture Association of America MPAA has officially branded Suicide Squad with a PG-13 rating, citing sequences of violence and action throughout, disturbing behavior, suggestive content and language.In a vacuum, this wouldn t necessarily be noteworthy, but with everyone trying to get a handle on what the heck this movie will look like when it actually hits theaters, the rating looms larger than usual.Remember, this was a film that was supposedly dark enough to necessitate an on-set therapist.Of course, there s also the possibility that it was never really all that dark to begin with.
Jury selection for the trial, in which PG faces 13 criminal counts, is scheduled to begin Tuesday in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.JOHN GREEN/Staff archives Investigators believe the deadly explosion was caused by a lethal combination of negligence, poor record keeping and lazy oversight."PG's willful decisions not to maintain records, conduct proper pipeline assessments and otherwise comply with federal pipeline safety regulations were part of a corporate culture of prioritizing profits over safety," federal prosecutors wrote in papers filed in November with the federal court.PG has pleaded not guilty to all the charges."We believe PG is guilty of a dereliction of its duty to protect the citizens of San Bruno and customers all over their service area," San Bruno Mayor James Ruane said in an interview with this newspaper.Eight current or former PG executives have received court-ordered immunity, according to case documents filed by the U.S. attorney's office.William Hayes, a PG gas operations executive who was a company representative for the NTSB probe into the explosion, will testify about the utility's policies regarding when it would test for problems in older pipelines -- and what PG told the NTSB about those policies.
Morrow left PG in September 2008.Gas safety funding was heavily constrained in the 2008, 2009 and 2010 budget process, says an audit undertaken by Overland Consulting for the CPUC.On Wednesday an NBN spokeswoman issued a short statement about the US legal proceedings.In my judgment some of the comments in the opinion piece are not consistent with established practices around the caretaker conventions, which are directed at protecting the apolitical nature of government bodies and preventing controversies about the role of those bodies distracting attention from the substantive issues in the election campaign, Parkinson wrote in a letter to Labor s finance spokesman, Tony Burke.Australia s internet speeds have seen a slip from 30th to 60th and we now have the NBN Co doing everything they can to cover up the facts, the Labor leader said.I think, for an otherwise respected businessman, Dr Switkowski, I think this is a shameful breach.
"PG has set a shining example" for phasing out other nuclear plants in the nation, said Ralph Cavanagh, energy program co-director for the Natural Resources Defense Council, one of several environmental and labor groups that struck a deal with PG to close the facility on the California coast.The two 1,100-megawatt-hour reactors at Diablo Canyon, which began operation in 1973, produce nearly 9 percent of California's electricity and provide enough power for 3 million people a year.To replace the lost nuclear power, PG plans to expand energy efficiency, its use of renewable energy, and energy storage that would exceed current state mandates.At present, about 30 percent of the utility's electricity comes from renewable sources, said Keith Stephens, a PG spokesman.PG disagreed, saying monthly bills won't have to rise to cover the costs of the closure and the switch to other forms of energy."There is no need for a cost increase from our customers," said Geisha Williams, president of electric with the utility subsidiary of PG "We don't have to replace the full power output of Diablo Canyon because there will be less need for its electricity" because of the state's energy mandates."This decision by PG will help facilitate greater deployment of advanced energy technologies and services to the grid," said Steve Chadima of Advanced Energy Economy, a national business association."Staff writer Louis Hansen contributed to this story.
SAN BRUNO -- A former PG executive who was a key figure in the utility's gas pipeline operations is seeking to Take the Fifth and avoid testifying for the prosecution in the company's criminal trial linked to a fatal explosion in San Bruno, but a judge has ordered him to testify.Chris Warner, who is being called to testify in the prosecution case against PG, told prosecutors that he wanted to use the Fifth Amendment to avoid incriminating himself through his testimony.However, U.S. District Judge Thelton Henderson, who is presiding over the trial, issued an order on Tuesday to compel Warner to testify in the case."The United States has subpoenaed Chris Warner to appear and testify and provide other information in connection with its prosecution of PG following the deadly explosion of PG's pipeline in San Bruno," Philip Guentert, acting chief of the criminal division of the U.S. Attorney's Office, said in papers filed with the court.Judge Henderson agreed with the prosecutors in issuing his order on Tuesday.AdvertisementWarner's online biography at Mears Integrity Solutions states that he has more than 25 years experience in gas transmission pipeline design, operations and maintenance.San Francisco-based PG faces 13 criminal charges, including one count that it deliberately obstructed a federal probe into the lethal blast, which killed eight San Bruno residents in September 2010, and 12 counts of violating pipeline safety regulations.The trial in the case began June 14 with jury selection.
By 2018, monthly bills for natural gas will be 11.6 percent higher than they were in January 2015, according to estimates provided during Thursday's meeting of the state Public Utilities Commission.The rate increases are scheduled to begin Aug.A PG employee stops by his truck while checking on houses on Discovery Bay Boulevard in Discovery Bay, Calif. Jose Carlos Fajardo/Bay Area News Group The push for improvements to the system has intensified in the wake of the PG explosion in September 2010 that killed eight people and leveled much of a San Bruno neighborhood."The San Bruno explosion put a spotlight on PG's shoddy maintenance efforts and neglect of its vast web of pipelines in Northern and Central California.Consumer groups lambasted the decision, saying the PUC enabled PG to extract money from customers for upgrades that the utility already should have conducted."PG let their pipes rust for years," said Thomas Long, legal director of The Utility Reform Network, a consumer group."PUC officials conceded that the pending rate increases could be a tough burden for consumers to shoulder."The residential bill impact poses challenges for California families who rely on gas for cooking, heating and hot water," Peterman said.Contact George Avalos at 408-859-5167.
It has occurred to me that perhaps TechCrunch pays insufficient attention to slurry, sediment, silt, mud, and muck; to canals, earthworks, levees, dikes, dredges, and the Army Corps of Engineers; to the vast engineering works, with lifespans measured in decades, that literally reshape our world.We own the only high-rate offloader west of the Mississippi, Jim Levine says at our first stop, the colossal megaproject called the Montezuma Wetlands, with some justified smugness in his voice.This is, to put it mildly, controversial.Even the Montezuma Wetlands project — which, elegantly, tops up subsided lowlands with dredged sediment, to regenerate the kind of wetlands which originally existed — attracted enormous hostility and resistance.Now, in the shadow of a massive wind farm its existence perhaps prompted by the project s $150,000/month PG bill a slow restoration of two thousands acres of wetlands is underway, and should continue for at least another decade.One day the descendants of his satellites will be both as unsexy, and as crucial, as the dredges you might glimpse from BART or the bayside from time to time, without really noticing.
As anyone who has been to an animated family film knows, the trailers that air in advance of them are usually pretty darn PG.Due to the overwhelming popularity of Pixar s Finding Dory, however, an audience full of kids was recently exposed to something a little more adult-themed.According to Yahoo, when an overburdened theater manager swapped screens to accommodate the Dory crowd, the manager began showing the wrong movie, resulting in the trailer for Sausage Party being played for a packed house of aghast parents and kiddies.Though Sausage Party is a cute-looking animated film, it was co-created by the foul-mouthed, dirty-minded Seth Rogen and is decidedly R-rated.While it s not clear whether it was the standard trailer, or the raunchier red-band version which is NSFW that aired in advance of Finding Dory, both are much too racy for the youngsters.The snafu occurred at the Brenden Theatres in Concord, California, which has already issued an apology.
Crews load an abandoned segment of pipe that was once part of the gas line that exploded in San Bruno last San Bruno , Calif., on Friday , July 29 , 2011."It was commonly known within the organization" at PG that a geographic database the utility used as a major component of its pipeline records was inaccurate and flawed, Todd Arnett, a supervising gas engineer with PG, testified during the trial in U.S. District Court.The testimony also disclosed that PG was eager to increase the pressure on a section of natural gas pipeline known as Line 132 to a high enough level to enable the utility to establish a benchmark for the line's maximum operating pressure.For certain gas pipelines constructed before 1970, utility operators are required to establish the maximum pressure based on the top pressures recorded during a five-year window."We need to do whatever it takes to keep the maximum operating pressure of Line 132 at 400 pounds per square inch," Jason Reider, a PG gas engineering executive, wrote in a November 2008 email to other PG officials.If PG hadn't been able to maintain the 400-psi benchmark, it would have had to make sure the pressure on the line never topped 373 psi -- which would have reduced the utility's delivery capacity in that area.Line 132 normally operated at 375 psi, according to internal PG memos entered into evidence Wednesday."There are sections of Line 132 that have suspected manufacturing threats," a PG executive wrote in one of the memos."Line 132 reached 400 psi a little bit ago," William Manegold wrote in an email in December 2008.
PALO ALTO -- It's been a busy 10 months at Silver Spring Networks.Silver Spring Networks is one of the top green tech companies in Silicon Valley, joining this newspaper's annual SV150 this year as the only profitable public company in the sector.Its customers include PG and the utilities that provide power to New York City, London and Paris.In June, its public cloud network went live in San Jose, and is designed to help the city meet its smart city goals by 2020.It was, "Next time, use this screwdriver."That means you don't need meter readers -- that saves money.
SAN FRANCISCO -- PG was aware of "prevalent" hazards in its gas pipeline system months before the deadly San Bruno explosion, and management displayed a "near-criminal" indifference to safety concerns, according to testimony presented Friday at the utility's criminal trial.Manegold's warnings, made in emails to senior PG executives and engineers, came in the spring of 2010, a half-year before the September 2010 blast.PG on Friday acknowledged its role in the disaster.In September of that year, Line 132 beneath San Bruno ruptured in a disastrous explosion.Manegold recalled telling Christopher Johns, president of PG's utility operations, that the company should increase its spending to replace older pipelines."What I should have said was don't assume that the people working on this stuff now are a bunch of idiots that should be ignored as it seems to me has been done ," Manegold wrote in an email to a colleague at PGThat colleague, fellow engineer Wayne Ciardella, replied that PG executives had neglected the aging pipeline network for three decades."This is the near-criminal fault of all those financial types running the show since the 1980s," Ciardella wrote in the email.