When thinking of Star Wars, we invariably think of a single name: George Lucas.She did so along with editors Richard Chew and Paul Hirsch, and with the release of Hirsch’s autobiography A Long Time Ago in a Cutting Room Far, Far Away, we’re finally getting another perspective on Star Wars’ production.“I’d been cutting 16mm documentaries and all of a sudden I was working on a 70mm movie with six track stereophonic sound.“I got a call from Gary Kurtz telling me that George had hired a British director, Richard Marquand, out of anger at the Directors Guild of America.When the guild screened Empire, they claimed that the credits on the film were a violation of DGA rules and fined George $50,000,” he writes, referring to the dust-up over the director’s name appearing only at the end of the film.He would neither forget nor forgive, which is how Marquand got the job on Jedi.