Join us for this live webinar on Web Personalization Thursday, October 22 at 10 a.m. Pacific, 1 p.m. Eastern.A few years ago, if the theme of “personalization” had emerged in your marketing circles, most industry people would have referred to Amazon as the gold standard.Amazon still is the Prime, free-shipping standard when it comes to knowing what products I want and when I want them.By way of personalization, Amazon transformed online shopping into a web experience (and we know how many times “customer experience” comes up in marketing meetings).Companies of all sizes are following Amazon’s lead and many have been seeing huge results.In fact, according to VB Insight analyst Andrew Jones, in his latest report on website personalization, 87 percent of those companies have seen a lift of at least 5 percent in their most important metrics.
However, this didn t happen overnight; here s where many marketers have gone wrong:You followed the wrong metricsAs marketers, when we sit in meetings with executives, they say the same thing over and over: Show me the data.We know the best marketing efforts are tracked, analyzed, tweaked or even tossed out based on the results that they show.However, the data that we have been leaning on is frequently from discrete campaign results that miss the true impact of a campaign s broader implications.You didn t treat your users like individualsA recent study we conducted found that users hate it when they are delivered the same generic experience as the next person.It s up to us to break out of the bad habits that I listed above and enter a new age of mobile engagement where we bring better, more personalized and more thoughtful mobile engagement to our users.He oversees global marketing, branding and advertising.
Measuring beyond surface metricsTraditional content marketing performance data is limited in its depiction of valuable user engagement.Demonstrating valuable ROI return on investment means marketers must measure beyond conventional vanity metrics to better understand if, why and how the content is providing emotional value.The takeaway: To measure digital emotion, focus on metrics that show the impact the content is having on the viewer.Synthesizing the viewer and the content in this way lays the groundwork for a unique emotional experience that standard linear video is simply unable to deliver.This interactive dynamic also helps marketers pinpoint opportunities for improving their strategy, helping to identify specific areas for increased investment.About The AuthorErika Trautman, founder of Rapt Media is passionate about the evolution of online storytelling.
Stephen Ingledew, MD, Marketing, Standard Life, UK said: "Today we are truly working towards a segment of one and as a result, our customer communications must be personalized at a depth unimaginable just a few years ago."In addition to the analytics tools, Standard Life is using IBM Campaign and Interact, these help the investment company to turn analytic insights into customer snapshots that help to identify what exactly a person's financial needs are and what their long-term aspirations may be.Employees will have access to these insights and then be able to actively, and more effectively decide on what would be the best course of action.The work with ING Direct sees the bank aiming to deliver more personalised banking services to online and mobile customers as it looks to better engage with younger digital savvy customers.Although there are no exact details on which analytics tools are being used, the deal highlights an increasingly proactive response from FS organisations to meeting customer demands and fending off competition from fintechs.The investment company has around 4.5 million customers across 46 countries and it actively manages over £253bn in investments worldwide.
Privacy vs. personalizationUnlike Google, Facebook, and other tech companies that make money from advertising, Apple doesn t collect your personal data because it doesn t need to.It makes money by selling you hardware and getting you to sign up for monthly subscription services like iCloud storage and Apple Music, among other revenue generators.The company has a trio of so-called privacy czars who vet every decision, even inspecting lines of code that might violate laws or company standards.Siri usually reverts to a web search for questions it doesn t know the answers to, and now I ve come to expect that if I want anything more than a timer set or the weather forecast, I ll have to look it up myself.The assistant is hugely helpful on the fourth-gen Apple TV and in Apple Music, and iOS 9 included a Siri search API for deep-linking.Engineers in Cupertino may be working right now on a Siri reboot to rival Google and Amazon s assistants, and maybe even an Apple version of a voice-activated hub like Google Home or Amazon Echo.
Here s our daily recap of what happened in marketing technology, as reported on Marketing Land and other places across the web.Make room for Google Home, Amazon Echo/AlexaMay 18, 2016 by Barry LevineThe tech giant announces its new front end for everything you do in your home.Google announces Firebase Analytics & Universal App Campaigns updates for app developersMay 18, 2016 by Ginny MarvinThe company says it has driven more than 2 billion app installs from ads, putting it on par with Facebook.Google I/O Live Blog: Home voice-activated assistant, Allo messaging app announcedMay 18, 2016 by Danny SullivanGoogle announces its rival to the Amazon Echo, unveils yet another messaging app.Startup Grey Jean launches AI-powered personalization platformMay 17, 2016 by Barry LevineNew York City-based firm says it can achieve up to 72 percent accuracy in predicting a customer s next likely purchase.From Around The Web:6 Free CRO Tools Worth Considering, www.lunametrics.comHow 8 Different A/B Testing Tools Affect Site Speed, conversionxl.comEBay eyes huge opportunities to personalize shopping through artificial intelligence, www.retaildive.comAberdeen Group Partners With Bombora to Offer B2B Intent Data, www.marketwired.comOpenprise Announces Free Diagnostic Tool to Assess the Readiness of Companies Lead & Contact Data for Marketing Automation, Account Based Marketing, & Predictive Analytics, openprisetech.comYuMe Doubles Up on Protection for Advertisers and Brands with Native SDK-Driven Brand Safety and Integral Ad Science s Bid Expert, www.yume.comMarketers Struggle to Balance Marketing Technology Tools and Talent, www.emarketer.comMarTech Advisor Investscape Q1 2016 – Analyzing the $2240.51 Million Martech Investments that Kicked Off the Year, www.martechadvisor.comWhy chief digital officers are all the rage, www.internetretailer.comBig Updates for Yahoo Mail Apps, yahoomail.tumblr.comPeople Prefer Silent, End-Roll, Non-Auto-Play Video Ads Report ,
Twitter, like Facebook, adds old-school elements to its mobile ad networkMay 19, 2016 by Tim PetersonTwitter is bringing its Twitter Audience Platform mobile ad network to the worldwide web and adding IAB-standardized ads to its portfolio.Taykey launches a free online trend-watcherMay 19, 2016 by Barry LevineCalled Trend Pulse, it shows trends in four categories, changed daily.How to increase sales through broadcast messagingMay 19, 2016 by Daniel FaggellaLooking to gain more profits from your email list?Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsImprove Your Web Analytics Data Quality, www.blastam.comLeveraging the Power of Predictive Analytics to Control Churn, www.cmswire.comBlogs & Blogging14 Tools for Bloggers, www.socialmediaexaminer.comBusiness IssuesAlphabet CEO Larry Page defends Android s use of Java APIs in court, techcrunch.comGoogle s CEO sums up his AI vision: Hi., www.cnet.comMicrosoft has its own Bing Assistant bot in the works, www.zdnet.comContent Marketing3 Steps to Creating Content Audiences Love and Share, www.socialbakers.com9 Content Marketing Gems Hidden Within Game of Thrones, www.komarketingassociates.comContent Syndication 101, www.copypress.comHow Journalists Help Build a Strong Content Marketing Foundation, www.convinceandconvert.comHow to Think Mobile-First for Your Content Marketing Strategy, www.verticalmeasures.comSupercharge Your Sales Funnel Velocity With Content, www.convinceandconvert.comCopywriting, Design & UsabilityDomainingThe .blog Domain Extension Is Now Open to Registrars, wptavern.comE-CommerceAmazon Plans More Stores, Bulked-Up Prime Services, Wall Street JournaleBay Valet Program Lists, Sells and Ships Products for You, smallbiztrends.comGoogle s Secret Weapon Against Amazon Echo?Just Being Google, www.fastcodesign.comTop 500 spotlight: How meal-kit e-retailers are redefining food shopping, www.internetretailer.comWhat Leads Consumers to Shop for Groceries Digitally?, www.emarketer.comEmail MarketingDesign Tips: Creating an Email Template, www.verticalresponse.comEmails we love: The nonprofit edition, myemma.comHow to Boost Email Marketing with Customer Match Gmail Ads, www.clixmarketing.comGeneral Internet Marketing3 Attributes of a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy, www.toprankblog.com5 tips on branding, yoast.comHow Real-Time Marketing Changes the Game, www.marketingprofs.comThe Influencer Perspective On Cross-Channel Marketing, adexchanger.comThe Top 3 Tools to Create Your Marketing Presentation, www.ducttapemarketing.comInternet Marketing IndustryFull Circle Insights Launches Campaign Attribution, www.prnewswire.comAdobe Launches Spark: Visual Storytelling Apps for Everyone, spark.adobe.comCriteo Helps Marketers Boost Incremental Sales with Dynamic Email Retargeting, www.criteo.comRapt Media Survey Reveals Personalization Drives Content Discovery, www.businesswire.comSwirl s New Mobile Presence Management and Marketing Platform Helps Brick and Mortar Retailers Better Compete with Amazon, www.swirl.comMarTechMobile/Local MarketingApp Customer Retention Spring 2016 Report, blog.appboy.comFamily Library For Google Play Purchases Is Official, App Purchases Will Be Shared Among Up To Six Family Members Starting July 2nd, www.androidpolice.comHow to Gain Visibility in the App Store, www.searchenginejournal.comMobile App Install Ads Score Big via Facebook Audience Network Report , www.adweek.comMobile App Users See Ads from Morning to Night, www.emarketer.comMobile networks have taken another hit in the fight to regulate apps like WhatsApp in Africa, qz.comYahoo Esports Expands Mobile Offering with iPhone Launch, yahoo.tumblr.comSocial MediaAdding Video to Carousel Ads, Facebook s Algorithm – and More Facebook Ad Tips, www.amyporterfield.comConfessions of a Snapchat influencer: What seems like overnight success usually wasn t, digiday.comCreating Facebook Lookalike Audiences with Behavior Targeting, www.practicalecommerce.comDrive more scale for your performance campaigns with Twitter, www.Twitter.comFacebook s Power Editor Getting Upgraded Over the Weekend, www.adweek.comInstagram s Banned Hashtags Reveal Moderation Challenges, www.adweek.comLinkedIn 2012 Data Breach May Have Hit Over 100 Million, www.wsj.comSnapchat Advertising Data Reveals What Kinds of Brands Have Bought Into the App, www.adweek.comSnapchat Plans to Take the Algorithm Route for Content Feed, www.martechadvisor.comWhy Your Brand Doesn t Need Anyone To Participate In Anything, www.fastcocreate.comVideoAbout The AuthorAmy Gesenhues is Third Door Media's General Assignment Reporter, covering the latest news and updates for Marketing Land and Search Engine Land.
The cloud-based UBX is a exchange of individual behavioral data between systems, so that marketers don t need to contact IT to integrate, say, mobile marketing platform Vibes, social media marketing platform Shoutlet, and IBM s Marketing Cloud.On the other hand, Ensighten s Manage tag management solution, which involves some JavaScript in a website header, can capture data from any website and allow it to be processed by more than 1100 integrated vendors — including data management platform BlueKai, retargeter Criteo, or community review platform BazaarVoice — and then sent to the Marketing Cloud.But Adobe s tool is not integrated with UBX, so Ensighten allows her to pipe website data directly to UBX and thence to IBM s Marketing Cloud tools.Similarly, Ensighten Pulse and Mobile gathers data from mobile devices, digital ads, kiosks, and the Internet of Things for UBX.Once the data reaches the Marketing Cloud, it can be used for such tasks as personalization or profile creation.While the others have their limited tag managers, none have integrated with a full enterprise tag management system in this way.
My company is a conversion rate optimization and personalization agency, and we offer a free conversion rate report card.I was wondering if y'all had some advice on how to spread the good word.Thanks!
According to a 2014 Forrester report titled, Executive Q: How Personalized Video Works And What It Can Do For You, personalized video has been shown to raise email engagement levels by 10x, increase CTRs by more than 985 percent and offer a tenfold improvement in return on investment.They ran a campaign sending the video to inactive recipients — people who hadn t responded or engaged with the company for more than six months.Lenovo and other companies weave the viewer s name, company logo or photo into other parts of the video too, so it isn t just a gimmick to get the recipient to click the play button.Adding personal touches throughout keeps them watching longer and makes for a more memorable experience and greater affinity for the brand that created the video.Personalization and video each help cut through that clutter.Some opinions expressed in this article may be those of a guest author and not necessarily Marketing Land.
Employees report they spend over 30 hours per month in unproductive meetings, with many of those hours on web conferences and conference calls.Building on best practices, here are four ways to make meetings worth more, not cost more.Create dynamic presentations that incorporate rich media, like video and web slides, and look for ways to engage people at every moment.Research from CSO Insights shows that over 60 percent of sales leaders say the lack of proper tools lengthens sales cycles, and nearly two-thirds of salespeople don t effectively leverage content during web-based meetings.To further increase sales teams more productive, make sure your meeting solution automatically logs all engagement activity for each meeting back to a CRM system like Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics.Market leading organizations are solving this personalization challenge by investing in broader sales engagement platforms versus single-point tools.
Ads were served on TV or radio, in newspapers and magazines, or on billboards, and advertisers played to broad audiences.In short, advertising today must strike a very personal chord with consumers—a simple principle that s very complicated to implement.Source: iStockphoto The ability for the systems to talk to each other, the ability to understand that the iPhone I m speaking to you on now is connected to my computer and how, as an advertiser, you can make that linkage without necessarily having personally identifiable information to work with—these are all challenges to reaching a particular consumer with the right message at the right time, says Claire Alexander, Oracle s senior director of product marketing.A year earlier, Oracle acquired Datalogix, which offers highly accurate data about consumer purchases in traditional stores, letting advertisers match that information with online behavioral profiles to increase the effectiveness of their digital campaigns.When consumers feel that a company gets them, they re more likely to be open to what that company is saying—and the advertising that company is serving.Going back to the diaper example, if a man has taken on the role of primary caregiver and is doing the bulk of the buying for the couple s baby, he s more likely to respond to ads that acknowledge his role rather than to ads that assume all primary caregivers are women.
Gaming company SteelSeries is releasing what it claims is the "world's first modular gaming mouse," the Rival 700.Personalization is the goal of the Rival 700, allowing gamers to tailor every aspect of their mouse.And of course, no gaming mouse would be complete without customizable RGB LED illumination to match your gaming PC's color scheme.The SteelSeries Rival 700 ships with two USB cables, a 3ft rubber cable for gaming on the go and a 6ft braided nylon cable for desktop use.The display can also show your game stats, mouse profiles and CPI settings.All of this can be tweaked using the SteelSeries Engine app.
After all, it's hardly a new concept.Perhaps he's trapped in mid-management between an executive setting his budget and end-users grumbling about the products he buys.In ITSMA's view, ABM helps marketing and sales teams work together to build relationships with the key players in accounts which generate the most revenue.Obviously, B2B marketers have long understood the importance of accounts, but have had to rely on outmoded tools to engage with them: spreadsheets, telephone conversations, random meetings at events, and email chains which may or may not be shared with the sales team .Increasingly, however, marketing automation platforms have honed and launched ABM offerings, to take the pain and strain out of managing relationships with multiple accounts, and increase opportunities for personalization.That assumes, of course, that ABM can be embedded in a marketing automation solution—indeed, Bobowski thinks MA is ABM's natural home.
By the time many users receive their roundup of liked products or similar next step in the process , chances are they ve forgotten the initial inspiration to purchase the product already.To compete with this more efficient approach to mobile shopping, standalone mobile apps that support instant purchasing options are edging into the growing industry.I spoke with Brendan Eapen, CEO and co-founder of In/Spree, a mobile application that draws from various influencers to inspire consumers and sell products from a variety of brands in one place.When we grew our original blog to incorporate fashion, we noticed that many of our followers wanted to be able to instantly purchase what they saw in our content, says Eapen.This broad approach likens the app to an alternative to Instagram, but with a sole focus on fashion.We re seeing a big shift with online retailers specifically creating more content and stories behind the products being sold.
The CRM company's introduction of Service Cloud Lightning Snap-ins is designed to help companies quickly deploy capabilities such as Cases, Knowledge, Live Chat, SOS, and Tap-to-Call to their mobile and web apps.The first is the Unified Snap-in SDK for web which will help to ensure that customers have a seamless experience on web.The company says that this will help to add a more personal touch to engagements with service agents.Mike Milburn, GM and SVP of Service Cloud, Salesforce said: "Customers today expect service that is smart, personalized and fast -- wherever and whenever they are interacting with a brand."The Service Cloud Lightning Mobile and Web Snap-in SDKs are expected to be generally available in June 2016 as will Cases.Live Agent will cost $75 per user, per month for users with a Service Cloud Lightning Enterprise license or great.
Journey to better paid search ROI with this travel ad copy dataMay 26, 2016 by John CosleySchool s nearly out, and it s time for summer vacations.Top 10 payment processing companies in the worldMay 26, 2016 by Steve OlenskiWith hundreds of services to choose from, how do you choose the payment processing company that s best for your business and your customer s experience?A marketer s first month as a Snapchat userMay 26, 2016 by Blaise LuceyAre you still trying to make sense of the Snapchat craze?Facebook to sunset FBX desktop retargeting in favor of mobile capabilitiesMay 25, 2016 by Ginny MarvinThe once-powerful FBX has seen its influence wane with the release of Custom Audiences and Dynamic Ads.Recent Headlines From Search Engine Land, Our Sister Site Dedicated To Search News & Information:Online Marketing News From Around The Web:AnalyticsBusiness IssuesGoogle Now Controls 12 Percent of All Global Media Spend, www.adweek.comSnapchat hires Betsy Lack as head of global brand 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The search engine giant s entry into — and quick exit from — financial services proves one thing: Even with all the data and insights in the world, customer value is not based solely on price or convenience.They are more informed, empowered and connected, demanding complete control when making purchase decisions.Regulations designed to protect consumers from privacy concerns, fraud, malpractice, conflicts of interest or lack of transparency have the unintended consequence of making it difficult to connect in new, more efficient ways.And with more than 13,000 health and medical apps available on mobile devices and through wearables, mainstream medicine will have to integrate itself further with the online experience.In government, agencies are pursuing and promoting approaches to communication that will lead to increased efficiency and citizen engagement.Instead, financial services, healthcare, and government have the opportunity to use insights gleaned across both physical interactions and digital channels and consolidated in a unified manner to truly understand and best serve the unique individual — rather than those with shared characteristics.
Android sees open rates of 3.48 percent for push notifications, while iOS has open rates of 1.77 percent, or approximately half.The report points out that, overall, iOS users opt in to receive notifications much less often than Android users.Even after users shelve notifications, Android still lets them know they have unread notifications by adding a sticky icon to the top left corner of the home screen.In terms of open speed, Leanplum says its data show the the median middle time to open for Android users is 48 minutes.An earlier survey-based report from SessionM found significant resistance to generic notifications among consumers.In that report, 62 percent of respondents said they never wanted to receive push notifications or wanted them less than once per month — even from their favorite brands.
With geotargeting, email marketers can more effectively drive in-store foot traffic, attribute online sales to email efforts and redirect customers to dynamic landing pages specifically designed for target locations.When working with geolocation data to amplify your email marketing campaigns, consider these best practices for an effective and targeted campaign:Test your target markets.Collect feedback to determine which tactics worked and which ones were less successful.Geo-specific events are particularly impactful for boosting open and click-through rates.A general rule of thumb would be to never reference a location more specific than your customer s neighborhood, even though you likely have data as specific as a street address.These systems will provide additional context for each of your customers, giving you a more accurate, holistic view of their location and preferences.