The widow of Subway co-founder Fred DeLuca is in the spotlight as Subway sales rumors swirl and franchisees call for assistance.
"We had to take away from our families so that we can pay royalties to you, a multi-billionaire," franchisees wrote in a letter.
From the success of the $5 footlong to store closures, declining sales and franchisee revolts in recent years, we unpack what's happening with Subway.
“The time you’re onstage — that’s what you live for.Everything else is just getting there.”Being labeled as a leading voice of the riot grrrl generation can be a tough mantle to uphold, but Corin Tucker takes it all in stride.In fact, the powerhouse Sleater-Kinney guitarist/vocalist was more than happy to try on a new hat by fronting the indie-rock supercollective dubbed Filthy Friends, which includes luminaries like Peter Buck of R.E.M.on guitar, Scott McCaughey of The Young Fresh Fellows and The Minus 5 on bass, Kurt Bloch of Fastbacks on guitar, and Bill Rieflin of KMFDM on drums.(Linda Pitmon of Zuzu’s Petals and The Baseball Project is taking over the drum chair for the band’s upcoming live dates.)