These changes are especially apparent in archive photos recently uncovered by the New York Public Library.The collection contains prints from 1935 to 1936 by Berenice Abbott, a photographer who documented NYC's transformation over the previous century in her series "Changing New York."Comparing her photos to Google Street View images reveals how the city's public spaces have changed up to today."The bones of the city are still there, but we're good at adapting it for what we want."Jefferson Market Courthouse, 1935 vs 2014.Berenice Abbott/Google/Skye GouldIn 1939, the tracks in front of the courthouse migrated underground with the creation of the subway, bringing more light to the street and increasing the value of the nearby real estate.
Benjamin Stahl Photographer: Fredrik Karlsson Swedish industry has a good position when it comes to robotics. But it required a serious effort to retain the position, according to a new report. In 2015 there were 1.5 million industrial roots in use worldwide compared to one million in 2009, an increase of 50 percent in five years. The rapid development of sensors have influenced and robots have become smarter, smaller, easier to use - and yet cheaper. - But the development has not been driven by the traditional robot suppliers but rather by large companies like Google, Amazon and Apple actually been more interested in artificial intelligence, says Benjamin Stahl, research director at Blue institute with the recent report robots century. But now growing faster robot use in other countries - particularly in Asia.
Anne-Maj Eastern Roman Empire, president of Conveyor and Ruth Westberg, President of Concept. Photographer: Fredrik Karlsson During Elmia Automation presented a new standard solution for the industry; a cell that has been created to pick up and move things efficiently. In the latest standard solution they have used conveyors from the company Conveyor 22nd - We have put together various parts of a standard solution with very good noise level and price as possible, says Ruth Westberg, President of Concept. The so-called visionmataren contains two trappstegsmatare, two feeders and robot and camera from ABB. The idea is that the robot should pick up and put on the conveyors so that things moved and the feeder can service a larger robot cell.
Photographer: Ted S Warren / AP / TT Amazon Web Services, AWS, is investing heavily in Scandinavia. The company is on site in Stockholm and Helsinki, in the office hotel, but the company is growing fast locally and hiring right now ranging from IT architects to business developers. As digital technology could reveal in December AWS will soon open an entire office in Stockholm. Now it is clear that the company will open a larger office at Drottninggatan in central Stockholm in the autumn. Nordic and Stockholm is a very exciting place to be, says Eric Morales, head of AWS Nordic team for gaming companies and startups. The AWS is in Sweden and Finland is precisely due to the many successful Startupfactory and gaming companies here, among the large customers are Supercell Clash of Clans, Rovio Angry Birds and King Candy Crush Saga.
A suspicious object found near the Oskarshamn nuclear power plant on Monday. photographer: TT Police do not yet know what kind of objects found yesterday at a telecommunications mast outside Skutskar. - Right now, we know nothing and awaits the national team bomb clearance, which is expected sometime today, said police spokesperson Christer Nordström. It was a passerby who alerted at 17:54 that there was a suspected dangerous objects at the mast. On Sunday sabotaged the high TV and radio mast in Borås so much that it collapsed. The state power grid company Teracom, which owns the mast, have increased security at their masts around the country.
photographer: Kuka Chinese household machine Midea want to take over the German giant robot Kuka, and pay well for the shares. Already the rumors of the offer on Tuesday, the price of KUKA shares at 84.41 euros. The Chinese now offer 115 euros per share, according to the German stock market analysts evaluates Kuka to 4.6 billion euros. Largest shareholder today Voith Group, which owns 25.1 percent of shares. Midea is in China, a famous manufacturer of household appliances like air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerators. Earlier this year, Midea is the largest shareholder of Toshiba's consumer electronics department, a purchase worth around four billion.
Rainforest regrowth after previous deforestation in the Natural Reserve of Rio Cachoiera, Brazil. Photographer: Robin Chazdon The risks of devastated rainforests in Latin America has been exaggerated. The forests will quickly back and absorb CO2 more efficiently than the old forest. Research groups have studied 45 areas in Latin America devastated the rainforest to become cropland or pasture, but then abandoned. Analyses show that the rainforest will return, usually without human help, in the space of a few decades. 66 years, 90 percent of the biomass before re-constituted, claim the researchers.
photographer: Teracom Staff from Teracom has now been able to get through to the interrupted Häglaredsmasten. Another sabotage has now been found to have taken place earlier in May, when a radio tower in adjacent Tranemo were subjected to vandalism, the Swedish Radio. Previously collapse hazard technical personnel prevented from coming up to the area around the collapsed mast. We have now started all television broadcasts, they go out, but with limited coverage, because we do not have as high mast, he says. Yet there is no evaluation of whether it is safe to climb in the remaining part of the mast, so any work in the tower itself lingers. Marcus Hartmann turns to the concept: - Actually, it was just an opportunity to tell more about what we know and to get an update on the situation.
An app on your phone shows available parking spaces. photographer: Easypark Swedish Easypark is launching a service that makes it possible to find available parking spaces in one app on your mobile. The first city to be able to use the service is Jonkoping. Through collaboration with enterprise information management Infracontrol get EasyPark updates real time information on the number of free parking spaces in the multi-storey car park and the main square. The information from Infracontrol integrated into the app, so users in real time, where there are free parking spaces. In Jönköping, the Easy Park's users see available parking spaces in the parking garages Smithy, Library, Sesame, Brahe, atoll and iron carrier, but also in open car parks East Square, Spira Culture Center and West Square.
Photographer: Michal Sikorski / Alamy DEBATE. A fossil fleet is within easy reach and both businesses and government agencies are working in that direction. The share of the mentioned environmental best cars expected to decline in new car sales, with the exception of a very modest increase of electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Number-wise increase diesel cars sharply, while the environmentally best cars will remain at about the same level until 2030 - contrary to Parliament's goal of a fossil-fuel independent vehicle fleet in 2030 It is therefore no wonder that the investigator concluded that his proposal will lead to emissions in 2021 will decrease by a negligible percent. The starting point must be a vehicle fleet that is almost entirely fossil in 2030. A system that benefits the climate best cars must give clear signals to consumers and companies in the industry that the vehicles today can run fossil-free given a bonus, it includes both plug-in hybrids and gas cars.
Gripen E Photographer: Monica Kleja Today unveiled new Gripen E of Linköping. Around five hundred invited guests; ambassadors, air force chiefs, several were in place for the unveiling. Guests were treated first at flyguppvisnig, then presented Gripen E, together with a light show. See the slideshow above. comments Welcome to have your say on new technologies. The principle of our rules are simple: to show respect for the people we write about and other readers who comment articles.
Combustion Professor Bengt Johansson has left Lund University ... Photographer: Mats Nygren Five questions to Bengt Johansson, professor of internal combustion engine technology, which in anger have left Lund and moved to Saudi Arabia. I have been about the same as students here in Lund, they come mainly from India and China. There are some advantages. It has 120 researchers in the field of combustion technology, and now they want to build a business in engine technology and that's where I come in. During the construction period was 60 000 people involved. But of course it is not paid less here than in Lund and also tax free.
Photographer: Sharon Steinmann / TT One of the airline Egyptairs aircraft on its way from Paris to Cairo with 66 passengers and crew on board disappeared over the Mediterranean. Weather conditions are said to have been good when the plane disappeared from radar and according to the airline does not have a distress signal sent out, something also confirmed by the government Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram. - The sun has just gone up so within an hour we should have more information, said Ahmed Abdel Egyptair at CNN. The plane took off from Charles de Gaulle Airport 23:09 local time for a trip that normally takes about four hours. The airline tweeted out that the plane disappeared, which should have taken place shortly after it crossed Egyptian airspace over the Mediterranean. The Egyptian airline industry has been hit by several events over the past year.
DocubyteSending a text on an iPhone is an intuitive experience — so intuitive that users take the ease of communication it allows for granted.The action has become so ingrained in our daily habits that 8.3 trillion texts were sent in 2015 alone.But long before the iPhone, and before Steve Jobs founded Apple, rising to success with his rounded, sleek personal technologies, computers weren t so easy to interact with, let alone carry around.Paying homage to the computers of yore, photographer James Ball aka Docubyte teamed up with production company INK to take stylized portraits of machines throughout history, granting the clunky computers a poppy, consumerist sheen, as though they were the subjects of glossy ads.You chose bright, glossy compositions for these photos — why did you choose to juxtapose the composition with the outdated designs?I wanted to restore them to their former glory and recreate a timeless aesthetic akin to the advertising from the past while keeping the images clean, modern and supposedly, studio-based.
photographer: Pixabay Google's new chat app, Allo offers encryption all the way from user to user. When Google launches its new chat app Allo on developing the conference I / O lift the company up security as an important feature. Google's previous chat app, Hangouts has certainly used encryption to protect the contents of a message, but Google has always had access to the content of the messages in plain text. Just like Whatsapp Google uses encryption security expert Moxie Marlinspike and his company Open Whisper Systems. Moxie Marlinspike has for years worked to his encryption protocol should become the standard for encryption of messages and both Whatsapp and Google on the client list, he has come a long way. Google has however chosen to have the type of encryption when the user chooses to turn on a special secure mode.
The broken mast outside Borås. Photographer: Adam Ihse / TT After the recent sabotage of the master outside Borås increases operator safety. Read more: In a press release writing, Teracom, which is responsible for the broadcasts via the masts that they now perform three steps to increase security: Advanced security guard at the main stations. The company makes daily assessments regarding the level of the guard guarding to keep the short and longer term. Advanced video surveillance at major stations. We do everything we can for this to not happen again, says Johnny Svedberg, CEO of Teracom in a press release.
Photo: Reuters Photographer / Reuters Networking LinkedIn forced to change passwords occurred in 2012, a data breach fingers. LinkedIn reset the huge number of users' passwords in 2012 due to a data breach occurred. Initially, the Internet was published in 6.5 million for a password, but now, LinkedIn says it learned a new leak at the same breakthrough related. Users will be contacted if necessary. In his opinion, LinkedIn also makes a mistake, when it once again fails to force all users to change their password as a precaution. The leaked passwords can poorly protected, because in 2012, LinkedIn was interested only in the so-called closer, leaving the passwords are easy to guess.
Arlanda tower Photographer: CAA Parts of the airspace was closed for hours because of technical problems in air traffic at several airports in Sweden. Early in the afternoon, the computer error temporarily resolved, and traffic could be resumed, according to CAA. Many of us are stuck here waiting for an answer, she says. Since it is always up to the captain if you want to land at the airport or fly to another. Jan Ohlsson, aviation journalist and writer, calling the incident "both unacceptable and inappropriate": - Somebody must now take responsibility for it not to happen again. comments Welcome to have your say on new technologies.
When different fingers press the "G" key, the different functions. Photographer: Daniel Vogel With the software, a keyboard configured the same key has different functions depending of which finger is used. This eliminates the need to use the function keys or combinations of keys for different shortcuts. The program was developed by researchers at the University of Waterloo in Canada that demonstrates it in a video on Youtube and describes the function in a report published on the web. All that is needed in addition to the software is a small mirror mounted on your computer's camera lens and directed towards the keyboard where the finger placement is analyzed by algorithms for image recognition. So far, Finger-Aware a development and there is no information about any potential commercialization.
photographer: Pixabay During cold snaps and other consumption peaks, when Sweden's so-called power reserve needs to be taken into use, the electricity is produced renewable. The Swedish Parliament recently took a decision on the bill on the extension of the power reserve from 2020 to 2025 presented by the government in February. Now Clubs government regulation on environmental requirements for reserve power production. It is up to the Swedish power grid to procure, but it is perfectly possible to replace coal and oil for example, tall oil and the need not to import them, says Baylan. There is a concern that other energy not to have yet been expanded so much so that it covers up. comments Welcome to have your say on new technologies.