Enterprise customers 'are struggling with the implementation of Kubernetes at scale' says virty cloud giant VMware has completed the first phase of its Kubernetes-based Tanzu project by making the Advanced Edition generally available, and has a new (but delayed) tool in the works which promises to simplify application modernization.…
Just about a year ago, tech industry legend Paul Maritz stepped down from the CEO role of Pivotal — a little-known but tremendously influential software development startup spun out from EMC in 2012.For Rob Mee, the man who replaced Maritz as CEO, it was a kind of a "Once and Future King" scenario — A quarter century earlier, Mee was the founder of Pivotal Labs, the company that
The sale includes several of Dell s high-profile acquisitions in recent years, among them the database software maker Quest, network security company SonicWall, and cloud management company Enstratius.Related VideoThe sale is a strange move for a company trying to reinvent itself in a business environment that s rapidly changing thanks to cloud computing and mobile devices.But then it went big—really big—on hardware when it agreed to acquire EMC last year for a record-breaking $67 billion.Smartphones are eating into desktop sales, and Dell never made a dent in the smartphone market, which is already leveling off anyway.HP acquired German software giant Autonomy in 2011, while EMC bought database company Vertica in 2011 and the consulting firm Pivotal Labs in 2012.You can also see this dynamic in Microsoft s ill-fated acquisition of Nokia and Google s short-lived ownership of Motorola Mobility.