South Korea is the plastic surgery capital of the world — to such an extent that parents will often pay for their children to have double eyelid surgery before they start college.A plastic surgeon in Seoul's Gangnam District explains the obsession with plastic surgery.Produced by Will Wei and Drake Baer
It can dance, walk, play football and do kung-fu – but only when commanded via its companion app.UBTech Alpha 1 Pro – Design and FeaturesThe Alpha 1 Pro comes fully assembled and with minimal accessories in the box – just a mains charger and a Mini USB cable.Or perhaps the scheming love-child of Honda Asimo.Alpha s probably about as big as you re expecting – certainly as I was expecting.There s an awful lot of white plastic here, broken up only by the black plastic and silver metal of those 16 servos at all the joints.
unfortunately, it's not the sort of thing that you'll want to carry around with you.It's a small gadget that looks to be roughly the size of an iPhone 6 case.Not much has changed since the announcement back in January.The Pocket-VR viewer has a retail price of $70, which might seem a little pricey, when compared to the Google Cardboard.However, instead of being constructed from a paper material, you're getting a hard plastic shell that you can easily take with you anywhere.You can find the viewer available now in both iPhone 6/6s and Galaxy S7 flavors.
MoreFILE - In this May 28, 2015, file photo, a Google employee gives a demonstration of Android Pay on a phone at Google I/O 2015 in San Francisco.Consumers in the U.S. and U.K. will be able to add stores' loyalty programs to Android Pay to earn rewards.In addition, consumers will be able to use Android Pay when shopping on mobile Web browsers.Separately on Wednesday, a competing payments service from Samsung added loyalty programs.But Apple and Android Pay work only with stores that have newer wireless readers called NFC.Apple Pay is also in China, Canada, Australia and Singapore, with Hong Kong and Spain to come.
The prism will provide cheaper solar cells. Say goodbye to ordinary street lights: Now cement is mixed with fluorescent plastic - which in turn recharged by sunlight. University of San Nicolas Hidalgo in Mexico are behind the technology that you can read in the Huffington Post Tech. Check out Google's gigapixel camera that captures every minimal detail of famous artists. Some museums get the camera free, notifies Google. Now is smart technology that alerts when the tampon needs to be changed, writes Mashable.
The prism will provide cheaper solar cells. Say goodbye to ordinary street lights: Now cement is mixed with fluorescent plastic - which in turn recharged by sunlight. University of San Nicolas Hidalgo in Mexico are behind the technology that you can read in the Huffington Post Tech. Check out Google's gigapixel camera that captures every minimal detail of famous artists. Some museums get the camera free, notifies Google. Now is smart technology that alerts when the tampon needs to be changed, writes Mashable.
In combination with the latter are a pair of clasps on either side to make the Bermuda portable, although it runs off mains power only, from a little wall-wart transformer.Related: Rega Planar 3 2016 reviewOut of the box, the four leg holes underneath are plugged with plastic bungs, so the Crosley Bermuda can be sat on a table or sideboard, but there are four rather nice, ebonised-wood legs supplied that screw into the holes and make the Bermuda freestanding.The tonearm has none of the sweeping grace of the old Dansette units – it s just a metal tube with a cheap-looking plastic headshell and a little metal counterweight.Ouch.Just don t expect anything approaching high fidelity – the sonics are more akin to a mid-priced Bluetooth speaker than an entry-level micro hi-fi.As with the Cruiser II, I feel like Crosley should invest more in the turntable components and hike up the price a little.
Marcio Jose Sanchez / AP Photo: Google I / O has previously been held indoors. Around 5000 participants are expected to flock to Google I / O, the Internet giant's developer conference which starts on Wednesday. To cope with the nearly 30-degree heat in Mountain View, Google has put together a survival kit for the conference visitors. It includes, for example, sunscreen, sunglasses, a water bottle and a headgear that can be worn as headband, hat and, for the slumbering, blindfolded. One must assume that Google hopes that the sunglasses will be a bigger hit than the deferred project Google Glass, whose purpose was to develop a computer worn as a pair of glasses. In addition, participants receive a copy of Google's own virtual reality glasses of cardboard and plastic.
GIFFirst revealed earlier in the year at CES, Speck s ultra-thin folding Pocket-VR viewer is finally available for those who want to dabble in virtual reality and are looking for a cost-effective solution that falls somewhere between Google s cheap Cardboard and Samsung s pricey Gear VR.What your $70 alternative to Oculus Rift gets you is a VR viewer made of durable plastic—not cardboard—that cleverly folds flat so it s slim enough to stash in a pocket.Designed for either the iPhone 6/6s or the Samsung Galaxy S7, the Pocket-VR won t actually work with other smartphones since it requires them to be wrapped in an included case for the viewer to properly and securely assemble.The Pocket-VR s open design gives full access to the touchscreen and buttons on whichever smartphone you re using it with, which solves a an annoyance with Google s Cardboard viewer.You re definitely paying a premium for that convenience here, but also its well though-out design that you can quickly whip out and use anywhere.
It directly hit me when I pack my new Aston Spirit is the appearance of the packaging. Cardboard box is directly spartan, obviously eco-friendly and completely without unnecessary plastic or other environmentally destructive. A big plus of the edge before I even had time to grab the microphone. Studio has previously reviewed sister Origin, Aston Microphones first creation, and gave the microphone 8 out of 10 rating on the grounds Stylish mic that sounds more expensive than it is. To begin with, Spirit has a built-in transformer with a distinct character that delivers more peak, unlike Origin leaning more towards the neutral direction. Furthermore, we find a three-position switch that lets you choose between cardioid, omni and eight, making Spirit far more versatile than its little sister.
They re easy to clean and move especially if they have wheels , but don t look the best.If you have plastic storage that s an eyesore in your home, here s how to give it a facelift.You probably already have everything you need: cardboard, patterned paper like wrapping paper , glue, and scissors.Depending on your drawers, you may also need a bit of tape to secure the insert to the front of the drawer.Fold the paper over the cardboard, gluing the extra onto the back of the cardboard.If the sides of your drawers are visible too, you can make inserts for each side of the drawer using the same process.
By now most people are aware that the plastic six-pack rings that hold together your favorite beer and soda cans are bad for the environment.That s why Saltwater Brewery developed a 100 percent biodegradable, compostable, and edible six-pack ring that is made from the barley and wheat remnants leftover from the brewing process.The brewers partnered with an advertising agency called We Believers to come up with the idea, and then create functional prototypes.The creative solution we bring forward has the potential to influence how we do sustainable packaging with zero waste and no impact on wildlife, said Marco Vega, co-founder of We Believers.But Saltwater argues that if larger brewers and beer industry leaders followed suit in saving the environment, producing edible six-pack rings would quickly become a financially viable solution with competitive pricing that could beat out the plastic rings that most beer companies use now.Very much on par with existing recyclable plastic alternatives, said Vega.
Not only are they beautiful to behold, they also are unique in how they stretch and move.Not surprisingly, scientists have been studying spider webs for years, hoping to uncover the mechanism that allows the material to stretch, yet remain tight.The sticky glue that encases the thread does more than capture prey; it also functions like a fishing reel that coils up the excess parts of the thread.The scientists were able to recreate this unique property using a plastic filament that was covered with tiny droplets of oil.Our bio-inspired hybrid threads could be manufactured from virtually any components.These new insights could lead to a wide range of applications, such as microfabrication of complex structures, reversible micro-motors, or self-tensioned stretchable systems, said Dr. Hervé Elettro, a doctoral researcher at Institut Jean Le Rond D Alembert, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris.
Google is expanding its virtual reality ambitions with a new system called Daydream, which encompasses a range of VR-capable Android smartphones, a headset design, a controller and applications.The Alphabet Inc subsidiary will release Daydream this fall, said Clay Bavor, Google s vice president of virtual reality, at its I/O developer conference near its Silicon Valley headquarters Wednesday."Daydream is our platform for high-quality mobile virtual reality," Bavor said.Daydream is designed to make VR ubiquitous by working with current and future versions of the company s Android mobile operating system, the latest of which is code-named Android N."What that means for developers is there are going to be a lot of Daydream ready phones," Bavor said.Companies including Samsung Electronics, Alcatel-Lucent, Asustek Computer, HTC, Huawei Technologies, LG Electronics, and Xiaomi are building phones compatible with Daydream specifications, Bavor said, noting that several will be ready this fall.The company is working with companies like Netflix, CNN, HBO, and Hulu to build new applications for Daydream, he said.Also it s re-writing Google s own software, including Photos, Google Play Movies, Street View, and YouTube, to work with the system.Along with that, Google has created a new controller to help people interact with the VR software and content, for instance sending a virtual dragon swooping up and down in a VR video game.Google s first public foray into virtual reality was Cardboard, which lets people turn phones into virtual reality headsets using a lattice of plastic, Velcro, and compressed paper.It also made enhancements to Android to let the operating system support VR-friendly content, like 360 degree videos.Meanwhile, rivals like Facebook Inc. and companies such as HTC and Samsung Electronics produced their own high-end standalone devices, betting that better graphics and precision would encourage people to shell out several hundred dollars for their own devices, versus as low as $15 for Cardboard.With Daydream Google is taking on rivals using a similar strategy to the way it has used Android to compete with Apple in smartphones -- build great software, marry that to cheaper hardware, and then attach it to an ecosystem populated by as many developers as possible.Today, it s hard to get your hands on a premium VR headset, even if you re willing to drop the $1,500 or so needed for the headset and corresponding computers.
Ford has announced that it is the first automaker to make plastics and foam from captured CO2 carbon dioxide .The materials will be finding their way into Ford vehicles in the next handful of years, and will help reduce petroleum usage by millions of pounds every year.This marks the latest biomaterial development for Ford, which already utilizes some other similarly enviro-friendly materials in its vehicles.At the present, Ford s foam is made from up to 50-percent CO2-based polyols, and has been tested to meet automotive standards.According to the auto maker, this foam could be used in the company s cars within the next five years, being found under the hood and within seating.Ford s Senior Tech Leader of Sustainability Debbie Mielewski said:Ford is working aggressively to lower its environmental impact by reducing its use of petroleum-based plastic and foam.
When it s time to frost a cake, there is one major enemy you need to look out for: crumbs.This simple practice will keep your cake layers intact, and keep crumbs from invading your pristine frosting.As Sheela Prakash at The Kitchn explains, trying to frost a cake right after its done baking is a recipe for disaster.To avoid that, wrap each layer of cake in plastic wrap and stick them in the fridge for at least a couple of hours overnight if possible .Once the layers are chilled, you can trim them as needed and carefully apply a layer of frosting without worrying about crumbs.If you want apply more frosting, or plan to decorate the cake, it doesn t hurt to stick the cake back into the fridge for another 15 minutes beforehand.
We BelieversTraditional plastic six pack rings very often end up in the ocean where they can be horrifically damaging to marine life.Partnering with WeBelievers, the Saltwater Brewery decided to do something about that so it designed, tested and prototyped the first edible six pack ring.The genius behind the packaging is that it s actually made from the natural byproducts of the beer making process such as barley and wheat.We BelieversIt s true that the edible six pack rings do cost more to produce over the plastic ones but Saltwater is confident that its customers won t mind paying the premium when they find out what it s in aid of.Indeed the brewery s president Chris Goves hopes that by showing it can be done, they can influence the larger breweries into investing in the technology and in turn bring the manufacturing costs down.Maarten Wouters via Getty ImagesPeter Agardy, head of brand at Saltwater Brewery said: It s a big investment for a small brewery created by fisherman, surfers and people that love the sea, As a species we have deposited over 5.25 trillion pieces of junk into the ocean.
GIFThe next time you re wandering through a Costco, don t roll your eyes at the giant barrels of glowing orange cheese balls, wondering why anyone would buy such a thing.Because this is why you d buy it: to build yourself a cheese ball-blasting machine gun that will revolutionize snacking as we know it.This wonderful creation is the work of YouTube s NightHawkInLight who built it using a giant tub of cheese balls, some run-of-the-mill plastic PVC piping, and a leaf blower providing the power.YouTubeIt can hurl those lightweight cheese balls at an impressive speed, and similar to a paint ball, the cannon s ammo will leave bright orange powder stains on whatever it hits—minus the painful bruising.
An undergraduate at New Jersey Institute of Technology made his own plastic braces using a 3D printer, $60 of materials, and a healthy dose of ingenuity — and they actually worked.Amos Dudley had braces in middle school, but he didn't wear a retainer like he was supposed to, so his teeth slowly shifted back.He didn't want to shell out thousands of dollars for a whole new round of braces, so the digital-design major decided to make his own.On his blog, Dudley writes that he was an unlikely combination of two things: He was broke, but had access to a high-quality 3D printer through his university.He took full advantage of this.The process wasn't exactly easy.He had to research orthodontic procedures and plot the route of his successive braces, so his teeth would move in the right way.But once that was done, all it took was fabricating a series of models out of relatively inexpensive plastic, and then following through on wearing them.And it was worth it for Dudley, whose smile turned out looking remarkable.Here is the process he went through:  View As: One PageSlides
Step through its giant 42-foot glass doors, and you'll find a "Genius Grove" instead of a Genius Bar.The new Genius Grove is debuting in the SF Apple Store - replaces 'crowded, noisy ' Bars in 'Significant' stores — Matthew Panzarino @panzer May 19, 2016The company says the Grove, which will roll out to other locations with time, will provide a calmer, quieter more social space to sell customers $700 cell phones and $3,000 laptops.It has trees.The stools have a butt print — Matthew Panzarino @panzer May 19, 2016As of this writing, however, the products inside the store will still be made of metal and plastic.Tables have been upgraded with new innards - better cable routing etc.Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.More from Tech Insider:We just chilled on the surface of Pluto and you can tooOnly 4 countries consider this critical factor in their dietary guidelinesA Tesla exec just hinted that an electric truck is in the company's future'Hypersonic' missiles traveling 5 times the speed of sound are fueling the next arms raceA strange iPhone bug is asking people to change their passcode within 60 minutesNOW WATCH: Everyone is terrified of sharks, but this is actually the deadliest creature on EarthLoading video...