The Nintendo Switch may be the darling of the console gaming market but when it comes to raw power, the Xbox One and PS4 are still the ones to beat.Especially the PS4 Pro, which unlike its Microsoft rival, is able to support VR experiences.the PS5, which has now been leaked to be powerful enough to provide an experience “without disconnections”, a.k.a.Sony and Microsoft used to be quite persistent in saying that they didn’t have a next-gen console planned yet.Last month, however, details of what is expected to be called the PlayStation 5 came out of the blue, courtesy of AMD.Since then, the Internet has been filled with rumors and leaks about the console that could launch within 12 months’ time.
If you’re already nostalgic over your Fortnite history, good news: Epic has a new account tool that gives players a private, customized recap of their Season 8 gameplay.The recap comes in the form of a shareable video that breaks down different aspects of a player’s Season 8 experience, including the friend they played with the most, the creator they supported, their favorite emote, and more.The new recap tool is accessible through the Epic Games website, where users will need to log into their Fortnite account to access the private video.Players can directly log into an Epic, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Facebook, and Google account.The recap video can be manually saved or shared, but otherwise remains private.Anyone who has watched an automatically generated Facebook video based on account history will already have a good idea about what to expect in their Fortnite recap.
Sony Interactive Entertainment has announced a new production studio called PlayStation Productions that will focus exclusively on adapting the company’s hit videogame franchises into TV shows and movies.The new production studio will be headed by PlayStation’s former VP of Marketing, Asad Qizilbash, and overseen by PlayStation boss Shawn Layden.According to Layden, a number of titles are already in production, though he says that the new studio won’t follow a set cadence for releasing those films like you’ve come to expect from, say, Marvel Studios.In an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Qizilbash said the team has spoken to a number of Hollywood producers including Lorenzo di Bonaventura and Kevin Feige to get an understanding about the production process and what to expect.That said, according to Layden, what the PlayStation Productions doesn’t want to do is simply make a shot-for-shot retelling of a game.Instead, it has to be a vision of the game written by someone who understands the franchise and can adapt it for movie-going audiences.
Things have been fairly quiet since the launch of Apex Legends’ first season of post-launch content, but the developers have revealed the plans for the next patch.The new update addresses PC crashes, hit detection, the Lifeline banner that is crashing PS4s, and more.It’s not an exciting collection of updates, but it is one that should improve the quality of life across the board.Apex Legends came flying out of the gates at launch, surprising nearly the entire gaming community.It climbed rapidly to the top of concurrent players across platforms and had a solid debut season of post-launch content, but then things calmed.Respawn Entertainment executive producer Drew McCoy says that the company wants to stick to the plans laid out before Apex Legends became a massive hit so its employees can avoid crunch.
Developer Double Fine and publisher Bandai Namco announced today that Rad will launch on August 20 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC.This is Double Fine’s first project with Bandai Namco, a leading publisher in Japan that also helps indie studios bring their games to market.Rad is an action role-playing game with roguelike elements, meaning that players lose much of their progress when dying and that the title features randomly-generated levels.The game touts that it is set in a post-post-apocalyptic world, so its setting has survived the Armageddon twice.The planet is filled with mutants, including the player.Your character will gain random mutations while playing, helping to make each run of the game feel more different from the last.
Blizzard announced today the Overwatch Anniversary event will be coming back to the team-based shooter on May 21.It will last until June 10.Overwatch came out on May 24, 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.The game became a hit for Blizzard, attracting 40 million total players.The anniversary celebrates Overwatch’s birthday with new skins and other cosmetics.Specifically, this year brings six new Legendary (the rarest kind) costumes and three Epic (one step below Legendary) ones.
First-party controllers occupy a place of privilege in the pantheon of gaming peripherals.They stand head and shoulder-buttons above the competition, sneering imperiously down at the hordes of lesser gamepads.Like mighty Thanos bearing all six infinity stones, Microsoft- and Sony-branded controllers swat aside third-party competitors with ease, turning them to dust with a snap of their fingers.There's still hope for third-party controllers, but they get a bad rap, thanks in no small part to the glut of cheapo gamepads that feel like knockoffs of the real thing.In recent years, companies like Razer and Scuf have worked tirelessly to rehabilitate the reputation of third-party controllers by spending serious time and money engineering them as precisely as a high-end mouse or keyboard, devices that don't just emulate, but innovate.With the C40 TR gamepad, it plans to supplement its sound with improved control.
You’ll have to wait a little longer to sail and pillage on Ubisoft’s dangerous waters.While reporting its earnings for fiscal year 2019 today, the French publisher revealed that it’s delaying the pirate adventure Skull & Bones to its next fiscal year — meaning the game will come after March 31, 2020.Originally revealed at the 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo (one of the game industry’s most important events), Skull & Bones is a pirate naval battle sim where players can fight each other using a variety of ships in the Indian Ocean.It’ll have both single-player and multiplayer modes.Previously, Ubisoft said that Skull & Bones was supposed to come to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2019.Ubisoft’s Singapore studio is leading development on the game, with help from Ubisoft Blue Byte, Ubisoft Philippines, Ubisoft Sofia, and Ubisoft Chengdu.
There are a few details about the upcoming PlayStation 5 that Sony and third-party partners have confirmed about the gaming console, but many are still scrambling to get the finer details.What studio is working on the first major launch exclusive?Publication BGR reports (via WinFuture) that Ace Research Institute analyst Hideki Yasuda has predictions for a couple of those questions.Yasuda believes the PS5 will launch in November 2020 with a $500 price tag.In one of our previous reports, we shared that Sony won’t be spending any money on marketing for the PS5 anytime before March 2020, but the company is spending some of its profits on the development of the next-gen home gaming console.The price of the PS5, though, is a point of contention.
Did you purchase and install any add-on for a game title for PS 4 but are unable to find it?Well, in this blog we will guide you on how to find game add-ons on PlayStation 4.In case you are unable to locate the add-ones for your game, then read on.Steps to locate game add-ons on PlayStation 4Firstly, you need to log into your PSN used for purchasing the game add-on on your PlayStation 4.Now, move to the home screen of your console.Go to the Library.After that, head over to Purchased.Select the game for which you have bought the add-on.Choose PlayStation Store at the bottom left.Then, select Your Add-Ons option located in the upper right side below Add-Ons.Now, you will be able to view the add-on you are trying to find in the directory of your add-ons.In case the status next to the add-on does not say “Installed,” then you need to click the add-on for downloading it.What to do when you are unable to find the purchased add-on?Ensure that PS4 Game Licenses are synchronizedWhen you restore PlayStation 4 licenses, your purchases get synced with your PSN account.Here’s what you need to do:Log in to the PSN that was used to purchase content on your PlayStation 4.Move to the home screen.Click on Settings.Select Account Management.Click on Restore Licenses.Hit the OK button.Now, move to the library.Click on Purchased.Choose the game for which you have bought the add-one.Choose the game add-on.Disable and Enable the Primary PlayStation 4Enable your PlayStation 4 as Primary for ensuring that all the content is accessible on the PlayStation 4 you will be logging into.Activating it lets your PlayStation system to download all your pre-orders and purchases automatically.Log into the PSN used for purchasing stuff on your PlayStation.Select Settings from the home screen.Click on Account Management.Choose Activate as Your Primary PS4.Click on Deactivate.Click on Reactivate.After that, try to find the game add-on.Review the free storage space on your PlayStation 4Even though the PlayStation 4 will automatically inform you when the internal HD storage is full, you can check if there is sufficient storage space free by following the steps given below:Click on Settings from the Home screen.Select Storage.Now you can see if the space available is enough of not for downloading the game add-on.In case there is insufficient free space, then click on System Storage.Delete stuff from Applications to free up space.Redownload the game on your PlayStation 4Redownloading the game will make sure that you can download the whole game along with the add-one again to your PSN account.Open Library.Click on Purchased.Select the game.Highlight the game you wish to remove.Click on Options.Select the Delete option.The add-ons and other downloadable content will get removed.Go back to the Library.Click on Purchased.Select the Download option.Click on PlayStation Store to locate and download any added content.Click on the Download button.By following the instructions mentioned above, you will be able to find game add-ons on your PlayStation 4.Joey Williams is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats.His passion is to write about Cybersecurity, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media.
game Developer Electronic Arts (EA) advanced 8 percent in the u.s. efterhandeln since the company's rapportsiffror struck förhandstipsen.Also the profit forecast, the EA left exceeded expectations.EA's fourth quarter of the split financial year 2018/2019 covered the period January-march, and both revenues and earnings per share were better than expected.For the fiscal year 2019/2020, the EA expects that the adjusted profit per share is 5:37 dollars, compared with analysts ' expectations ahead of the report, the low at 4:51 dollar, according to Bloomberg News.In its fourth quarter, launched the EA two games based on own trademarks, including the high-profile Apex Legends, a Battle Royale game like Fortnite is a free to download and play, but in which the various objects and advantages can be purchased in the game.In connection with the report revealed the company to EA Access, a subscription service for games that launched for the Xbox One for close to five years ago, will be launched for the Playstation 4 in July of this year.
"Fortnite" creator Epic Games has purchased Psyonix, the developer behind "Rocket League."With more than 50 million registered players spread across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC, "Rocket League" is one of the most popular games in the world.Starting this year the PC version of "Rocket League" will be exclusive to the Epic Games Store, though copies purchased on other platforms will continue to work."Rocket League" is like soccer, as played with cars."Fortnite" creator Epic Games will acquire Psyonix, the San Diego-based game developer responsible for "Rocket League" — one of the most popular games in the world, with more than 50 million registered players worldwide.It was the second game added to Sony's PlayStation cross-platform beta program, following "Fortnite" by a few months.
If you looked at the calendar today and wondered where the announcements of May’s PlayStation Plus titles were, you’re definitely not alone there.Sony, it seems, waited until the last minute to detail the free games for PlayStation Plus in May, as that news didn’t come around the bend until just a short time ago.In any case, let’s dive into the titles you’ll be able to snag for free from PlayStation Plus this month.As a reminder, the number of games that are being offered through PS Plus each month has been cut to two as of a couple of months ago.In March, Sony stopped including PS3 and PS Vita freebies in its monthly PS Plus roster, leaving only two PlayStation 4 titles for each month from then on.The first free game for May is What Remains of Edith Finch, a first-person adventure title form 2017.
Today, Gearbox and 2K Games showed off more about Borderlands 3, the newest entry in the loot-heavy first-person shooter series.The team promises an experience that fans will find familiar while adding some new, unexpected elements to the mix.For creative director Paul Sage, Borderlands 3 represents the obvious next step for the franchise.Sage has been on the team at Gearbox for four of the five years Borderlands 3 has been in development.This is an edited transcript of our interview for the game that’s coming out in September for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.GamesBeat: Borderlands 3 features more environmental diversity than previous games.
Once upon a time the PlayStation 5 merely seemed like a gamer's dream but, now Sony has dropped the first solid details of its next generation console, things are starting to get very real.Despite knowing we won't be seeing a PS5 release date before mid-2020, we can't help but stargaze and speculate about what PS5 games Sony has in the works - and what these next generation titles could look like.While Sony has confirmed some of the games coming to the PS5, we can assume that a lot of the developer's upcoming exclusive titles will be coming to both the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.Check out Xbox Two vs PS5: predicting the futureCD Projekt Red has already confirmed that its dystopian cyberpunk title is being developed with next generation consoles in mind.“Next gen hasn’t been announced yet, so we can only speculate,” CD Projekt Red president Adam Kiciński explained.
Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap has done pretty well for itself despite (technically) being an old game from the ’80s.French publisher DotEmu announced that the stunning remake of the obscure Sega sidescroller has now sold almost 500,000 copies on consoles and PC.And in just a few weeks, the game will be coming to mobile for the first time — for iOS, Android, and Nvidia Shield on May 30 — from developer Playdigious.The mobile version will have all the same features as its console and PC counterparts, including the ability to switch between the new hand-drawn graphics and the old pixelated style.Bringing the colorful platformer to smartphones and tablets makes sense for DotEmu, as the game made the biggest splash on a portable console.According to a Gamasutra interview from 2017, Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap performed the best on Nintendo Switch, outselling all the other versions (PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC) combined.
Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid is getting a new story mode with the console version of the game via a free downloadable update.Developed by nWay, the new content for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One will introduce several new elements requested by players, including a new “story mode” by the acclaimed writer Kyle Higgins.Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid pits new and classic Rangers and villains from the multiverse’s 25-year history against one another in epic team battles.Gamers can now play through a storyline written and voice-directed by writer/director Kyle Higgins (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, Nightwing, Batman: Gates of Gotham).The mode also features original artwork by Eisner Award-winning illustrator Dan Mora (Go Go PowerRangers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Klaus).
Despite the fact that we’re now more than three years out from release, Stardew Valley is still going strong.Earlier this year, the game finally made its way to Android, meaning that it’s now available on every modern platform out there.Last year, starting with PC and then Nintendo Switch, Stardew Valley developer Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone started releasing the game’s version 1.3 update, which among other things added multiplayer functionality.Though work continues on version 1.3 for other platforms – specifically Xbox One and PlayStation 4 – Barone has given us an early look at what’s coming along in the game’s version 1.4 update.In a post to Twitter, he shared an image that shows a portion of the game’s new Four Corners map, which is made with multiplayer in mind (but can also be played in single player).Hey everyone, just wanted to share this screenshot from the upcoming 1.4 update!
At this point, it’s probably safe to say that PlayStation Classic has flopped.The idea behind it was solid enough, as there’s definitely a nostalgia-fueled demand for retro consoles like this, but when the PlayStation Classic released, it became clear that Sony’s execution was at least a little off.What followed this realization were a series of price cuts that ultimately saw many retailers offering the PlayStation Classic at half (or even more) off its original retail price of $100.Today, however, Best Buy is offering an even better price on the PlayStation Classic: free.Or, at least, the PlayStation Classic is free for everyone who buys a PlayStation 4 Pro.So, no, Best Buy isn’t quite giving them away, but offering them as a free gift to anyone who buys a PS4 Pro at retail price isn’t very far off.
If you’ve been waiting for a prime opportunity to scoop up some better storage options for your gaming experiences, Amazon is delivering one for a limited time with discounts on solid-state drives.Read up on the differences between HDD and SSD in our nifty guide so you know just what you’re getting into.With options ranging from the SanDisk SSD Plus 120GB to the SanDisk SSD Plus 1TB, there’s a lot of value across the board.This deal isn’t just for PC gamers — owners of the PlayStation 4, PS4 Pro, and all models of the Xbox One can get it on the goodness.The 480GB solid state SanDisk drive is the best value of the bunch, reducing the original price by $140.You’re still getting a lot of space with almost a terabyte of storage, and this sale cuts the original price by $138.