Apple s software can really bug ya—last week we discussed a bug that wiped out some users iTunes libraries, and this week Apple dropped iTunes 12.4 to clean up the interface and hopefully increase understanding of just how to manage your collection across iTunes on your Mac, your iCloud Music Library, and Apple Music.Glenn and Susie are joined by Kirk McElhearn, one of the world s foremost experts in how the heck a person can use iTunes without tearing all their hair out, to explain what s changed—and what still really needs to be fixed.Elsewhere, we come to bury CurrentC, not to praise it—although we re really into mobile payments now, thanks, especially after the rollout of those poky chip-reading point-of-sale systems.And Gboard leaked some chicken and noodles.Show notesApple Pay s retailer-backed rival CurrentC may never launch by Caitlin McGarryWhy Apple Pay and other mobile wallets beat chip cards by Brian X. Chen for the New York TimesTwitter is on the right track with this rumored change to its 140-character limit by Caitlin McGarryGoogle s new Spaces app is for group sharing across Android, web, and iOS by Derek WalterGoogle s Gboard doesn t send your keystrokes, but it does leak chicken and noodles by Glenn FleishmaniTunes update coming to address file deletion reports by Nick MediatiTalk to us!Or you can point your favorite podcast-savvy RSS reader at: find previous episodes, visit Macworld s podcast page or our home on Soundcloud.
This episode originally aired on October 16 2012.We are currently working on a new digital culture and technology podcast that will launch in June.If you have a story about how tech has influenced or impacted your life, email us at [email protected] week s show celebrates Ada Lovelace Day.Aleks Krotoski is joined by a panel of women working in and around the tech industry to discuss the lack of women in many parts of the sector.On the panel is the chair of the government Digital Advisory Board and member of the Cabinet Office Efficiency and Reform Board Martha Lane-Fox, social software consultant and writer and Ada Lovelace Day co-organiser Suw Charman-Anderson, mobile media specialist Helen Keegan, and the Guardian s digital correspondent Jemima Kiss.
PodcastIt's The Reg's weekly tech newscast, hosted by Sarah Vela, Ed Saipetch and Amy Lewis.This week the trio discuss layoffs, buttons and Twitter links.Their special guest this week is Richard Seroter, Sr, Director of Product at Pivotal.Here are the details… 1:00 Yoko Lewis hijacks the podcast 4:55 Ed is packing… and working technical support 6:50 Tech layoffs jump in the Bay Area 13:27 Philly police s fake Google Maps van 19:05 The wisdom of IoT buttons 26:00 Gelsinger is sitting Pat 29:36 Twitter links won t stink 32:55 FLASHBACK: I Want a Snuffy for Christmas 34:26 Introducing Richard Seroter of Pivotal 38:17 Infecting tech culture 42:23 Acquisition lessons: Hitching to stakeholders 44:00 Pivotal transition: Managing change 51:29 The role of container orchestration 55:24 Finding the next thing : Bots are hotListen with the Reg player below, or download here.Podcast Subscriber LinksFeed URL for other podcast tools †Juice, Zune, et cetera:
This guide is going to show you some of the ways to generate sales leads like never before through inbound marketing and more.Podcasting is getting huge, and through a well planned podcast, you can help promote your services on the Internet.For example, in an online discussion someone may talk about finding the best golf courses.It s not closing on 100 million registered users, with a significant portion of them posting at least once a month.A vacation rentals company will be able to use the color and beauty of their natural surroundings in their images, but accountancy firms and sellers of insurance may well struggle with the visuals.And that s where this guide can no longer help you.
Creative Commons licensed photo by Mark LatoneroChances are you re carrying around a smartphone and using it for all sorts of things including texting, checking email, navigation and finding a place to spend the night when traveling.For you it probably feels like a lifeline, but for refugees making the dangerous journey from Syria and other war torn countries to safer havens in Europe, it literally is a lifeline.As Wired documented, Many of these displaced people rely upon smartphones to find safe passage.Maps and GPS help chart the best course.Mark LatoneroFor the most part, this is a positive aspect to an otherwise desperate situation, but, as Data and Society Research Institute Fellow Mark Latonero points out, The tools that underpin this passage provide many benefits, yet are also used to exploit refugees and raise questions about surveillance.In another essay, Latonero warns about surveillance.
Add in the long-awaited reunion of Jon Snow and Sansa Stark, an epic power move from Brienne of Tarth speaking to some former Stannis loyalists, and it was enough to overlook the fact that Ramsay Bolton continues to be The Worst.Once again, we re down to a mere pair of voices on the mic–Senior Editor Peter Rubin and Staff Writer K.M.McFarland–but that just means we whipped through topics with alacrity to keep the running time under half an hour.Outside of Westeros, this week we consider The Lobster, director Yorgos Lanthimos festival darling set in a dystopian future where single people must find a mate within 30 days or be turned into an animal.And since it s mid-May, it s time once again for Upfronts, where all the major television networks debut trailers for the shows that will air throughout the next season starting in September.A few helpful links for things we talk about in the podcast:-Laura Hudson s recap of the latest Game of Thrones episode, The Book Of The Stranger -Some of Kaitlin Olson s finest work on It s Always Sunny in Philadelphia-The trailer for NBC s comedy The Good Place, coming this fall worldwide have a set of common values.Make a positive impact.This week s guest, Lucio Pentagna Guimaraes Neto, tells us how he pivoted from his Brazilian legal degree and MBA and corporate CEO background, to sailing the world, ending up in China, self-learning 3D modelling, and going on to found Shanghai s first fablab, XinFab.Crazy about machines, Lucio discusses how he merges his passion for 3D printing with his farming heritage.Now building a hack-vacation in South Portugal, Lucio discusses his latest project: a getaway for do-ers.Get your own work done, do sustainable farming, and surf on the side – who needs mainstream Bali?Download the MP3 27 MB or Subscribe via RSSChina Startup Pulse is a weekly podcast designed to give startup enthusiasts around the world a behind the scenes and on-the-ground understanding of what s happening in China s startup ecosystem.Founded and hosted by Ryan Shuken and Todd Embley, and produced by Qi Liu, China Startup Pulse is sponsored by Chinaccelerator, People Squared, and TechNode.TechNode does not endorse any commentary made in the program.
We may have sex once every 2 weeks, and every time we do it, it s really bad lack of effort, mood, etc .Sometimes due to health issues pains, urinary tract infection, etc , we could be without sex for months.But when the problem is sex, the issue tends to linger because sex manages to be simultaneously the most and least important thing in a relationship.We play the same games, we like the same genres of movies, we both like eating different foods, and we re both comp sci majors.Become best friends first before she considers it possible to date a guy.Harris O Malley is a writer and dating coach who provides geek dating advice at his blog Paging Dr. NerdLove and the Dr. NerdLove podcast.
For public radio fans, this means you ll soon get mobile apps that offer access to the full PRX catalog, including The Moth Radio Hour and the Radiotopia podcast network.And even if you re not a fan, the combined PRX-RadioPublic enterprise is a noteworthy attempt at creating a hybrid media business model.Now he s transitioning over to serve the same role at RadioPublic, and he told me that by building its own mobile apps, the company is hoping to help an entire industry rethink radio.In fact, RadioPublic has already raised an undisclosed amount of funding from Project11, The New York Times, Graham Holdings, UP2398, Knight Foundation Enterprise Fund, Matter Ventures, American Public Media, McClatchy and Homebrew.Shapiro described the decision to make RadioPublic a for-profit as very deliberate, saying it will allow the company to pursue a different kind of growth plan while remaining very aligned around the purpose and the mission.Kerri Hoffman, a longtime PRX executive who s taking over as CEO, said that launching RadioPublic allows PRX to relieve some of the internal tensions we have about our ambitions around how do we reach the audience in an increasingly mobile age.
AntonioGuillem via Getty ImagesCould we soon be getting it on in the front seats of our cars?With the rise of self-driving vehicles, all of the time that was once spent navigating the road could soon be spent having sex.We also chat about a new Bluetooth tampon, a reality TV show that will crown America s next porn superstar and the United States first penis transplant.Later on, I chat with Shakina Nayfack, a trans actress and performance artist, who is taking her one-woman show to North Carolina where she promises to protest the recent anti-queer law that was passed there by pissing in all of the wrong bathrooms.The HuffPost Love Sex podcast is produced and edited by Nick Offenberg.Need help with a question about love or sex?
This week, Melissa Riofrio, Mark Hachman, and Jon Phillips discuss the hottest tech news including:Android Auto will work with any car anymore.Google Assistant is the love child of Siri and Google Now.This week s Right or Wrong: Google I/O was all about the consumer this year.Subscribe!You can subscribe to the PCWorld Podcast—or leave us a review!—right here in iTunes.Or you can point your favorite podcast-savvy RSS reader to: find previous episodes of our audio podcasts, visit PCWorld s podcast page.
Time magazine s Matt Peckham joins Jake Muncy and me to talk about our reactions to the Uncovered event that seemed to be a six-months-early victory party for the next Final Fantasy game, plus our feelings about Quantum Break and Miitomo.Game Life Podcast: Hold on to Your Butts—Dark Souls III Is Almost HereBandai NamcoThe voraciousness with which the Internet set upon those faked photos of the Nintendo NX is our first topic of discussion on this week s Game Life podcast, followed by Jake Muncy s initial explorations into Bandai Namco s highly anticipated Dark Souls III.Specifically: Jake Muncy and Time gaming editor Matt Peckham have been playing Superhot and Far Cry Primal, and have an enjoyable discussion about those, largely without me, who didn t play them.Game Life Podcast: It s Finally Safe for Everybody s Gone to the Rapture SpoilersSonyWhat was going on in Everybody s Gone to the Rapture, the PlayStation 4 game by The Chinese Room released last year?Everybody s Gone to the Rapture tackles one of the great questions of human existence—coming to terms with the inevitability of death—and gives us a metaphor to help us think about it.It can be a profound experience, aided by one of the greatest and most impactful, in terms of its literary connection to the game s message original musical scores in recent memory.
On this episode, we are joined by tech innovators Ezra Cimino-Hurt, of Case of Bass, and Chris Regis, of Green Century Electronics Recycling.It s designed to bring video chat to virtually all smartphones.Finally, in what seems like a sci-fi story come to life, Sony has announced plans for a smart contact lens.If people were concerned about Google Glass, how are they going to react to this?!Please subscribe and share Trends with Benefits, visit Digital Trends and send your questions to [email protected] also broadcast the show live on YouTube every Thursday at 2:30 p.m. PT. 113 Facebook vs Asia Messaging Apps with Sameer Singh.mp3Sameer Singh from joined us to reflect on major themes that have been ongoing in the technology space from messaging apps to self-driving cars.In the first part, we discussed Facebook s recent F8 announcements on their new chatbots platform and video livestreaming.From there, we analyzed the implications of Facebook s announcements and examined how it will impact Asia from video advertising to messaging apps, thus foreshadowing an upcoming showdown between Asian messaging apps, such as WeChat and LINE.Finally, we dissected the different business models behind artificial intelligence companies and how they will play a role in the technology space from the US to Asia.Download MP3 25.2 MB or Subscribe via RSSAnalyse Asia with Bernard Leong is a weekly podcast dedicated to the pulse of technology, business & media in Asia.10:30 Why do Facebook use chatbots where the UI is not working in the emerging markets?16:45 Facebook Videos: Live Fast, Die Young Source: TheInformation Implications to Facebook livestreaming to video advertising and virtual reality.
A free service for accounting and a company that deals with super stable radio signals. They belong to Gothenburg's most interesting startups right now, according Breakits podcast. In the latest episode of Breakits podcast, which was recorded live in Gothenburg tech week, lists Jonas de Lange Gothenburg's most hyped startups right now. IP telephony Rebtel and Skype - but for business. Bokio. A company based on the Chalmers research on extremely stable radio communications.
But they insist they d never use this knowledge to raise rates on desperate people.Uber s head of economic research, Keith Chen, says it s so that the app can go into low power mode.But he also casually mentions that people with dying batteries are by far the most willing to pay many times the regular price for a lift.This nifty aside was explained on the latest episode of NPR s The Hidden Brain podcast.We absolutely don t use that to kind of like push you a higher surge price, but it s an interesting kind of psychological fact of human behavior, Chen said.Interesting, indeed.
Make the CTA ActionableBy now, adding CTAs is already a widespread practice that online marketers use in web pages, newsletters, advertisements, and other content.Take Blogging Wizard for example:The same setup can be used by blogs and other informative websites that need to generate new email leads.Offer an Opt-in BribeTo further inspire action and increase conversions, you should consider offering freebies such as ebooks, exclusive access, or something else that offer value.It is a good idea to look at your audience, identify their needs, and come up with a tool that they can use quickly.You can check more examples of opt-in bribes from the Marketing Show Podcast from Leadpages here.Remember that any additional content you use must empower the existing CTA and convince the audience that you are a legitimate business.
Coming up today, why online pornography ended up in the Queen's speech, how Iraq shut down the internet to stop students cheating at exams and we go inside the weird world of co-living.To listen on any device, either hit the play button above, or download using the link under Subscribe & Play.NEVER MISS AN EPISODE SUBSCRIBE FOR FREEIn iTunes for your computer, iPhone, iPod and iPadRSS feed for other podcast catchersMusic by: Filip HnizdoShow produced and edited by: James TempertonFollow @jtempertonEmily ReynoldsFollow @rey zMatt BurgessFollow @mattburgess1
In episode 18 of the podcast In the mind of a pioneer discusses Breakits columnist Viggo Cavling and brain researcher Katarina Gospic if it is okay to walk around the running tights Riche in Stockholm? Viggo has been tested and were a tad uncomfortable, but still proud. We discuss intelligence and Viggo presents its private model for measuring intelligence: the human capacity for abstract thinking. So that our way of thinking and acting can boost health. In her own responsibility the way to happiness. Avslutningvis respond Catherine listens to a question how to stop the internet hate.
Listen to this episode with Expensify's founder and CEO, David Barrett, as we discuss how bottom-up selling can help grow your brand.Guest bio: David is the founder and CEO of Expensify, a company that makes expense reports a lot less painful.Expensify was recently named one of the Most Innovative Companies in 2015 by FastCompany.A pioneer in the expense management space, Expensify has become the model for all similar solutions.Episode breakdown: • Accidentally building an awesome product • The power of word of mouth and the B2C2B model • Bottom-up adoption process • Data s not all that • Statistical significance: what it is and why it matters • Everyone has to do marketing, even if there isn t a marketing department • Why you should pick the customers you want and build a product to satisfy them • Don t get caught up in a VC Framework focusing on CAC, TLV, etc.• Focus on the fraction of revenue that can be attributed to a paid acquisition campaign • If your product is marketing itself, you may not need to focus on leads • Why you should focus on the end-user experience to boost word of mouth • Long-term success relies heavily on having the best product possible Getting everyone in a growth mindset through prioritization