the Threat of african swine fever spread in Finland has grown, told food safety authority Evira.Fever has shown no sign of abating in the Baltic states, where it occurs in wild boar large, the Fda told the statement.swine Fever spread in the Baltic states and Poland in addition to This domestic wild boar population has grown stronger than expected, the Fda told the statement.the Disease has never been detected in Finland.the Disease is dangerous for the production of pigs and other pigs.
Furniture chain Ikea is planning to sell in front of almost EUR 900 miljooonan shopping centers, says the news agency Bloomberg, citing anonymous sources. Ikea spokeswoman Josefin Thorell confirms that the company plans to sell 27 commercial concentration. The plan is tied to Ikea's strategy, according to which the group should keep only real estate, which creates the opportunities for cooperation with the tenants and to develop a "inspiring and family-friendly meeting places". "We sell the parts of Ikea, which do not fit into this vision," said Thorell. According to him, sold 12 sites located in Germany, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Switzerland, France and the Czech Republic, the rest are. Thorell refused to comment on the value of the parts are for sale.
Machines, after all, can perform many manufacturing tasks more efficiently, effectively and consistently than humans, leading to increased output, better quality and less waste.SeongJoon Cho/Bloomberg via Getty Images Of the more than 229,000 industrial robots sold in 2014 the most recent statistics available , more than 57,000 were sold to Chinese manufacturers, 29,300 to Japanese companies, 26,200 to companies in the U.S., 24,700 to South Koreans and more than 20,000 to German companies.The basic economic trade-off between the cost of labor and the cost of automation is the primary consideration.AP Photo/Kin Cheung Other countries that have been rapidly integrating robotics into manufacturing, but not quite as quickly, are Canada, China, Japan, Russia, the U.K. and the U.S. China is an interesting case because it s automating rapidly despite the fact that Chinese wages are still comparatively low.Countries moving more slowly in the adoption of industrial robotics include Australia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Mexico and Poland.German Chancellor Angela Merkel shakes hands with a robot at an industrial fair in 2006 alongside Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.
Huhtamaki has acquired the Northern Ireland taivekartonkipakkausvalmistajan Delta Print and Packaging Limited and its Polish sister company, which has a production plant in Gliwice, Poland. "With the acquisition Huhtamaki will continue to focus on the implementation of the packaging of food and drink growth strategy and expand its business taivekartonkipakkauksiin also in Europe," the company says. The company's net sales in 2016 are expected to be approximately EUR 70 million and it has two production facilities employ a total of about 300 people. The debt-free purchase price was 80 million pounds Sterling, or approximately EUR 103 million. The company's technical expertise is world class, its product range complements the existing foodservice portfolio in Europe and is well positioned for growth, "says President and CEO Jukka Moisio release submission. Source: Kauppalehti
Colourbox Russian Sberbank chief analyst Mikhail Matovnikovin by the Russians, the average wage has fallen below 450 dollars, or about 400 euros, which is less than the average wage in Chinese, The Moscow Times reports. "Labour is now in Russia cheaper than in China," said Matovnikov. According to the Russian Matovnikovin the current month, the average wage is $ 433, or approximately EUR 385, which has not only China but also less than in Serbia, Romania and Poland.
Or an internationally oriented competitor to nyhetsappen Omni. Nyhetsappen was founded two years ago by Johan Othelius. Squid is in turn a further development of the technology platform Njuice, started by Ted Persson and Andreas Torstensson. Read more: The newly established EQT Ventures take in 4.6 billion During the spring Squid launched in Italy, France and Poland, where it quickly climbed the charts. In Poland, we are sixth on Android within the same category, says Johan Othelius. Squid is a unique app in a simple and effective way to enhance the digital news reading, especially among younger people.
The U.K., Sweden and 12 other European Union nations are urging caution on any new rules on Internet services, lining up against earlier French and German calls for curbs on the growing power of Google and other online companies.Regulators "should refrain from one-size-fits-all regulation" for so-called online platforms and consider alternatives before adding new burdensome laws, the European governments said in the letter addressed to the Netherlands, which currently holds the EU presidency and leads any legislative negotiations.Seeking tougher scrutiny of search engines, social media and app stores, the European Commission is expected to say this week that online platforms may no longer avoid rules that govern other industries such as telecommunications and broadcasting.The EU wants to stoke the region s online economy with proposals it will publish on May 25.France and Germany previously called on EU officials to target Alphabet Inc. s Google, Inc., Facebook Inc. and Apple Inc. for extra regulation.Google s search, phone and advertising businesses are being investigated by the EU s antitrust arm, which is also looking at tax deals offered to Apple and Amazon.Germany is probing Facebook over its privacy terms.The letter was also signed by Belgium, Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland and Slovenia.
photographer: All Over Press The bill for a rapid phasing out of nuclear power may be even higher than Waterfalls previously warned, writes Dagens Industri. - Even if the remaining six reactors closed in 2020 instead of going all over their estimated useful life, as it leads to additional costs to society of at least 200 billion, says Karin Byman, energy expert at the Academy of Engineering Sciences IVA to the newspaper. According to Vattenfall's own calculation would cost to land at most 200 billion. IVA also believes the cost of increased carbon dioxide emissions would increase by around SEK 500 million, as during a transitional period may need to replace nuclear power with imported fossil fuels from Poland and Germany. IVA's calculation has been made together with Runar Brännlund, professor of economics, to give political parties a basis for decisions.
View photosMoreAn illustration picture shows a projection of binary code on a man holding a laptop computer, in an office in Warsaw June 24, 2013.In a letter to the European Commission and the Netherlands - which holds the rotating EU presidency - ministers from countries including Poland, Britain, Sweden and Finland urged Brussels to make sure regulation is not a barrier to the development of data-driven technologies and to avoid one-size-fits-all rules for online platforms such as Amazon and Facebook.The Commission last year unveiled its Digital Single Market strategy, a wide-ranging plan to knock down barriers in the online world to give Europe a better chance of competing with mainly U.S. tech giants.On Wednesday, it will present the results of its inquiry into online platforms and where it thinks action may be needed.The strategy has faced accusations of protectionism - which the Commission says are unfounded - and data flows to the United States have endured a particularly tough ride since revelations of mass U.S. government snooping programs."It's extremely important to allow free data flows across the EU and we know that in some member states there are ideas to localize data inside of those beautiful countries.
Liberalisation of the way user data can be used by businesses is vital for EU businesses, member states sayThe UK and 13 other European Union EU countries have reportedly called for more flexible regulations on data transfers in order to help boost digital businesses.The open letter from ministers in countries including Ireland, Poland and Sweden counters moves by some EU member states, including Germany and France, to place restrictions on how data is stored and transferredThis follows the revelations of mass data collection programmes by US spy agenciesFree data flows vital cloud data protectionSuch concerns last year forced the EU and the US to renegotiate a data transfer agreement that had been in place since 1999.Does it matter to your business whether your data is stored in the EU?It is vital for European competitiveness to take a positive approach to new advancements in digital technologies and business models, the signatories are quoted as saying.Data protection concernsIn a speech before the European Parliament in April he called strategies to favour localisation of data within individual member states, such as have been put forward by Germany and France, a dead end .It has forced Google to respect right to be forgotten regulations on its EU search services, while levelling formal charges against the company for abuse of its search dominance.
Steve Jobs will forever be associated with some iconic products: From the Apple II, to the iPod and iPhone - he has changed the way we live more almost anyone else.But it appears that he could soon be associated with another product -- despite the fact that he's been dead for almost 5 years.According to Cnet, Magda Swirepo spotted the above box of teabags in an Auchan supermarket in Katowice, Poland.She posted the photo on Twitter.Czy panowie @morid1n, @mackozer, @tomasz, @dominiklada, @norbertcala zaopatrzyli się już w takie cudo?; appears that the company that makes it, Tea Rebels, has used a number of famous faces - with other types of tea featuring Einstein, John Lennon, Gandhi and Mother Theresa, amongst others.
Steve Jobs will forever be associated with some iconic products: From the Apple II, to the iPod and iPhone - he has changed the way we live more almost anyone else.But it appears that he could soon be associated with another product -- despite the fact that he's been dead for almost 5 years.According to Cnet, Magda Swirepo spotted the above box of teabags in an Auchan supermarket in Katowice, Poland.She posted the photo on Twitter.Czy panowie @morid1n, @mackozer, @tomasz, @dominiklada, @norbertcala zaopatrzyli się już w takie cudo?; appears that the company that makes it, Tea Rebels, has used a number of famous faces - with other types of tea featuring Einstein, John Lennon, Gandhi and Mother Theresa, amongst others.
Since she got in on the adult colouring book craze two years ago, Cheri Brown has spent more than US$400 on 50 books holding intricate sketches that she embellishes with marker pens, coloured pencils and gel pens.But the concern is that, like Brown, people will become accustomed to the on-demand, dynamic enchantment of apps and ditch the old medium.There is a place for physical books, says Ilkka Teppo, 40, chief executive and founder of Sumoing, the Helsinki, Finland, startup behind Recolor.Recolor is talking to publishers, advertisers and entertainment giants about constantly introducing the latest hot characters and themes into its app since digital roll-outs can be fast.Teppo declines to reveal overall sales figures, but data suggests a surging business.She s forged friendships with app-colourists from Japan to Poland she discovered on the popular image-sharing app Instagram.
one of Tutankhamun guldsarkofager displayed in a glass case in the valley of the Kings in Luxor in Egypt.A knife that was found in the pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt is very likely made of iron from a meteorite.This writes researchers from Egypt and in Italy, in an article in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science.Among the most notable is an eleven kilos heavy).the Results show that the blade is manufactured of iron from a rymdsten.Also in other places in the world has archaeological finds of iron was observed to originate from the rymdstenar, for example, tools made by inuit in Greenland and an axe found in Poland.
For less than a month ago bought Swedish Storytel up its Danish competitor Mofibo 125 million. The news has been Storytels share price rise by 30 percent in two weeks and the company valued at nearly 1.5 billion. In total, the company hopes to bring in 23 million kronor by issuing new shares. Storytel are today in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Holland. But according to the news agency Direkt looking Storytel currently looking for a person who speaks Hindi which can work from Mumbai in India. Read more: Why win Storytel audiobook game Storytel is also on its way to about a week launch its first specially produced audio books, part of the company's ambition as such Netflix become strong on their own content.
photographer: Isifa Image Service sro / REX / All Over Press New discoveries about the mythical tomb of Tutankhamun gifts. A knife was found in the pharaoh Tutankhamun's tomb in Egypt is almost certainly made of iron from a meteorite. It writes researchers from Egypt and Italy in an article in the journal Meteoritics & Planetary Science. Among the most notable is a eleven kilograms heavy golden mask. Close to the mummy was a richly decorated dagger, which the researchers have now investigated using advanced X-ray technology. While elsewhere in the world, archaeological finds of iron been observed to arise from the space rocks, such as tools made by the Inuit in Greenland and an ax found in Poland.
Listed Storytel go to the train and the profit increased by 570 percent compared to last year. Recently, the company bought up the largest Danish bokstreamingtjänst Mofibo. Now a new share issue to bring in 23 million kronor aimed continued growth, according to a press release. Today the service is available in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Poland and Holland. Here you can read about Jonas Tell Anders trip with Storytel.
It has more than 2,000 people working in game development in an industry that didn t exist here until the fall of the Iron Curtain in the early 1990s.And the Polish government has helped shepherd this progress.It s all about making game studios stronger in Poland — and sharing knowledge that comes from investment in R This is a program aimed at increasing the competitiveness of the Polish gaming sector through R, Just said.Its intensity ranges from 40 percent to 80 percent of eligible costs and depends on the size of the company, type of conducted research, and optional bonus, e.g., for spreading the knowledge on conferences and/or science magazines.This all came about as part of a process that CD Projekt and several other Polish game studios started in a couple of years ago.We all need to realize that the game development market does not constitute a big portion of Polish GDP.I think that those reasons are understood by the Polish government, and that will enable all of us to work together towards making a good use of this potential in Poland.
The world s 100 most famous athletes, according to an ESPN formula that includes salary, endorsements and social media followings.A glimpse into the world s most important freezer — the Svalbard Global Seed Vault, which holds more than 860,000 plant seed samples and is built to last about 200 years.A look at Pleistocene rewilding efforts that aim to reintroduce animals such as elephants and lions to the European and North American wilderness and elsewhere.And Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Sonia Sotomayor talk about dining traditions at the Supreme Court.Photo: Serena Williams, shown after winning the women s singles semifinal match against Poland s Agnieszka Radwanska in the 2016 Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne on Jan. 28, 2016, is on ESPN s list of the world s 100 most famous athletes.William West/AFP/Getty Images
Tomas Gulbinas, a former ambassador-at-large for the Lithuanian government, and Georgios Mavros, an advisor to a French member of the European Parliament, are two recent Google hires.Both were hired as lobbyists in 2015.The CfA claims Google has also hired from the likes of Poland s ministry of economy, NATO, the European Parliament, the British Embassy to the US, the Lithuanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Spain s justice ministry.The UK government appears to be one of Google's preferred preying grounds, with Google hiring Conservative and Labour officials from 10 Downing Street, the Home Office, UK Treasury, House of Commons, and Departments of Education and Skills, International Development, and Transport.The hire came months before the announcement that Downing Street had struck a settlement with Google to pay just £130 million in back taxes over a period of ten years.Elsewhere, Verity Harding, a special adviser to the former Deputy Prime Minister in the coalition government, Nick Clegg, was hired by Google in 2013.Dame Margaret Hodge, who has served as a Labour MP since 1994, told the CfA that Google's strategic hires help it to gain influence in the public sphere.In the process, they Google have gained "valuable contacts at the heart of the decision-making process," the CfA writes.Among the appointments were Baroness Joanna Shields, a former managing director for Google, who was appointed the UK s Minister for Internet Safety and Security at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport; and Google s executive chairman, Eric Schmidt, appointed by British Prime Minister David Cameron to his business advisory council.Hodge added: "One gets the impression that government ministers are in awe of Google.The CfA claims that Google went on a hiring spree in 2011 after the European Union announced a formal investigation into alleged antitrust violations by the company.