Ever since joining Nextdoor two years ago, I've had a love/hate relationship with the site.I love it for giving neighbors in my East Bay suburb a place to help one another find lost cats and dogs, to share recommendations about the best local handyman or to learn about a community-wide garage sale.AdvertisementAside from the obvious concerns in our post-Ferguson era, these posts are worrisome in other ways.That's why the San Francisco-based company, which operates in 99,000 neighborhoods across the United States, recently announced changes in how people create them.In a phone interview, CEO and co-founder Nirav Tolia told me that Nextdoor's mission is to use technology to build stronger and safer communities.But in the spirit of Tolia's stated purpose of building stronger connections between neighbors, I sent these two people private messages, asking if they wanted to share their concerns about political correctness and public safety.Meanwhile, I'm grateful that Nextdoor's news prompted me to reach out to some neighbors.
Even as America faces a crisis unrivaled in any other developed country, the Congress prohibits the CDC from conducting the very research that would help us understand the problems associated with gun violence and determine how to reduce the high rate of firearm-related deaths and injuries.In 1996, Dickey successfully introduced legislation that stripped $2.6 million from the CDC s budget—the exact amount the agency used for firearm-related research.Removing the money from the budget and enacting the Dickey Amendment were the first and second shots across the bow by the NRA, Mark Rosenberg, told the LA Times.The data also suggests that the number of mass shootings correlate with gun ownership rates in the 24 developed countries studied.The second highest was Switzerland, with 45.7 guns per 100 inhabitants.In an op-ed published Tuesday in USA Today, Chris Cox, executive director of the NRA Institute for Legislative Action, called any calls for more gun control a head fake and that political correctness enabled Sunday s deadly attack, which killed 49 patrons of a gay nightclub dead and left 53 others wounded.
A couple of tech figures are joining the chorus of voices speaking out against Donald Trump, with one of them comparing the presumed GOP presidential nominee to Hitler.Trump s relationship with the tech industry is again in the spotlight as one of the world s most famous and valuable companies declined to support the GOP convention — and its CEO, Tim Cook, was reported to be planning a fundraiser for Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan, a critic/reluctant supporter of the presumed GOP presidential nominee.Sam Altman, president of startup incubator Y Combinator, likened Trump to Adolf Hitler in a blog post Monday, citing the candidate s propensity for inciting hatred of outsiders.Altman said he agreed with some of the things Trump has identified as problems, such as the economy not growing quickly enough and too much political correctness.Two prominent Silicon Valley figures have had their names associated with Trump, however: Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal and Palantir, will be serving as a California delegate for Trump.And Intel CEO Brian Krzanich earlier this month canceled a planned fundraiser for Trump, saying later that he would not be endorsing any presidential candidates.Photo: Donald Trump.AP/Seth Wenig Tags: Airbnb, Apple, Brian Chesky, Donald Trump, GOP, Politics, Republicans, Sam Altman, Silicon Valley, Tim Cook, y combinator
Every time we find out more about what filming Suicide Squad was like, the more convinced we are that it was a nightmare beyond understanding.Davis had an idea for how she wanted Amanda Waller s first scene with Rick Flag Kinnaman to go.David Ayer had a different idea.One which involved Davis heaping a bunch of surprising new lines on Kinnaman.Here s how Davis described the scene to Entertainment Weekly:He would make me call, Davis starts laughing and can t really stop Joel Kinnaman a pussy at times.
It s what the newly official GOP presidential nominee does, he says, and it will be no different once he s elected.Never mind that federal dollars serve as a lifeline in states without many urban centers, and that rural transit ridership is growing.Milo Yiannopoulos speaks in Cleveland on July 18, 2016.Republican Convention Diary: Riot Gear and Hugs in ClevelandOur Transporter Drives Uber at the Republican ConventionHow Cleveland s New Park Will Define Resistance at the RNC
Tonight did not go according to plan for the NeverTrump crowd, the vocal but ultimately unsuccessful Republican faction that has vowed to, well, never support Donald Trump.Some, like conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, expressed their feelings in GIF form:Republicans fast forward to November 9 pic.twitter.com/2SVXLsGHJz— Ben Shapiro @benshapiro July 19, 2016Others, like Katie Packer, founder of the anti-Trump Super PAC, Our Principles, required a full tweetstorm:1/The Republican Party which just nominated @realDonaldTrump is something I don't recognize.
In the wake of the harassment of Ghostbusters star Leslie Jones, Twitter has permanently suspended conservative pundit and Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos.Yiannopoulos, who tweeted under the handle @Nero, had several hundred thousand Twitter followers.His account was permanently suspended around 10 p.m.A frequent provocateur on Twitter, Yiannopoulos is one of the biggest voices of the alt-right movement.His tweets frequently rallied against the so-called politically correct left and in support of causes such as GamerGate.He has also spoken widely against what he considers to be the ills of feminism.
Milo Yiannopoulos speaks in Cleveland on July 18, 2016.In fact, as Breitbart writer and self-proclaimed supervillain of the internet Milo Yiannopoulos stood on a stage at the small riverside gathering in Cleveland yesterday, he described political incorrectness as a sort of life mission, even a spiritual calling.Political correctness is a disease that is now killing people, said Yiannopoulos, dressed all in black under the powerful July sun.Republican Convention Diary: Riot Gear and Hugs in ClevelandOur Transporter Drives Uber at the Republican ConventionHow Cleveland s New Park Will Define Resistance at the RNC
According to Margevicius, the department had the idea for the hydrant rigs following the success of its water buggy —a mobile water station with eight spigots—during the Cavaliers Championship Parade in June.Milo Yiannopoulos speaks in Cleveland on July 18, 2016.Republican Convention Diary: Riot Gear and Hugs in ClevelandOur Transporter Drives Uber at the Republican ConventionHow Cleveland s New Park Will Define Resistance at the RNCHe went on to illustrate the point by saying that transgender people have a brain disease; that it s perfectly rational to be terrified of Islamic people; and that the left is a cancer that you need to eradicate.
On Thursday night, billionaire venture capitalist, Facebook board member, and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel will speak at the Republican National Convention.He will reportedly focus on vouching for Trump s economic credentials and foreign policy vision.Silicon Valley investors are wringing their hands about the prime-time role Thiel, who is respected in the industry for the conjoined virtues of investing success and seeming technological prescience, is playing in support of the most openly racist and divisive major party presidential candidate in modern U.S. political history.He said in 2009 that the 1920s were the last decade in American history during which one could be genuinely optimistic about politics, and that giving women the right to vote was bad for democracy.Thiel later clarified his comments and said he didn t want to disenfranchise anyone.He secretly funded a lawsuit against the website Gawker to settle a personal grudge, which pushed the company into bankruptcy.
As you may have heard, Twitter recently expelled Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, who received a notice that his account has been "permanently suspended for repeated violation of the Twitter rules, specifically our rules prohibiting participating in or inciting targeted abuse of individuals."Yiannopoulos reportedly incited his followers to send a torrent of racist, sexist and otherwise abusive tweets to "Ghostbusters" star Leslie Jones.For reasons I can only imagine, some people are offended by the "political correctness" of the new movie because it features female leads as ghost fighters.Jones, who is African American, has been subjected to all sorts of online abuse.Yiannopoulos, who had 338,000 Twitter followers before his expulsion, is a well-known provocateur, using his platform to incite harassment against minorities, women and others who he and his followers consider to be "politically correct."To me, this incident brings up two important issues -- the role of Twitter and other social media companies to police member conduct, and the apparent rise in rude, abusive and mean online speech.In a statement, Twitter said that "people should be able to express diverse opinions and beliefs on Twitter, but no one deserves to be subjected to targeted abuse online."
Angerer / Getty Business Insider's James Cook interviewed Milo Yiannopoulos about being permanently banned from Twitter.Milo is the technology editor at US-based news outletHe is a popular right-wing commentator whose criticisms of feminism, Islam, and political correctness have sparked outrage on multiple occasions.
Every Friday you ll get a roundup of the week s most popular must-read stories from around the internet, courtesy of mastermind Dave Pell.But if you work for Snopes a hugely popular fact-checking site which debunks urban legends, old wives tales, fake news, shoddy journalism and political spin there are no slow days anymore.As Snopes founder David Mikkelson explains: There are more and more people piling on to the internet and the number of entities pumping out material keeps growing.I m not sure I d call it a post-truth age but … there s been an opening of the sluice-gate and everything is pouring through.Every Friday, mastermind Dave Pell visits the far reaches of the web to bring the news you missed.First, I think Eastwood s take on modern America is one shared by massive number of voters, so it s worth your attention.
Image: One of 4Chan s 404 pages4Chan, the imageboard whose name has since become synonymous with internet villainy, celebrated its 13th year online this past Saturday.The options as he sees them are to inundate users with aggressive ads, sell more 4Chan Passes a premium feature similar to Reddit Gold , or to cut down on file size limits and begin shutting down whole sections of the site.Banner ads, it seems, were the spoke that has apparently broken.Actually, in Japan it still does.Backtracking on part of his proposed plan he added, I don t think pop up and/or malicious ads work.
"Ad revenue is getting worse and costs are getting high because of more users."While some would not mourn its loss, others would miss its influence and sense of mayhem.Pepe the Frog is a popular meme on 4chan despite being branded a "hate symbol" by the Anti-Defamation LeagueThe site provides a place to anonymously post text and images about a range of interests, including Japanese anime, video games, cooking, science and cars.But what keeps many of its 27 million users coming back for more are its more controversial pages.These include the "politically incorrect" board, in which racist and homophobic comments run rampant.
Writing a book and characterizing date rape as belated regret means having to say you re sorry.That s what billionaire entrepreneur Peter Thiel and Zenefits CEO David Sacks have found out after Thiel s support of Donald Trump has put a renewed spotlight on The Diversity Myth, a book they co-wrote and published two decades ago.Their apologies come as Silicon Valley grapples with Thiel s ties to the controversial and divisive presidential candidacy of Trump.Drawing from their time at Stanford University, Thiel and Sacks, both members of the PayPal Mafia, in their book slammed multiculturalism, diversity, gender studies and political correctness.They also wrote the following about Stanford s policy on sexual assault:The excerpt was highlighted in a piece in the Guardian last week by reporter Julia Carrie Wong, who like many of us in the tech news world has been covering Thiel s support of Republican presidential candidate Trump — who himself has slammed diversity and political correctness.More than two decades ago, I co-wrote a book with several insensitive, crudely argued statements, Thiel said in a statement to Forbes on Monday.As I ve said before, I wish I d never written those things.I regret writing passages that have been taken to suggest otherwise.Thiel also expressed regret about some parts of his book in a 2011 New Yorker profile.
Published in 1995, the book is notorious for its rigorous defense of a Stanford law student s homophobic outbursts at a staff member.Just last week, Julie Carrie Wong of the Guardian unearthed another unsettling passage in which Thiel and his co-author, David O. Sacks, cast doubt on the believability of undergraduate women who claim their male peers have raped them.In a statement provided to Ryan Mac of Forbes on Monday night, the Facebook board member said:More than two decades ago, I co-wrote a book with several insensitive, crudely argued statements.Rape in all forms is a crime.I regret writing passages that have been taken to suggest otherwise.
Just like a fish can not see water, you can not see culture, yet it influences all of our decisions.If the culture is an ethnic group, it is a formal language such as French, a subculture like a motorcycle gang will use own slang.A fish can not see water, you can not see cultureCulture causes you to see things differentlyEver since humans gained consciousness, social norms, beliefs, rituals and group behavior became the heart and soul of human activity.More details of this study are available here Westerners and Easterners see the world differently.
But they also include a noisy minority of misogynist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic racists who made ubiquitous on social media during the campaign.Now the candidate they embraced is about to become the most powerful politician in the world.When a group denounced as deplorable by the seeming mainstream has its beliefs affirmed on this grand scale, that group cannot help but change.If it were just an economic issue, there would be blacks and Latinos lining up behind Trump, says Nell Irvin Painter, a historian at Princeton University.How the Alt-Right Grew From an Obscure Racist CabalGab, the Alt-Right s Very Own Twitter, Is The Ultimate Filter Bubble
The classic British police helmet, retired from most services within the UK now, could be about to make a comeback in England, where Thames Valley police is said to be considering returning them to service so its officers stand out better when mingling with crowds of you anti capitalists.And, reading between the lines, it seems to be all down to political correctness and the way the police force now has to let short people be policemen nowadays too.Anthony Stansfeld commissioner Anthony Stansfeld told The Times that: "It's a daytime thing, people don't see the police very often I think.The officers are no longer all six foot, we have brains as well as brawn these days.I think it would be a good move but that is a personal view and we will do a consultation on it."So tall helmets would help people see small policemen and be scared or feel safe, depending on the scenario playing out.