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XTube, a pornography site, owned by MindGeek, will shut down permanently on September 5. At the time of publishing, there is no definitive statement on why XTube, part of the Pornhub Network, is closing. But the clues are there. MindGeek has controversially become the largest pornography business in the world. It both owns adult video platforms — such as Pornhub, RedTube, and YouPorn — and production companies, like Brazzers Digital Playground, and Reality Kings. Over the past several years, MindGeek has been embroiled in a series of lawsuits. A large number of these concentrate on the fact that MindGeek‘s sites host illegal content. This includes,…This story continues at The Next Web
One of the plaintiffs was first trafficked at age seven, and at one point was trafficked by Jeffrey Epstein.
“I seek justice for myself and the countless victims who don't come forward.”
The Pershing Square chief texted Mastercard's CEO about the problem, and both Mastercard and Visa cut ties with Pornhub within days.
Some are far less chaste than you might expect from porn of yore, and definitely not safe for work.
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The figures were generated by a self-reporting process that sends data to the National Council for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).
You’re reading Sex Diaries, a HuffPost UK Personal series about how we are (or aren’t) having sex. To share your story, get in touch on [email protected] to terms with one’s sexuality is a lot like setting sail on a whim: the waters are treacherous, the depths are terrifying, and often the only support you have is a YouTube video you watched in preparation. As with most queer people, it was crystal clear that as I approached my mid-teens I wasn’t quite like the other kids my age. By no means was I alien or “other”, a mindset too often synonymous with queerness – instead, I looked at boys where my friends gazed after our female classmates. Resources for queer people were not as prominent as they are today. Social media was in its infancy and besides the obligatory “gay is okay” posters, there was no faculty support for emerging queer people. So with no specialised sex education to help me understand my inherent queerness, I turned to the medium which we all know should never be associated with learning about sex: porn.In all its divine controversy, porn was my gateway into what it meant to be gay. For queer youth, porn is often the introduction to gay sex, since it’s shown on TV at a disproportionately lower rate. In 2021, we have fantastic shows like Sense 8, It’s A Sin, and soaps now show gay sex and relationships in a wholly positive light – but still, porn remains an introduction and exploration of sexuality. Gay porn is, in my experience, just as problematic as the majority of straight porn, yet its audience is likely more vulnerable and curious about their emerging sexuality. However, there’s the problem: gay porn is, in my experience, just as problematic as the majority of straight porn, yet its audience is likely more vulnerable and curious about their emerging sexuality. It’s estimated around 84% of queer youth are bullied in school, and 18% are forced into some form of sexual conduct without consent. I copied what I had seen in porn, and it went a lot deeper than merely mimicking techniques. What I saw in porn were damaging stereotypes, so naturally, I adopted these into my own sex life. Too often, there was fem-shaming, disturbing daddy/son scenes, and the idea of gay men actively pursuing straight men until they gave in – all terms which Pornhub report as among the most searched terms within the gay porn genre.For adults more able to separate the entertainment from the problematic elements, porn can be a release and nothing more. But for the youth not able to differentiate between those aspects, porn forms the basis of their sexual education, even if they are not fully aware of it. That means it’s only now, in retrospect, that I realise the enormous effect porn had on my own sex life. I too perpetuated such negative queer stereotypes, often putting myself in precarious situations in a bid to be wanted. Being sexualised was synonymous with my worth. Too often did I believe I was a tool in my partner’s own gratification, and that my own pleasure was directly linked to their satisfaction.In recent years, I have found myself being more selective with the porn I watch. And I’ve realised how much the world desperate needs ethically made, ethically planned, ethically executed gay porn. A quick google search confirms my suspicions; most videos labelled ‘ethical’ are the same scenes you see on almost every site.  Opt for something without moral questionability, and instead choose something that depicts performers in an unproblematic light. Because of this, I have found myself drawn to female-led sites like Bellesa, which aims to depict women as “subjects of pleasure” and not “objects of conquest.” Their emphasis is not on how much the man can subjugate the woman, but instead on the people, attraction, and just great sex.At this point, I enjoy straight porn significantly more than its queer counterpart. And while that at first led to me questioning my sexuality, I realised (after an obligatory questioning of everything I had believed about myself) I shouldn’t overthink it. Was I somehow less gay? Well, I was still very much attracted to men sexually and romantically, so why limit myself when it comes to something as personal as pornography. It’s meant to be enjoyed, not overthought, so after finding ethically sourced porn, why look a gift horse (or porn star) in the mouth?And even if I still identify, at the moment, as gay, in a fight for a decrease in labelling, why should I constrict myself to just another form of the binary? Porn should only be taken at face value, merely for entertainment purposes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be selective with the videos you watch. Opt for something without moral questionability, and instead choose something that depicts performers in an unproblematic light. As an adult I have the agency and resources to explore my sexuality in safer environments, but for younger generations, porn is still very much an access point for sexual education. Just as sites dedicated to ethical depictions of women are thriving, we are in desperate need for queer porn that does not pump negativity into the minds of its audience. Kieran Galpin is a freelance journalist. Follow him on Twitter at @kierangalpin2Have a compelling personal story you want to tell? Find out what we’re looking for here, and pitch us on [email protected] Is How Sex Is Changing For Me As I TransitionGood Old Phone Sex Is Getting Us Through LockdownI Never Masturbated. Until Lockdown Left Me No Choice
Ideally, the arrangement would both confirm consent and keep performer data private.
The bill would cause more harms to sex workers than it would fix, critics argue.
MasterCard CEO Ajay Banga says his company pulled its services from PornHub because the company crossed a legal line - not for moral reasons.
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Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin every fucking day. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what’s been going on with Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. As Habermass used to say: Success is just a product of your motivation! Bitcoin price We closed the day, September 01 2020, at a price of $11,970. That’s a respectable 2.49 percent increase in 24 hours, or $291. It was the highest closing price in thirteen days. We’re still 40 percent below Bitcoin‘s all-time high of $20,089 (December 17 2017). Bitcoin market cap Bitcoin‘s market… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Bitcoin
Listen to our weekly podcast Am I Making You Uncomfortable? about women’s health, bodies and private lives. Available on Spotify, Apple, Audioboom and wherever you listen to your podcasts.Threesomes are high on many people’s sexual bucket list. According to one study, 95% of men and 87% of women have fantasised about sex with multiple partners. Dating app Feeld (which has been called “Tinder for threesomes”) has more than 200,000 weekly users, 3Fun encourages users to browse and “meet open-minded hot couples and singles nearby”. Meanwhile, hookup and swingers’ site Adult Friend Finder has a staggering 80 million users worldwide.On Feeld, which has a growing membership in the UK, couples can use “paired accounts” to search for a singleton to invite into their bedroom. This person is often referred to as a “unicorn”, a bisexual single person (not always but most often a woman) who wants to meet, sleep with, and sometimes date, a couple. But is being a unicorn always as fun as the name makes it sound? Cath*, 30 used to meet couples through dating apps. But after a series of unpleasant experiences she now steers clear of “unicorn hunters”. “I’ve had situations where the male part of a couple has pushed my boundaries too far, even when I’ve been asking him to stop,” she tells HuffPost UK.“It can be alienating being that third party. I slept with one couple who did try hard to include me. In the morning the woman went out and bought us all breakfast, but the night before I’d really felt like I was just there to fulfil their fantasy and in the morning I couldn’t wait to get out of there.” This feeling is echoed by Kate*, 27, who has also stopped meeting couples after one too many bad experiences. “I’ve been made to feel like an unpaid sex worker at best, and a human sex toy at worst,” she says. “Too many couples don’t understand how to treat a third person with respect.”Dr Ryan Scoats, a lecturer in sociology at Coventry University who holds the world’s first PhD in threesomes, has interviewed hundreds of threesome participants, from those in existing relationships to people who’ve had more casual hookups, as well as studying more than 200 qualitative surveys of people’s sex lives. The fact that many threesome horror stories are told by women could be partly down to the types of threesomes people are having in the first place, he says.A male-female-female threesome (referred to online as MFF) is by far the most common setup. Culturally, we’re more accustomed to seeing threesomes framed this way – as fantasy fulfilment for a heterosexual man. A quick search on PornHub confirms this, throwing up more than 150,000 videos showing threesomes and the highest viewed all featuring two women and one man.Outside porn, mainstream cinema and television has also projected a heteronormative view. From American Psycho to Mad Men, on-screen threesomes often portray the male character as hyper-masculine and dominant. “Historically, certainly for 50 or more years, we’ve seen a tying together of masculinity and homophobia”, says Dr Scoats, who suggets that while women have not been constrained in the same way, “women’s sexuality is encouraged from the perspective of the male gaze”.  This can be connected to perceptions of emotional security and threat, he adds. “Women’s bisexuality is often not taken seriously, so it’s not seen as a threat to [a] relationship. This can be problematic when it leads to the man involved in the threesome feeling that the threesome is all for him.”  Related... I Organised A Threesome, And It Was More Empowering Than I Ever Imagined Does it follow that gay, queer and non-binary people might be more likely to successfully navigate a threesome? “All relationships, regardless of gender, can encounter problems around poor communications and jealousy,” says Dr Scoats. “Though I would say that people in those groups have more experience reflecting on what they want and what they’re looking for. Also, they may already have experienced stigma from society for their sexual behaviours. This may free them to further explore sexual behaviours that are seen as less accepted.”Feeld’s user guidelines encourage inclusivity and openness to other people and minds, but also stipulate: “no one owes you anything” and “consent is key”.“Everyone can always say no. This applies across the board, from desires to information – if someone doesn’t want to share, it’s their right not to,” reads the safety section of the site. “Trusting that someone understands what you are comfortable with, what your limits are and that they won’t violate those limits without your agreement – and vice-versa – is essential to all interactions.”Too many people, particularly men, just watch threesome porn and think that’s how it goes.Gigi EngleCertified sexologist and feminist writer Gigi Engle says that planning, as well as clear communication, is one of the most important parts of any threesome. “Couples should be really specific about what they’re looking for,” Engle says. “There needs to be a game plan that takes into account things like whether you’ll all have dinner together, whether that third person is sleeping over, or whether you’ll put them in an Uber at the end of the night, for example. A lot of people just don’t think about these things.” People often think that sex has to be spontaneous, but Engle says this is where things can go wrong, with poor planning leading to boundaries being crossed. “As well as communicating, people need to educate themselves. Read up on threesomes, learn about them first. Too many people, particularly men, just watch threesome porn and think that’s how it goes.”Related... 'Happy, Loved, Free': How We Make Our Open Relationships Work Boundary crossing in threesomes can be emotional as much as sexual. For Gemma*, 29, a recent encounter with a couple went wrong when they expected more from her than she was comfortable with. What began as a casual sex arrangement became more serious when the couple asked her to join them on holiday.“I wasn’t comfortable with that and didn’t want anything more than a casual relationship, which I’d explained to them from the start. They got quite upset and couldn’t understand why I wanted to have that boundary,” she says.Looking back, Gemma she feels the dynamic wasn’t a healthy one. “I couldn’t see it at the time, but now I can see there were quite a few times when I was treated as secondary to their desires and needs as a couple. I definitely wasn’t equal, my emotions and boundaries didn’t seem to matter to them as much as what they wanted out of the situation.”  So, how can we change the conversation around threesomes and stop women in particular from feeling objectified, with their pleasure taking a backseat?Daniel Saynt, founder and CEO of NSFW, a private members sex club in Manhattan, argues for greater visibility for all shades of ethical non-monogamy. “Many people are mostly stagnant in their sex lives and rarely engage in activities that are out of the heteronormative,” says Saynt, who has been called “the king of kink” – and has plenty of hands on experience with threesomes. Bisexual and polyamorous, Saynt has experienced prejudice and rejection from his own family, who are Jehovah’s Witnesses. “For straight cis men there are heavy pressures to be hyper-sexual and always looking for sex,” he says.″[Many men] aren’t able to explore in the same way as women, as any inclination towards bisexuality is met with hostility from friends or straight partners. This toxicity can be expressed in many ways during a threesome, either by being entirely closed off to exploring with another male, or feeling that the MFF threesome is only for their pleasure.” Language also matters, says Engle. The terms “unicorn” and “unicorn hunters” may seen harmless, but Engle argues they are symptomatic of the way society often views sexually-empowered women. “The problem is we don’t have adequate language to talk about sex and sexuality in the first place. So, we fill the space with language that’s fun and cutesy,” says Engle. “It’s really important to question the terms we use. Using a term like ‘unicorn’ really shows where people think the power lies. In this case, it’s all with the couple, and it implies that they don’t need to treat that third individual like a person… or even that to do so would threaten their relationship.” Dr Scoats agrees the term is problematic. While “a helpful shorthand”, he says it’s too easily thrown around and “can lead to a lot of unhelpful assumptions”.Ultimately, says Saynt, “we need more polyamorous couples in the media and more people sharing their lifestyles proudly.” Perhaps it’s time to stop using cute emoji-friendly euphemisms and have a more open discussion about sex, however you chose to have it, and whoever you’re choosing to have it with.  * Some names have been changed to provide anonymity.Related... Has The Lifting Of Lockdown Been The Ultimate Cuffing Season? Talk Dirty To Me: How Audio Porn Is Awakening Our Sexual Fantasies 'It Felt So Freeing': 7 Women Reveal Why They Really Cheated On Their Partners
Judge in Twitter-hack case didn't set password, had to shut down Zoom hearing.
The Police record specified that Pee Wee was observed by authorities, masturbating throughout a watching of a xnxx in a South Florida public cinema.According to the staff member at an Arby's Drive-Thru dining establishment, she experienced on 2 events, a male at the drive thru home window masturbating while in his auto awaiting his food.find