Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has finally taken a stand against Donald Trump and the allegations the Republican presidential nominee has been making of him."That s not an appropriate way for a presidential candidate to behave," Bezos said in an interview with the Washington Post's executive editor Martin Baron on Wednesday.Bezos comments were made in response to Trump's recent accusations that the Amazon CEO was using the Washington Post as a tax shelter, saying that if he becomes president, Amazon is "going to have such problems."I think a company like Amazon also deserves to be scrutinized and examined and criticized, and I have no worries about that," he said.Bezos pointed out that the same level of scrutiny must be applied to elected officials, especially those running for the highest office, and that it's "critical" to build a society that allows individuals and institutions to criticize them when necessary."We live in the oldest and greatest democracy in the world with the strongest free speech protections in the world.And it s critical that we re able to carefully examine our leaders," he said.Bezos also made sure to throw some shade at Trump by bringing up John Miller, the fake spokesperson Trump is accused of having masqueraded as."If you write a story and make sure people know about John Miller, it s still the citizens decisions how to weigh that.
Cheers to six-pack rings that are made of beer byproducts and can be eaten by sea creatures.After the Republican and Democratic National Conventions this summer, each party s presidential nominee will get an intelligence briefing akin to an advanced social-studies seminar.Kafkaesque, Orwellian: Do overused words lose their meaning?And here you go, have fun exploring Mars.Photo: Images of the Red Planet are transmitted to Earth by unmanned vehicles in the IMAX feature Roving Mars.Bay Area News Group archives
For all the ways in which Donald Trump supposedly represents the destruction of the Republican party, the presumptive presidential nominee has toed the line on global warming, deeming himself a nonbeliever even as he s drifted away from the most hardcore anti-climate change rhetoric.Perhaps unsurprisingly, that all changes when the future of one of his businesses is at stake.As The Politico reports, the Trump International Hotel & Golf Links in Doonbeg, Ireland recently filed a permit application to build a sea wall along the beach of its golf course to protect it from erosion and rising sea levels as caused by global warming:The statement acknowledges one Irish government study that assumes a steady rate of erosion through 2050, but argues that the study fails to account for the effects of climate change: If the predictions of an increase in sea level rise as a result of global warming prove correct, however, it is likely that there will be a corresponding increase in coastal erosion rates not just in Doughmore Bay but around much of the coastline of Ireland.The bigger problem, though, according to the impact statement, will be the erosion caused by larger, more frequent storms.One such appeal was already denied by the national government, which has forced the hotel to turn to the local government in Clare County to approve its request to pile 200,000 tons of rock along the property s two mile-long beach.Though Trump has previously boasted about his involvement with his Irish resort, its unclear to what extent he was involved with the petition that is happy to feed into global warming panic.
Founded in 2011 and backed by Inc Chief Executive Jeff Bezos's venture capital arm, Remitly is among a vanguard of financial technology, or fintech, companies targeting what they view as an underserved immigrant market - traditionally disregarded as high-risk and low-margin.Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump recently attacked remittances from illegal immigrants as a form of "welfare" for Mexicans.GLOBAL CASH FLOWIt remains unclear whether Trump's campaign attacks represent a real threat to the remittance industry.Globally, nearly $600 billion is transferred each year.Many other financial tech firms are private and not required to share financial results, but some claim fast growth in customers or revenue when releasing selective data.The alternative online lending sector as a whole has faced new scrutiny in recent months in the wake of scandals at industry leader Lending Club.
Rensi s comments came during a Tuesday interview with Fox Business News, where he argued that the country is in a lot of trouble and credited what he saw as a sputtering economy as driving the rise of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.Rensi was in attendance at the National Restaurant Show, taking place this week in Chicago.I was at the National Restaurant Show yesterday and if you look at the robotic devices that are coming into the restaurant industry, Rensi told Fox Business Maria Bartiromo.Conservatives have long maintained that higher minimum wages will hurt small businesses.Rensi argues for allowing the states to decide on appropriate minimum wage levels, although he did seem to admit that in some regions — he mentions New York City in particular — the minimum wage might actually need to be higher than $15 an hour.The panel agreed with him, although one member pointed out that Trump himself has said the current levels are too low.
Nick Denton, founder of Gawker Media, had some strong words for his newly revealed nemesis, tech billionaire Peter Thiel.Gawker Media founder Nick Denton slammed tech billionaire Peter Thiel on Thursday for bankrolling lawsuits that could cripple the digital news operation, and challenged him to a formal debate about journalism.Denton issued his scathing — and lengthy — critique in an open letter to Thiel posted on Gawker, the media company s self-titled news site.Among the million posts published by Gawker and other properties since the company was founded, there have undoubtedly been occasions we overstepped the line, Denton wrote.Hogan, whose real name is Terry Bollea, won a $140-million penalty against Gawker Media in March for violating his privacy with its publication of a sex video he made with the wife of a friend.The tech investor is a pledged delegate for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is being relentlessly mocked on Twitter for backing out of a debate with Sen. Bernie Sanders I-Vt. .The ChickenTrump hashtag started trending soon after the billionaire businessman revealed he wouldn t be discussing policy issues with the Democratic presidential candidate.The presumptive GOP presidential nominee is depicted as farmyard foul in many of the hilarious images, gifs and short video clips that are going viral.Here are some of the best:Once again, the world sees ChickenTrump s true colors...weird orange with a little fluffy yellow— Half Koala @GreenMyHouz May 28, 2016Editor s note: Donald Trump regularly incites political violence and is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, misogynist and birther who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S.
Jeff Bezos says that Donald Trump needs to embrace media scrutiny.When asked for his thoughts on Trump, Bezos highlighted Trump's antagonistic relationship with the press."One thing that I think is not appropriate that Donald Trump is doing is working to freeze or chill the media that are examining him," Bezos said on stage at Vox Media's Code Conference in Los Angeles."It's just a fact that we live in a world where half the population on this planet, if you criticize your leader, you'll go to jail or worse."Without those cultural norms, the Constitution is just a piece of paper."Bezos appeared to be referencing the tense press conference he held Tuesday morning to discuss donations the Trump Foundation was said to have given to veterans' charities.Trump ripped reporters at the event for looking into his claims that he donated $6 million — including $1 million of his own money — to the charities.At one point, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee called an ABC reporter "a real sleaze," and promised to continue his contentious relationship with political reporters.Disclosure: Jeff Bezos is an investor in Business Insider through his personal investment company Bezos Expeditions.NOW WATCH: Jeff Bezos' company is one step closer to space travel with another successful rocket missionLoading video...
The Democratic National Committee is trolling Donald Trump over his refusal to release his tax returns.The committee on Wednesday launched a new micro website called "," which purports to show the presumptive Republican presidential nominee's tax records.Business Insider viewed the site ahead of its launch.But whenever users attempt to click on a large red "see returns" box, it zips away from the cursor, a reference to the public's inability to view Trump's actual tax information.In a statement accompanying the site's release, Mark Paustenbach, the DNC's national press secretary criticized Trump for requesting tax information from charities he vetted while refusing to release his own tax records."It s more than ironic that Trump needs to see a group s tax records before supporting their efforts, but is unwilling to show his own tax records before asking the American people to support his own bid for the White House," Paustenbach told Business Insider."Donald Trump is the standard bearer for a double standard, and his standard for 'deal-making' has no place in the White House," he added.Despite repeated calls over the last several months, Trump hasn't yielded to decades of precedent for presidential nominees, citing supposed legal advice to wait until the IRS finishes an audit of his records.Many high-profile Republicans figures have already called on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee to release his returns, a tradition that lends insight into a candidate's personal finances and tax history.In an interview promoting his newly released memoir ,"The Long Game," Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell pointed out that Trump was the only major candidate in decades who hasn't released his tax returns."For the last 30 or 40 years, every candidate for president has released their tax returns, and I think Donald Trump should as well," McConnell told Business Insider on Tuesday.
Intel Corp. INTC 0.32 % Chief Executive Brian Krzanich, who has pushed the semiconductor maker to hire more women and minorities, became a surprise target of Donald Trump s opponents for planning to host a fundraiser for the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.Even a suggestion of financial support for Mr. Trump is likely to touch off criticism in Silicon Valley, where many tech executives and workers hold liberal views on social matters and support open immigration policies.Mr. Trump has proposed policies that many in the tech industry oppose, such as temporarily banning Muslims from entering the U.S., and he has attracted opposition from women s groups for his views on abortion and other issues.Any ties to Mr. Trump could present public-relations problems for Intel and for Mr. Krzanich, in view of his highly publicized efforts to make Intel s workforce more diverse by hiring more women and minorities.Another writer made a pointed reference to Andy Grove, the late Intel chief executive and Holocaust survivor: Given that Intel has rich history of diversity initiatives & Mr. Grove Hungarian-born, your stance all the more disappointing.Like many Silicon Valley companies, Intel prefers to let trade associations speak for the company on many legislative topics.
WASHINGTON AP -- Former students put forward by Donald Trump's campaign to help deflect criticism of his defunct real estate seminars have business ties to the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.Not disclosed by the campaign is that Hoban is also a Trump family acquaintance whose protein-infused water is stocked at some of Trump's golf courses, restaurants and resorts.Trump's son Eric Trump later tweeted Hoban a personal thank you for his $25,000 donation.AdvertisementThat largesse led to an invitation for Hoban and his family to visit Trump Tower last year for a personal tour of campaign headquarters, where they posed smiling for a photo holding Trump for President placards.A website promoting the book also features a photo of a smiling Houston Gunn posing with Trump in what appears to be the then reality TV star's Trump Tower office.He said he reached out to Trump's lawyers after reading about class-action lawsuits alleging the program was a scam posing as a real academic institution.
But during a talk today at Code Con, Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta said he helped the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee use the very same law to request transparency on an issue she s interested in — UFOs.During a March appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Clinton said she would fight for the release of government documents related to UFOs if elected president.Podesta, who was formerly President Bill Clinton s chief of staff, has also championed government transparency about UFOs.Podesta didn t offer many details on the incident that led to their FOIA request, saying simply that it involved a crash of what he described as a possible UFO or Soviet device.I worked with her and filed an FOIA case on it, Podesta said, adding, The files had disappeared but it was clear there d been some investigation by the Air Force.He said that support for Clinton is building in the tech industry and suggested that the campaign would soon release a list of her Silicon Valley supporters.
Matt Rourke/APThe Associated Press says Hillary Clinton has enough delegates to become the Democratic nominee for president.Upon receiving the news, the Clinton campaign tweeted a message to supporters in tomorrow s primary states, urging them to vote anyway:We re flattered, @AP, but we've got primaries to win.It found that 571 superdelegates have unequivocally committed to supporting Clinton, while just 95 remain uncommitted.This announcement clearly throws a wrench in the Sanders campaign s hopes of locking up a victory in California tomorrow and convincing some of Clinton s superdelegates to vote for Sanders instead, forcing a contested convention.In recent weeks, Sanders has been focusing all of his energy on California, including a major San Francisco rally tonight featuring some of the Vermont senator s celebrity backers.As Sanders supporters gathered under cloudy skies with the Golden Gate Bridge looming in the background, the mood was festive and defiant despite the AP s call.
Click to Open Overlay GalleryHillary Clinton speaking to supporters on June 6, 2016 in Lynwood, California.They won t, but over the next month you ll likely be hearing a lot about pledged delegates versus superdelegates, contested conventions, and the math.Sanders female supporters were supposed to be equally offended when they were accused of betraying their own kind.If Sanders wins California, he ll likely try to use his formidable bully pulpit to make the case that he can flip Clinton s superdelegates.Barring some unprecedented calamity on the convention floor, Clinton will become the country s first female presidential nominee to represent a major party in a general election.During a rare interview with her traveling press corps yesterday, Clinton addressed the historic magnitude of her likely nomination: I do think it will make a very big difference for a father or a mother to be able to look at their daughter just like they can look at their son and say you can be anything you want to be in this country, including president of the United States.
Buzzfeed CEO Jonah Peretti told employees Monday that the media giant is dropping the Republican National Committee as an advertiser, now that Donald Trump is the party s presumptive nominee.Peretti took particular issue with Trump s proposed ban on Muslims, his approach to immigration, his comments about women, and his threats to limit the free press.Buzzfeed s decision to withdraw from the advertising deal illustrates just how thorny Trump s relationship with the media has become.By December, it reversed that decision, but now ends its Trump coverage with a note that reads, Note to our readers: Donald Trump is a serial liar, rampant xenophobe, racist, birther and bully who has repeatedly pledged to ban all Muslims — 1.6 billion members of an entire religion — from entering the U.S. Trump s campaign has also put new media sources, like Facebook, in a tricky position, as the company tries to balance its responsibility as a news source without appearing to back Trump s policies.President Barack Obama waits during a break in filming a town hall meeting for PBS Newshour at the Lerner Theater in Elkhart, Indiana on June 1, 2016.Florida Senator Marco Rubio at a rally on March 14, 2016 in Miami.
View photosMoreFILE - In this March 12, 2012 file photo, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton checks her mobile phone after her address to the Security Council at United Nations headquarters.Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, turned over to the State Department 55,000 emails from her private server that were sent or received when she was secretary of state."Start with the entirely plausible view that foreign intelligence services discovered and rifled Hillary Clinton's server," said Stewart Baker, a Washington lawyer who spent more than three years as an assistant secretary of the Homeland Security Department and is former legal counsel for the National Security Agency.A recent State Department inspector general's report indicated the server was temporarily unplugged by a Clinton aide at one point during attacks by hackers, but her campaign has said there's no evidence the server was hacked.Another State Department inspector general report revealed that hacking attempts forced Clinton off her private email at one point in 2011.The email also said: "Her attention was drawn to the sentence that indicates we the diplomatic security office officials have intelligence concerning this vulnerability during her recent trip to Asia."
America is conflicted.Hillary Clinton became the Democratic Party s presumptive nominee for the presidency on Tuesday.And while many people would rather vote for her than for presumptive Republican nominee and apoplectic Cheeto Donald Trump, they have mixed feelings about the former secretary of state all the same.The hashtag, which Twitter user @MADBLACKTHOT created in the wake of Clinton s primary wins this week, is a despondent twist on the popular ImWithHer tag that people have been using to signal their support for the candidate.There are a lot of Americans who aren t enamored of Clinton but don t want a racist xenophobe for a president, so they re reluctantly voting for a Democrat they don t totally support.We ve collected some of our favorite uses of the hashtag for your viewing pleasure: GirlIGuessImWithHer because I m not in good enough shape to represent district 12 & I m not good with a bow & arrow— genevieve dietzel @whoismercutio June 8, 2016May the odds be ever in our favor this November.
A YouTube video posted last week by SourceFed suggested that Google was purposefully hiding not-so-nice results for the Democratic presidential nominee.According to the search executive, The autocomplete algorithm is designed to avoid completing a search for a person s name with terms that are offensive or disparaging.We made this change a while ago following feedback that Autocomplete too often predicted offensive, hurtful, or inappropriate queries about people.Admitting that autocomplete isn t an exact science, Yehoshua added that the output of the prediction algorithms changes frequently, and that predictions are produced based on a number of factors including the popularity and freshness of search terms.Finally, Yehoshua pointed out, It s also important to keep in mind that Autocomplete predictions aren t search results and don t limit what you can search for.You can still perform whatever search you want to, and of course, regardless of what you search for, we always strive to deliver the most relevant results from across the web.
Photograph: Aaron Josefczyk/ReutersPresumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said on Monday that if elected, she would pressure US technology companies to help intelligence agencies disrupt violent plots after a gunman killed 49 people in an Orlando nightclub.That s why I ve proposed an intelligence surge to bolster our capabilities across the board, with appropriate safeguards here at home.While Clinton did not detail what her effort would entail, she said she wants technology companies to be more cooperative to government requests for help in countering online propaganda, tracking patterns in social media and intercepting communications.Clinton s comments will likely further stoke an international debate over digital privacy, which has flared after attacks in Paris, Brussels and San Bernardino, California.The companies rely heavily on users to flag problematic content, which is impossible to eliminate completely without creating a highly censored internet, according to technologists.She did not reiterate her previous push for a massive effort to break encryption, and she ruled out targeted surveillance of Muslim Americans as dangerous .
Trump was named on the shortlist for a complete lack of understanding at how the web works after he called for the industry to shut down parts of the Internet in a bid to combat terrorism.Surveillance and privacy were dominant themes in Trump s category, which was last year won by Home Secretary Teresa May.Mossack Fonseca, the firm whose leaked files resulted in the Panama Papers , was nominated for its poor cybersecurity and TCYK LLP was nominated for their speculative invoicing campaign aimed at alleged copyright infringers.Jo Cherry, Keir Stamers and Nicola Blackwood – all of whom are MPs and campaigned to improve the controversial Investigatory Powers Bill recently passed by parliament – were also nominated.The winners will be announced at a ceremony on July 7 in London.TechWeekEurope has contacted Apple and Donald Trump s campaign and will update this article if we receive responses.