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Siloed and segmented SEO and content strategies work against B2B marketing success, but can they come together and work to compliment one another? The best SEO specialists can use their skills to make even the most boring B2B content shine in the search engine spotlight — for better or worse, as the case may be. The very top content creators can craft fantastic digital assets that are often able to rise to the heights of search success with little to no accompanying SEO. Both of these scenarios are all-too-familiar in B2B marketing efforts, however segmented SEO and content don’t need to be so separate, and indeed the best efforts occur when both SEO and content practitioners or teams work together in harmony. Let’s take a look at why it’s important for SEO and content marketing to achieve harmony, including actionable steps to help start making the change. SEO Specialists Gain By Reaching Out To Content Teams Just as old-school account-based-marketing (ABM) has evolved into the type of marketing automation journey that Jon Miller, chief marketing officer at Demandbase, recently spoke about in “Find, Engage and Close: Demandbase’s Jon Miller on Recasting the B2B Marketing Automation Journey,” savvy practitioners of SEO are also evolving their processes to learn more about the content marketing landscape. In the ABM world it’s the sales and marketing teams that benefit from learning more about each other’s unique goals, struggles, and strengths. Similarly, SEO and content marketing stand to see improvements when their teams can see each other with greater clarity and understanding. Some of the ways SEO practitioners are increasing their understanding of content marketing and cross-team learning include: Scheduling regular formal or informal time together with content teams Streamlining the process of sharing between SEO and content teams Bringing in live or viewing taped virtual content marketing guest speaker presentations When SEO specialists are able to work more closely with content creation teams, they’ll learn just what it is that sets the organization’s content apart from the competition, which makes it much easier when it comes time to focus SEO efforts on specific areas. We put together a list of top SEO trends from 12 search industry influencers, which can offer insight for content marketers looking to learn more about the latest concerns than SEO professionals are facing today — you’ll find it in a recent infographic, “Infographic: SEO In 2021 — 12 Influencers Share Their Best Tips For The Road Ahead.” Additional resources that content marketers can use to learn more about the importance of SEO include the following articles we’ve published on the subject: Why SEO & Influence are Critical to Pandemic Era Content Marketing The B2B Marketing Force Multiplier: Integrated SEO and Influencer Marketing 5 Unheralded SEO Tools for Content Marketers 12 Top B2B SEO Trends & Predictions for 2021 Best Of B2B Search Marketing: Optimize Your 2021 With Our Top 10 SEO Posts [bctt tweet="Marketers need to break free over the next 10 years by radically changing how they work with sales, stopping the baton hand-off model and moving much more of an integrated team. ” — Jon Miller @jonmiller" username="toprank"] Audience Insights Benefit Both SEO & Content Marketing Organizations can strengthen both SEO and content marketing efforts by giving each team accurate audience insight data, whether it's what potential or current customers are seeking to learn more about, or demographic information that can help better inform SEO targeting efforts. What barriers prevent this audience insight data from reaching the SEO and content teams at organizations? Sometimes it’s simply that this data isn’t being actively collected, so often there isn’t anything new to share. Other times communication process hurdles prevent the sharing of helpful audience insight information. Aligning interdepartmental communications is an important part of any company’s success, and not only in marketing. As Jon Miller has noted, with today’s B2B buyer journey being so complicated, a simple baton hand-off approach doesn’t work, Jon observed, and instead has encouraged a team approach more like the way a soccer team functions, passing customer engagement and insight data back and forth as needed, in a coordinated way. Search practitioners looking to gain new insight into the world of content marketing and the concerns content professionals are facing today can learn more in the following articles we’ve published on the topic: 4 Ways B2B Marketers Can Spring Forward And Grow Content Marketing Success 5 B2C Content Marketing Techniques that B2B Marketers Should Steal (And 5 They Shouldn’t Touch) Problem Solved: Increase B2B Content Marketing Success by Conquering 4 Conundrums 6 Eye-Opening B2B Content Marketing Statistics for 2021 5 Ways to Humanize Your B2B Content Marketing – And Why It Matters [bctt tweet="“Segmented SEO and content don’t need to be so separate, and indeed the best efforts occur when both SEO and content practitioners or teams work in harmony.” — Lane R. Ellis @lanerellis" username="toprank"] Content Teams Thrive By Making SEO A Fundamental Concern Content creation teams at organizations with dedicated SEO departments often have a certain amount of fear when it comes to the technical intricacies of search optimization. By nature SEO works in an ever-changing environment dictated by the ceaseless updates and refinements implemented by Google and other search engine firms, which leads many to see SEO as being more of a math and programming oriented job than the generally word-smithing and grammar-driven practice of content marketing. When it comes down to it, however, the two aren’t so different when we consider the commonalities that both practices share. Both SEO and content marketing teams strive to: Increase content visibility Raise audience engagement levels Surface best-answer content Just as SEO teams can learn more about great content marketing from occasional guest speakers or lunch-and-learn sessions, content professionals can gain newfound understanding of the search optimization process when search industry expects can share their knowledge and passion. By demystifying the sometimes murky waters of SEO efforts, search professionals can enlighten content marketers with data and other insight that will make content marketing efforts more streamlined and ultimately more effective. [bctt tweet="“By demystifying the sometimes murky waters of SEO efforts, search pros can enlighten content marketers with data and other insight that will make content marketing efforts more streamlined and ultimately more effective.” @lanerellis" username="toprank"] United SEO & Content Form A Powerful B2B Marketing Union via GIPHY The more aligned your organization’s SEO and content marketing efforts can become, the greater their combined power is, to build and promote content that can reach heights that aren’t possible when using just one of these two important ingredients. Most B2B efforts include both SEO and content marketing elements, yet until both teams have truly understood what each does, campaigns will likely suffer from a lack of a cohesive and united marketing front. We hope that the ideas and practices we’ve shared here will help unite and harmonize your own search and B2B content marketing efforts. Creating harmonious and award-winning B2B marketing takes significant effort, which leads more firms than ever to choose working with a top digital marketing agency such as TopRank Marketing. Engage with us today and let us know how we can help, as we’ve done for businesses ranging from LinkedIn, Dell and 3M to Adobe, Oracle, and others. The post SEO Harmony: Why B2B Marketers Need To Integrate Search With Content Strategy appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
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Disagreeing with co-workers is inevitable in any job. It’s normal and even encouraged in some situations to clash with colleagues in order to get the best work done. But not all of us have the right tools to do it thoughtfully. Some of us can get aggressive, manipulative or all too silent.How people work through conflict reflects a foundational choice in their priorities, said Lawrese Brown, founder of C-Track Training, a workplace education company. “Our approach to conflict has to also do with whether or not we are looking to protect a relationship, or we’re looking to secure the result,” Brown told HuffPost.No single approach to conflict is inherently best. Your preferred arguing style may have advantages that make you successful at your job, but it could also lead you to alienate the people around you or even undermine your career. See which conflict style fits you best:1) The CompetitorCompetitors have an “assertive and uncooperative” arguing style, according to behavioural scientists Kenneth Thomas and Ralph Kilmann, developers of a well-known conflict resolution assessment tool.For example, competitors may one-up their colleagues and frame others’ ideas as their own to get ahead, even if it hurts personal relationships, Brown said.“They get into conflict, and it’s like ‘This is me or you,’” she said. “What’s helpful is that you’re going to get someone who is forthright. What’s not helpful is that in their assertiveness and often in their aggressiveness, there is a dominance they have over other people.”As a result, co-workers may give in to competitors because they feel there is no room to negotiate. Competitors may think, “I’m getting the results I want, and I’m doing well at my job,” but their conflict style can sacrifice working relationships, which are critical to making ideas happen.“Any way you could avoid working with that person in the future, unless you absolutely have to, you will,” Brown said.If this style describes you, Brown suggests asking yourself, “Is there a better solution here than the one I’m suggesting? Someone may have a better idea to get to the outcome.”2) The CollaboratorCollaborators aim to reach a consensus. “People feel heard, which is great. Everyone’s ideas are taken into account,” Brown said.However, she cautioned against idealising collaboration as the best mode of conflict. At their worst, collaborators can become manipulative. Because they want everyone to feel as if they’ve won, collaborators may not be transparent about the realities of how everyone’s input will be used, or the budget or resource constraints involved.When you are a collaborator, you may make promises you cannot keep, and that ultimately breaks people’s trust.“Usually, agreeing but then not committing means you still aren’t really getting your way. You are just causing a delay in whatever this thing is that you are either railing against, or the thing you really want to see happen,” said Lara Hogan, author of “Resilient Management” and co-founder of the management consulting company Wherewithall.Collaborators should ask themselves if they are really setting an appropriate expectation or if they just want to see others accept the outcome the collaborator wants but hasn’t shared, Brown said.3) The AccommodatorAccommodators are willing to sacrifice or minimise their own needs to get through conflicts. As a result, colleagues feel supported by them, even when arguing. But accommodators can become pushovers if they become too obliging, as Brown talks about in her e-book “A Guide To Self-Advocacy,” in which she outlines this conflict style.“Accommodating relies on continuously yielding to others, but others’ appreciation of you for carrying more than your fair share can transform into an expectation that you always do more than required,” she writes.If you find yourself accommodating too much to get through conflict, try saying, “That doesn’t work for me,” Brown advises in her e-book, writing, “This phrase prevents you from saying an outright no, and allows others to consider how you’re being slighted in the solution.”4) The DealmakerDealmakers will bargain to get results. They concentrate less on amplifying what’s possible and more focused on using transactions to get through conflicts. At heart, they are compromisers who think along the lines of, “Here’s what I have. Here’s what I know you have. Neither of us can get exactly what we want, so where can we meet in the middle? This needs to get done,” Brown said.At their worst, dealmakers’ drive to reach a conclusion may prompt them to be less than honest about what any concessions mean in the long term, such as “30 days from now, we’re going to double your workload,” Brown said.If you’re arguing with a dealmaker, make sure to read the fine print on their offers.5) The Up-And-Over ArguerPeople with this personality type do not address conflicts directly with a colleague. Instead, they go above them to someone with more power, Hogan said. Hogan said up-and-over arguers may be motivated by the belief that raising problems to superiors will gain them clout and power. Sometimes, they’re motivated by urgency.“They just want to get this problem solved right away,” Hogan said. “They think that getting a person with more power involved will get them a speedier resolution.“No one enjoys finding out that a co-worker has gone behind their back, though. This tactic breaks down trust between colleagues and often backfires. There are obviously instances in which escalation is warranted, such as a toxic office environment, “but usually, the up-and-over does not get you your desired outcome,” Hogan said. “It just drags it out and involves people with much more power that shouldn’t be spending time on your disagreement.”6) The Conflict-Avoidant ArguerAt best, a conflict-avoidant arguer protects working relationships through their ability to let conflicts go. “On one hand, you can say that they minimise, but these are also people who will say, ‘OK that’s not a big deal.’ Sometimes in work environments, that’s a helpful attitude to take,” Brown said.But their unwillingness to engage also means their valuable input is never heard.“I often see people avoid conflict in the workplace either because they believe it will cause more problems ― which, to be honest, it can ― [or] due to a lack of investment in the situation,“ Cicely Horsham-Brathwaite, a psychologist and executive coach, told HuffPost. “However, there are times where your contribution and your voice need to be heard to help shift the thinking or enhance the perspective.”There is no assertiveness in avoidance. “You ever heard of someone who are like, ‘I was thinking something, but I didn’t say it’? These are those people,” Brown said. Sometimes, avoidance may look like silence when a work conflict arises. “They are looking for an escape route. They are just shutting down entirely,” Hogan said.If you find yourself in conflict with someone who is disengaging from the argument, ask questions to identify what they need so you can start to move forward.7) The Devil’s AdvocateColleagues who play devil’s advocate usually argue against a position merely for the sake of argument and not in good faith.“They might come up with fake examples, lots of hypotheticals, lots of what-if statements that really aren’t related to what you’re talking about or don’t have any applications in the real world,” Hogan said. “Sometimes it’s a time-waster, but often it’s just this person hasn’t figured out why they don’t agree with what’s happening.”If you find yourself talking in circles with a devil’s advocate, ask them something like, “It’s clear that our current agreement doesn’t feel satisfactory, or you’re not on board with it yet. What’s going on underneath that?” Hogan said.That way, you give them the time and space to reflect on barriers they may have but have yet to articulate.Related...These New 'Second Class Citizen' Stamps Send A Powerful MessageNasal Sprays Are Part Of The Fight Against Covid-19. Here's HowIs It Better To Have Sex In The Morning Or At Night?
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In his recently-published book, What’s Your Problem: Become a Better B2B Marketer by Enhancing Your Problem-Solving Skills, Steve Goldhaber argues that the discipline of content marketing boils down to a simple consistent objective: solving problems. It’s a reasonable framing. Almost every piece of marketing content is essentially aimed at solving a problem. This really gets to the fundamental intent of B2B content marketing as a practice: by helping our audience solve day-to-day problems and overcome business challenges, we hope that they’ll eventually consider using our product or service to solve a bigger problem. But content marketers can’t focus solely on solving problems for customers. We also need to look inward and address key challenges that threaten the value and impact of our problem-solving content. The old saying about “getting your own house in order” comes to mind. Here’s a look at four prevalent conundrums faced by B2B content marketers today, and how I recommend confronting and conquering them. How to Overcome 4 Vexing B2B Marketing Conundrums Content marketers need to reckon with these stumbling blocks before they can race to big success with their strategies. Conundrum #1 ? More brands and platforms than ever are competing for the diminishing currency of attention. On the surface, it seems like a clear positive: Fueled by social distancing and a lack of in-person experiences, audiences flocked online more than ever in 2020. Usage of mobile devices and social media apps has risen dramatically. In theory, this means it should be easier than ever to attract eyeballs and engage users via digital marketing. So, why the conundrum? Two reasons. First: every brand and content-creating entity is aware of this trend, so there’s been a widespread increase in supply to meet the demand. That means more competition. Second (and not unrelated), audiences are fatigued after a year of being necessarily glued to their screens. Without question, it’s growing more difficult to earn and sustain someone’s attention, not to mention drive action and engagement. What To Do?  It has never been more important to adopt a quality-over-quantity approach. Zero in on a narrowly defined audience whose problems you can help solve. Create highly focused and directly relevant content. Personalization holds the key to breaking through with a clear message in an online environment full of buzzing static. [bctt tweet="“Personalization holds the key to breaking through with a clear message in an online environment full of buzzing static.” @NickNelsonMN #B2Bmarketing #personalization" username="toprank"] Of course, the heightened competition also calls for a re-emphasis on capturing the attention of a scrolling user. Go against the grain and deliver something your audience isn’t expecting. Rock the boat in a sea of sameness. Our clients at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions recently shared tips for thumb-stopping content that catches a user mid-scroll and invites engagement, including examples. I especially like the bear ad example from eCornell. Conundrum #2 ? Measuring results is difficult when direct links to revenue aren’t always clear or straightforward. During times of economic duress, there is a natural inclination for businesses to scale back on discretionary spending. In its early days, content marketing was often viewed as discretionary, or a complementary aspect of business development. While that perception has generally changed, marketing leaders still can face an uphill battle when vying for a fair share of reduced budgets. What To Do? The connection between content marketing and revenue is not as overt or direct as some other investments, that’s true. But it is undeniable. The ability to map content to revenue is becoming a key asset for marketing departments, and in some cases it may require rethinking conventions. For example, some organizations need to slow down their campaign measurement, to align with a complex and lengthy buying cycle. Another opportunity: refining attribution methods to deliver more clarity and comprehensiveness. Do you track user actions across channels? Are you accounting for both post-click and post-view conversions? Are you quantifiably measuring brand awareness and engagement? If not, these are worthy aspirations in a results-oriented business landscape. Conundrum #3 ? It’s tough to authentically integrate influencers into content when audiences are suspicious of brand sponsorships. Influencer marketing is a broadly-applied term, and in some applications it can feel a little sketchy. When people relate the concept with Kylie Jenner shilling for Pepsi in a tone-deaf Super Bowl ad, or Instagram celebrities promoting a disastrous tropical festival, it’s understandable how they’d become skeptical. The credibility gained by associating your brand with a respected figure is negated (and then some) when the influencer isn’t genuinely interested or invested. When done right, influencer marketing is highly effective. But more than ever, marketers need to be strategic, and mindful of optics. [bctt tweet="“When done right, influencer marketing is highly effective. But more than ever, marketers need to be strategic, and mindful of optics.” @NickNelsonMN #B2Bmarketing #personalization" username="toprank"] What To Do? It all starts with selecting the right influencers. Identify voices with strong topical and audience alignment. Aim to be more relationship-based than transactional in your partnerships. Deliver clear value to the people you work with to spur enthusiastic participation. Co-create content and find interesting ways to incorporate influencers’ expertise, perspectives, and stories. Above all, make transparency a fixture. You don’t want your audience left to wonder about the motivations of people involved — or worse yet, feel misled. Conundrum #4 ? Fast-rising new channels don’t have obvious applicability for B2B marketing purposes. When glancing at recent trends and stats in content marketing, it’s hard not to notice the meteoric rise in usage of apps like TikTok and WhatsApp. Brands are gravitating toward Instagram Stories. These channels are intriguing, but they don’t intuitively have much applicability in B2B marketing. What To Do? The last thing you want to do is jam a square peg in a round hole for the sake of seeming cool or hip. But that’s not to say there aren’t creative and contextually-fitting ways to market a B2B brand on B2C-centric platforms. Doing so effectively is an opportunity to stand out and differentiate, in accordance with our solution to Conundrum #1. [bctt tweet="“Finding creative and contextually-fitting ways to market a #B2B brand on B2C-centric platforms is an opportunity to stand out and differentiate.” @NickNelsonMN #B2Bmarketing #personalization" username="toprank"] For inspiration, courtesy of PixelMe, here are 10 creative Instagram ads from B2B companies (led off by our clients at Break Down B2B Content Marketing Barriers Both challenge and opportunity can be found within each of the conundrums presented. Those B2B marketers who take the right steps to solve them will enjoy a more smooth and frictionless path to success. Keep four things top-of-mind as you venture ahead: Create with a purpose (and flair) Measure robustly Partner strategically Experiment away from the beaten path For more advice on overcoming obstacles to resonate with your audience, check out my recent post on five B2B content marketing pitfalls to avoid. The post Problem Solved: Increase B2B Content Marketing Success by Conquering 4 Conundrums appeared first on B2B Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
Some of it may even surprise you.Creates a Good First ImpressionA company’s logo, website and marketing materials create an immediate impression of what the company is like — serious or playful, traditional or trendy, etc.It can be used to empathize with customers by showing them what life would look and feel like with the problem solved by a service or product.Moreover, a company with a memorable, striking graphic design will stand out from competitors with poorly executed graphics.If competitors make use of dull color schemes, graphic designers will use bright, lively colors to make their clients stand out.Keeps Customers InterestedWhether they’re developing a new logo or redesigning their website, businesses that want to maintain their unique, attention-grabbing identity should use customized graphic design.Graphic design helps differentiate and promote companies by giving them an identifiable “face.” Businesses that have no competition may be able to get by without graphic design and branding, but for the rest, those two elements are vital to attain success.Whether in website, social media, or printed materials, high quality visuals capture attention more strongly than inferior, stock images.Online shoppers, for example, consider image quality as an important factor in their purchasing decision.Every business, whether it’s a small enterprise selling homemade jewelries or a multi-billion dollar global corporation, has a story to tell.
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To mark the launch of our new manifesto – setting out The Drum’s editorial mission to help readers solve their problems – we’re christening today Solutions Day on And to set the tone, over the course of 24 hours our team of worldwide journalists will be spotlighting 24 recent examples of times when our industry demonstrated its remarkable talent for solving problems. Problem: People have no patience for ads, faced with bombardment and retargeting online they're tuning out.  Solution: Marketers need to cut to the chase and, when possible, make consumers feel something in an extremely short window. Take it from Mars. Mars shares key findings from one of the largest, on-going neuroscience studies in the world. Here’s what you need to know: Marketers have two seconds to capture consumers' attention in the digital realm. The key is to draw attention and then create an emotional connection. The two together are the magic formula for triggering impulse purchases. Don’t trick your customers. Attention too often becomes the element tricking consumers into watching your ads. This will backfire. You need to strike at peak attention. Otherwise they will forget you.  Don’t forget the art. Science is great but it doesn’t create emotion. “You don't go to the store with gum on your shopping list,” explains Sorin Patilinet, global consumer marketing insights director at Mars. “We want to reach as many people as possible to build this memory structure, which will be triggered at the point of purchase, especially since half of our categories are mostly impulse buys like chocolate and gum.” Read more Problem Solved articles in our Solutions Day hub.
To mark the launch of our new manifesto – setting out The Drum’s editorial mission to help readers solve their problems – we’re christening today Solutions Day on And to set the tone, over the course of 24 hours our team of worldwide journalists will be spotlighting 24 recent examples of times when our industry demonstrated its remarkable talent for solving problems. Problem: The traditional ways of doing business aren't working out for brand leaders. Solution: Put your employees first, your customer first and get into startup mode. Author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek taught us that organizations can only truly inspire if they “start with why”. Now he’s teaching us how leaders should behave in the age of Covid-19: Double down on ‘good leadership.’ “Why weren‘t you just calling your people at random and saying, ‘just checking in’. That‘s just good leadership.” Put the customer at the front of the equation, not yourself. “The companies that are really doing a good job at everything right now have put their customer at the center of the equation. They are saying, ‘we have really important, valuable things’.” It doesn't matter how mature your company or your industry is, you are a startup. “The companies that are struggling to pivot are trying to do what they’ve always done in this environment.” Read more Problem Solved articles in our Solutions Day hub.