Anonymous rumours about a Google-made, non-Nexus smartphone, dubbed the Pixel phone by many, are once again doing the rounds online.Plenty of people appear to be excited by the prospect, which could lead to the death of the much-loved Nexus brand, despite nobody being entirely sure how exactly a homemade Google smartphone would be superior to its existing line.Android is far and away the most popular mobile operating system in the world and, frustrating as the situation may be for some of Google s hardware partners, they need Nexus more than it needs them.There s a reason the likes of Huawei and HTC have been scrapping for this year s Nexus duties: the brand is incredibly strong, and can only help them increase their reach.Also, could you imagine the scenes if HTC was to threaten to switch over to Windows 10 Mobile?The company formally established a hardware division back in April, with former Motorola president Rick Osterloh in charge of proceedings.
While Americans are anticipating a national holiday on Monday, July 4— and a day off from work— NASA is holding a countdown of its own, marking the days, hours, minutes and seconds until its Juno spacecraft arrives at Jupiter on the same day.Juno blasted off nearly five years ago, in August 2011.And when it arrives at Jupiter on July 4, it will be traveling insanely fast— about 165,000 mph at first, and later even 168,000 mph, measured relative to Earth.And that, NASA says, makes it the fastest human-made object ever, if measured relative to Earth.But the patriotic arrival date is a happy coincidence, according to the project s principal investigator, Scott Bolton, who directs the space sciences department at the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas.And an earlier plan had called for a different launch date that would have caused Juno to get to Jupiter at a different time.
The photo industry hasn t seen a 1.0 version of a RAW software for years, so with the launch of ON1 Photo RAW coming in the fall, the company is taking a new approach — crowdsourcing.ON1 developers are using the new Photo RAW Project as a way to find out, pre-launch, what they could be missing.Instead of managing suggestions through email and online forums, the project allows users to rate suggestions.The ideas that see at least 200 ratings and an average rating at or above 3.5 stars will be reviewed by the ON1 team.The crowdsourcing method allows potential users of the new software to offer suggestions, while the voting pushes the ideas that are most in demand in front of developers.Users can also share their suggestions, as a way to help get more votes.
No, Blizzard didn t accidentally reveal a new game or expansion.Blizzard fans grew excited recently when they noticed a job listing on the company s site for a director for a new project in the Diablo series.However, Blizzard told GamesBeat that this listing is simply to replace current Diablo III lead director Josh Mosqueira.With Diablo III in a good place at this point, Josh Mosqueira felt that now was a good time to pursue other opportunities with minimal impact to the team, Blizzard told GamesBeat.We ll be filling the director role either from within Blizzard or externally.This makes sense considering that the listing notes that Blizzard is looking for someone to lead the Diablo series into the future.Blizzard also noted that today was Mosqueira s last day with the company.
This story originally appeared on Mother Jones and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration.That s the subject of a high-stakes legal battle playing out between dozens of state attorneys general, members of Congress, corporate executives, and activists.Last fall, investigations by Inside Climate News and the Los Angeles Times revealed that the oil giant has decades of internal documents showing that its own scientists and executives knew fossil fuels contributed to climate change.Publicly, the company argued that the threats posed by global warming were far from certain, presumably as part of an effort to fight off regulations.Walker specifically pointed to a state racketeering statute that prohibits obtaining money by false pretenses.Exxon prevailed on Wednesday, when Walker agreed to withdraw the subpoena.
The new computer system has been delayed yet again to give the NHS time to train staffA project aimed at updating the NHS 24 telephone helpline has been hit by a delay that will push rollout back to the end of next year, following previous bugs that forced an original launch date of October 2013 to be called off.The latest problems mean that the NHS Future Programme rollout will not occur until at least four years than originally scheduled, and will be more than 50 percent over budget, according to the NHS current estimates.The NHS has made more than one attempt to bring the system online, but one effort was cancelled due to system crashes that forced staff to resort to pen and paper to handle calls.Earlier this year a scheduled June launch was delayed until later in the summer after a bug caused the system to display blank screens.NHS 24 is now planning to phase in the system for certain services beginning this summer, followed by its introduction across a full range of services in one health board area to ensure that it is functioning properly, before a nationwide roll-out by the end of 2017.
For the global property group Midroc began to cloud the trip for just over three years ago. After interviewing a few thousand people who came in with a total of 400 improvement proposals, it became clear that the existing architecture, with scattered systemöar, can not stand up. - The service was not really ripe for a group with our approach. Mia Wahlstein, which is basically a project manager and interior designer, wanted to eliminate the technical focus to direct force against business benefits and smarter working. Once it had decided to embark on the cloud the way made the IT organization a detailed analysis and looked at a variety of combinations of services and systems to see how they could cover the needs and get an inclusive system of flora. Some say they are in the cloud and says the e-mails, but we have moved everything
Virtual pets might be 20 years out of style, but if you re looking for a miniature desktop friend, Adafruit has a guide to build a little emoting creature you can call your own.To be build this, you ll need about $40 worth of parts, including a small LED Matrix and Adafruit s Pro Trinket board.The whole thing s packed into a 3D printed case, but it s small enough you should be able to have it printed for cheap.You ll also need some basic soldering skills, but overall the assembly and code here is super easy to work with.The end result is a little desktop companion that gets sad when you ignore it, annoyed when you push its buttons too much, and happy when you re doing everything right.But it still makes for a great learning project that results in a cool desktop toy.
There's so much information that we've had to digest, comprehend and weed through," Gillmor said, predicting, "This is going to be the key to our financial future in Santa Clara.Plans call for up to 5.7 million square feet of offices, 1.1 million square feet of retail space, 700 hotel rooms and from 200 to 1,680 apartments, as well as a 35-acre park.Sitting atop what is now a golf course and BMX track, the mixed-use project's anticipated tax and other financial benefits are "staggering," Gillmor said.The city has projected that it will receive up to $16.9 million in annual tax benefits, along with $9 million to $14 million in yearly rent revenues, once the project is up and running.The county should benefit, too: Its annual property and sales tax benefits are pegged at up to $11.6 million, while the Santa Clara Unified School District anticipates receiving as much as $22.1 million each year in property taxes.Santa Clara's share would be a huge shot in the arm to the city's general fund, which has taken a $14 million annual hit since the dissolution in 2012 of the state's redevelopment agencies, Gillmor said."Construction costs are tagged at $5 billion, with more than 80 percent of the work to be handled by union labor.
Sharpen up your pocket swords, because it s time to strike down countless waves of random enemies on the go.Project Dynasty Warriors is a new free-to-play mobile game that brings the enormous battles and melee combat of the console Dynasty Warriors games to iOS and Android for the first time in late 2016.Fast-growing mobile publisher Nexon Korea is producing the app, and it is working with Dynasty Warriors publisher Koei Tecmo and developer XPEC Entertainment.Unlike some other console-to-mobile adaptations, Nexon isn t using the Dynasty Warriors setting for a clone of Clash of Clans or some other popular mobile app.Instead, the company is aiming to give the $36.9 billion iOS and Android gaming market a smartphone-sized version of the same experience you would get on PlayStation 4.For Nexon, this adds another big-name release to its roster, which already includes online role-playing game MapleStory 2, developer Cliff Bleszinski s new LawBreakers shooter, and the mobile strategy game DomiNations.Project Dynasty Warriors, which is a working title, should look familiar to fans.It takes assets from 2013 s Dynasty Warriors 8 and shapes them into something better suited for the mobile audience.One example of this is a new focus on collecting unique characters and items.
Google is looking to make a VR version of its popular Chrome web browser.It's known that Google is looking to offer a unifying VR experience with its Daydream VR project.But it's also looking to add a VR element to the world's most popular web browser.As pointed out by Road to VR, Google has added WebVR support to the latest versions of Google Chrome Beta and Google Chrome Dev.Chrome Beta now has a VR setting that enables you to access VR websites using a VR headset.Chrome Dev, which is an even earlier and more experimental version of Chrome, has a new "VR shell."
A rendition of what a city equipped with Solar Roadways' panels might look like.The Idaho startup makes hexagonal solar panels that it's trying to get installed on U.S. roads.The goal is to generate enough energy to power homes and businesses, and the panels can even light up to display programmable road markings.It's a lofty idea but the company has gained some early support.Solar Roadways has completed three rounds of testing with the U.S. Department of Transportation and in 2014 it raised over $2 million on Indiegogo.The project has also caught the attention of Missouri's Department of Transportation, which will install the panels, as part of a pilot program, on a sidewalk in front of the Route 66 Welcome Center in Conway.
The Raspberry Pi Foundation has launched an 'Internet of Voice' competition, looking for Pi-powered equivalents to Amazon's Echo devices.The Raspberry Pi Foundation has teamed up with Amazon and to launch a competition to build a Pi-powered equivalent to Amazon's Echo voice-activated assistant family.Designed around the Alexa voice service, Amazon's Echo is designed to be a constantly-active voice-recognition platform with assistant capabilities.From searching through and playing items in your music collection to buying items from Amazon - naturally - and driving smart home accessories it's designed to make life easier for those who can afford it.For those who can't, Amazon has opened up developer access to the Alexa platform behind it - and there's now a competition for building your own Echo-style device.The Internet Voice Challenge, announced this week by the Raspberry Pi Foundation, offers prizes for the best 'Internet of Voice' project in two categories: the implementation which best makes use of the Alexa Skills Kit integration platform, and the implementation which makes best use of the Alexa Voice Service itself.
It's been a funny old week, especially in the UK: all the politicians appear to have gone completely mad, and are running around like characters from Game of Thrones – and Game of Thrones just happens to be one of the shows you can watch on the brand new Now TV, which combines the best of Freeview and on-demand streaming for UK viewers.And Now TV isn't the only great thing we've seen this week.We've got a fantastic Android phone from WileyFox, some dark iPhone 7 rumours, and some scientific developments that have scared us silly – and we finally know what the next version of Android is going to be called.It doesn't have the features of Sky Q or the Apple TV, but then it's an awful lot cheaper than either: at just £40, "the Now TV Smart Box looks like it could be the most affordable and polished way of bringing your 'dumb' TV into the streaming era".Let the Nougat battle begin!Then the excellently named WileyFox Spark may be just what you're looking for.
The Software Heritage Project aims to save software source code for accessibility, discoverability, and posterity.An effort has begun to collect the source code to as much software as possible, with the aim of building the canonical reference database of software.Dubbed the Software Heritage Project, and created by the French national science and technology institute INRIA, efforts towards collating source code for reference and posterity began last year.'We decided to start working on Software Heritage more than a year ago, and we have now shown its feasibility,' explained INRIA chief executive Antoine Petit of the project's history.'In order to scale up worldwide, the time has now come to open it up to the widest, national and international contributions.'Software Heritage already has two major partners in the bag: DANS, a subsection of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research, and Microsoft.
In 2008, Polaroid announced it would no longer produce instant film.Then, the Impossible Project took the opportunity to buy up what little was left of this division of the company and has spent the last eight years reformulating and reviving the once-popular original format instant film.That s far more than a cheap old drug store Polaroid could say.It reminds me of the US Navy s newest Zumwalt-class destroyer, minus all the weapons.But let us not forget, this is a film camera, and with any analog process there are going to be fuck-ups and surprises.Using the I-1 is pretty simple: turn it on, decide if you want to use the flash, adjust your exposure, bring the camera up to your face, look through the detachable viewfinder, and click the shutter.
Bill Gates, chairman of Microsoft, plays X-BOX videogames with Mexican football player Rafael Marquez 20 March, 2007 in Mexico CitySince Microsoft made its entry into the competitive gaming console landscape in 2001, the Xbox brand has risen to become a ubiquitous brand in the sector.Xbox co-creator Ed Fries has now revealed that the original Xbox project was almost shut down completely by Microsoft founder Bill Gates who was not too pleased with the idea of having it pivot away from Windows towards a closed gaming system.In a recent interview with IGN, Fries said there were two teams pitching their ideas for a new gaming console to Gates and Steve Ballmer.While one group, which included Fries, wanted to create a device that had a hard disk and would be "a PC in disguise", the other wanted to design a console that would be a "continuation of the Sega Dreamcast line".Designer Seamus Blackley recently shared some images of the prototypes for the original Xbox console's controllers that were inspired by Sega's console because, as he put it, "at the time Dreamcast was king".
Nearly 70 percent of 1,000 surveyed young women are positive for IT education in primary schools. Last year Spotify's Martin Lorentzon NTL, Finance Commissioner Karin Wanngård S and the Stockholm Chamber of Commerce president Maria Rankka out and presented arguments for programming in elementary school. In Stockolm began a pilot project last autumn. Among the under-represented group in the tech world has the broad support to download. Of the 1000 respondents women between 16 and 30 indicates 68 percent of their support to IT education in primary schools. Insight Intelligence has conducted the survey on behalf of, among other Internet Foundation NTL and consulting giant Visma behind the nationwide survey.
Apple s striking spaceship campus in Cupertino is now only six months away from completion, with the latest flyover video offering dramatic shots of the main donut-shaped building as well as other parts of the complex such as the eye-catching entrance to the underground auditorium and a view of the research and development buildings.Using a DJI Phantom 3 Professional quadcopter, drone enthusiast Matthew Roberts has been offering monthly updates as the massive construction project nears its conclusion.According to his latest video, serious progress has been made with the huge solar panels on the roof of the main building.It s estimated that once up and running, the panels will be able to take care of around 75 percent of the building s energy needs during peak time.Work is also well underway on fitting the building s 3,000 floor-to-ceiling glass panels, as well as the canopies to help shield staff from the California sun.We also get to see the auditorium lobby now fitted with the world s biggest carbon-fiber roof.
Eva wants to build a robot that can create street artA 10-year-old girl who wants to use robots to make the streets of Paris happy has won a prestigious fellowship designed for PhD students after her heartwarming application charmed the programme s creator.The French girl, Eva, applied to the Summer Innovation Fellowship run by digital agency Five by Five, intended for experienced computer scientists, asking them for help with her project to build a robot that can create street art.The streets of Paris are sad.I want to build a robot that will make them happy again.I ve already starting learning how to code on Thymio robots, but I have trouble making it work.