(Purdue University) A new study says that despite a record drop in global carbon emissions in 2020, a pandemic-driven shift to remote work and more at-home entertainment still presents significant environmental impact due to how internet data is stored and transferred around the world.
The study was conducted by Purdue University researchers and used an Indiana county as its testing grounds, where it estimated costs of $5.2 million.
(Purdue University) Purdue University innovators developed a stabilized form of human calcitonin, which is a peptide drug already used for people with osteoporosis. Researchers at Purdue created a prodrug form of the peptide hormone to increase its effectiveness as an osteoporosis treatment.
(Binghamton University) A team of researchers from Binghamton University, State University of New York has been selected to receive $2.6 million from the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Energy Technologies Office (SETO) to develop ways to reliably support higher amounts of solar power on the grid.
Lean manufacturing provides some good improvement tools that fit into the Improve phase of Six Sigma.The integrated approach has the advantages of both the methodologies and is ideal for manufacturing business that aims at the elimination of waste and higher productivity.If you want to learn lean six sigma and want to become certified, Purdue University offers an Online Lean Six Sigma Certification Program.Read More About...
(Purdue University) Drug resistance is a major reason why pancreatic cancer has a five-year survival rate of only about 10%. If scientists tested potential drugs on multiple tumor cell subtypes rather than on just one subtype, they may be able to catch resistance better, suggests a "time machine" developed by Purdue University engineers.
The radiative cooling paint could help chill out houses, cars and even the planet.
(Purdue University) Imaginestics LLC, a software company headquartered in the Purdue Research Park West Lafayette, has received a one-year contract from the U.S. Army's Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama, to make its engineering data instantly accessible for part identification, maintenance and repairs.
"No one should keep money they got by breaking the law," advocates say.
(Purdue University) A Purdue University scientist and entrepreneur is working to use simple LED light to help determine if certain chemotherapy options will work for specific patients.
(Purdue University) Researchers are developing ways to protect the software of autonomous systems on the battlefield by making their machine learning algorithms more secure.
Operable SiC devices have been successfully fabricated in α-SiC in concentrated efforts to develop this material as a semiconductor (Campbell and Chang 1978).However, the devices were produced in Lely crystals, the character of which was not reproducible from run to run, as indicated above.https://www.hslabrasive.com/products/silicon-carbide/The reader is referred to the website  by the SiC power-device research group at Purdue University where one can obtain both continually updated information regarding SiC devices and links to other sources of information regarding SiC-based devices.The fundamental reasons for the interest in SiC as a potential material for devices, specifically high-temperature and high-power devices, stem from its superior thermal conductivity and thermal stability relative to other semiconductor materials and from the fact that the specific on-resistance of a SiC power device is expected to be 100–200 times lower than a similarly rated silicon device (Baliga 1989).The chemistry, microstructure, and electrical properties of cobalt, titanium, and platinum Schottky contacts on 6H-SiC have been reported (Porter et al.Devices using these types of contacts and known as Schottky diodes are expected to find use as flyback rectifiers in power systems driving inductive loads.The measured blocking voltage of the nickel diode was 1720 V with a specific on-resistance of 5.6 mΩcm2.
(Purdue University) Robots exploring deep bodies of water can only go so far before needing to recharge and upload data. Purdue University engineers have designed a mobile docking station system that would help them go farther.
(Purdue University) A Purdue University team has developed a novel testing platform to evaluate how breast cancer cells respond to the recurrent stretching that occurs in the lungs during breathing. The technology is designed to better understand the effects that the local tissue has on metastatic breast cancer to study how metastases grow in a new tissue.
(Purdue University) Purdue University researchers are helping to develop physIQ software that could indicate that a person should get tested for COVID-19 by detecting specific changes in heart and breathing rates while the person wears a smartwatch.
(Purdue University) Purdue University innovators have advanced novel compounds they developed to help treat patients with C. diff, one of only four bacteria considered an urgent threat by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
(Purdue University) Karyosoft, a Purdue University-affiliated company, is among nine startups from across the globe selected for the Dallas-based seed accelerator Health Wildcatters.
IEEE also mourns the loss of Northrop Grumman executive Robert Nafis and others
(Purdue University) Purdue University engineers created a new machine learning-assisted method that could make quantum photonic circuit development more efficient by rapidly preselecting these solid-state quantum emitters.
(Purdue University) A pair of Purdue University researchers from the College of Pharmacy and the College of Veterinary Medicine developed small molecules to combat deadly, drug-resistant enterococcus.