Finding a job can be a struggle, but it always helps to look in the right places.Each city s ranking is based on its Glassdoor Job Score, which is determined by weighing four major factors: how easy it is to a job there, how affordable the area is, job satisfaction, and general work-life balance.Glassdoor also includes each city s median pay, median home value, and the number of current job openings.They also mention some of the jobs with the highest demand in each area.Here are the top 10:San Jose, CASan Francisco, CASeattle, WABoston, MAWashington, D.C.Austin, TXSalt Lake City, UTRaleigh-Durham, NCMinneapolis-St. Paul, MIOklahoma City, OKLast year s top city, Raleigh, has been bumped down to eighth place and replaced by San Jose, where the median base salary is $112,000.No other city on the list comes anywhere close to that.
And if you do live off a Roku or Apple TV, it makes for a good complement, particularly for live events.Mohu s Leaf series has been one of the more popular variants of this tech, and recently, the Raleigh-based company released its latest addition to the group.So, yes, it s a cord-cutting tool made from the remnants of cable.In an interview, Mohu CEO Mark Buff told Tech Insider the company went to multiple local recyclers to procure the set-top boxes, and that those suppliers had enough material for the company to only buy the plastic in no less than 10,000 pound bales.Mohu says the rest of the antenna was made from post-consumer recycled paper.Now, traditional HDTV antennas aren t exactly known for their wastefulness, and typically retain their usefulness for several years.If you particularly loathe the concept of cable boxes, too — and they might not be long for this world anyways — the ReLeaf is available now.More from Tech Insider:There s an HDTV antenna that s literally made from dead cable boxesWatch this crazy time-lapse of Dutch builders putting a tunnel under a highway in 48 hours20 amazing things you can do with Pebble's new $70 deviceA new app called Recharge lets you rent hotel rooms by the minute for extremely short staysRussia just took down its 'largest ever' hacker ring that allegedly stole $25 millionNOW WATCH: Sorry Apple fans — the iPhone 7 is going to be boringLoading video...
I ve grown used to smug slobs surging silently along on their pedal-assist electric bikes.They re cheating, but as they ve found a quick, effortless solution to city transport, I can forgive them I try to, anyway .Twisting the throttle to make mincemeat of hills without breaking sweat so you can enjoy the swoop and whoop of plunging downhill is just plain lazy.But if that s you, you ll love the electric Strada from Raleigh.But it also has a TranzX M16 motor giving a range of up to 125km in eco mode.If you can live with your conscience, it s a blast… Price: £1,550Model: Strada Trail Sport ElectricFrame: Aluminium 6061Fork: Suntour MT E45 suspension forkMotor: TranzX M16 36v 250w centre mount motor with a range of 125km in eco mode and 85km in normal modeGroupset: Shimano Deore 9 speed trigger shiftBrakes: Trektro HD-M290 hydraulic disc brakesWheels: Impulse tubeless ready rim 36 hole on RSP disc hub wheels with WTB Nano 700 x 40c tyres with reflective side walls
One Twitter user decided to dispel the confusion some people have in a series of tweets pointing out the sheer hypocrisy of such rationale.Darrius Anderson from Raleigh, North Carolina, and North Carolina State University student took to his Twitter Sunday after the horrific shooting by gunman Omar Mateen at the LGBT nightclub Pulse in Orlando, Florida, that left 50 victims dead and 53 injured.Anderson began tweeting about rationalizing hatred with religion after seeing someone respond to the horror by saying that homosexuality is a sin according to the Bible.I m well versed in this word.— masc potatoes @CertifiedFool June 12, 2016So now that you ve actually seen what the bible says about abominations, who s going to heaven?As a Christian myself, I take the Bible with a grain of salt and focus instead on my personal relationship with God and I wish more people would do the same.
This undated photo shows fragments of pottery recovered near the site of the 'Lost Colony' in Manteo, N.C. National Park Service MANTEO, N.C. – Archaeologists on North Carolina's Roanoke Island found pottery pieces that could have been part of a jar belonging to a medicine maker of the Roanoke Island voyages and perhaps a member of the "Lost Colony."Two quarter-size fragments, colored blue, white and brown, were discovered buried in the soil near an earthen mound believed to have been a 16th century fort, The Virginian-Pilot reported."Lost Colony" settlers disappeared from Roanoke Island in the late 16th century after English explorer Walter Raleigh sent three groups to the coast of North Carolina in 1584, 1585 and 1587.Artifacts have been uncovered throughout the years in and around the areas where the settlers are believed to have built forts.And while archaeologists have yet to discover the fate of the colony, discoveries such as the pottery offer glimpses into the colonists' lives.According to Deetz, the recent pieces found are part of a jar that might have been used by members of the colony to mix salves and medicines.
There s no such thing as too soon or too fast in certain aspects of life — getting a raise, recovering from a hangover, and internet speed would all qualify.As for the last of those, we all pretty much want the fastest connection we can get, and Google Fiber, Google s fiber-optic network first tested in Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri, is in expansion mode, according to the Google Fiber website.Google Fiber is also available now in Nashville, Tennessee; Provo, Utah; Austin, Texas; and Atlanta, Georgia.If you live in one of those cities, you win, but for the rest of us, but the big question is, When will it be my turn?The list of cities where Google Fiber is currently planned referred to as Upcoming on the Google Fiber site , includes both Charlotte and the Raleigh-Durham area in North Carolina; Huntsville, Alabama; Salt Lake City, Utah; San Antonio, Texas, and San Francisco.As The Cheat Sheet explains, when Google Fiber starts in city, the work is done one neighborhood at a time, in areas called fiberhoods.
Donald Trump slammed Hillary Clinton for use of private email server while US secretary of statePresumptive presidential nominee Donald Trump has blasted opposition candidate Hillary Clinton, claiming she "put the lives of Americans" at risk by allegedly mishandling classified information.At a rally on Tuesday 5 July in Raleigh, North Carolina, he said: "Hillary Clinton put the entire country in danger.It was confirmed that she routinely sent classified emails from an insecure private server that could be easily hacked by hostile foreign agents.""We now know that she lied to the country when she said she did not send classified information.She sent vast amounts of classified information, including information classified as top secret.
Sad news, Pacific Rim fans: the incredibly named Raleigh Becket is not in Pacific Rim 2: Kaiju Boogaloo.Charlie Hunnam has confirmed that he—and therefore, presumably, severalfold shots of his unclothed torso—will not be in the sequel.It s long been assumed that a follow-up to Pacific Rim would continue the adventures of Beckett and Mako Mori played by Rinko Kikuchi , but speaking to Yahoo at Comic-Con, Hunnam actually revealed that he isn t going to be in the sequel after all.He was, at one point, heavily involved—but scheduling conflicts lead to the actor being forced to pull out early on in production, and by the time things were sorted out, he wasn t available to make a return.While it s sad news that the main character of the first film won t be involved in the sequel, hopefully Hunnam s departure which, it seems like required a considerable re-write of the script considering there was a version in which Raleigh was a main character doesn t mean there s no chance of Kikuchi returning to reprise her role as Mako.At least we re getting John Boyega as the next generation of Jaeger pilot instead.
Sad news, Pacific Rim fans: the incredibly named Raleigh Becket is not in Pacific Rim 2: Kaiju Boogaloo.Charlie Hunnam has confirmed that he will not be in the sequel.It s long been assumed that a follow-up to Pacific Rim would continue the adventures of Beckett and Mako Mori played by Rinko Kikuchi , but speaking toYahoo at Comic-Con, Hunnam actually revealed that he isn t going to be in the sequel after all.He was, at one point, heavily involved.Scheduling conflicts lead to the actor being forced to pull out early on in production, though, and by the time things were sorted out, he wasn t available to make a return.While it s sad news that the main character of the first film won t be involved in the sequel, hopefully Hunnam s departure which, it seems like required a considerable re-write of the script considering there was a version in which Raleigh was a main character doesn t mean there s no chance of Kikuchi returning to reprise her role as Mako.
News: Tech giant plans to install small antennas to link to nearby fiber-optic cables.Alphabet is shifting the focus of its high-speed internet plans to wireless technology as the initial plans cost more than the company initially thought.The company s internet provider, Google Fiber, offers broadband Internet and cable television to a small and slowly increasing number of locations in the US.According to The Wall Street Journal, the company plans to set up wireless transmitters across major cities and use them to provide residential internet.Los Angeles, Chicago, and Dallas are reportedly on its list, with plans to reach a dozen new metro areas in total.Google said: We're continuing to work with city leaders to explore the possibility of bringing Google Fiber to many cities.
For his first month living in the US capitol, if you ran into Bouw, he may have asked to sleep on your couch or use your appliances, but he wasn't your average freeloader.Bringing back the arcade slowly As of now, there are over 14 games available to try out on the HTC Vive at NotionVR, all titles that the company's lead VR engineer Sean T. McBeth describes as "pretty much the most popular games" on the platform.If you're interested in a classically rowdy, after-school arcade meetup, you'll be disappointed by the limited ways to interact with other people in the same room when it comes to VR.AltSpace VR, for those out of the loop, is the "VR with friends" application for Gear VR, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive that lets users participate in a wide range of events, everything from Dungeons & Dragons games to stand-up comedy.Born in Europe, Christian grew up talking to his family members in Holland over the phone, no visual context supplementing their conversations.
From doughnut shops to zoos, businesses and organizations are finding creative ways to capitalize on Pokemon Go.NEW YORK AP — Weeks into the "Pokemon Go" craze, demand remains strong for "Poke Ball"-shaped treats made by a high-end doughnut company, one of many businesses and organizations coming up with creative ways to lure players in their search for the elusive "pocket monsters."Even on sweltering summer days, the popular smartphone game has gotten throngs of players out of their homes to real-world locations designated as "PokeStops" and "Gyms."In New York, Doughnut Plant created an edible version of the Poke Ball — dubbing it the Pokeseed — after a Pokemon-obsessed employee realized that all four of the company's shops are either PokeStops or very close to one, owner Mark Isreal said.The team at Doughnut Plant designed the fruity treat in less than a day, using cranberry-raspberry and white chocolate icings to recreate the red-and-white Poke Balls, the objects used in the game to capture monsters.Police in Manchester, New Hampshire, even tried to lure fugitives by claiming to have detected a rare Charizard in the booking area.
Launching with a marketplace for landscaping, snow plowing, and other home care and repair services, Plowz & Mowz has raised $1.5 million from the Los Angeles-based startup studio, Science.On the heels of the firm s successful exit from Dollar Shave Club, Science has turned to the marketplace industry for its next investment.The idea for the company stretches back nearly four years to one of the big snowstorms that hit co-founder Wills Mahoney s hometown of Syracuse, NY.Mahoney s mother was stuck in the family house, needing a plow to get out of her driveway, and watching spare snowplows drive by the house on their way to other jobs.From its first markets in Syracuse and Minneapolis, Plowz & Mowz has expanded to Boston, New York, Indianapolis, and Raleigh, NC.Sixty-five percent of homeowners have never hired a professional landscaper and it s primarily due to the cost of a seasonal contract, said company co-founder Andrew Englander.
If Alex Longo peaks in high school, he won t have done too poorly for himself.After all, it s not every day that NASA allows a teenager to potentially pick the landing site for the next Mars Rover.In 2020, Longo will finally exit his teenage years, and NASA will launch its next rover mission.And coincidentally, that mission s destination just may be decided by the Raleigh, North Carolina native.I was just five years old, and mom and dad had me watch a space shuttle launch.That fateful decision by Mr. and Mrs. Longo spurred a lifelong interest in NASA in their son, who spent the next several years of his young life writing to the space agency.
Google Fiber is about to start connecting homes and businesses in the North Carolina Research Triangle, despite rumors of layoffs and disappointing subscriber totals.The Triangle is Google Fiber's 8th metro area, along with Atlanta, Georgia; Austin, Texas; Charlotte, North Carolina; Kansas City in Kansas and Missouri; Nashville, Tennessee; Provo, Utah; and Salt Lake City, Utah.The Triangle rollout may happen slowly.The service is going live first in Morrisville, which has about 23,000 residents, instead of the larger cities of Raleigh and Durham.Google Fiber said on Facebook that crews will start connecting customers in Morrisville "over the next few weeks."The company provided details on expansion plans to WRAL TechWire:
Epic Games announced the latest round of Unreal developer grant recipients, awarding $100,000 to six developers who are using the Unreal Engine 4 to make their games.The Raleigh, North Carolina-based studio has set aside $5 million in grants to help developers making Unreal Engine 4 projects.Today s recipients include six small development houses.Rite of Ilk by Turtleneck Studios: Rite of Ilk revolves around two children as they venture throughout the world to save their tribe from extinction… all while being tied together by a rope.With a focus on interactivity and top-notch visuals, Rite of Ilk allows everyone from friends, family, and couples to play together.Here s the game s website and the teaser trailer.Research and Destroy by Implausible Industries: Research And Destroy is a turn-based strategy featuring third-person shooter controls and simultaneous co-op play, pitting super scientists against the supernatural.The Tokyo-based team of ex-Grasshopper Manufacture developers are showcasing the game to the public for the first time at Tokyo Games Show this week.Follow Implausible Industries on Facebook and Twitter for more details.All Walls Must Fall by Inbetweengames: Developed by former Yager veterans, All Walls Must Fall is a tech-noir spy thriller set in Berlin 2089 where the Cold War never ended.
Amazon on Monday morning announced the expansion of Amazon Home Services, the service that lets shoppers hire local professionals to help out with all sorts of around-the-house tasks.Amazon in late 2014 quietly launched a service that would let shoppers hire installation professionals when purchasing applicable products hire someone to mount that new TV on the wall, for example .The company rebranded the service in 2015 and expanded its reach to include handyman-type jobs in a bid to compete with similar offerings from Angie s List, HomeAdvisor, Handy, Thumbtack, Facebook Professional Services and others.Today's expansion brings Amazon Home Services coverage to these additional 20 metro areas: Santa Rosa, CA; Ventura County, CA; Boulder, CO; Greater Bridgeport, CT; New Haven, CT; Brevard County, FL; Cape Coral, FL; Sarasota, FL; Indianapolis, IN; Ann Arbor, MI; Raleigh, NC; Trenton, NJ; Las Vegas, NV; Cleveland, OH; Allentown, PA; Lehigh Valley, PA; San Antonio, TX; Milwaukee, WI; Richmond, VA and Hampton Roads VA/NC.Angie s List is considered to be the market leader in the local professional-for-hire industry but as TechCrunch highlights, the company has found itself in choppy waters as of late.After turning down a $512 million acquisition offer from IAC subsidy HomeAdvisor last year, Angie s List is now laying off employees and considering alternative strategies.
Amazon is beefing up its Home Services business — a marketplace competitor to the likes of Angie s List, HomeAdvisor and Handy for helping people find and hire contractors for everything from plumbers to at-home reflexologists.Today, the company had added 20 more metro areas to the service, one of its most significant expansions since launching the service in March 2015, and bringing the number of markets covered to 50.News cities getting added today include Indianapolis, IN; Las Vegas, NV; San Antonio, TX; Ann Arbor, MI; Cleveland, OH; Milwaukee, WI; Boulder, CO; Raleigh, NC and Trenton, NJ.Amazon itself appears to be considering entering into another, related on-demand category: housekeeping and helping people organise their lives.This is a concierge style service where the employee will be an expert in helping Amazon customers keep up their home…working with customers each day with tidying up around the home, laundry, and helping put groceries and essentials like toilet paper and paper towels away.You will assure that customers return to an errand-free home, according to one of the ads.
Can any of y'all recommend any colleges or online programs where I can take the following courses:My employer is paying for me to expand my knowledge on the above, so anything you can suggest would be helpful!I live in Raleigh but online programs will work too!
Republic Wireless will spin out from its parent company and become an independent entity, a sign that cheaper, Wi-Fi-based cellphone services are able to stand on their own in a hotly competitive wireless market.David Morken, chief executive of Republic parent, said in an interview that spinning off the Wi-Fi cell unit made sense, as more of s customers have become direct competitors to Republic, and as Republic itself became more, which sells voice and data services to businesses, provides phone numbers and telecom services to rival Wi-Fi first cellular services like Alphabet Inc. s Project Fi, as well as to Microsoft Inc. s Skype and Google Voice.Raleigh, N.C.-based Republic Wireless, which began selling service in 2011, has more than 300,000 subscribers and annual revenue of more than $100 million.It offers monthly mobile phone subscriptions starting at $15 a month.Republic Wireless sends most of its voice, text and data traffic over Wi-Fi hot spots.