A 72-year-old grandmother who works six days a week in a western New York McDonald s is enjoying her 15 minutes of Facebook fame.She raps for her fast food customers and co-workers.A co-worker videoed Alaine O Connor at the Williamson McDonald s and posted it to Facebook, where it was picked up by a Rochester NY TV news station.Alaine was married for 37 years, but after her husband left her eight years ago when she was 64, she says she has had to reinvent herself.The rapping began last Halloween when she came to work dressed as a gangsta and wrote a rap to accompany the costume.Huff/Post attempts to reach her and Alsup were unsuccessful.
50 Cent, the rapper who most recently made headlines for going into massive debt and having to file for bankruptcy, has quite a way with humor.In light of news that MTV s Cribs will be revived via Snapchat, the rapper teamed up with a travel site to parody both the show and his financial struggles.And that, ladies and gents, is how we get to 50 Cent giving you a tour of Hostelworld.No vertical videos, Snapchat-style here though.If you ever watched Cribs when it was on the air, the nostalgia is there – except for the irony that some of the stuff shown on 50 Cent s real episode of Cribs were allegedly never really his.Gotta at least give him credit for being able to make fun of himself, though.
Your Apple Watch rapping you on the wrist is one thing, but how about if you could put a supercharged Taptic engine at the tip of each VR-visualized finger?That's one of the possibilities Novasentis is talking about, pitching its new approach to haptic feedback with smaller, faster-responding hardware that could turn up in wearables, VR controllers, gamepads, and more from next year.The whole strap of your smartwatch could have embedded haptics, for instance, pulsing in one direction or another to guide you through a virtual map.Fingertips in a virtual reality glove could give the wearer the impression of tapping controls you manipulate in mid-air.The taps and pulses felt much more defined than those from an existing smartwatch, while the band suddenly started beeping in different tones when switched into higher frequencies.Someone shooting you from behind, for instance, could send shivers through the bottom edges of the controller; different types of weapon could recoil in noticeably different ways.
Hip Hop Dance VideoJust when you think you ve seen it all, a video comes around and gleefully reminds you that the Internet is a vast and seemingly endless reservoir of absurdity.Earlier this week, rapper Rich Home Quan — who you might recognize from the 2014 song Lifestyle or perhaps more recently from Lil Dicky s song $ave Dat Money — posted a hilariously absurd video depicting a laughably out of touch dance instructor trying to explain the ins and outs of Hip Hop.DON T MISS: Google Nexus phones won t run pure Android anymoreThe video quickly began to go viral on Facebook and has already amassed millions of views in just a few days.The video is accompanied by the tagline When ur Hip Hop AF and is most definitely good for a few laughs, that is if you re not too busy cringing.Thanks RHQ!Now we did a bit of digging in an effort to find out who this Hip Hop dancing guru is.
McDonalds I'm Loving ItEvery year, corporations around the globe spend untold billions on advertising.And while consumers have learned to ignore most advertising campaigns, there are a few that not only stand the test of time, but also manage to leave an indelible imprint upon our psyche.One of the most well-known and widely recognizable ad campaigns of the last decade is McDonald s I m Loving It slogan.Initially launched in 2003 with Justin Timberlake providing the vocals, the jingle associated with the slogan is easy to mimic, identify, and more importantly, impossible to forget.DON T MISS: Hackers are using remote-control software Teamviewer to hijack PCs and drain PayPal accountsNow, about 13 years after the jingle began getting stuck in our collective minds, we ve finally discovered the identity of the diabolical musical mastermind who created the incredibly catchy tune.During an interview with Hot 97 s Ebro Darden, Steve Stoute, the CEO of the marketing firm Translation, which created the campaign, divulged that Pusha T was the composer to the addictive jingle.
DJ Funk Flex still adheres to the unwritten rules of hip hop — and sometimes, that means calling someone out.Last July, Flex revealed on his Hot 97 radio show that Drake committed one of the cardinal sins of Hip Hop: taking rhymes from another rapper and passing them off as your own.Flex played three songs of previously unknown artist Quentin Miller rapping lyrics Drake would later rap himself on last year s If You re Reading This It s Too Late.It was a public flaying of the most successful rapper of this decade not named [email protected]x July 25, 2015In our interview, Flex explains he was disappointed in Drake using lyrics from other artists, because he placed the 29-year-old MC on his list of top five best lyricists, but now accepts the Canadian-bred sensation may just be a different type of rapper.When you re at the controller like this, Flex says while imitating twisting nobs, My arms are extended and I m screaming.
In the year, the company has, among other things, provided scholarships to young people to come here and 120 children participating in the conference.Since the launch, Apple has had problems with the integration to Itunes, something that a lot of people hope is resolved in the new version.also Read: Soundcloud Go is no Spotify killerDuring the presentation of the new Apple Music got the global marknadskonsumentchefen Bozoma Saint John the audience to try rapping, but complained on the developer's rhythm.Wechat Nancy that I come five minutes late , was an example that was up on the stage.But Apple is not alone in wanting to sit in with the developers when it comes to digital assistants.And Google, launched its new Assistant and your own speakers, Home, in the company's developer conference in may.Read more: VR and meddelandeappar when Google endears developersthe Question is whether Apple will also release hardware for Siri, but so far it is about röstassistenten is integrated in the operating system.
View photosFILE - In this Feb. 1, 2013 file photo, recording artist Lil Wayne poses for a photo in New Orleans.Lil Wayne is in stable condition in Omaha, Neb.TMZ has reported that the Grammy-winning rapper's private jet was forced to make two emergency landings at an Omaha airport Monday afternoon, June 13, and that he was taken to a hospital.The rapper and Samsung pitchman was forced to cancel his appearance Tuesday at the interactive industry's annual trade show after suffering what Lil Wayne's spokesman described as two minor seizures.A spokesman for Samsung says Lil Wayne was originally scheduled to appear Tuesday afternoon at the company's booth at the Los Angeles Convention Center to show off his mobile skateboarding game, "Sqvad Up."E3 continues through Thursday and Samsung says Lil Wayne may be rescheduled.
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View photosMoreRapper Lil Wayne performs at the Samsung area at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles on Wednesday, June 15, 2016.Lil Wayne was originally scheduled to appear Tuesday at the video game industry's annual trade show, which is attended by more than 50,000 invitees.The rapper showed no signs of fatigue at E3.After the brief performance, he weaved past the crowd and appeared on a live stream at Twitch's booth to promote his mobile skateboarding game, "Sqvad Up."He told a Los Angeles radio station that he has epilepsy.Online:http://www.e3expo.comFollow AP Entertainment Writer Derrik J. Lang on Twitter at http://www.twitter.com/derrikjlang .
Facebook is getting slammed for twice removing transfeminine rapper Michete s post expressing solidarity with the Orlando massacre victims.The company also banned the rapper from the network and sent him a notification that bafflingly included a warning about transmitting underage porn.Michete wrote:The post struck a chord with at least some of Michete s network and started to spread far beyond his own Facebook friends.We removed the post below because it doesn t follow the Facebook Community Standards, Facebook said in a notification sent to Michete s account.The company did not respond to a request for comment from Gizmodo, but in a statement to Complex, Facebook said that: The post was removed in error and restored as soon as we were able to investigate.At that time, Facebook issued the same statement to Gizmodo about the post being removed in error.This might be because Facebook relies heavily on users to report inappropriate posts, and sometimes that system can be gamed or inaccurate reporting can trigger erroneous bans.
We've put all the highlights together in one place, and there are lots of them: watchOS 3, which, if the presentation can be believed, actually works at a decent speed; a host of improvements to tvOS on the Apple TV; the end of the OS X brand in favour of macOS, the first iteration of which will be called macOS Sierra and will bring Siri to the desktop; and iOS 10, the latest refinement of the operating system for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad.The star of the show, Apple Music marketing boss and self-described "head diva" Bozoma 'Boz' Saint John, had delegates rapping along to Rapper's Delight as she showed off something we thought we might never see: a version of Apple Music that wouldn't drive you to tears of fury.E3, the annual entertainment expo where gaming's big hitters tend to show off their biggest hits, was a bumper one this year, featuring new hardware, new games and a little bit of mystery too.Microsoft showed off the Xbox One S, which Nick Pino describes as "an Xbox 1.5": it's slimmer, sleeker and more powerful than the first One, with enough power for 4K and HDR video streaming.Nintendo's Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes looks like a hoot, and fans of bumping into things while wearing a bucket on their head will be thrilled by the amazing VR experiences that are just around the corner, including Fallout 4 VR and – yes!There are a few compromises – the camera isn't stellar and there's no microSD slot – but, as John McCann says, "it goes toe-to-toe with the high-end flagships of 2016".
Buying a home from a blinged-out, parachute pants-wearing rapper from your childhood is somehow less stressful.Or, at least that s what real estate site Trulia is hoping for with its new Hammerfy Your Home promotion.The aim is to get potential buyers to peace out and take a dance break by transposing green-screened video of MC Hammer — complete with backup dancers and vocalists — right into your new potential living room.Whether it s better schools, a backyard koi pond or an extra room for the bun in the oven, Hammer and Trulia have you covered.MC Hammer is this iconic persona, especially for our demographic, Paul Levine, president of Trulia, told Ad Age.If you want to Hammerfy your home search, it s as simple as answering six questions on this website.
OAKLAND -- No need to worry Warriors fans, the curse on Kevin Durant is lifted.Hours after Durant announced he will sign a contract with the Golden State Warriors, East Bay rapper Lil B announced his alter ego, "The BasedGod," will no longer haunt the NBA star."When I first heard the news, I was a bit shocked," the rapper Brandon McCartney told this newspaper Monday.The Berkeley-born rapper, who rose to fame as a member of "The Pack," put a curse on Durant in 2011, tweeting to his massive following, "Kevin Durant will never win the title after he said 'Lil B is a wack rapper.'"Durant has never held the Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy.Oakland rapper Lil B, also known as Brandon McCartney.
Bugs Bunny can t get enough of his classic West Coast hip-hop.The animated rabbit raps along to Tupac Shakur s celebrated 1997 anthem Hail Mary in a superb new mashup video that s going viral.Bugs Looney Tunes pals join him in the clip, which Adam Schleichkorn created by slicing up footage from the cartoon.Since this is my first time doing a Pac song, I made sure to freakin bring it, Schleichkorn said in a YouTube post on his channel, isthishowyougovirdal, on Monday.I wanted an iconic character to match, and who better than Bugs?It s not Bugs first appearance in a Schleichkorn video.
A weird thing happened to me a few years ago.John Cale, the legendary musician, producer, and Velvet Underground cofounder, was on a press tour promoting a new album and, in interviews with several different magazines, mentioned being a fan of a rap song I d made.In fact, I just now had to go back and look in Artforum and Interview to confirm that I didn t dream it up.I d put it out on a small record label without a publicist.So how the hell did Cale find my obscure song?I never did find out and honestly, I kinda want it to stay a mystery forever .
A man's edited a video so it appears someone is saying something they actually weren't, and this one's topical.It's Theresa May rapping about her conservative feelings over the theme tune to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.It's as NOW as a Photoshopped image of Boris Johnson inside Pokemon Go.Boing Boing put this up, so it's definitely considered funny and to capture the zeitgeist of post-Brexit vote UK by some people with internet access:It was assembled by DIY rapper Dan Bull.It's technically quite proficient, we'll give it that much.
A man's edited a video so it appears someone is saying something they actually weren't, and this one's topical.It's Theresa May rapping about her conservative feelings over the theme tune to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.It's as NOW as a Photoshopped image of Boris Johnson inside Pokemon Go.Boing Boing put this up, so it's definitely considered funny and to capture the zeitgeist of post-Brexit vote UK by some people with internet access:It was assembled by DIY rapper Dan Bull.It's technically quite proficient, we'll give it that much.
Chicago musician Chance the Rapper revealed a special new song at last night s ESPY awards, a celebration of the life and work of recently deceased icon Muhammad Ali.The rapper was joined by frequent collaborators during his touching tribute, including fellow bandleader Donnie Trumpet and vocalist Jamila Woods.The three-and-a-half minute single began with a boxing-style microphone descending from the ceiling of the awards hall, where a dapperly dressed Chance was there to receive it.A heartfelt performance, replete with samples of the boxer himself speaking, followed.Ain t nowhere greater/Ain t nowhere great/Ain t no where better/Ain t no one prettier/Ain t no one wiser/Ain t no one better, sang the rapper in the chorus of his new single, while a massive montage of classic photos of Ali splayed out on the screen behind him.Ali, a longtime social activist after his astonishing career as the heavyweight champion of the world, died in June after a long-fought battle with early onset Parkinson s disease, which lasted over 30 years.
CeeLo Green is probably in the DNA of your favorite rapper.Kendrick Lamar s talent for channeling contemporary energy through vocal-bending inflections over funk-infused hip hop on songs like 2015 s King Kunta is all over CeeLo s 2002 single Closet Freak.But today, CeeLo is making sure none of the MCs that inspired him go overlooked, as Digital Trends hosts the world premiere of CeeLo s new song dedicated to hip hop s lineage of great rappers, My Favorite MCs.CeeLo Green: The title My Favorite MC s almost implies it s an isolated event, but at large, it s an acknowledgement of energies, legacies, lineage.CeeLo Green, My Favorite MCsHow much of the track was you listing your personal favorites and how much of it was you listing rappers you felt should be more recognized?